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Man Huang Feng Bao is a web novel produced by High Slope, 高坡.
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Chapter 287Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 287: Come from far away to meet

After withdrawing quickly, Ye Chuan began to lay out a Dragon Trapping Formation in the cave entrance.

The time and s.p.a.ce rift at the end of this cave seemed to be fairly stable without any violent fluctuation for the time being, but, it was better to make preparations for contingency. Otherwise, a powerful evil spirit might pa.s.s through this time and s.p.a.ce rift and arrive here from the ancient ominous domain, Five Fingered Buddha Cave without anybody knowing. At that time, all living beings of Cloud Mist Mountain Range would suffer a disaster and even Cloud Mist Sect would be caught unprepared.

But it would be different with this Dragon Trapping Formation. Even if it couldn’t completely block the evil spirit inside the cave, it would at least stall for time and give people a chance to react.

“n.o.ble son, I’m afraid such formation is useless.” Seeing Ye Chuan was laying out a formation, Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes frowned.

As a small demon who had escaped from Five Fingered Buddha Cave, he was clearest about how powerful and terrifying those evil spirits inside were. Even a Half Saint realm expert will not be able to ward them off let alone this trifling formation which was laid out in a hurry.

“This is just a simple formation, just being able to sense the movement inside the cave in the future through this formation is enough.” Ye Chuan replied.

“n.o.ble son, I fear even that will be very difficult.”

Old Demon of Mount Yin shook his head with a bitter smile. He understood the thoughts of Ye Chuan, but it was still not possible. “Some old evil spirits possess rare innate skill since birth. They can hide from the sense of people and detection of the formation. They have many ways to easily pa.s.s through formations without anybody knowing.”

“Rhodes, then do you have a way?” Ye Chuan asked.

“I have, when the effect of Yang Severing Water disappears, Five Fingered

Mount Yin would again sprout vines all over the mountain. That is the best method to survey. And if I am lucky, then I might even be able to trap and suck the essence blood and vital yang of one or two powerful evil spirits, kakaka!”

The Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes laughed and imagining the benefit of sucking the essence blood and vital yang of the powerful evil spirit of Five Fingered Buddha Cave, he was greatly excited.

Yang Severing Water had exterminated all trees and vines of Five Fingered Mount Yin but as long as he, Rhodes, didn’t die, they can grow again, it was only the matter of time. And if he had sufficient crystal stones as an energy source, then the required time could be greatly shortened. It wouldn’t take a long time for vines to grow all over the mountain, and at that time, they would become the best detection formation.

“Okay, Little Long’er, after returning to Cloud Mist Sect, take Rhodes and look for Zhu Sijia. Whatever is needed, freely allocate and transfer, make vines grow all over this place as soon as possible. Let’s go now!”

Ye Chuan instructed and left, leading Little Long’er and Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes towards Cloud Mist Sect.

Now, quite a few days had already pa.s.sed, he didn’t know whether any issue had appeared or not in Cloud Mist Sect, so Ye Chuan speeded up. The group of three scaled mountains and ford streams, quickly leaving Five Fingered Mount Yin far behind, but they reached Cloud Mist Sect only at night. Seeing the entrance gate of Cloud Mist Sect was still intact and the disciples were entering and exiting orderly, Ye Chuan secretly relaxed. He knew that Da Qin Dynasty and Heavenly Yao Sect had not yet launched an attack.

After a brief rest, Ye Chuan took action. With Heaven Concealing Great Formation as the foundation, he overlaid another Yao Beast Formation.

Ye Chuan summoned all pangolins, golden eagles and so on yao beasts he

he had captured this time in the depth of Cloud Mist Mountain Range and dispersed them in accordance with the terrain of Cloud Mist Sect. If he was at his prime of previous life, then Heaven Concealing Great Formation alone was more than enough to crush and kill any adversary, but, he had started from the scratch in this life and now, he had just broken through to Rank 1 Daoist Master realm, so, Ye Chuan had no choice but to be careful and cautious. He wanted to get help from yao beast legion and all kinds of formations, he even instructed Zhu Sijia to urgently refine a batch of special pills as a reserve and handed over remaining drops of Yang Severing Water to her to see if they could refine the same kind of hypertoxic.

One night pa.s.sed very quickly.

