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Read Mai Kitsune Waifu Chapter 370 Not willing to escape even if someone comes and save me

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The guy sitting on the left is sitting in a somewhat brighter spot, allowing Liu Yi to see him clearly. It is none other than Long San.

The two others are hidden in the shadows and they did not make a sound nor move.

“Sit, Liu Yi.”

Long San stretches out his hand and beckons Liu Yi to sit.

“Thank you.”

Liu Yi is also not polite nor does he need to be polite as he sits down and tilts his legs waiting for the trial.

He wants to see what kind of games do the higher-ups of the Dragon Group wants to play.

Long San opens his mouth and says: “Liu Yi. You should have awareness of the reason why you are sitting here.”

Liu Yi smirks and says: “Nonr.”

“Liu Yi. Now is not the time to mess around.”

Long San hurries and says: “I know that you have a tough temper but this time around you have committed a big mistake.”

“I don’t feel like I have committed a mistake.”

Liu Yi smiles as he continues speaking, “Instead I feel that the higher-ups should be grateful to me for I have helped Dragon Group remove a vermin.”


At this moment the figure sitting in the center finally speaks and from the voice, it sounds like a woman.

She sneers and says: “You actually called an elite from Dragon Group Team One as vermin?”

“Well, he is defeated in the hands of us Team Three. How can he still be called an elite.”

Liu Yi is not angry, instead, he smiles and rebukes the woman’s words.

The woman instantly chokes as she does not know how to continue on.

Long San feel that the atmosphere is somewhat wrong as he hurries and pulls the conversation back and says to Liu Yi: “Liu Yi, even if he has some problems. It should still be up to us higher-ups to decide on his punishment. Being a Dragon Group agent how can you harm your own people?”

“He was already threatening my life. Why should I let him off?”

Liu Yi immediately asks, “Then let me ask you a question. If during that fight, the one who was crippled was not him but me. Would you guys still create such a big huge and trial him?”

Long San immediately turns silent. Liu Yi in response continues to say: “I did not guess wrong, right. Even if he cripple me, you guys would only give him some minor punishment. Why is that so, because he is an agent from Dragon Group Team One ah. The one who was crippled is only a trash from Team Three right? What a joke!”

Liu Yi sneers and continues speaking, “Everyday it is me who is risking my life outside the laboratory protecting it, while as for him, even when the enemies have already fought until they entered all the way in and that so-called elite from Team One, he did not even appear at all! But chasing after girls he is quite dedicated to it. This kind of person is called an elite? Is your Team One raising a group of arrogant idiots? From what I see, this Dragon Group Team One is not an elite team but old folks home right?”


The figure sitting on the left is unable to bear it and snorts.

This sound is like a heavy hammer and smashes heavily on Liu Yi’s chest, causing his heart to sink.

Good fellow. This guy is an expert ah…

On the conservative side, his cultivation is above 15 stars!

So bullish…I did not think that the Team leader of Team One is so d.a.m.n awesome!

Thinking about this, Long San…only has the cultivation of 8 stars…this difference…hai!

No wonder other people call Team Three trash! Dammit, it is all because of the team leader!

“Liu Yi. Dragon Group is an impartial place…”

Long San hurries and pulls the conversation back, “But after all Team one and Team three have their differences. Those above naturally have some privileges. Perhaps that Chen Yu is too excessive, but we have discussed with him. As long as you can fulfill his condition, he will make peace with you and the matter between the two of you will be wiped clean. After all, we are an organization, unity is the most important right?”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrows: “Oh? What conditions?”

“Help him restore his star jade and apologize to him…”


Liu Yi can only laugh to convey his thoughts, “Team Leader. I know that you are really trying to help me but I can only say two things about that.”

He raises two fingers and says: “One. I, Liu Yi, only know how to cripple other people star jade’s and do not know how to restore them. Even if I know, I do not have plans to let that fellow have the opportunity to have a fresh start. Two. I am not wrong, thus I will not apologize to anyone. It is better for you to tell Chen Yu to pack his stuff and prepare to go back to his home and work his farms.”


The Team One Team Leader is instantly mad as his imposing aura spreads out causing Long San to start to sweat.

But Liu Yi only sits on the chair motionlessly like everything is calm.

“This one should be called Long Yi right. Why do you have the qualifications to be angry?”

Liu Yi sneers, “How did you act as a leader. Not being strict to your underlings and now they are too arrogant, resulting in them being beaten up by others and you still have the face to pay me a visit and get angry at me? How do you do as the team leader? My boss Long San even if he is only the Team Leader of Team Three but the members under him, not one of them are not dedicated to their work. I advise you to not be a team leader and instead go back to old folks home.”

When Long San hears this, he is so shocked that his face loses color, while Long Yi only smiles in rage.

“Little fellow I see that you are but a newborn calf that is not afraid of death. You know who I am and you still dare to talk to me in this manner? Little fellow do you believe that I can easily press you to death with a single hand.”

