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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon is a web novel completed by ARGAS.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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“The Dark Water Kingdom was originally a coalition of thinkers and those who wanted to explore the potential the human body and find ways to further that. This led to the experimentation on each other as well as those willing and to some that weren’t.”

Grand Researcher Ou continued to speak in a somber tone. She was sad, almost ashamed of her predecessors.

“We came to understand more of ourselves and of the world, realizing what could and could not be done. Eventually, the kingdom grew in power but by that time, the rest of the world seemed to have shunned us. They could no longer bear to hear of the gruesome things that had been done for the sake of knowledge. They viewed the kingdom as one filled with only the insane. Since no one was ready to listen, the kingdom had shut down practically all contact with the continent, except for the other five kingdoms.”

“It is not like that now, is it?” asked Ming Yue.

“Goodness no, years after we closed ourselves off. People came to understand the unethical practices and changed their ways. Now, we’ve found alternatives to continue to work of our predecessors.”

Suddenly, Xue Yue’s voice chimed in.

“Then why have you still closed yourselves from the world? Surely, if the Dark Water Kingdom has changed, the rest of the world will accept it.”

“Hm, it isn’t that simple. Changing people’s view of us will be difficult to succeed in but not impossible. It’s just that, everyone here has become used to the isolation. We have little need to open ourselves up.”

“So it is like that…”

Ming Yue did not think that the Dark Water Kingdom was seen in such a way. She knew there was something wrong when she saw Elder Shen’s hall empty and she had heard a few things about him from the other Heaven’s Gate disciples. However, she really underestimated the negative view that everyone had towards him and the Dark Water Kingdom.

To what extent had the founderr of the Dark Water gone through to achieve this notoriety? What sort of experiments had been done? She couldn’t help but feel a chill at the thought of such things.

“Then what of Elder Shen? Why was he sent to Heaven’s Gate?” she asked.

“He was one of the few who wanted to venture out of the kingdom and change our reputation. What better place to start than at Heaven’s gate, the culmination of the Six Kingdoms. Though, contact with him was spa.r.s.e and those few messages only spoke of his lack of students. However, he garnered some success in you and knowing that, sent you here.”

Ming Yue didn’t think that Elder Shen thought that highly of her. Though it made sense, his warm eyes and happy glow from accepting her as a student was reason enough to show his joy. She was touched by his actions and felt sympathy for he sought a student for many years. She fullfilled that desire.

“Now then, before the day ends, I should show you the other uses for the Stellar Sky Foundation.”

Grand Researcher Ou stood up and the endless feld of gra.s.s congerged into a sphere of white energy before expanding once more.

This time, it kept its shape but the contents were very much different. Within its enlarged ball of a body, small twinkling dots of energy floated about. At the center was a fist sized ball that resembled the world. As it spun, Ming Yue could see the outline of the Human Continent as well as the Demon and Beast Continents.

“The Stellar Sky Foundation is also an observatory made to chart out the stars. Those with enough Mental Force will be able to project themselves into the Celestial Plane, allowing for exploration. This has been the work of me, Shen Zhong, and a few others. If you are looking for a quiet place to meditate or find inspiration, this is it.”

Hearing her words, Ming Yue was beyond surprised. It was through this place, that she could actually see the stars up close. Having always looked at the night sky, she wanted nothing more than to see it right in front of her.

“In any case, activating it and controlling it shouldn’t be too difficult. That desk over there has a few mechanisms to turn it on. You could change between the observatory and the illusion state. To fully control it, you need your Mental Force.”

Ming Yue looked at the desk finding several switches and turned back to the Grand Researcher.

“If that is all that is needed to unlock this place, why did you need my energy for it?”

“Oh, I have an incredibly quiet voice. It is something that I had been born with and gave me quite a lot of trouble. When Shen Zhong made his discovery of Mental Force, it was the solution to my disposition and allowed me to speak with others through their mind. However, that requires both sides to share their energy with each other. Sometimes, it takes mulriple times to have a clear connection.”

Her voice suddenly disappeared from Ming Yue’s mind and Grand Researcher Ou began to speak with her mouth. Despite going as loud as she could, it took Ming Yue quite a bit to hear her speak. But she understood that Grand Researcher Ou did it to prove her point.

“Then Zhi Qing could hear you because of that connection…” Ming Yue realized.

Grand Researcher Ou nodded and her voice suddenly returned within Ming Yue’s mind.

“Indeed, that student of mine seemed quite troubled when we first met. She didn’t know how we were going to communicate until I showed her. Though I’d like to say, Zhi Qing is a good person, dedicated to her work. It would do good that you two get acquainted with each other.”

“She has been incredibly helpful with teaching me about cultivation and taking me around Dark Water Capital”, Ming Yue found Zhi Qing to be knowledgable and a good teacher.

Would she have had an unpleasant att.i.tude, it would have been a much more different experience.

After deactivating the Stellar Sky Foundation, the pair left and found Zhi Qing along with Xiao Yin and Hei Yue playing together. That came to to quick when Ming Yue and Grand Researcher Ou appeared.


Zhi Qing stood upright and went to her master’s side.

“We’ll gather here tomorrow for some more practice. Zhi Qing, take Ming Yue back to her quarters, she is not yet familiar with route” Grand Researcher Ou’s voice spoke and Ming Yue bowed before departing for her room.

With Zhi Qing accompanying her, they talked more about the other districts as well as what Ming Yue would be practicing for tomorrow.

“The Craftman’s District isn’t quite as bustling as our the Market District. However, it is where people from the Research District frequent the most. Mainly because many work in these stores, using their knowledge to forge items, finding ways to utilize one’s Quintessence Force in more creative and manners. All of those gems are natural element ores that form from dense energy.”

She pointed at the varying jewels that were shown at the storefront, with varying colors and strengths.

“Does it have to be a gem?” asked Ming Yue.

The piece of Evergreen Heart within her Spatial Ring came to mind. Perhaps, she would be able to find a place that could create something out of it. It was too useful of an item to leave in her ring.

Zhi Qing looked at her with a bit of curiosity.

“No it doesn’t have to be gem. So long as it is a physical piece of condensed energy, it can be used. However, such things that aren’t gems are rare. Do not tell me that you have something like that?”

Ming Yue gave a slight nod.

“Something I found in my travels.”

She would not reveal everything about it or it would lead to some unwanted attention. Zhi Qing understood her intentions and did not press her for more information.

“If its like that, then I know a place that would work perfectly.”


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