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Read Ma’am You Have Been Uncovered Chapter 435 – Little Junior’s Journal Reply: I’m Afraid Girlfriend Will Run Away

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Read WebNovel Ma’am You Have Been Uncovered Chapter 435 – Little Junior’s Journal Reply: I’m Afraid Girlfriend Will Run Away

Chapter 435: Little Junior’s Journal Reply: I’m Afraid Girlfriend Will Run Away

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Junior?” Brother Ye finally couldn’t suppress it.

He stood up and coldly glanced at her.

“Sister Zuo, I have a rough idea of the research conclusion.” Qin Ran looked calmly at the record sheet in her hand.

Zuo Qiurong sucked in a deep breath. “You only came to the laboratory and don’t have much pressure on you, so you can make mistakes. Brother Ye and I have been fighting for so many years and don’t have time to play with you. Since Scholar Liao has asked you to take charge of this matter, you can quickly write the research reflections.”

Scholar Liao had already asked them to submit their reflections after going to the underground reactor last time. He clearly knew it was useless for them, so why did he specifically make Qin Ran responsible for this?

Did he value her that much?

Zuo Qiurong pursed her lips. Ever since Qin Ran entered the laboratory, she began to feel increasingly irritated and vaguely threatened.

She threw the notebook on the table, turned off her computer, and directly went in to help Scholar Liao.

It was silent for a moment.

Staring at Zuo Qiurong, Brother Ye frowned and turned to look at Qin Ran. “Little Junior, I still have several points I have yet to figure out. Let’s write this research reflection together.”

“Brother Ye…” She turned and reacted, but didn’t know where to start.

After a long while, she smiled. “Actually, I’m not too sure about this research reflection either.”

“It’s okay, it’s the same as any research,” Brother Ye said generously. He raised his phone and gently smiled. “I’ve sent the recording information to you, remember to read it later.”

After speaking, he turned around and walked to the innermost laboratory.

Instead of going in immediately, she took out her computer from her backpack, opened it, and placed it on the empty table to see the doc.u.ments.

When Brother Ye turned around, the gentle smile on his face suddenly disappeared.

He walked to Zuo Qiurong and was silent for a moment before saying in a low voice, “I already told you that Junior has a teacher.”

“You believe in everything she tells you?” Zuo Qiurong tilted her head with an unconcealed sneer. “I believe you know who Scholar Liao’s teacher is. People are dauntlessly advancing to be his disciple. You really take everything she says seriously?”

She finished speaking and directly left with the experimental equipment.

Not far away, Scholar Liao finally recovered from his thoughts. He turned to Brother Ye with a cold expression. “Go to the communication room and get today’s periodic news.”

“Okay.” Brother Ye put aside his business at hand and went to the first floor.

The communication room on the first floor was at the guard’s office outside the gate with a window measuring one meter long and 30 centimeters wide.

“Scholar Liao’s issues are here.” The guard handed a stack of issues to him.

Brother Ye took it and thanked him. He just turned around when he saw a letter in the last row.

He was very familiar with this envelope. It was a special envelope for SCI journal papers with a watermark on it.

He took another look and happened to see the signature on the envelope. It was exactly two characters very familiar to him—

Qin Ran.

He took it and confirmed that the address was their laboratory.

Looking outside, the guard couldn’t help but ask, “Do you know this person?”

“Yes.” Brother Ye returned to his senses and glanced at him. “She’s my junior.”

“Oh, that’s good. You can take it back to her. The person who delivered the letter yesterday told me this is an urgent letter, but no one came today. I wanted to send it to the third floor underground…” he murmured while returning to watch the TV.

Brother Ye took the envelope and returned to the laboratory.

He returned in five minutes.

Putting the issues on the table that Scholar Liao used, he looked around but didn’t see Qin Ran. “Where’s the Little Junior?”

“She’s out for dinner.” Scholar Liao reached over for the top journal.

“Oh, then I think I just missed her.” Brother Ye lifted the envelope in his hand and slowly said, “I just received a letter for the Little Junior in the reception room. She has an SCI paper included in the journal.”

There were two ways to be included in the SCI papers: By email and letter.

