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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 445: Lord Qi

Little Long’er and Hai Dashan also quietly followed in. As for Ye Chuan, he still quietly stood still in the dark watching Tuoba Xiong who was rowing.

Needless to say, just looking at his current downtrodden appearance, Ye Chuan could know that he had suffered hardships in this period of time.

In the past, he was overweeningly ambitious Sect Master who set himself high above the, now, he however was reduced to a prisoner who was rowing the ship in a dark and damp cabin. If this was spread, then who would believe it? Who would have thought that the former tyrant of one region of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, Overlord Tuoba Xiong, had unexpectedly fallen so low?

Ye Chuan sighed softly and looked towards Tuoba Xiong with some pity.

“Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!”

“Don’t you want to live, don’t you want to eat?”

The soldiers were cursing furiously and from time to time, they swung the leather-thronged whip while walking back and forth. In less than half an incense time, several more b.l.o.o.d.y wounds appeared on the body of Tuoba Xiong.

Ye Chuan still stood still, but looking at those dozen or so soldiers, his gaze had already turned ice-cold and his complexion didn’t look good.

The slaves were slaves, these soldiers simply didn’t see these slaves as human. There was a slave was truly exhausted completely to move and stopped to rest, then, ferocious leather-thronged whips whistled in the air as he was lashed to death by these soldiers. And his corpse was directly tossed out to the sea from a small window. As for the other salves, they continued to immerse themselves in rowing, no one batted an eyelid because it was such a common occurrence that they were already numb to it.

Tuoba Xiong had already reduced to this, what about Tuoba Xiaoniao, where is she?

The heart of Ye Chuan tightened, and thinking about weak and delicate Tuoba Xiaoniao, he was dying to immediately rush over and asked about her to Tuoba Xiong, but looking at those patrolling soldiers, he forcibly suppressed his impulse and continued to wait calmly.

To deal with these soldiers in front of him, Ye Chuan didn’t need to personally make a move, just Little Long’er alone could kill all of them and save Tuoba Xiong, but what about after that?

With the whereabouts of Tuoba Xiaoniao unknown, Ye Chuan didn’t dare to act rashly.

After an hour, the armored warship finally stopped, and the exhausted slaves stood up and took rest in succession as another group of slaves took their job.

Tuoba Xiong also stood up and dragged his exhausted body to one dark corner by himself. Then, he sat down and leaning against the wall, he closed his eyes and took a breather. He had been continuously putting for all his strength to row the ship while wearing shackles, now, he was dead tired, and the energy within his body had already went chaotic and didn’t calm down for a long time. The lash marks on his body were still bleeding, but he didn’t even care about it. Since he had been spending his time like this, it would be strange if his cultivation grew.

“Here, have a drink.”

A vague and familiar voice resounded and Tuoba Xiong smelled a wine fragrance he had not smelled for a long time. Then, he immediately took the wine pot and drank it without even opening his eyes. But, perhaps, his body was too weak or he had not drunk wine for a long time, or this wine was too strong, he coughed. Only after he drank half a pot of wine, he noticed a warmth floating up in his mind and his limbs also felt very comfortable. Moreover, not only his exhaustion had disappeared, even the wounds on his body also quickly took a turn for the better. Although the wounds were still bleeding, they were healing at the speed that was discernible to the naked eye. In addition, the energy within his body also simmered down and even showed a faint signed of improvement.

“Eh, what is this wine?”

Tuoba Xiong quickly noticed the unusualness and opened his eyes. He saw that a youth had appeared in front of him at an unknown time. He rubbed his eyes and looked again, then his eyes was filled with disbelief, “Ye……, Ye Chuan, is that you?”

Tipsy Tuba Xiong suddenly sobered up. Without thinking, he knew that the wine in his hand was indeed not ordinary. Ye Chuan had clearly put Pei Yuan Pill and wound treating pills in the wine.

“Your Excellency Sect Master, it’s me.”

Ye Chuan lowered his voice and shot a glance at patrolling soldiers not far away and added, “Let’s not speak here, Your Excellency Sect Master, let’s go.”

This dark and damp cabin was not a place where a human being should stay. If this continues on, then Tuoba Xiong would either die out of exhaustion or will be lashed to death. Out of pity, Ye Chuan decided to save Tuoba Xiong.

Unexpectedly, Tuoba Xiong calmed down after a brief shock and then returning the medicinal wine in his hand to Ye Chuan, he coldly said, “No need, you can leave.”

“Our Lord is kindly helping you, old fellow, you……” Little Long’er angrily said.

Sneaking into this place was very dangerous, but who would have thought that Tuoba Xiong unexpectedly didn’t appreciate it. Did this fellow become accustomed to being enslaved or went crazy?

“Your Excellency Sect Master, are you afraid that I will laugh at you? Or, did I injure your self-esteem?”

Ye Chuan paused and added, “People should be flexible, after such a setback, did you completely sink into vice and give up?”

“It’s my business, you don’t need to care!”

Tuoba Xiong coldly said, then leaning on the wall, he closed his eyes again, refusing to acknowledge the presence of Ye Chuan.

This time, not only Little Long’er, even Hai Dashan couldn’t stand by idly and watch, and snorted coldly. He had never seen such a person who failed to appreciate other’s kindness.

“Your Excellency Sect Master, you can wallow in degeneration and like to be abused, if you are willing, no one will care, but what about Xiaoniao? Where is she?” Ye Chuan calmly asked about the whereabouts of Tuoba Xiaoniao.

Tuoba Xiong suddenly trembled and opening his eyes, he muttered to himself, “Xiaoniao, my daughter Xiaoniao……”

“What happened to Xiaoniao?”

Ye Chuan knew that this was anything but rea.s.suring. He grabbed Tuoba Xiong and said, “Your Excellency Sect Master, speak, is Xiaoniao captured? Tell me, I will go to save her!”

Tuoba Xiong nodded his head and his eyes shone with a fierce light and the energy fluctuation within his body increased sharply. In an instant, he seemed to have returned to the days of Cloud Mist Mountain Range. But after a while, he became dejected again and shaking his head in pain, he said in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “n.o.ble son Ye, you can’t save Xiaoniao, even if we cooperate, we are not the opponent of Lord Qi, you should leave. Leave quickly, the farther the better, don’t ever come back again!”

Seeing one soldier, consciously or unconsciously, looking over, Tuoba Xiong urged in a low voice, refusing the good intention of Ye Chuan.

He had dreamed about saving his daughter Tuoba Xiong while desperately rowing the ship here regardless of criticism. He hoped that he would be free someday, then he would think of a way to find Lord Qi and redeem Tuoba Xiaoniao. If the soldiers discover Ye Chuan’s group, then everyone would be over. They will die for sure and the end fate of his daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao would also be even more miserable!

When he saw Ye Chuan for the first time, Tuoba Xiong was also endlessly excited as he saw the hope of saving Tuoba Xiaoniao faster. But soon, he came back to his senses and realized that that was impossible. Although the cultivation of Ye Chuan was outstanding and had a group of strong followers, wanting to save Tuoba Xiaoniao from the hands of Lord Qi was even harder than reaching the sky.

“Who is Lord Qi?”

Ye Chuan also sensed the peculiar gaze of soldiers, but he didn’t care about it and hastily asked more, holding the soldiers of Tuoba Xiong.

He had finally obtained the news of Tuoba Xiaoniao with great difficulty, moreover, he knew that she had fallen into a bad situation, how could he just leave in just this fashion?


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