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Read Mai Kitsune Waifu Chapter 944 – Heaven Dragon King’s Treasure

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Chapter 944 [Heaven Dragon King’s Treasure]

Liu Yi rejoices in his heart, and at this moment, the sea surface starts surging once again.

Liu Yi sees an enormous whirlpool forming on the sea surface! And in the center of the whirlpool, an enormous body slowly rises!

This is an enormous stone statue!

That statue is carved in the appearance of a very majestic mighty man. He is wearing a beautiful armor with his cloak fluttering behind him, making him look majestic!

It looks like this statue should be the actual Heaven Dragon King, the legend.

Just half of the statue is already over a hundred meters tall as it floats on the seawater.

The other half is underwater, and Liu Yi does not have the mood to dive in to take a look.

So what is the point of summoning this big fellow?

-incomprehensive chanting-

The demi-dragons are using a strange language to sing something.

Liu Yi is unable to understand any of it. But very soon, a white figure suddenly flies out from the eye of the statue and floats in midair.

Seeing this figure, all of the demi-dragons immediately stop their strange summoning and kneel to worship the figure.

“Aiyah….it has been so many years, and someone finally woke me up?”

A bantering voice flies down. Liu Yi raises his head and takes a look and realizes that it came from a demi-dragon person as well!

What the! This is the Heaven Dragon King in the legends?

Why did he grow a dragon face!

“Hahaha, you must be very surprised to see my appearance, right!”

Heaven Dragon King laughs before floating down and stops in front of Liu Yi.

Looking at him at such close distance, Liu Yi realizes that he is also very st.u.r.dy!

With a height of almost 3 meters, he also has a pair of dragon wings flapping behind him.

If he did not know, Liu Yi would have thought that this person was him in the First stage of Dragon Transformation!

“Oh, this is not your real body.”

Heaven Dragon King’s remnant soul glances at Liu Yi, “This is…a Fog Qi avatar? Good kid, where did you learn this Fog Qi?”

“It was pa.s.sed down to me by my master.”

Liu Yi raises his head and sticks out his chest as he looks at the remnant soul of the Heaven Dragon King and says, “My master is Han Yuxin, the real successor of Heaven Dragon lineage.”

“Han Yuxin? Oh. That kid.”

Heaven Dragon King suddenly realizes and bursts into laughter, “I remember, back then, when I had beaten down the eighth layer of heaven, he was still an infant! I didn’t expect that my grandson could be someone’s master!”


So Han Yuxin is the Heaven Dragon King’s grandson?

“That means that you had learned the Fog Qi technique from him?”

“That’s right.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “The current me can use Fog Qi to carry out countless changes.”

“Hey, stinky kid. What you have learned is nothing but superficial knowledge of Fog Qi.”

Heaven Dragon King laughs even happier, “Because I had fallen from the eighth layer of heaven, even Han Yuxin had not learned the complete Fog Qi technique! The Fog Qi technique that he had learned from me can only transform his own body as well as strengthen his own body. The real Fog Qi technique is used to attack!”

Used to attack?

Liu Yi recalls the silver spear that the demi-dragon had used to attack him; he seems to understand something!

“The Heaven Dragon Maselem that we are in right now is a fict.i.tious s.p.a.ce-time that I created with my lifetime’s cultivation.”

Heaven Dragon King suddenly changes the topic and points at the ocean underneath him.

“It is just that my ability was not enough and could only create this enormous ocean. As you have seen, there is a lot of primitive ocean life. This is only because they were recently born.”

Liu Yi asks curiously, “Recently born? What do you mean?”

“Fog Qi can transform endlessly and create life force.”

Heaven Dragon King laughs and says, “Thus, I created a planet.”


Liu Yi got a huge shock and looked at the ocean below him, “Planet? You say that this place is a planet?”

“That’s right. It is a planet the same as earth.”

Heaven Dragon King nods his head, “Right now it is only an ocean. I believe that as long as a few more billion years pa.s.s, dry land will start to appear.”

“What the…”

Liu Yi starts sweating, “Heaven Dragon King’s cultivation is so powerful…to forcibly create a planet?”

“This is nothing.”

Heaven Dragon King shrugs his shoulders, “The real powerful one is the Great Cosmos G.o.d. The entire cosmos was created by him. Even the G.o.d race is his product. The so-called G.o.ds are nothing but subst.i.tutes to his divine right.”

“Great Cosmos G.o.d…I have only heard about him in legends…”

Liu Yi sighs, whether or not I can see that legendary existence is another thing.

“Actually, what I wish to tell you is that this place is the size of a planet.”

As Heaven Dragon King speaks, he stretches his hand towards a demi-dragon by the side.

That demi-dragon immediately nods his head and over his spear respectfully to Heaven Dragon King.

Receiving the spear, silver fog qi immediately wraps around the entire spear, causing the spear to turn silver in color!

“Kid. Watch carefully!”

As Heaven Dragon King speaks, he swings his hand.

The spear immediately flies out. In a blink of an eye, it split the sea surface into two before disappearing from Liu Yi’s slight.