Receiving a letter was more formal.

Rejected ma.n.u.scripts were directly emailed back.

So, receiving an SCI letter basically meant the paper had been included or other good news.

“I wonder what kind of article it is.” Brother Ye put the letter away, a little curious.

Although he was curious, he didn’t open her letter since she wasn’t around and suppressed his curiosity to wait for her return.

Not far away, Zuo Qiurong clearly heard Brother Ye’s voice. She pressed the switch of the particle beam in her hand and only released it after a long time.

She just told her to spend more time on her paper, but now, a reply from the SCI journal had come to her…

Lowering her head and slightly pursing her lips, she let go of the switch. SCI papers were also graded, some were purely pretentious without any practical things, and had never been cited before. Several of such articles had an impact factor of 0.


At the same time.

Qin Ran walked out of the elevator on the first floor and directly walked to the corridor on the left.

The Physics laboratory had a lounge that wasn’t open often.

After she stopped going to the canteen for lunch, it was open for her every noon and evening. Since Cheng Juan was also busy most of the time, Cheng Mu came to send her meals.

Opening the door, she saw Cheng Juan standing at the window on a phone call.

The blue curtains were half-drawn. Close to January, the sunlight outside wasn’t very strong, and the temperature was barely felt in the roaring cold wind. His whole person was completely shrouded in light and shadow.

Hearing the door open, he turned slightly, the sunlight s.h.i.+ning against him, making his eyebrows unclear. Only fine light and shadow dangled around, and he casually said to the other end, “2 pm.”

After speaking, he hung up.

He walked over to the table and slowly sat down before taking out the dishes from the delicate lunch box.

“You didn’t go to the museum today?” Qin Ran picked up her chopsticks and lazily asked.

Leaning back in his chair, he glanced at her. “I was supposed to.”

Taking a piece of spare ribs, Qin Ran asked, “Supposed to? The old man in the museum didn’t urge you?”

“He did.” Cheng Juan tilted his head at her and chuckled in a low voice. “I was afraid my girlfriend would run away.”

At 12:30 pm, she finished eating, and Cheng Juan put away her lunch boxes one by one. He took out a vacuum flask from the bottom and gave it to her. “The chef asked me to bring this to you.”

Qin Ran lowered her head and casually took it.

After putting on his coat, the two of them left.

Qin Ran had always eaten slowly and came out at this time to into Scholar Liao and the others, who had just finished eating upstairs.

“Little Junior?” Brother Ye first saw Qin Ran, and then turned his gaze to Cheng Juan.

Cheng Juan had always looked imposing, with a tall figure, and p.r.o.nounced facial features. He wasn’t called “Master Juan” in the circle for no reason.

While casually holding the food containers, he remembered Qin Ran’s unpleasantness at the laboratory at the beginning, but his good manners stopped him from saying anything. He just nodded at them indifferently and left after saying something to Qin Ran.

The door was gated.

When the person looked up and saw that it was him, he directly helped him press the switch.

The three people were more or less surprised.

“Little Junior.” Brother Ye looked away and didn’t ask further about who the man was. He guessed that he probably wasn’t a simple man to be able to bring a lunch box here. “You have a letter.”

“What letter?” Qin Ran went to the underground floor with them.

“A reply from SCI. I helped you get it from the guard. When did you submit the ma.n.u.script?” Brother Ye pressed the elevator. “You received a reply so quickly?”

He remembered seeing her write only two weeks ago.

Qin Ran was also surprised. “I don’t know. I guess I was in luck and they didn’t review it again.” She gathered her coat together.

“What ma.n.u.script did you submit?” Brother Ye turned and discussed it with her.

They put on protective clothing before entering the laboratory. Brother Ye was still talking to Qin Ran about the paper and sounded a little excited.

Zuo Qiurong b.u.t.toned her coat and directly turned to Brother Ye. “Brother Ye, why don’t you give her the letter?”

Brother Ye didn’t hear her intentions and suddenly remembered this. “Oh, yes. I don’t know which genre your thesis is in.”

He walked to the computer desk, opened the drawer, and took out Qin Ran’s letter. “Take a look.”


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