In the early hours of the morning, a light rain began to fall in Cloud Mist Mountain Range, moistening the earth. Early in the morning, disciples woke up from their quiet cultivation and pushed open their doors and windows, only to discover the sect was covered with greenness, all kinds of vines had appeared everywhere inside the sect.  Especially around the entrance gate, the vines were most prosperous. In the span of one night, everything had changed. Some places where not even a blade of gra.s.s would grow, all had green sprouts.

Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes who had returned with Ye Chuan began to display his unique innate skill, turning entire Cloud Mist Sect into another Five Fingered Mount Yin. As long as he was provided with sufficient energy of crystal stone, he could grow all kinds of vines. This was not only the best hidden lookout, it could still stop the invasion of strong enemies. After breeding a large number of vine demons, it was possible to evolve Cloud Mist Sect into a real yao beasts kingdom.

Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes, who was encountered by chance in Mu Clan village and

village and subdued, brought Ye Chuan unexpected pleasant surprise. With the help of these vines and Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes, the might of yao beast battle formation that was overlaid in Heaven Concealing Great Formation had doubled without a doubt!

For the upcoming large-scale war, Ye Chuan finally had a bit of confidence. Now, he had more than 10% certainty.

Another day pa.s.sed, everybody was still bustling about, Ye Chuan was also the same. He personally went around all places to inspect Heaven Concealing Great Formation and Yao Beast Battle Formation. He inspected every detail. A mountain path, a cliff and even a bamboo shoot, he inspected everything. Now, the war machine of Cloud Mist Sect operated in peak state.

At night, after all people had gone off to dreamland, Ye Chuan dragged his exhausted body to Heavenly Dragon Peak. And after entering his room, he fell down to his bed wanting to fall asleep.

In this period of time, he was continuously fighting and bustling about, so, he was also dead tired.

Thinking about it, since he stepped into Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm to explore, he didn’t seem to have any proper rest. Laying out Heavenly Concealing Great Formation, subduing Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes, and again overlying Yao Beasts Battle Formation, all of these tasks not only consumed a large amount of vitality, they furthermore exhausted his mental and physical power too.

The room was dark, Ye Chuan pulled a quilt thinking to cover his head to fall asleep. But, his finger suddenly touched a thigh. The skin was smooth, exquisite and elastic. Without a doubt, this was a thigh of a woman, moreover, without any clothes. From the thickness and the length of this thigh, he could discern that all proportion was just right, precisely was a thigh that could accelerate the heartbeat of people.

At an unknown time, a practically stark naked woman was lying on the bed of Ye Chuan, waiting a long time in the dark for him.


Ye Chuan subconsciously called out and
called out and excitedly pounced on. He hugged this fiery hot charming body and kissed.

Originally dead-tired Ye Chuan was excited and he felt as if he was filled with infinite strength all of a sudden. He moved his hands up and down all over the charming body pressed down under him. Very quickly, he felt something was wrong. The charming body in his embrace was curvy, but she was only half a head shorter than him and her height didn’t resemble Zhu Sijia. Moreover, with her personality, she would not strip naked and throw herself into his arm on her own initiative. Although Zhu Sijia appeared bold and vigorous and was energetic in handling affairs, in the matter of men and women, she was shyer and more conservative than anyone else.

“Zixia, is that you? Is that truly you……” Ye Chuan suddenly recalled a person, although he found it hard to believe. But, a familiar voice slowly resounded beside his ear.

“Humph, go look for your that junior apprentice sister. You remember me only now!”

After a familiar voice came, he was sure that the person pressed under him was truly Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia. At an unknown time, she had traveled a long way and had quietly arrived at Cloud Mist Sect, moreover, she was lying in his bed waiting a long time for him. Pure, n.o.ble, aloof and refined Heavenly Maiden, in front of other people, she was out-and-out an icy beauty. She even ignored Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han. But, after falling in love, she nevertheless was pa.s.sionate in front of Ye Chuan, wanting the warm and doughty body of Ye Chuan to melt her.

After cultivating Demonic Dragon Sutra together, she was no longer able to cut off that unique taste of pair cultivation. The past few days, returning to Heavenly Yao Sect, she truly felt a day was like a year, so she quietly activated the transmission formation and quietly rush over from Heavenly Yao Sect to meet Ye Chuan.


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