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Read Mai Kitsune Waifu Chapter 336 Liu Yi’s trouble

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Read WebNovel Mai Kitsune Waifu Chapter 336 Liu Yi’s trouble

Youchi Ronkou is completely mad as he lifts up his shinai and swiftly chops at Liu Yi in rage.

Although it is rash his martial skills are still there, this time around his shinai edge is coming from a tricky angle to prevent Liu Yi from grabbing it.

While Liu Yi retreats continuously avoiding Youchi Ronkou’s attacks one after the other.

Youchi Ronkou’s chopping speed increases while he scolds: “Baka! If you dare then do not run!”

“I am not running ah. I am only walking.”

As Liu Yi retreats he shrugs his shoulders.

The people behind him hurry and move to the side to avoid being drag into the fight.

While Liu Yi walks backward, he picks up a plastic broom that is placed against the wall.

“Let me borrow this for a moment.”

As he speaks his right-hand picks up the broom and imperial sword technique activates.

The broomsticks to his palm as it revolves, those who do not know would be dazzled while thinking that he is displaying sword flower. Ah, wrong it is broom flower.

“Flowery arts!”

Seeing such a dazzling move Youchi Ronkou did not place it in his eyes!

In the whole world, j.a.pan’s kendo is the most suitable for killing people!

No matter if it is their sword technique or their j.a.panese kendo it is to kill people!

As for China’s sword technique, although it has both attack and defense its killing ability is not enough!

This time around I shall let this fellow know what is called a real sword technique!


Youchi Ronkou chops down diagonally, simply put, to attack the vital area.

While Liu Yi only grips the broom tightly and sweeps horizontally and blocks the opponent shinai with a ‘pa’!

“Torrential rain!”

While Youchi Ronkou did not discourage as his first chop is just a false attack only.

Following which is just a dazzle in front of everyone eyes as they watch Youchi Ronkou’s right-hand trembles gently as densely packed sword shadows like a rain smashes towards Liu Yi.

“So quick!”

Lai Junwen explains in shock.

Yoko Nishikawa bites her lips as she watches Youchi Ronkou using one of his strongest moves. This time around Liu Yi will be at a disadvantage!

What shocks people is that Liu Yi’s leg did not move as he stands there as his body sways left and right and agilely dodges the sword rain.

Sometimes he might also swing his broom to block the shinai.

The more Youchi Ronkou fights, the shocker he gets as sweat starts to form on his forehead.

This move of mine chases after speed! How on earth is it possible for the opponent to dodge it so easily?!

“Have you attacked enough? It should be my turn.”

Liu Yi suddenly swings his right hand as the broom pierces forward and with a ‘dang’, the shinai in Youchi Ronkou’s hand is sent flying away before piercing through the stone wall behind!

A shinai is actually able to pierce through a stone wall! This shows just how much strength does Liu Yi posses!

Youchi Ronkou holds onto his bleeding palm as his face turns pale.


While Liu Yi moves forwards and sweeps the broom onto Youchi Ronkou’s head.

“This is for Lai Junwen!”


Liu Yi smacks Youchi Ronkou again with the broom, covering him with dust and causing his to be confused and disoriented.

“This one is for Yoko Nishikawa!”

After all, that kunoichi and I already have a short-term relationship…if I do not help her, it would be unreasonable.

After Liu Yi finishes talking he smacks Youchi Ronkou’s head three times in a row with the broom again.

Warning the following part of the story is too extreme please continue reading if you are above 18

“Those three times is for my country!”

“Another three times is for my Ke Da!”

“The next three times is for my whole dormitory!”

Liu Yi continuously smacks Youchi Ronkou making him unable to dodge, the shame is worse than the pain.

“This three times…..this three times……this three times is for world peace!”

Towards the end, Liu Yi is basically cooking up reasons, smacking Youchi Ronkou till he is mad but is unable to do anything.

“Quick! Quickly save president ah!”

A j.a.panese exchange student shouts out and instantly a number of people rush towards Liu Yi.

“How nice of you guys coming over! Birds of a feather flock together, let me discipline all of you!”

Liu Yi sweeps with the broom left and right is a dazzling manner and one after the other, the people who are with Youchi Ronkou are all on the ground.

“Just a small j.a.panese kendo club and you dare to come over to our china and be arrogant. This is a lesson for you.”

Finally, after beating up everyone, he tosses the broom onto the ground as he looks at the group of people lying on the ground before dusting his hands and says towards Youchi Ronkou.

“Next time do not let me see you again, otherwise I will beat you up every time I see you. Big brother let us go back.”

He waves his hand and brings Lai Junwen and the rest away.

The surrounding people applause for Liu Yi, good job in teaching the j.a.panese devil a lesson!

“You! Who on earth are you!”

Youchi Ronkou pants as he asks hoa.r.s.ely while getting up trembling as he starts at Liu Yi in rage.

“I call Liu Yi. Major in biotechnology in Ke Da biological course. If you are not convinced then you can come and look for me.”

It is not that Liu Yi does not wish to be low profile but at this time he needs to help China’s people fight.

This is China’s territory, how dare people from other countries be arrogant!

