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Chapter 694 Small World

Although he didn’t have much magic power left, Roland stayed in the secret base until almost six in the afternoon.

He was getting more and more fond of this place. He felt relaxed and comfortable here.

However, considering that there was nothing in this place yet, he had to leave.

After all, he had a game to play at night.

After he left, the Sunlight spell was still working It could last about fifteen hours, which could provide enough sunlight for the survival of the plants. He took an SUV home, and his parents caught him the moment he returned. His father said to him, “I have a colleague whom you’ve met before. You called him Uncle Zhang. He’s set you up with a girl. He said that she’s beautiful and has her own career. He wanted you to meet her.”

Roland shook his head. “Not interested.”

“He’s been my boss for years. I can hardly refuse him,” His father smiled and said. “I’m begging you, can you at least meet her? It’s fine if it doesn’t work out, but at least go meet her. I have to show my boss some respect. Can you show me some respect too, son?” Roland quickly raised his hands and surrendered. “Okay, okay, Dad. You don’t have to beg me. How can I not meet her when you’re talking like that?”

His father smiled. “Put on nice clothes.”

Having no choice, Roland washed up upstairs and put on new casual clothes. He then shaved his face and drove the SUV to the address that his father gave him.

The date was eight in the evening. Roland waited for a moment, and his phone rang when it was about the time.

“h.e.l.lo, are you the person that Uncle Zhang told me about?”

The voice sounded rather familiar. After a brief shock, Roland replied, “Yes, I’m at Table 7.”

Then, a girl wearing a bright blue dress walked over.

Roland was slightly surprised to see her.

She was even more surprised to see Roland.

“How can it be you?” The girl sat down across from Roland quickly. “What a small world.” “Indeed.” Roland smiled bitterly. “I’m even starting to suspect that you’ve acquired my personal information and prepared a trap for


The girl who sat in front of him was exactly Jin Wenwen, whom he disliked very much in the past.

“Don’t overestimate your importance, Mr. Huang Wenwei!” Jin Wenwen chuckled. “I’ve lost interest in your virtual cabin, because I already have one.”

Roland was slightly surprised. “How much did it cost?”

“A store in a first-tier city, and the building where my boxing club was located,” said Jin Wenwen helplessly. “I wasn’t interested earlier and didn’t get one in the initial release. I’m really regretful that I had to pay so much more money.” Naturally, Roland was aware of the price of the virtual cabins these days.

Seeing how regretful Jin Wenwen was, he knew that those real estates were probably worth more than seven million.

Roland asked with even more curiosity, “How did you get it?”

“With luck,” replied Jin Wenwen with a smile. “One of the players committed a crime in reality and couldn’t pay enough compensation, so the court auctioned his virtual cabin. You know that few people partic.i.p.ate in the court auctions of small cities. The compet.i.tion wasn’t too fierce, but I managed to get it with the highest bid.”

She was truly very lucky.

Roland observed the woman carefully for a while longer, only to discover that she was more feminine than before.

She still favored a gender-neutral style, but in general, she looked much more attractive than earlier.

“Why are you on a blind date?” Roland was rather curious. “I thought you and Master Qi had made peace.”

“We have, but certain things can hardly be fixed after they’re broken. I don’t know when we can talk to each other peacefully again.” Jin Wenwen smiled bitterly and looked at Roland. “Why are you on a blind date? Aren’t you very close to his sister?”

“Huh?” Roland was slightly surprised. “Who told you that? Night Tide Sands is my friend, but we’re not in a relations.h.i.+p.”

Jin Wenwen shook her head helplessly and mumbled, “Poor sister.”

The coffeehouse was noisy in the first place. When she lowered her voice, Roland couldn’t hear him at all.

The waitress served the beverage she ordered. While stirring the blue fluid in the cup with her spoon, she said, “Let’s not talk about that. I’m now a member of the World of Falan too. Since you started playing the game three years earlier than I did, you must be very strong in it. Can you give me any help in the game?”

“I can’t,” replied Roland calmly. “My cla.s.s is very costly.” “Huh? You’re a Mage?” asked Jin Wenwen in surprise.

She had been paying attention to the game even before she had a virtual cabin, and she collected news about it.

Naturally, she knew what the most costly cla.s.s was.

Roland nodded.

“But you’ll be very strong, like Roland, after you grow up,” said Jin Wenwen in admiration. “He blew up an entire troop with one Blue Fireball. When you can do the same, you’ll be able to dominate entire lands.”

“It’s very hard.”

