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Manowa 12

Let’s decide our plan

Editor: Sher

“Well then, let’s start the second party conference!”

“I don’t know what you are talking about, but let’s start anyway.”

Night, a strategy meeting in ‘cooking pot Inn’. By the way, the first one was yesterday, master also joined in the discussion. The topic that time was how to increase Yumika’s ability.

“Yes. Then, I’ve sorted out the information I got from guild-men you see. So now I am able to grasp a few things.”

Kazane talks while viewing the memo book.

“Somehow this world has something the game didn’t, which is something called ‘dungeon’.”


Yumika tilts her head, as she was confused as to why Kazane said something that had always existed in RPG.

“Yup. A territory surrounded with a lot of concentrated magic power are called dungeons. It seems magic metal which can be picked, or raw materials from monsters here can be sold for high prices.”

“Hmmm… I think I’ve heard something like that. Usually I thought it was the same with ruins, so I didn’t really pay any attention toward it.”

“Also, recently in this country, new dungeons appeared and the adventurers around here are all diving in. That’s also why that this countryside guild only has a few people left.”

“Question. Are dungeons something that has appeared recently?”

‘Isn’t a dungeon normally a ruin of ancient civilization, someone’s grave, or a thief cave from somewhere,’ thought Yumika.

“It seems so. Looks, there’s even one in ‘Sidonia mine’ which has also appeared in the game.”

“Errm… It’s the place where you pick blue crystals…I think.”

“Yep. It has been abandoned for quite a long time, after being left for a long period, it seems that it has changed into dungeon.”

“Dungeon-ification right.”

Yumika doesn’t get it.

“If we destroy or remove the large and high purity core stone in the deepest part of the dungeon, it should stop functioning right?”

“Core stone? Do you mean dungeon is part of a golem species?”

“You ask whether or not they’re related? Basically that large core stone is the heart orb, it’s the goal of those who dive into the dungeon.”

“Oh. Then, will we also aim for that and dive into dungeon?”

“Yep. And so, this is the main problem.”

Seriousness can be felt from Kazane’s words.

“There’s a rumour, about how the deepest part is connected with another world.”


Yumika leans toward Kazane while asking that.

“From the capturers story, they saw a hole that showed a scenery that they had never seen before. One of them entered, but never returned.”

Hearing that Yumika’s eyes widen and she asks.

“We can…go back?”

Kazane nods slowly.

“For now it’s nothing but possibility, but for us who have no clue whatsoever, I thought it’s worth a try.”

For now, it’s nothing but possibility… Yumika closes her widened eyes, and faces Kazane once more.

“It’s fine, even it’s just possibility. I want to ascertain it.”

Hearing that Kazane nods.

“I see. Then as I thought, we should aim to reach deepest part of the dungeon from now on, is that acceptable?”
“Let’s do it.”

“Alright. Getting rich quickly by diving into a dungeon is also an adventurer’s dream. Either way, diving in should have a significance.”

With that, Kazane turned over the memo book.

“And also, to reach the deepest part we need power. That’s why, we must first of all get stronger.”

Yumika nods and agrees with Kazane’s words.

“Then, maximise the use of your skill [[Innate talent: spear]]. I think it will be faster if we go to the land of dragon and spear, ‘High Wyvern Princ.i.p.ality’.”

“‘High Wyvern’? That’s quite far.”

‘High Wyvern’ is the country of dragon knights. The country is located north from here. Because it had existed in the game, it has quite a long history.

“We can leave from ‘One Bird’ town with the dragon ship, that way it seems it won’t take much time.”

“There’s dragon ship?”

A flying ship which uses floating stones. It was a mean of travel in the end game in the game. Since she hasn’t heard about the name of that convenient mean of travel here, she thought it didn’t exist anymore.

“I heard it’s now unmanned and it moves automatically at regular intervals.”

Kazane flips the memo book again.

“It seems the ring to summon the legendary spirit also exists.”

