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Read Mages Are Too OP Chapter 260 – Spear of Light Recognizes Its Master

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Chapter 260 Spear of Light Recognizes Its Master

When Roland got up from the ground, he found that his surroundings were ablaze.

Roland covered his nose and left the burning forest.

In front of him was a huge crater with not only a bit of lava bubbling over at the bottom, but also a huge burning corpse.

It was burning very, very slowly, and only the very bottom part of it had burnt where it was in contact with the lava.

There was also a huge, milky white spear of light stuck in the corpse.

Roland immediately used a wide-range Ice Ring to freeze the magma at the bottom of the crater into a chunk of black rock, and the flames on the corpse disappeared, while the spear of light remained intact.

“I wonder if the Morphed dragon flesh and skin will have the same effect as a real dragon’s.”

Roland stood at the edge of the crater and muttered to himself as he looked down at the huge dragon corpse that was already smelling somewhat like roasted meat.

He then took a moment to look at a few elves in the distance.

They were already almost on the verge of death. Their health was poor due to the White Maggot’s “feces poison” that they had been hit with, and then they were directly deafened by the loud explosion, simultaneously stunned. After that, they were sent flying by the heatwave that erupted close by and landed a dozen meters away, hitting trees like volleyb.a.l.l.s.

The quest wasn’t complete yet, and the huge dungeon boundary was still present.

In other words, it was necessary to go and end those elves.

As Roland tried to go over and do this, Hawk, who was the first to revive and had been running, roared, “Don’t fight over it with me, I’ll end them! I’ve died twice and lost a level.”

The ground seemed to be shaking as a giant gorilla ran out of the flaming woods.

Roland also happened to not want to do anything to the unarmed elves, so he nodded to Hawk.

Hawk was still enraged at this point. He dashed and took off right in front of the crater. This jump took him at least twenty meters and landed him on the other side of the crater, then he roared and rushed into the woods on the other side.

Not long after, a system notification appeared.

Roland opened the system message interface.

Quest completed: Nature or Retribution.[a]

Received 2100 EXP.

Character level increased to level 6.

As expected of an epic mission, it gave so much experience.

He was instantly level six—the quest gave him a full bar of experience.

Then he looked at the spear of light stuck to the dragon corpse at the bottom of the crater, grew curious, and walked down.

The closer he got to this spear of light, which was at least three meters tall, the more uncomfortable Roland felt.

It was as if there was a kind of buzzing sound in his consciousness, kind of like the sound of an electrical current in a substation. It was quite annoying.

And as he got closer, it got louder.

But Roland still reached the dragon’s corpse, and he climbed up its nearly two-meter tall body.

He was close to this spear of light, so close that there was only about half a meter between him and it.

Roland felt as though a substation was shoved into his head. The buzzing sound was so noisy, it was as if his brain was boiling.

Roland pressed one hand to his head, which made him feel better, then extended the fingers of his other hand and lightly touched the bright surface of the spear of light.

With a buzz, Roland’s fingertips darkened a great deal.

Then he jumped off the dragon’s body and went back to the crater’s edge because he couldn’t stand that noise in his head. It was driving him crazy.

Standing at the edge of the crater, that buzzing sound finally disappeared.

He looked down at the tip of his right middle finger, where there was a black patch, then he rubbed it with his left hand and the blackened epidermis fell to the ground, along with a red, cooked piece of fingertip flesh.

Roland froze for a moment and raised his finger in front of his eyes, finding that there was almost no flesh left at its tip. Through a thin layer of pink flesh, he could almost see bone.

d.a.m.n… a small area of superheated skin?

His magic resistance wasn’t low—that spear of light… what the h.e.l.l was it?

Roland put his middle finger in his mouth and sucked on it, then finally some blood came out of the wound.

He found a bandage from his Backpack and wrapped his middle finger.

This was when Schuck, Betta, and the others finally arrived from the resurrection point.

They saw Roland and all rushed over to give him a light punch, admiring him.

They all thought that if it wasn’t for Roland, the green dragon really might not have been killed this time, and maybe the other party would also obstruct them at the resurrection point and then keep killing them until they were level zero.

However, Roland pointed to the spear of light at the bottom of the crater and said, “The credit isn’t mine, it was that spear.”

It was then that the crowd noticed a spear of light at the bottom of the crater.

“It looks like a very powerful weapon.” Suel looked at Roland in surprise. “When did it appear?”

“It flew down from the sky,” Roland explained.

The crowd stared at the spear of light for a moment longer. Then Shuck’s expression suddenly froze, as if he were listening attentively to something.

And Margret, who had been holding Shuck’s hand, noticed this.

Suel looked at the spear of light with a gluttonous look, and he asked Roland again, “Haven’t you tried to get it?”

“I tried.” Roland showed him his bandaged middle finger. “It’s burned up.”

Suel was stunned, then he took a deep breath, fixed his gaze on the spear of light at the bottom of the crater, and said, “I won’t die anyway, I’ll try it and see. I feel as if it’ll recognize a master.”

“Then what makes you think it will recognize you as its master?” The Priest next to him, Rommel, asked curiously.

“Because I’m a Warrior,” Suel said matter-of-factly. “Isn’t weapon identification usually based on the profession? The spear is obviously a Warrior’s, so I’ll try.”

What Suel said seemed to make some sense, and the crowd didn’t stop him.

Schuck, at this moment, still seemed to be listening attentively to something.

Suel trotted to the bottom of the crater and jumped on top of the dragon’s corpse, looking at the spear of light. He spat some spittle between his hands and rubbed them hard for a moment, then grabbed onto it hard.

Even from nearly ten meters away, the crowd heard a buzzing sound and Suel’s hands began to smoke, then burn.

He let go of the spear of light and stared at his burning hands for two seconds, then with a wretched shriek, he ran out of the crater as fast as he could, placing his hands quickly on the ground and slapping the ground hard.

On the side, Link grabbed a big stick of dirt and pressed it into his hands.

Soon the fire was out, and Suel pulled his hands out of the dirt. They were dark, like charred chicken feet.

Suell appeared distressed as he looked at his hands and said discontentedly, “It doesn’t hurt much, but this looks so terrible. Rommel, hurry up and heal me.”

A green light wrapped around his hands.

The crowd frowned as they looked at the spear of light.

And then, Schuck made a move.

He went to the bottom of the crater and the crowd looked at him with some surprise.

Schuck walked up to the dragon corpse and grabbed the spear of light with one hand.

The crowd thought there would be another buzzing sound, but this didn’t happen.

The spear of light quickly shrank, shortened, and condensed in Schuck’s hands.

Schuck pulled it off the dragon’s corpse.

The spear of light continued to shrink, finally bending and connecting at the beginning and end, emitting a dazzling white light.

The crowd narrowed their eyes.

Finally, the white light faded and the crowd noticed that Schuck had a necklace in his hand.

The necklace was pure white and covered in dense starlight.

[a]the quest name was different when it was first introduced, i think


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