Holding her chin with her left hand, Jin Wenwen spoke with alluring eyes. “That’s true. Do you want me to sponsor you in the game? I make money quite fast. After you level up as a Mage, you can help me back.” “Please don’t. I’m afraid that Master Qi will come to me in reality and beat me to death.” Roland waved his hand.

Jin Wenwen giggled so hard that she shook. Unfortunately, with her flat b.r.e.a.s.t.s, she wasn’t as attractive as Andonara or Lady Bluebird.

After she was done giggling, Roland asked, “You make money fast? Are you an Elven Summoner?”

“How could I have chosen that weak-a.s.s cla.s.s?” Jin Wenwen smiled. “I’m a Great Swordsman. I turned into one through Queen Andonara not long ago. It cost me two gold coins. So expensive.”

Roland was immediately lost for words.

Seeing that Roland seemed stunned, Jin Wenwen raised her eyebrows and said, “It isn’t easy to become a Great Swordsman. The queen has harsh requirements. Do you admire me?”

Roland nodded again.

“The game is vivid and interesting. You’re essentially living another life in it. I can understand why you were so angry when I proposed to buy your virtual cabin.” Jin Wenwen stood up and bowed at Roland solemnly. “It was wrong of me to do that. You must’ve hated me. I’m sorry.”

Roland shrugged and said unconcernedly, “That’s all right. Just let bygones be bygones.” “Thank you.” Jin Wenwen took a breath of relief and sat down again. “Right, you’ve played the game for a long time. You must know a lot of secrets, and many capable people.” “I dare not say many, but I do know a few capable men.” Roland thought for a moment and asked, “Are you in trouble?”

“I received a mercenary quest in the game recently. I thought it was just a lesser quest, but as I worked on it, I found an organization that sold human organs.” Jin Wenwen covered her head helplessly. “I went through a lot of trouble and finally destroyed the organization, but it turned out to be supported by the a.s.sociation of Dark Mages, which is hunting me. I asked for help on the forum, but they couldn’t even find me. Some of them who did find me were killed by the Dark Mages too.”


Roland grew interested, as it seemed to be related to what happened to him earlier.

“Can you tell me the details?”

“As long as you’re willing to listen. I’m truly worried right now.”

Jin Wenwen heaved a sigh and told him everything.

As it turned out, the quest she accepted asked her to rescue a certain boy who had been kidnapped.

She tracked the boy down to a group who sold human organs. She killed most of the enemies, only to find that the boy was already dead with his heart, liver, and lung removed.

She interrogated the survivors of the group and continued her pursuit, only to find that there was a society of Dark Mages behind the group.

She would’ve been killed by their curses, the Great Swordsman lacking magic resistance.

Even so, she was still being hunted by the Dark Mages, and she had to flee with the high agility and magic resistance of a Great Swordsman.

As she talked about that, she said prudently, “Those people seem to be after Roland. If you spread the word, can you find anyone to help me?”

“Yes!” Roland nodded. “Tell me the details.”

“Ah! We’re running out of time.” Jin Wenwen pointed at her watch. “It’s already half past nine. The game will start soon. I’m already behind by so much. I cannot miss any minute in the game. Why don’t we talk in the game? My UID is 77654. I’m now hiding in the woods in the eastern suburb of Aiello City. You should be able to find me as a Mage, right? Be fast, or the Dark Mages may beat you to it.”

“Okay, not a problem.” Roland stood up too.

He had been wondering where he could find those dark wizards, but Jin Wenwen had solved his problem. “Also, the blind date didn’t work out.” Jin Wenwen waved her hand at Roland and said, “I’ll tell Uncle Zhang that I don’t like your looks and you’re too young.” Then Jin Wenwen left the coffeehouse.

Roland returned home too and washed up. He then lay down in the virtual cabin at the last minute.

After he entered the game, he went straight for Aiello.

The city was a medium-sized one in Hollevin and quite famous. Roland knew where it was although he didn’t have its coordinates.

Flying with Human Cannonball, Roland arrived at the woods in the eastern suburb of Aiello in twenty minutes. He unleashed his mental power from above.

The woods was covered by his immense mental power. Soon, he found that someone was lurking within.

The person seemed to have sensed that Roland was searching for her too. She jumped to her feet and ran crazily.

But Roland was even faster. He opened his Magic s.h.i.+eld and threw himself at her from the sky.

After a huge thump, he crashed right in front of the person.

The person was indeed a Great Swordsman.

Hardly had he landed when the person jumped and slashed at him.

“Go to h.e.l.l, you sc.u.mbag. You dare to stand in my way?”


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