“If you say that just based on brute strength you can become the highest position of a team leader, I don’t mind giving it a try.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he stands up from the chair as an enormous strength erupts from his body.

Dragon’s might!

Liu Yi is not holding back this time round. The dragon pearl has been completely digested and it can be said that he is now a human-shaped dragon!

Dragon race vs Dragon Group who is afraid of who!

The strong aura spreads out causing Long San and Long Er to retreat.

“This strength…”

Long Yi did not move at all, instead, he frowns deeply.

“Little fellow, your body actually has the strength of a dragon!”

“There are still a lot of things that can shock you. How is it, do you want to cross blows?”

As Liu Yi speaks, he hooks his finger at Long Yi.

“Liu Yi are you CRAZY!!!

Long San is shocked as he immediately berates: “How can you challenge Long Yi….”

“Within your body, there are no signs of the might of an earth grade. It proves that you still have not reached the standards of an earth grade.”

Long Yi suddenly speaks out and cuts off Long San, “A mortal step cultivator who has yet to reach Earth grade and still dares to challenge me Long Yi?”

“As long as you are a human then I dare to beat up!”

Liu Yi sneers, “Grandpa Mao is right, the spring wind is blowing the drumbeats of war in this world who is afraid of who! I Liu Yi, am of clear conscious and dare to challenge any kind of enemy.”

“Well said. I hope that your strength is as tough as your mouth!”

As Long Yi speaks, he suddenly walks in front of Liu Yi and raises his fist before smashing down towards his head.

Although it is only an ordinary fist, but Liu Yi is able to sense that it contains qi within!

Which sect did this fellow run out from! He is indeed strong!

Since that is the case…Amen, Long Yi, pardon me!

“Monarch Armour!”

At that instant, Liu Yi immediately puts on the strongest defense Monarch Armour.

Following which he raises his right fist and punches back on Long Yi’s fist.


The moment their fist hits together, instantly a strong shockwave exploded outwards, instantly causing the floor under their feet to sinks 3 to 4 meters.

The surroundings of the room seem to be laid with barriers and with the protection of the barrier, the room is fine but the barrier has scattered and is unable to block the second time.

Long San and Long Er are both sent flying away and lands by the side as they stare at the two of them stunned.

The one who is the most shock is none other than Long San!

What the h.e.l.l man, this underling that I accepted actually received Long Yi’s punch head on!

This strength is so much higher than me, this Team Leader ah!

-ta, ta, ta!-

As the qi contained in the opponent fist is too strong, Liu Yi is forced to retreat eight steps as he leans against the wall to stabilize himself, at the same time calming down his rolling qi and blood.

While Long Yi did not move at all, only his forehead is covered with cold sweat.

He clenches his teeth as he spits out a few words.

“You…what is this technique…”

“Technique to trash people!”

Liu Yi smiles faintly, “How is it. Do you want to try again?”

The taste of Amorous Feeling Hand is not bad right. Even if you are a Dao Immortal you still have to obediently take this fist of mine!

Amitabha, Immortal Fox Sister please bless and protect me!

“d.a.m.n it…”

Long Yi retreat a few steps, naturally, he does not wish to cross blows with Liu Yi again.

Mother ah, this fellow technique is too sinister! When is there such a technique!

Until now my legs are still soft!

“Today I shall forget it, but you have crippled one of my underlings, this matter is not over. You shall be detained here for now. Wait for our final notification!”

Long Yi immediately turns around and walks out of the room.

“Ai…you, this fellow…”

Long San only sighs as he walks out with Long Er.

In a blink of an eye, there is only Liu Yi left in the room.

He is not anxious as he sits in the room, closing his eyes and starts to revolves his heart sutra to strengthen his cultivation.

The three heart sutras under Liu Yi’s urging starts to rapidly revolve and batter against the ninth star jade.

The ninth star jade ‘Bull’, is still dark and lightless. Liu Yi does not know when would he be able to break through it.

But Liu Yi is not anxious. Ma Hua told him before that being too impatient to break through his star jade will leader to bedevilment.

Thus it is best to keep the status quo and slowly break through.

The three types of qi are like three stinky hooligan as they keep touching the ninth star jade. Nothing to do you touch a bit when I touch a bit until the ninth star jade is about to be filled and can be pushed down.

But at this moment, Liu Yi suddenly sense that there is someone moving behind the door.

He immediately opens his eyes as he activates his golden eyes.


The door is kicked open by a leg as a figure wearing black clothes walk in.

The black-clothed guy’s voice is hoa.r.s.e as he says to Liu Yi: “Come with me.”

But Liu Yi did not even stand up from his seat as he asks: “Who are you?”

“A person who is here to save you!”

The black-clothed guy speaks very briefly, “This is not the place to speak. Quickly leave with me.”

“Apologises. If you do not explain to me, I will not leave.”

Liu Yi crosses his arms and sits there like a boss.


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