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Read Ma’am You Have Been Uncovered Chapter 492 – Start of Banquet, Qin Yu Loses Her Mind

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Chapter 492: Start of Banquet, Qin Yu Loses Her Mind

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Butler Cheng, this…” The other hall masters stared at him and were stunned for a long time. “Is this the invitation card Miss Qin gave Old Master Cheng?”

Butler Cheng slowly nodded, his mind blank.

The Old Master had held onto the invitation card given by Qin Ran without putting it down, so there was no mistake.

After a long while, one of the hall masters came to his senses and glanced at the others, speechless. “So, Miss Qin invited the Old Master on March 1st to… to… the Xu family’s house? She’s the heir that Elder Xu wants to accept?”

Everyone else had thought of this as well.

News of the Xu family choosing an heir had been enough to shake the top powers of the entire capital.

Several people were trying to find out who this heir was.

Most people didn’t believe that Elder Xu would give the n.o.ble Research Inst.i.tute to an outsider who had nothing to do with the Xu family.

But now…

“This thing is a big deal.”

Everyone exchanged glances.

Returning to his senses, Butler Cheng closed the invitation and looked sideways at the people in the study, his expression serious. “I hope this matter will not be disclosed before March 1st.”

Qin Ran was an outsider and would trigger the Xu family’s jealousy no matter how strong she was.

No wonder Elder Xu had kept silent about this.

Qin Ran would really be in danger if the Xu family found out of this beforehand. By then, even Elder Xu might not be able to protect her.

Fortunately, Qin Ran had Cheng Juan and Old Master Cheng behind her.

“Miss Qin is really…” Butler Cheng shook his head, slightly speechless. His heart was beating rapidly, echoing in his ears.

Cheng Wenru’s wing.

“What are you talking about?” Forgetting about her demeanor, she abruptly stood up from her chair and stared at Old Master Cheng with wide eyes.

She had yet to read the invitation card from Qin Ran and had just settled her in. The moment she returned, Old Master Cheng told her the shocking news while sitting inside.

She hurriedly picked up the invitation card she had set aside on the table and turned it over.

She reached the same conclusion as Butler Cheng.

This piece of news was really enough to detonate the whole capital.


At the same time.

The Shen family in Beijing.

People like the Shen family who had only just reached the edge of the pyramid weren’t even aware of the turbulence happening at the tip.

“The Qin family.” Old Master Shen raised his gla.s.s and smiled at Old Master Lin. “Welcome to Beijing.”

If it had been in the past when the Shen family was a few levels higher than the Lin family, even Lin Wan could be arrogant and bossy towards the Lin family. Naturally, the Shen family wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about them.

But now, there was Qin Ran, and Qin Yu, who had been fancied by Fourth Master Qin.

Not to mention Lin Jinxuan’s current career success, the Shen family naturally had to respect the Lin family.

After clinking, Old Master Shen turned to Qin Yu. “Fourth Master Qin is taking you to a banquet two days later?”

Although the Qin family was in decline compared to the other four major families, it was still a pinnacle that could only be looked up to by the Shen family.

“Yes, the Xu family.” During this period of time, Qin Yu had finally figured out the situation in Beijing from Fourth Master Qin.

The families mentioned by Dai Ran before were the four big families, including the Cheng and Xu families.

The Xu family was ranked second in the entire capital.

Upon hearing this, everyone at the dining table cast enviable glances at her.

Without showing any complacency on her face, she lowered her eyes, lightly picked up her chopsticks, and tightened her fingers around it.

She was well aware of her previously pessimistic situation, but the things on the Internet weren’t important. Only when power was held in your hands did it truly belong to you.

Only the Cheng and Xu families were considered hidden among all the rich.

Now, she finally encountered the slightly deeper layer of water.


On March 1st.

In the Xu family’s house.

It was 9:58 am.

An endless stream of people flowed at the entrance.

Everyone came in separately and wasn’t to be underestimated.

While Elder Xu prepared in the rear, Xu Yaoguang, the next patriarch recognized by the Xu family, stayed at the gate. He received guests in the Xu family’s grand banquet hall.

Like Cheng Juan, he had made his name since young. Having managed major events of the Xu family in the past year, his methods didn’t lose out to Elder Xu’s.

A middle-aged man with a wine gla.s.s stood beside him.

After welcoming one person, the middle-aged man found the opportunity to turn to Xu Yaoguang solemnly. “Young Master Xu, who on earth is the outsider that Elder Xu wants to accept? Can he be trusted? How’s his ability?”

It was strange how tight-lipped Elder Xu was about this. They had only found out the news of the heir and couldn’t dig anything deeper.

They even implored the help of the Ouyang family.

Had it not been for Elder Xu saying he would entertain the guests today, n.o.body would believe he had really found an heir…

“Second Uncle.” Xu Yaoguang paused. He naturally knew that his grandfather didn’t want to release Qin Ran’s news in advance to protect her. “Don’t worry, her abilities… won’t disappoint you.”

She was a student who just entered school and became a deputy second level researcher in March of the following year.

Not to mention her management abilities, even her accomplishments in physics were absolutely sufficient.

Seeing how determined he was, Second Uncle Xu paused and sighed. “You’re obviously the most suitable. I don’t know what Elder Xu is thinking.”

Xu Yaoguang lowered his eyes and said in a deep voice, “You don’t need to be entangled with this matter. Why don’t you think about the itinerary in Continent M three days later… Grandpa might let her come along.”

Having said this, he also paused.

According to how much value his grandfather placed on Qin Ran, he really might let her come along.

“How could it be?” asked Second Uncle Xu. “Elder Xu never applied for an extra pa.s.s. It would take at least half a month, how could it be done within two days?”

A pa.s.s was pertinent to go to the Mas family site. Otherwise, they couldn’t even get out of the landing strip.

As the two of them were talking, several people came in through the gates.

It was Fourth Master Qin and the others.

Falling two steps behind Fourth Master Qin, Qin Yu entered and immediately saw several people she had only seen on TV.

She subconsciously realized that this was a top banquet in Beijing.

This banquet was so ostentatious that even Master Wei’s apprentices.h.i.+p banquet was incomparable.

The banquet hall was packed with people.

Fourth Master Qin directly led them to the master. “Let’s go and find Young Master Xu first.”

Qin Yu glanced at him.

The next second.

Her feet seemed nailed in one spot, and she was completely out of it.


Xu Yaoguang??!


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