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Read Mages Are Too OP Chapter 693 – Construction of the Secret Base

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Chapter 693 Construction of the Secret Base

There were many mountains and forests in the south, and mosquitoes were especially abundant.

The mountain flies, in particular, were so black and large that many people from the north used to tease that five of them in this part of the world would make a meat dish.

Of course, this was an exaggeration

These things were also particularly aggressive and would pounce on any animal that they could draw blood from, stinging it and sucking on it.

One big red lump in one bite.

And the Huixian River Park was a recently developed park with a landscape theme.

Mountains by the rivers and mosquitoes everywhere.

But none of the mosquitoes could get close to Roland’s body; they flew over but were kept away by an invisible force.

Leaving the mountain bike outside the park, Roland followed the newly paved concrete ring-shaped trail, less than a month old, all the way up the hill.

Because it was an unfinished project, the configuration facilities here were not yet built, and there was no electricity, so naturally, not many people took walks here in the evening.

It was the quietness of the place that Roland was looking for.

In the future, there would probably be a lot of people coming here, but Roland wouldn’t be afraid; he could use Teleportation.

There was no entrance to the underground base, so if he teleported directly from home, who could find him?

After walking for about ten minutes, Roland arrived at a place where the trees were particularly abundant and the branches were particularly thick. The people at the bottom of the mountain couldn’t see this place, and the view was obscured by the numerous branches and leaves; the sky was likewise obscured.

And there was no one around.

It was reasonable to say that this place was very suitable for digging a hole to establish a secret base.

Yet, Roland continued heading deeper into the mountain. This time he specifically picked the highest place in the mountain to burrow into.

After all, being a child raised in the city, he had no idea of the horrors of the wild mountains and forests, and even though most places were now free of ferocious predatory wild animals, places like the mountains and forests were still not very suitable for humans if they didn’t have good open roads.

Squeezing into the underbrush, he didn’t get far before he cut his hand and face on the jagged gra.s.s.

Tiny red marks appeared on the back of his hand, and his face was also itchy and painful.

After walking about a hundred meters into the thick gra.s.s, he stopped. A tall mountain wall was in front of him.

Subconsciously, he wiped his face and looked around again.

It was safe enough that even if someone occasionally pa.s.sed by, they would never see anything or anyone here; after all, the weeds grew extremely tall here.

Roland took a deep breath and began to use Mud to Stone.

A skill he had used hundreds of times in the game seemed quite a bit difficult here.

The brain told itself “I have long since perfected this magic,” but the speed of mobilization of magic power within the body, as well as the frequency of circulation, was completely unable to keep up with the command of the brain.

He made mistakes several times in a row.

The mud was dry at times and wet at times.

One minute it was rock solid, the next it was muddy!

In this situation, Roland exhausted quite a lot of magic power.

Fortunately, after failing a dozen times, Roland’s mind and magic power finally got used to this “low-level configuration” body and began to be able to successfully cast Mud to Stone.

The mountain in front of him turned into a swamp and tumbled outward, as a cavern that sloped downward gradually took shape.

Roland turned the mud into a horizontal flight of stone steps.

He walked down the stone steps while exercising his magic power and continuing to make the steps downward.

Then he looked back as the dirt that had turned over on the ground covered the hole he made and turned into rock.

The pa.s.sage was darkened at once, and Roland snapped his fingers, summoning an Illumination sphere, and with the bright light, he continued diagonally downward, opening the pa.s.sage as he went. The mud ahead melted away like water, turning into stone steps as the pa.s.sage expanded.

Roland’s expression was excited.

Such a situation was not even worth mentioning in the game, but in reality, it fascinated him.

This wasn’t the game, it wasn’t another world, he didn’t have a game system, and he didn’t have Magic Power Control, let alone an extremely high level or high character growth template.

But he still managed to do it.

Using his power, he summoned magic and changed the terrain.

After walking down for about ten minutes or so, he felt tired and worn out. Closing his eyes, he estimated that he had about half of his magic power left… It’s not right, I shouldn’t be so tired.

Nor should I be so dizzy and sleepy.


Roland jolted awake. It was air and lack of oxygen.

How careless, not taking this into account.

Roland immediately turned around and backtracked, using his magic to demolish the sealed hole and rus.h.i.+ng out immediately.

Taking a big breath of air and feeling his mind gradually sharpen, Roland instinctively tapped his heart.

S*it, a few more minutes and I’d probably pa.s.s out in there.

“So, oxygen has to be taken into account?” Roland sealed the hole up and waited until he was ready to come back.


He went farther down the same path, encountering a long snake with green and black segmented patterns on the way, slowly creeping past him and scaring him a little.

