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Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou ~Yometachi to Sugosu Ki mama na Seikatsu~ is a web novel completed by Miki Nazuna, 三木なずな.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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Chapter 16: The Queens of Ice


「Lucio-kun, Lucio-kun」


While I was sleeping, I was awakened by my body shaken.

I wiped my eyes and raised my body, and Nadia was looking at me with an excited expression.


「Fuwaah. Good morning. What is it」



「Un, Outside! Just come!」


Pulling me by my hand, I was taken out of the room.

After going out of the house, we went to the yard.

There, was a scenery of silver world, snow was piled up.




Sylvia was also there. She also had an expression that she couldn’t stay on her place and was very excited.


「Did fall last night」

「It’s amazing right! It’s the first time I saw snow piled up this much」

「Is that so?」

「Un! At the place that I was living before it almost never fell, it sometimes do but is was *PechoPecho*-like snow」

「Ahh, I see. ……Then you have never done this」




I imagined a pose inside my head, took that pose, and jumped in the snow.

My body shrunk to snow. The soft snow enveloped my whole body.

Usually it would seem such a pity after this, but I have magic right now.




I used the magic that can only make something fly, and floated from inside the snow.

Then returned to where Nadia was, and landed.


「Something like that, you’ve never seen before right」

「Wah, it became Lucio-sama’s shape」

「Ahahahaha, it looks fun」


The snow was clearly shaped, and the pose that I took shrunk to the snow.

Because the pose was interesting, Sylvia and Nadia liked it very much.


「It’s the cliché during the first snow. After that is snow-ball fight」

「Snow-ball fight? What’s that」

「I know that……like this」


Sylvia made a ball from the snow, and threw it lightly to Nadia.


「It’s the game that you with hit it like this」

「Normally it is played with different teams. How’s this, Sylvia and Nadia will make a team, and the other team will be fine with me alone」


With three people, I suggested the teams made if there’s opposite s.e.x.


「Eh〜, I want to be in the same team as Lucio-kun」

「I also, I want to be the same with Lucio-sama」

「Then, let’s make a team with three of us」


「Wait wait, if the three of us are the same team, what will be the opponent」

「Lucio-kun should do something about it」


Nadia declared naturally.

She said it naturally, and she was making an expression that if it’s me I could do something about it.

Well yeah, I could though.


「Then, let’s first build a snowman」


「It’s something like this, Nadia-chan」


Sylvia stuck two s…o…b..a.l.l.s, and made a palm-sized snowman.


「In here the eyes, the hands……Ah! wait a minute」


She ran to her room, and took out a small cloth.

She wrapped that to the snowman’s neck, and used it as a m.u.f.fler.


「You do it like this」

「Wah, so cute!」

「Then with this」


I casted magic to the snowman.

It was the magic that gives life to a non-living thing, also can create a simple homunculus.

The snowman moves, it jumped from Sylvia’s palm, *PyonPyon* jumps around on the top of the snow.


「Amazing, so cute!」

「There’s also something like this」


I made a snowman that was a little different.

A bit squared, a snowman that has 「●」as it’s eyes, and 「▲」as it’s mouth.

Honestly, it’s Danboru.




Nadia’s eyes shines very bright. Un, it’s cute right.

I made a few snowmen, and gave life to it.

And with the three of us, against the snowmen, we started the s…o…b..ll fight.  


「I will make snow b.a.l.l.s, so Lucio-sama and Nadia-chan should throw them as much as you want」


「I got it, I’ll leave it to you」


I followed Sylvia’s suggestion.

Sylvia made the s…o…b..a.l.l.s, Nadia and I threw it.

The snowmen also made s…o…b..a.l.l.s and started throwing them.

Laughter and s…o…b..a.l.l.s were thrown around.

Because the opponent was a snowman, the s…o…b..a.l.l.s stuck to it one next to the other, became bigger and it made its movement dull, became a lot easier to hit, and became biggerーーThat repeated.

Not lasting even five minutes, all the snowmen was covered with snow ball and cannot move anymore.


「Ahahahahaha, Victory!!」


Nadia made a V-sign, she’s on it.


「It was so fun! Snow-ball fight」

「I think so too」

「Ah〜, after moving around my throat is parched」

「Ah! I will go bring drinks」

「Ahh wait a minute」


I called Sylvia to a stop.

Rather, I made a new snowmen, cute snowmen with ▲ and ● .

I made few of those, and gave life to it altogether.


「Drinks, and also food」


When I ordered them, the snowmen started moving at the same time.

They entered the house, and started preparing drinks at food as they were ordered.

*WaraWara* the ▲ and ● snowmen moved.

They took out tea, took out snacks, and even started to ma.s.sage Sylvia and Nadia’s shoulders.

Sylvia who was not content being taken her job at first, gradually started enjoying it, and together with Nadia she enjoyed being taken care with everything.


At that time, I became happy seeing the two smile while being taken care of, so I secretly increased the number of the snowmen.

By the end of it, there was over a hundred of them, and the two looked like a queen.


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