“Ring to summon the legendary spirit…that ring?”

Yumika was surprised. It should an item that is similar to the game.

“An item befitting for a stronger new character, that can be gained at second playthrough onward. It is a balance breaker item, that can summon the player’s previous character from the first play. I think with that, it’ll be easy to conquer the dungeon.”
“Well…that’s true. If they really can be summoned.”

“Of course, but I think there’s a meaning on trying. It lies in the ‘Corel temple’, at the deepest part of ‘Argo mountain range’ where the grey golem roam, so we can collect it quickly.”

After all it’s an item to summon the ‘second me’ at the second play onward. It’s something that can be obtained at the opening of the second play onward, that’s why the difficulty of obtaining it should not be that hard. Of course, that is if it’s still the same as the game.

“Hee… so that ring is in that kind of place.”
“Eh? You didn’t know?”

“I only finished the main quest and a few of sub quest. I didn’t even reach the second play.”
Even if she said that, her playing time had already surpa.s.sed 100 hours, so it can’t be said, that she’s not fascinated with  Zexiahart.

“I see. Well, since we are somewhat trained, I want to search for the general direction beforehand, how about it?”

Kazane shut the memo book with a snap, while nodding at Yumika’s response.

“So with this, our plan is using this town as a base and levelling up while also searching for the ring to summon the legendary spirit, right? Is there any other thing?”


After thinking for awhile, Yumika opens her mouth.

“After that is it fine if we visit ‘Winlard’ town once?”

“Yes. From the start we will pa.s.s through it along the way, but is there anything?”

“It’s fine to go to ‘High Wyvern’, but I heard from Master that there’s a master ‘Fang of spear soldier’ in ‘Winlard’. If it’s fine I want to train under him.”

“‘Fang of spear soldier’? That sound strong.”

That’s right! Yumika said.

“Okay. If master said so, then let’s do it.”
Kazane nods, and then the meeting is closed.


In the middle of night.

As she is unable to sleep well, Yumika wakes up, she sees Kazane’s face in front of her.


She’s surprised, but quickly remembers their situation and suppresses her scream.

(Ah right, since there’s only one bed we slept together.)
Even so, Kazane sleeps while completely hugging Yumika.

(What am I? A hugging pillow?)

She thinks like that, but can’t break apart. She was hugged too tightly.

(Uhh, I can’t move)

Even so, seeing that charming sleeping face right in front of her, a part of her doesn’t even care anymore.

The usually expressionless, sometimes smiling, her little close friend.

Unintentionally, Yumika lets out a chuckle. Then kisses her cheeks.

“Well, please take care of me after this too, partner.”

After muttering that, Yumika closes her eyes.

From tomorrow onward, it’ll become busy days. But Yumika is really looking forward to it.

Name    : Yuihama Kazane

Occupation    : Adventurer

Equipment    : Two Handed Steel Sword, Leather Jacket, Metal Gauntlet, Plainclothes,Leather Trouser, Leather Shoes, Pouch

Level    : 15

Vitality    : 38

Magic Power    : 45

Strength    : 15

Agility    : 11

Endurance    : 10

Wisdom    : 23

Dexterity    : 12

Spells    : [[Fly]]

Skills    : [[Goblin Language]] [[Night Vision]] [[Crushing Blow]] [[Dog’s Sense of Smell]] [[Golem Maker]] [[Charge]]


Kazane    : I am sorry. I am not like that. I am not into girls. Also, this light novel, shouldn’t have girls love.

Yumika    : Uwaahh, don’t seriously run away buddy. Look, it’s something like kissing a teddy bear or a kitten, it is a common trait for girls.

Kazane    : nonono. You don’t have to deny it. Once you said kitten it becomes ‘obvious’. Let’s put some distance from now on, errm, miss Tachiki?

Yumika    : Uwaa!!! She called me by my family name! And she even added ‘miss’ arrghh!!!!


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