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Read Man Huang Feng Bao Chapter 570: Sea Demon Commander

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“Hahaha, yes, Half Sage realm. Several hundred years ago, I have already broken through to Half Sage realm!”

Sea Demon Patriarch laughed heartily. Then, ordered in a stern voice, “Guards, tie Lili up and take her away! n.o.ble son Ye, tonight, you will marry and have a bridal chamber with Lili. You don’t have any other choice. Don’t say that you only love your junior apprentice sister, if you say it again, I will kill your junior apprentice sister Zhu Sijia. In addition, if you disagree with this marriage, then you all will die tonight!”

After Sea Demon Patriarch displayed his true strength, he was very overbearing. He simply wanted to use force to achieve what he wanted. If Ye Chuan obediently got married to Hai Lili and have the bridal chamber with her, then they would become a family thereafter, but if Ye Chuan disagreed, then it appeared that he would truly begin to kill everyone.

A few sea demon warriors rushed over and quickly restricted Hai Lili. Then, someone helped her bandage her wound and dragged her into the cabin after bounding her. They were going to tie her in a room to wait for Ye Chuan to go to the bridal chamber.

“No……, grandfather, don’t……”

Hai Lili wanted to struggle, but since she was bound tightly, she could do nothing other than shed tears.

“n.o.ble son Ye, this is the last chance, are you going to marry Lili or not? Or do you want to become fish food along with your followers and disciples of Cloud Mist Sect?”

Sea Demon Patriarch ignored the cries of Hai Lili. He coldly looked at Ye Chuan and said. He was emitting dense killing intent as if he would begin killing at any time. As long as Ye Chuan spoke one wrong word, he would immediately start killing!

At that time, crackling sounds suddenly transmitted out from within the body of Ye Chuan. Then, under the gaze of Sea Demon Patriarch and numerous sea demon warriors, Ye Chuan stood up and emitted a ferocious energy fluctuation.

“Your Excellency Patriarch, why are you doing this?” Ye Chuan faintly sighed as his energy fluctuation rose sharply.

The old man’s complexion changed greatly. As for the numerous sea demon warriors, they became pale and some even trembled.

They had personally witnessed the strength of Ye Chuan. Although his cultivation couldn’t be considered very high, he had countless tricks. Since the poisonous wine had lost its effect, what kind of counterattacks and consequences would they face?

“Ye……, n.o.ble son Ye, you are not poisoned at all, are you?”

The old man’s complexion was very unsightly. At this moment, he finally noticed the wet deck below Ye Chuan. Under the curtain of night, he had overlooked a very important detail.

“Your Excellency Patriarch, did you forget what our Cloud Mist Sect is skilled at? In terms of refining pills and antidotes, no sect in the world can compare to our Cloud Mist Sect.” Ye Chuan faintly said. He had some pity for this Sea Demon Patriarch, but his killing intent was increasing. At that time, rustling sounds resounded as Old Demon of Mount Yin, Rain Demon and others also stood up. They also emitted their powerful energy fluctuation as they surrounded Sea Demon Patriarch.

Upon seeing this, the sea demon warriors trembled and looked deathly pale. As for Sea Demon Patriarch, his complexion looked even more unsightly.

Just Ye Chuan alone was already difficult to deal with, now with the addition of Old Demon of Mount Yin and his other powerful followers, the result was already decided. Not considering numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, just Ye Chuan and these few fellows were powerful enough to thoroughly exterminate all of them.

Sea Demon Patriarch was very powerful. He endured silently for many years and had secretly broken through to Half Sage realm, but two hands couldn’t withstand four hands unless he broke through to Sage realm or was as heaven-defying as Qing Tianhou. Otherwise, how could he deal with Plague Archfiend Abasi and Diamond Ape King, these two super yao beasts who were similarly in Half Sage realm? Furthermore, there were Ye Chuan, Old Demon of Mount Yin and Rain Demon whose fighting power was also very high!

“You all……, weren’t you all poisoned? Were you all just pretending?” Sea Demon Patriarch looked around and his heart sank.

“Kakaka, old man, with just this small amount of skill, do you think you can secretly deal with us? Do you think you are too powerful or think that we are too stupid?”

Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed and countless vines appeared around the sea demon boat. “Old man, before we make a move, you should know what to do, right? Give up, cut off your head and jump into the sea to become the fish food so as not to dirty our hands. Otherwise, once we make the move, it will not be as simple as just losing your head. You all will get to experience what is called death is better than life, kakakaka……”

The killing intent of Old Demon of Mount Yin soared, displaying his true color. During the exploration of the holy land, he had obtained many treasures and also had killed many yao beasts, but his craving to kill was not yet satisfied. And since sea demon warriors had not eyes, this was the perfect moment for him to kill and absorb their blood, qi and energy essence. Afterward, he might be able to attack his bottleneck of Half Sage realm!

Sea Demon Patriarch looked pale. These few followers of Ye Chuan were powerful and also ferocious. Once Ye Chuan made the move, the worst possible outcome was his death. But, once Old Demon of Mount Yin, Plague Archfiend and others made the move, there truly wouldn’t be a path to survive. Then, not only Sea Demon Clan wouldn’t be revived, the entire clan might end under his hands!

Sea Demon Patriarch panicked. As for the numerous sea demon warriors, they found this even more unbearable, all of them involuntarily trembled. Old Demon of Mount Yin had already summoned countless vines, displaying the ferociousness of a vine demon. Plague Archfiend Abasi also had displayed his Three Eyed Toad form and was prepared to attack. As for Rain Demon and Diamond Ape King, they were also ready to fight and their killing intent was soaring. Just these four people were enough to completely eradicate all sea demon warriors in this boat!

“n.o.ble son Ye, don’t, n.o.ble son Ye……”

No one knew how Hai Lili found strength, she suddenly broke out of her binding and rushed over. She then knelt in front of Ye Chuan and said, “n.o.ble son Ye, considering Lili, please spare grandfather and others. Grandfather, he just wanted to revive our Sea Demon Clan, and in the moment of confusion, he did this. His nature isn’t like this, he doesn’t truly want to harm the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect. n.o.ble son Ye, I beg you, n.o.ble son Ye……”

Hai Lili said as she slammed her head on the deck.

Originally, the killing intent of Ye Chuan was also soaring, but looking at Hai Lili who was begging for mercy, furthermore, seeing her wound had reopened and was bleeding, her killing intent slowly dissipated.

On the other side, Old Demon of Mount Yin seized this chance to untie Zhu Sijia and Tuoba Xiaoniao, then quickly returned to the side of Ye Chuan. Tuoba Xiaoniao was still badly shaken and looked pale, but Zhu Sijia calmed down quickly. And looking at Hai Lili, she felt complicated. She didn’t want Hai Lili to get too close with Ye Chuan, but she also couldn’t forget the favor of this sea demoness who had tried to save everyone just a moment ago. Thus, she softly said, “Big Senior Apprentice Brother, don’t……, let the matter drop!”

“n.o.ble son Ye, everything is my fault, if you want to kill, then kill me!”

At this moment Sea Demon Patriarch was disheartened and his earlier killing intent had already vanished. He looked tired and had already given up. With his strength, even if he couldn’t defeat Plague Archfiend Abasi and others, he could easily escape. If he turned around and jump into the sea, then no one could do anything. But, in order to avoid Ye Chuan venting his anger on his clansmen and in order to leave a way to survive for his clan, he gave up on himself and stayed behind. Then, looking at his granddaughter Hai Lili who was begging on her knees in front of Ye Chuan and his clansmen who he will part forever, tears involuntarily flowed from his aged eyes. He didn’t fear death, he feared the well-beings of his clan after his death, especially his granddaughter Hai Lili, she will be orphaned and alone, how would she survive hereafter?

“Well, it’s just a misunderstanding, nothing more. Let this matter drop here, no one is allowed to mention this in the future. Hai Lili, this Neptune Horn, take it. Hereafter, the amphibious corps of Yao Beast Legion will be under your command. Don’t disappoint me.”

Ye Chuan took out Neptune Horn and gave it to Hai Lili. Then, he turned away, returning to his cabin and began to cultivate.

This Neptune Horn was amazing, but in the eyes of Ye Chuan, it was just on the level of Iron Blooded Banner, moreover, it was very suitable for Hai Lili. She might be able to utilize its greater power. In addition, after he broke the golden sarcophagus and refined 18 DemonG.o.d Banner, he would have even more powerful treasure!


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