“Very good…I will remember you…”

“Apologise, but I did not remember you.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, angering Youchi Ronkou so badly that he nearly vomited blood.


“Why not nine ka! If you are not convinced after military training then come to the gym for a PK!”

Liu Yi smiles, “After all I be fighting w.a.n.g Zhanfeng as well, adding you is also not too much.”

Youchi Ronkou knows that he is not Liu Yi’s opponent thus he restrains his anger, clenches his fist and says: “Let us…see…..”

“Okay ah. I will be waiting for you, see you there!”

Liu Yi waves his hand.


Youchi Ronkou does not have anymore face to continue to stay around thus he brings his defeated people, around and walks off.

At the same time, he did not forget to glares at Yoko Nishikawa coldly.

There is some hesitation on Yoko Nishikawa’s face but she did not step forward.

No matter what the mission is first! Furthermore, it is Youchi Ronkou who is too much this time around!

But how is Liu Yi’s action so powerful? Who on earth is he?

In Yoko Nishikawa mind appears the image of the Dragon Group agent from yesterday night.

China…really has such kind of crouching dragons and hidden tigers?

Looks like…the task will be very difficult.

After walking out of the KTV, the rest of the people are very excited.

“Second brother I did not think that you are able to fight so well!”

Su Junping pulls on Liu Yi’s arm and did not let go, “Teach me, teach me okay!”

“Aiyah….actually I am not as powerful as big brother lah.”

Liu Yi hurries and says: “I am actually very weak. Big brother is then the real kungfu. We need to learn from big brother okay.”

“How is it possible…second brother you are then the powerful one…”

Lai Junwen rubs his head, “I’m not capable, I’m really not capable ah…”

“How can a man say they’re not capable? Xiao Ya you really need to reconsider about our big brother!”

Liu Yi smiles evilly and instantly provokes Xiao Ya’s feigned anger.

While Xiao Feng and the rest of the girls’ gaze carries stars.

Chen Cai walks to the side of Liu Yi and transmits, {Boss…you have become so high-profile now…would it be fine?}


Liu Yi opens his mouth and sends his words out in a line into Chen Cai’s ear.

{I did not display anything and only revealed a bit of my hand that’s all. Furthermore when we should bear with it then bear with it but at this kind of situation how can we bear with it?}

{Hehe…boss is right…actually if boss did not beat him up, I would have beat up that devil…d.a.m.n it he is really arrogant.}

{You do not take action first. You are my secret weapon that can only be used at crucial moments.}

{Really boss? Am I really worth so much…what kind of secret weapon am I…exceptional G.o.dly soldier?}

{Even more powerful then an exceptional G.o.dly soldier!}

{What is that?}



The two of them chit-chat under the condition where others are unable to hear but Yoko Nishikawa seems to be able to sense it as she glances over towards them and Liu Yi instantly closes his mouth.

While at this time, Little Jade suddenly sends him a message from an unknown person’s number.

Seeing the message, Liu Yi’s expression faintly changes slightly.

“You guys return first. I have something to do and have to leave temporary.”

Chen Cai ask: “Where are you going? Do you need me to accompany you boss?”

“What the…no need. You are also not a girl…”

“Then how about me?”

By the side Yoko Nishikawa asks, scaring Liu Yi so much that he immediately waves her off.

“No need, no need. It is a personal matter…I can handle it myself.”

“Oh, okay then…”

Yoko Nishikawa seems to be slightly disappointed while Chen Cai and the rest immediately look at the two of them with an ambiguous gaze.

Liu Yi separates from the fellows and immediately walks to an alley by the side.

This message comes from North Dragon city and he needs to immediately fly back to handle it.

But this is the city area and immediately flying up to the sky on his flying sword seems to be too obvious. But this is not a problem for Liu Yi as he transforms into a small black b.u.t.terfly and flies up to the sky.

After reaching the clouds, Liu Yi transforms back into human form as he steps on the Taiji sword and swiftly flies back towards North Dragon city.

Liu Yi’s flying sword speed is close to the speed of sound, thus the journey from Jingdou to North Dragon city is less than an hour.

But what makes Liu Yi feels weird is, why is that person looking for him?


At the same time, in a nearby region of North Dragon city, Li Biyue receives a mysterious message.

“Stinky fellow is in danger. Return to general headquarters swiftly.”

Li Biyue casually kills a struggling Great G.o.d sect disciple before looking at her handphone and faintly raises her eyebrow.

“There is someone who wishes to harm my little brother? Very good…looks like there are things to do…”

“Great G.o.d’s glory shall shine on us!”

A Great G.o.d sect disciple combines body with a ghost infant roars as he rushes over.

Li Biyue casually swings her blade, sending out a black qi and that Great G.o.d sect disciple’s body is instantly cut into two.

Fresh blood sprays out which is avoided by Li Biyue.

“Little brother, wait for me. Elder sister will not let you get any form of injury.”

As she speaks, she turns around and prepares to leave.

But at this moment a column of flame suddenly smashes in from of her, blocking her path.

“Who is it?”

Li Biyue turns around and looks at the pretty girl with fire wings standing in the air.

The girl did not speak, only grabbing a bunch of fire in her hands as she glares at Li Biyue in anger.

“Seems like…there is some trouble…”


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