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Read Mages Are Too OP Chapter 346 – A Third Meeting with the Angel

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Chapter 346 A Third Meeting with the Angel

The performance was so successful that even Andonara, a queen, had become a fan of modern music, not to mention other people.

When the Vienna Opera Company descended from the top of the pillar, they suffered from the heights again.

After a few minutes of rest, Britney walked to Roland and said, “We’re going to Delpon next. Will you come with us?”

Everybody in her crew looked at her in surprise.

Roland shook his head. “I have to continue my trip with the magic apprentices. Maybe later.”

Thinking for a moment, Roland continued, “But Delpon is more or less my turf. You can talk to Vincent in the Magic Tower. It shouldn’t be hard for him to build a small theater for you outside of the city with the magic apprentices.”

Britney smiled and said, “Okay, thank you.”

After nodding at the performers again, Roland left with Andonara and Vivian.

He found that the performers seemed odd, but he didn’t think too much about it.

Their way back to the inn was a trail in the shade of trees that was interspersed with bright golden spots of sunlight. Walking in a row, Andonara came back to herself from the music and said to Roland, “That lady was inviting you to go with her.”

Roland failed to understand what Andonara meant. He replied, “But I have to continue the trip with Vivian and the rest.”

“That’s not what I meant!” Andonara looked at Roland’s face of confusion and chuckled. “Forget it. It’s nothing.”

Vivian was also wearing a smile.

Roland was not an idiot, but he had focused most of his attention on magic.

Besides, with Andonara and Vivian by his side, he did not want to attract more women in the game, so he subconsciously refused to understand Britney.

Back in the inn, the magic apprentices were discussing the music they heard excitedly.

Most civilians, due to the lack of education, could only comment with things like “superb” or “marvelous.”

But the magic apprentices were all n.o.bles. Jerry, for one, gave a much more refined critique. “I felt like I was a baby sleeping in a cradle of clouds, and the holy, beautiful angels were whistling in my ears with a voice as sweet as honey. If possible, I wish that I would never be woken up from such a pleasant dream.”

The other magic apprentices’ comments were as complicated as Jerry’s.

Some of them were even too thrilled to talk.

Roland was somewhat embarra.s.sed to hear these comments.

But it was understandable. In a chaotic and underdeveloped world that had few historical records, even if a great song was created, how long could it survive without being written down and recorded?

There were no techniques or systems in this world.

From a modern point of view, this place was a complete cultural desert.

It was not surprising that the people here were shocked by modern music.

After listening to their encomium for a while, Roland returned to his room, and Andonara immediately followed him.

When they stepped into the room, Andonara grabbed his left hand and was about to speak, when Roland sensed something and suddenly pushed Andonara aside.

Then, he snapped his fingers and darted an Inferior Fireball at a corner to their right.

Andonara realized the danger too. She squatted and unsheathed a short sword from her dress.

Though she was a Great Swordsman, it did not mean that she could only use heavy weapons.

On the contrary, she was good with any weapon. Even if Andonara was given a cudgel, she would still use it well.

She liked swords only because swords were more graceful.

The fireball was frozen halfway through its flight, and Roland said quickly, “Back off.”

But Andonara did not listen to him. Instead, she stepped forward and protected Roland.

Then, she shook her wrist, triggering a sector of sword aura that was faster and more powerful than a real sword.

But same as the Inferior Fireball, the transparent sword aura disappeared before it approached the corner.

“Run!” Andonara looked at the corner in panic.

She was a strong Great Swordsman, and the sword aura was one of her bloodline skills and extremely powerful.

How magnificent must the enemy be to make her attack disappear?

Standing before Roland, Andonara retreated, trying to push Roland out of the room. The only thing that she could think of was to protect Roland, who was more vulnerable as a Mage and the first man that she had ever chosen for herself.

In dangerous moments like this, one did not have time to think too much. That was why people said that a person’s character would never be revealed until they were in peril.

Roland laid his hands on Andonara’s soft shoulder, trying to pull her back.

But he found that he couldn’t move her at all. Instead, Andonara had been pus.h.i.+ng him with her back, and he was about to be forced out of the room.

She was a Swordsman, and her level was higher than his. It would’ve been weird if he could pull her back.

“Andonara!” Roland roared. “You idiot, I’m a Golden Son. I don’t die…”

Suddenly, dazzling light burst out from the corner.

Roland and Andonara could not see a thing anymore, but neither of them blinked their eyes. They grew more vigilant, fearing that the enemy would attack them at this moment.

Roland cast Magic s.h.i.+eld on himself and grabbed Andonara’s shoulder again, trying to pull her back.

However, Andonara stood before Roland unwaveringly and pushed him back again.

While they were in a deadlock, someone said in a teasing tone, “Aren’t you a sweet couple?”

The voice was refres.h.i.+ng, pleasant, and even sacred, evoking awe and admiration.

Now, Roland and Andonara could see what was before them.

A beautiful woman with a pair of wings on her back was standing at the corner.

“An angel?” Andonara was slightly relieved.

In the legends, angels were Lawful Good and wouldn’t attack people randomly.

But Andonara did not completely let go of her wariness. After all, there was no telling why this angel was lurking in the corner.

Seeing Andonara’s vigilance, the angel smiled and said, “Rest a.s.sured. If I meant you harm, you would’ve been killed a long time ago.”

Roland was much calmer in comparison, because he recognized the angel to be the one from the Paradise of Life who fell into the crater a couple of days ago, and who directed Falken into the paradise a few months earlier.

“I’ve met you before.” Roland walked out from behind Andonara’s back.

The angel looked at Roland and said, “I remember you too.”

Andonara’s mouth tasted sour, as if she had drunk certain special seasonings.


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