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Read Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This! Chapter 57

Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This! is a web novel made by Shui Qingqing.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Chapter 57: Not Even G.o.d Can Save You When You Involve Our Sister-in-law!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Luo Chenxi and Tang Tang left, Mu Weiwei hurled the pillows on the sofa to vent her pent-up anger.

Mu Yiling yawned lazily. “Alright, she’s gone. It’s useless for you to stay mad anyway, so you might as well prepare to go to school…Oh, Elder Brother!”

From his peripheral vision, he saw that Mu Yichen had walked out from the study and was standing in the corridor of the second floor without them noticing it. His older brother was gazing down at them from a great height.

Mu Weiwei’s heart was beating wildly. Could her older brother have heard her conversation with the despicable woman earlier?

“Mu Weiwei, you’re really bold these days. I’ve grounded you, yet you’re still trying to sneak out?” Mu Yichen’s cold voice floated down from above.

Mu Weiwei had a hopeless expression on her face.

Oh no, her older brother had heard that for real! Did he not run into the study intentionally to avoid the despicable woman because he did not wish to see her anymore? When did he come out from the room and eavesdrop on so much of their conversation?

“Elder Brother, I didn’t have the slightest intention to sneak out. Don’t listen to Luo Chenxin’s blind accusations. Can you trust the words of a woman like her? Elder Brother, are you out of your mind?” Mu Weiwei attempted to make an excuse for herself.

Immediately, Mu Yiling could not help covering his face in despair.

Oh no, my foolish sister! It’s fine if you wish to explain yourself, but why do you have to involve our sister-in-law? Not even G.o.d can save you now!

Just as expected, Mu Yichen’s gaze grew more piercing. His eyes swept across Mu Weiwei. “Why? Are you still trying to fool me again? Since you won’t listen to me when I speak to you properly, then your credit card account will be frozen for two months from today onwards. I’ll stop giving you your allowance as well.”

“What?” Mu Weiwei turned pale with fear. “Elder Brother, don’t do this to me, please! It’s my bad and I won’t do it again next time. Elder Brother, don’t freeze my credit card account, please!”

Since young, she had always enjoyed spending as much money as she liked and had never hesitated when buying something. After all, she had an older brother who was very capable of making money. All the money she spent was like chicken feed to her.

If she was barred from using her credit card from today onward…Just thinking of it felt like a nightmare!

However, Mu Yichen made the decision to teach his sister a lesson. He completely ignored her plea and went out after grabbing his coat.

Luo Chenxi carried Tang Tang and got into the backseat of the sports car. She was still thinking about how Tang Tang had held her to protect her earlier.

Tang Tang was truly too adorable. What a sweet child!

Luo Chenxi would even smile in her dreams if she truly had a daughter like Tang Tang! However, even if Tang Tang was not her own, she would still love the little dumpling like her own child.

Noticing that Luo Chenxi was quiet, the little dumpling stretched out a chubby finger to poke her face. “Miss, are you sad?”

“No, I’m not sad,” Luo Chenxi answered hastily.

The little dumpling did not believe her, so she wrapped her arms around her neck and said in a childish tone, “Tang Tang loves you. I’ll hit Aunt if she bullies you!”

Luo Chenxi felt like weeping, but she cracked into a smile at last. “Alright, don’t fight with your aunt. Don’t worry, she can’t bully me.”

It was apparent that Mu Weiwei was not a scheming girl but was just very childish. She was also very stubborn and hard-headed. Nevertheless, Luo Chenxi did not take Mu Weiwei’s threats to heart.

Meanwhile, the sports car stopped, and the driver, Old Liu, reminded her from the front, “Young Mistress, Young Lady Mu, we’ve arrived at the kindergarten.”

Luo Chenxi looked out of the window quickly.

It was the Silver Shine Kindergarten, the most expensive Ivy League kindergarten in City T. It was said that the annual tuition fee was over a million dollars.

The little dumpling snuggled against Luo Chenxi’s neck, unwilling to part ways.

Luo Chenxi was about to carry her out from the car, but who would have thought that Tang Tang’s eyes would light up suddenly after taking a glance out of the window. She loosened her grip on Luo Chenxi, opened the door, and ran out of the car.

Luo Chenxi was caught off-guard, so she did not manage to stop Tang Tang in time.

She panicked as she watched the little dumpling run at full speed with her short legs. “Come back here, Tang Tang!”

Tang Tang covered dozens of steps before she suddenly stopped and pounced at a boy who was about five to six years old.


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