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Read Magic Deity: Godly Choices Chapter 204 – The Elves Of The North Have Arrived!

Magic Deity: Godly Choices is a web novel completed by Hundred Thousand Feet.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Chapter 204: The Elves of the North Have Arrived!

A translucent female elf was floating in front of him. In the dark night, she was emitting blue light.

Her hair was floating above her ankles, and her whole body was emitting blue light. Her face was delicate like a G.o.d in the sky. He thought that Vivian and Ruth were the most beautiful women he had ever seen, but compared to this translucent elf, they were like diamonds on the ground and she was a star in the sky.

Holy and dreamy, one could not have the slightest sense of blasphemy.

“Who are you?” Su Han asked.

The translucent soul was only half a meter tall and very small. She did not answer Su Han’s question. Instead, she slowly rotated around Su Han and finally floated in front of him.

Su Han’s eyes widened, but he did not feel any hostility from her.

The spirit reached out and covered his forehead. With a light tap, Su Han immediately felt a cool aura surge into his mind.

He was shocked to find that the spiritual power he had consumed was recovering at a rapid speed.

In less than half a minute, his spiritual power had reached its maximum value.

“You can actually recover my spiritual power!” Su Han’s eyes widened, and his breathing became slightly heavier.

Such a rapid recovery speed was simply like some G.o.d-level recovery medicine in third-rate online games. As long as he drank a bottle, he would immediately be full of vigor and vitality, reviving at full condition.

He stretched out his hand to grab at the pocket-sized spirit, but the spirit quickly dodged his hand. A faint smile that was enough to make the sun and moon pale appeared on her face, and her body turned into countless light spots, landing on Su Han’s palm.

Su Han lowered his head. In his palm, the shimmering crystal ball seemed to have never undergone any changes.

“This ball is indeed not a simple thing!” Su Han muttered, “A crystal ball that contains a soul. I wonder what kind of secrets it has.”

“Brother! It’s snowing!”

In the morning, Su Han woke up from his sleep and opened the window. He did not know when, but fine snow had started to fall outside. Xiao Yu’er ran out of the door happily and cried out in surprise.

“It’s already early spring, right?” Su Han looked at the sky and narrowed his eyes slightly.

Saint Laurent City was filled with white. After the thunderstorm last night, when the people woke up, it was already a silver-clad world outside.

Everyone had surprised expressions on their faces. The changes in the weather over the past few days really made people feel strange.

At this moment, in the Werewolf’s Headquarters.

Ever since the great destruction, the Werewolf Guild had been sealed. This place had become a place that no one dared to go near. It was extremely unlucky. The members of the army had been keeping their hands in front of the door to prevent those malicious thieves from visiting.

At this moment, the main door of the Werewolf Guild opened. The soldiers guarding the door had all fallen to the ground. They were already dead.

Inside the Werewolf Guild, five elves in silver robes looked at the dead gloomily.

“This is what happened!” A soldier knelt in front of them, his face full of fear.

“I’ve told you what happened! Don’t kill me!”

The leading elf mage looked at the ranger beside him gloomily and said, “I never thought that such a change would happen in the Werewolf Guild! In other words, our Soul Bead is no longer in their hands!”

The ranger said expressionlessly, “If it weren’t for those d.a.m.n Southern Elves, we wouldn’t need them to help us.”

“It’s useless to say this.” An elf with two swords on his back said in a deep voice, “At least we can be sure that the Northern Soul Bead is still in the city, right? Find that Executioner. Since he killed the entire Werewolf Guild, the soul bead must be in his hands!”

Last night, they had sensed the faint aura emitted by the soul bead from the direction of Saint Laurent City.

That aura had been awakened. In other words, someone had activated the soul bead.

They had traveled through the night and finally arrived at Saint Laurent City in the wee hours of the morning.

However, they had not expected that the Werewolf Guild would actually be destroyed.


The soldier’s head fell to the ground.

The elven archmage turned around and walked out of the door expressionlessly. He said, “Shen Fa has already left Saint Laurent City. There are no tier-7 mages in this city anymore. Let’s go. If that lightning mage dares to stop us, we’ll just kill him together!”

The anger in their hearts could not be suppressed.

“Who are you people?!”

Just as they left the Werewolf Guild, the outside was still filled with the soldiers of Saint Laurent City. Those soldiers surrounded the entire Werewolf Guild in the middle, and their huge shields formed a long shield wall.

The commander of the Seventh Legion held his greatsword expressionlessly as he looked at the five elves.

“Northern Elves?” He said in a deep voice, “You trespa.s.sed into the territory of our human race, which is already a heinous crime. How dare you commit murder in our city!”

“Men! Take them down!” he said loudly.

“How is it?” the elf ranger said expressionlessly.

The great elven mage raised the staff in his hand expressionlessly and said indifferently, “Anyone who tries to stop us from finding the soul bead will be regarded as the greatest enemy of the elves.”

In the next moment, a storm of ice formed in the sky.

A moment later, the five elves stepped on the corpses on the ground and slowly walked toward a certain direction of Saint Laurent City.

“I can feel the fluctuations emitted by the soul bead, and my blood is cheering and jumping.” The elven mage muttered, “It’s in that direction!”

His staff pointed to the south from afar.

Pa.s.sing through one huge building after another, Su Han looked at Su Yu’er downstairs with a smile on the rooftop of a villa beside the small lake. He said loudly, “Xiao Yu’er, don’t go to school today. Stay at home and play in the snow, okay?”

Su Yu’er widened her eyes and said in surprise, “Really?”

Su Han nodded with a smile and said, “Of course.”

Su Yu’er shouted and cheered.

Su Han shook his head and the smile on his face gradually disappeared. He turned his head and looked at Little Purple beside him and said, “Protect Xiao Yu’er well. Don’t let her suffer any harm.”

After saying that, he slowly walked towards the north. In the room, the black robe hanging on the clothes hanger flew over and automatically draped over his body. His face was once again hidden in the darkness.

He put his hands behind his back and gently tapped the ground. His body was already suspended in the air.

“Master!” Little Purple looked at his back and said, “Little Purple sensed a very strong aura from the north. It’s not friendly!”

Su Han nodded slightly and slowly flew to the sky.


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