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Chapter 113: Another Man With a Fragment of the Law of Fate!

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[My dear daughter:

I am your dear father. I do not know if you miss me after such a long time… Well, I know you do not miss me, because I know you. When you are at home, you often like reading in the royal library. Unless I look for you, you will not come to me.

But I miss you very much.

Since you left my shelter and went to Saint Laurent alone, I have been worried about you, worried about you living badly, worried about your life.

At that time, I said that Saint Laurent was a remote frontier city, a place in the countryside. Logically, you shouldn’t have gone there. Even if it was the request of the Archmage Shen Fa, he shouldn’t have made you suffer such hardship.]

The letter was very long, and the writing was also long-winded.

The first half of the letter wrote about how much he missed her, but the second half began to get down to business.

He met a woman he liked.

In the garden of the royal family, he met a woman by chance.

Her personality was straightforward and cheerful, like a sunflower under the sun, bright and full of vitality.

[After your mother left, my heart fell into a dead silence for seventeen years. But when I met her, my good intentions were revived.]

[You don’t know what kind of woman she is. She actually knows all of my preferences. We are a perfect match.]

These were her father’s original words in the letter.

After reading this description, Lilia frowned and started to doubt this woman. There must be something wrong with her!

This woman was only a maid. She b.u.mped into her father in the garden, but she did not know his ident.i.ty. Her naïve father was only a warrior, but she played with her father.

Did she really not know or was she pretending not to know?

This garden was the garden of the royal family. Other than the people in the royal family, no one else could enter it.

Even the guards could only guard outside the garden.

And her father was wandering in the garden. For him to have such power, at least he had something to do with the royal family.

This woman was a servant girl of the palace, but she didn’t know his father’s ident.i.ty? Was she really stupid or was she pretending to be stupid?

Lilia was almost certain that there was something wrong with this woman.

Perhaps she was deliberately getting close to her father.

Lilia shook her head.

The reason why her father told her about this in the letter was to ask for Lilia’s opinion.

Although her father was the emperor of the empire and was supreme in the entire empire, he was not an arrogant monarch. On the contrary, he was very self-aware of himself.


Her father knew very well that he did not have much talent in governing the country.

He was only good at fighting on the battlefield. Even the first prince was no match for him when it came to leading troops to war. Otherwise, he would not have been able to obtain his current position.

Back then, when he had seized the throne and annexed the other two empires, it was his mother who had plotted behind the scenes.

Later on, after Lilia was born and grew up, it was also Lilia who had secretly guided the Empire to carry out reforms, sweeping away many of the original remnants of the corrupt party.

In other words, today’s political policy of the empire was completely based on Lilia’s train of thought.

If he wanted to sit firmly on the throne, he had to care about his little daughter’s opinion.

And now, he wanted to marry Lilia a stepmother. He did not need to care about the opinions of other princes and princesses, but he definitely could not disregard the opinions of his little daughter.

If Lilia did not agree, it would be much more difficult for him to bring this maid into the palace.

Lilia could even imagine that during the time when the letter was sent, her father would definitely be waiting impatiently for her reply every day.

In fact, Lilia was too lazy to care about such things.

After thinking for a while, Lilia picked up the pen and began to write on a new piece of paper.

The heart of the reply was very simple. There were only four words:

[Think about it yourself.]

After replying, Lilia stamped her own seal and called Albert over to give the letter to the messenger.

After doing all this, Lilia laid down on the chair in satisfaction.

Su Han did not expect that Lilia would really come knocking on his door.

She was a little too bored, wasn’t she? This woman was really haunting him.

When he looked at Lilia, Su Han could see the wheel of fate fragment on her wrist.

It was a bracelet.

As the owner of the wheel of fate, Lilia had been walking around with the wheel of fate fragment in front of him, luring him to commit a crime.

Countless thoughts flashed through Su Han’s mind. Kill or not kill, rob or not rob.

He was constantly conflicted.

“Martial Uncle, do you think there’s something wrong with the woman my father met?” Lilia asked.

She had said a lot to Su Han just now, including her father’s letter and her suspicions.


Su Han was stunned. He did not hear what Lilia said just now.

She turned to look at Su Han and looked at his blank gaze, as if he really did not hear it.

She did not expect that she would also be ignored one day. The corners of Lilia’s eyes twitched twice, and she took a deep breath to recount her suspicions once again.

This time, Su Han listened attentively.

Very soon, he realized that something was not right.

Imperial family, garden, maid?

What a familiar plot.

According to the normal plot, Lilia should have prevented the emperor from marrying this woman into the imperial family. However, if that was the case, they would have fallen into heaven’s trap.

After all, according to the usual plot, Lilia would have organized them and split them up. Her father might have to play the role of a life-and-death separation with this maid in private.

There might also be some clichés like, ‘I misunderstand you, you misunderstand me, love and kill each other.’

Other than that, there would be many other important figures who would be attracted to this maid on purpose.

Who knows how big of a mess it would cause?

When everything was out of control, Lilia had no choice but to return from the academy to deal with this matter.

In short, it was a pile of chicken feathers.

If one got involved in this kind of matter, there would be no good outcome.

Su Han had basically confirmed that the maid was the person who brought back the fragment of the law of fate and reincarnated.

However, what Su Han didn’t expect was that Lilia was actually the one who was behind the operation of such a huge empire. What Su Han didn’t expect was that the Emperor would actually listen to his little daughter so much.

Speaking of which, Su Han and Xiao Yu’er had a hostile relationship with the Princess.

After all, her father’s position was obtained by killing Xiao Yu’er’s father.

Therefore, it was unlikely that Su Han would give her a good look.

“Perhaps there’s a problem. Your Highness, what does this have to do with me?” Su Han said indifferently.

“I just want to ask Martial Uncle’s opinion. After all, in Saint Laurent City, besides Master, Lilia has no one else to talk to,” Lilia said.


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