I wonder if this thing is poisonous.

“Personal safety has to be considered as well.”

After a while, Roland quickly walked out of the gra.s.s, getting a few more cuts on the back of his hands and face from the miscanthus.

Then he descended the mountain and pedaled home.

It was only about 20:45 when he returned home.

He bathed, and in the process, the warm water touched his wounds. It was itchy and painful, making him very uncomfortable.

He eventually rubbed in some anti-itch drops and that made it better.

Then he went shopping online and ordered five small oxygen bottles, about a liter or so in volume, which the seller said was enough for a normal adult male to breathe for about three hours.

It was enough.

Oxygen bottles alone were just for emergencies. He had to get an air circulation system in the underground base.

This would have been a very difficult thing to do.

But with magic power, things became easy.

After Roland entered the game, he found the light spell Sunlight and optimized its nodes to reduce the range of the light and the magic power consumed, and increase the duration.

This spell took him three days.

Modifying Hand of Magic took him another day.

Then, in reality, the oxygen bottles were delivered to his house.

That day he climbed out of the virtual cabin, washed up, and set about making preparations.

First, he bought two large bottles of mineral water and some saltine crackers from the community’s mini-department store and packed these into his duffel bag.

He also packed in the five small oxygen bottles.

He then asked his father for the keys to the SUV, saying that he was going to be out of town all day and would probably be back in the evening

His parents didn’t say anything.

It was normal for their son to go out of town as an adult.

Throwing the duffel bag into the trunk of the car, Roland didn’t rush over to the secret base, but instead took a detour to the flower market and bought two pots of greenery and threw them in the trunk. Only then did he drive to the Huixian River Park.

It was normal working hours now, and there was still no one in the Huixian River Park. Even if there were workers engaged in the project, they were far away, and they would not come to this kind of place where the road had been paved.

Roland grabbed his duffel bag, hefted the two plants, and followed the cement path, heading for the top of the mountain.

When he came near the secret base, Roland deliberately stopped and checked his surroundings to make sure no one was nearby before heading over to the secret base. This time four tiny Hands of Magic opened the way, two helping to pluck away the dense mountain gra.s.s and the other two in front beating at the ground ahead.

This was to beat the gra.s.s and scare the snake, lest Roland step on it and get bitten.

Having been prepared, Roland made it to the mountain wall this time with barely a cut from the miscanthus.

Rock to Mud!

The mountain walls parted and the dark pa.s.sage appeared. Roland stepped into it, the rock wall behind him closing up automatically under his control.

The illumination ball lit the way. Roland put his duffel bag down, found an oxygen bottle, opened the cap, and waited for the oxygen to puff out, then Roland’s two Hands of Magic held his duffel bag while the other two carried the pots and followed him.

With everything ready, Roland rolled up his sleeves, excitement bursting from his eyes.

The digging process continued.

The pit continued downward, Roland keeping an eye on his mana levels while balancing his use of Rock to Mud.

By the time about an hour had pa.s.sed, he estimated that he had dug to the bottom of the center of the mountain and stopped.

This spot was about right.

It was probably about a hundred meters from the ground.

He began to expand the width of the hollow. Of course, he was not stupid, and to keep the mountain from collapsing, he would erect a load-bearing pillar after expanding the width a certain amount.

Then he felt a little tired.

He pulled out his phone to check the time. It was around one in the afternoon.

With his magic power almost depleted, he sat on the smooth rock floor and looked at the 20 by 30 by 4 square s.p.a.ce with a satisfied look. “This is Roland’s secret base, and no one else knows about it except me, and no one else can get in.”

Roland opened and held his hands high in the air and laughed.

Men were teenagers until they died, and teenagers all longed for their own secret base.

Then he opened his duffel bag, took out the mineral water and crackers, and ate them up.

It was quiet, very quiet, and there was a special sense of peace in Roland’s mind when he was inside.

Because he knew that it was safe, that it was private, and no matter what he did here, no one would know.

The vast majority of people would never have a s.p.a.ce completely to themselves in their lifetime.

After eating and drinking, he used Transform to Mana on himself twice to replenish about a third of his magic power.

Then he used Sunlight. A golden ball of light replaced Illumination and appeared in this s.p.a.ce, illuminating every inch of it.

Then he placed the two pots of greenery in the corner and drenched them with mineral water.

Sunlight, water, plants!

This completed the three elements of air circulation.

Roland knew that two plants were not enough to produce the air a normal man needed.

It didn’t matter; every time he came, he could bring two pots of hardy plants, and it wouldn’t take long for the number of plants to be enough.

“Then, this wall can be cut out and made into a four-tiered potting shelf.”

Roland smiled, a gleam in his eyes.


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