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Translator: Riven

Editor: Lord Immortal

I came up with a plan to escape from Mr. Michel’s harsh training at h.e.l.l level after hearing Miranda’s comment.

She was bold!

“Mr. Michel, this is Miranda, a student at Knight Academy who actively took part in this battle.” (s.h.i.+n)

“You are Miranda Wallace?” (Michel)

“You know me?” (Miranda)

“Yes. During the war, I heard of a girl who could make very effective attacks, so I was intrigued.” (Michel)

“I’m so touched!” (Miranda)

“What do you think of her? She’s a promising candidate for knighthood. Would you like to train her?” (s.h.i.+n)

“Sure.” (Michel)

“Really?” (Miranda)

That’s great!

Mr. Michel began to grow a strong interest in Miranda. 

I breathed a sigh of relief and found sister Chris staring at me with contempt.

“You seem to have betrayed your friend.” (Chris)

“No, I didn’t! Isn’t Miranda super happy?” (s.h.i.+n)

“She will soon realize how hard the training is.” (Chris)

While we were talking, Cecily and Maria stepped into the hall side by side after getting ready.

Cecily was dressed in blue while Maria in red. They looked just like real sisters.

“Maria, this dress suits you very well.” (Miranda)

“You’re here, Miranda.” (Maria)

“Yes. You’re so beautiful today.” (Miranda)

“Thank you!” (Maria)

While I was surprised by Maria’s unexpected friends.h.i.+p, Cecily quickly pulled up her sleeves.

She asked me bashfully, “s.h.i.+n, what do you think of my new dress?”

She seemed to be fretting over her suit.

However, there was only one answer to her question, “It suits you perfectly. You’re so adorable.”

“Thank you very much!” (Cecily)

Cecily said with a smile.

“You look beautiful no matter what you wear.” (s.h.i.+n)

“Thanks. s.h.i.+n, you also look handsome in anything you wear.” (Cecily)

“Really?” (s.h.i.+n)

“Yes!” (Cecily)

“Thank you, Cecily.” (s.h.i.+n)

“s.h.i.+n…” (Cecily)

“I’m the star of today’s birthday party too! Do not ignore me!” (Maria)


It’s so dangerous.

Maria suddenly cut in.

“Come on! Am I being snubbed?” (Maria)

“I’m sorry, Maria.” (Cecily)

“It’s not your fault.” (Maria)

“What’s your problem?” (s.h.i.+n)

Things were going bad as one of today’s stars was at odds with us.

“Well, Maria, let’s do what we have decided to do.” (Cecily)

“OK.” (Maria)

Cecily and Maria walked next to me and took my arms.

“Hey…” (s.h.i.+n)

“Are you going to leave me alone?” (Maria)

“But Maria, you can only do it today,” Cecily said with her hands holding my arm tightly.

“Don’t forget I am also here.” (Maria)

“That hurt!” (s.h.i.+n)

Maria pinched my arm.

“s.h.i.+n, the party is about to begin.” (Cecily)

“Oh, yes.” (s.h.i.+n)

The guests had gathered together, so Uncle Dis announced the beginning of the celebration.

At that instant, someone came in.

“I seem to be just in time for the party.” (Diseum)

“Welcome to s.h.i.+n’s birthday party.” (Merlin)

Grandpa opened the door and two men walked in.

“The party has just begun.” (Merlin)

“Diseum also came? His appearance will surely surprise others.” (Melinda)

After saying so, grandma spoke to Diseum, “Come over here.”

Everyone looked in the direction of the gate.

“What?” (Everyone)

It’s reasonable that everyone’s eyes began to s.h.i.+ne because the man who had just appeared was Diseum.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time, Mr. and Mrs. Walford and the rest of the Ultimate Magicians.” (Diseum)

“This is my first time meeting you.”

Ekatarina, the Pope of the Church of Creation, and Aaron, the President of Els said.



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