Liu Yi does not understand. What is the Heaven Dragon King doing?

Before he understood, Heaven Dragon King stretched out his right hand again suddenly.


Following which, he grabs a spear that flew over from behind him!


Liu Yi suddenly understood, and he was unable to close his mouth.

Heaven Dragon King laughs and says, “That’s right. This has flown back after flying around this entire world.”

“What…what fast speed…”

“Not only speed. Take a look at the sea surface…”

Liu Yi took a look, and his jaw dropped even lower.

The sea surface that was split into two still remained split and did not close together for a long time.

“There is strength as well.”

Heaven Dragon King the spear back to that demi-dragon.

The demi-dragon respectfully receives the spear, and Liu Yi senses that he is super happy.

“Let me pa.s.s you this strength.”

As Heaven Dragon King speaks, he reaches out with a finger and taps between Liu Yi’s brow.

Memory transfer technique! The real method of using Fog Qi enters Liu Yi’s mind.

So that is the case… it looks like my combat strength will increase yet again!

Liu Yi is delighted in his heart, “Looks like I did not make a trip to this Heaven Dragon Mausoleum for nothing!”

“Kid. Don’t tell me that you think that this, is my inheritance?”

Heaven Dragon King laughs, “I am only handing it to you. My Heaven Dragon King’s inheritance will not only be this l!”

Liu Yi got a huge shock. “What? The Fog Qi technique is not the inheritance?”

“Of course not. The thing that I want to give you is a few hundred, thousand times more precious than this Fog Qi technique!”

As Heaven Dragon King speaks, he suddenly sighs, “It is a pity that I have already died and used my final bit of qi to do a memory transfer technique on you. Thus very soon, I will disappear. I will never be able to achieve my wish.”

“Relax, I will help you achieve your wish!” Liu Yi points at the sky, “I will help you fulfill your wish and fight my way up the Nine Layers of Heaven and kill the six G.o.d races as well as kill that despicable G.o.d Emperor!”

Unexpectedly, not only was Heaven Dragon King unhappy, he actually scolded him, “Who asked you to do this!”

“What? Could it be that Heaven Dragon King does not hate the G.o.d-Emperor?”

Being scolded like this, Liu Yi does not understand.

“Why would I hate the G.o.d-Emperor?”

As Heaven Dragon King speaks, his gaze becomes filled with longing.

“The G.o.d-Emperor is the number one beauty of the Six Realms…I had pursued her for thousands of years, but she kept rejecting me…alas, this woman was too stubborn!”

“Pur-pursue for thousands of years???” Liu Yi feels that something is wrong, “What is this situation? Why is it different from what I have heard!”

“Of course, that is not the same!” Heaven Dragon King coughs, “The truth is that I did not manage to pursue her; thus, I could only tell a lie to my people…cough, you cannot tell other people …”

“What the…what is going on! Heaven Dragon King explain.”

“Anyways, you will know sooner or later. Let me tell you.”

Heaven Dragon King sighs before looking at the sky unnaturally, “Beautiful G.o.d Emperor…she is the woman whom I loved the most in this lifetime…the moment I saw her for the very first time my heart was already her’s…alas…it is a pity that G.o.ds are not allowed to fall in love with other races. That is why she rejected the handsome me!”

As he speaks, he touches his long dragon face, making Liu Yi feel disgusted.

Liu Yi looks at the statue behind him. Noticing his gaze, Heaven Dragon King immediately says, “What, did you think that that is my statue?”


“That’s right. You have also seen it. Look at how handsome I am in my human form!”

Heaven Dragon King smiles in delight, but soon his expression turns sullen, “It is a pity that the G.o.d-Emperor did not like me! Why! I am unwilling! I am unwilling! That is why in anger, I fought my way up the Nine Layers of Heaven, and in the end, I could only return in defeat…alas…the G.o.d-Emperor was not only very beautiful, she is also very powerful.”

Nonsense! That is the G.o.d-Emperor! She is the number 1 person in the entire Six Realms!

“Hey kid, I did not go up for nothing. I have obtained a sentence of an oracle from the G.o.d-Emperor!”

Heaven Dragon King suddenly holds his waist and laughs loudly, “Hahaha, that G.o.d Emperor said that whoever can defeat her can become her husband! Stinky kid, did you hear it. You shall help me achieve this wish!”

He points at Liu Yi.

“What?” Liu Yi is a bit stunned, “She is the woman that you love, and you want me to go and pursue her?”

“What about that. You are my inheritor!”

Heaven Dragon King looks at Liu Yi like he is looking at an idiot, “If I don’t let you go and pursue, then could it be that I am going to let others pursue her? d.a.m.nit, then even if I die, I will not die in peace!”

“What reasoning is this…don’t let rich water flow to outsiders?”

“It is almost like it, I guess.”

“What the, you admit it so shamelessly!”

Liu Yi holds his forehead. It looks like this Heaven Dragon King is unreliable!

“Come! Right now, I shall tell you what the real treasure is, that I shall be pa.s.sing to you!”

A radiance shines from Heaven Dragon King’s eyes!


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