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Marry! My Black Horse is a web novel completed by Shi Xiao Zha, 师小札.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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It was close to He Qi and Zhan Shuo’s wedding, Guan Xin Mu found some time to go to a well-known handicraft shop in the shopping mall for buy He Qi’s long admired handbag to be her wedding gift. Getting inside the shop, it was full of high cla.s.s atmosphere. The s.p.a.cious and glittering shop was full of abundant leather and perfume scent. Guan in Mu asked saleswoman about the bag, the sales said that bag it was temporary out of stock. If she wanted to buy, the saleswoman can help get it from the east of the city branch, but it will took around 40 minutes. Guan Xin Mu unwilling to go the east of the city by herself, so she decided to wait.

Because she didn’t like shopping, Guan Xin Mu just decided to wait in the shop so she walked toward the sofa, and took out her MP3 and the magazine she just bought before. She looked around the shop with great interest, and realized the atmosphere is really good, it had sufficient air conditioning. The saleswoman gave her a cup of tea and coffee, she felt really pleased about it.

On the magazine had a completely melodramatic story, it was love hate twisted married relationship that lead to tragedy, Guan Xin Mu was frowning when looked at the article. Inside her heart, she immediately cursed the lowly man. Suddenly she heard, the saleswoman’s gentle voice: “Ms Gu, these are our new styles, it just arrived yesterday.”

Ms Gu? Guan Xin Mu raised her head, and caught a sight of slender thin figure, who was wearing blue dress and on the of her head. The woman stopped and look around the handbags on the shelf. The saleswoman was very eager in introducing their new product, but Mrs Gu’s expression was unenthusiastic. When she turned around, Guan Xin Mu could see clearly her face, startled, indeed it was Gu Xi Ran. Gu Xi Ran in real person was more delicate, fresh pure, and simple, it was quite different from what magazines portrayed her. She wore a light make up, under her eyes was a blue green shade, on her wrist wore a red chord bracelet. To speak truthfully, if Guan Xin Mu met her in the main street, Gun Xin Mu supposedly will not recognized her.

“Do you have any Cambridge bag?” Gu Xi Ran asked, her voice was very soft, and brought somewhat hoa.r.s.eness, she sounded somewhat tired.

The saleswoman immediately brought to the shelf near Guan Xin Mu, pointed out the third shelf, the last Cambridge bag.

This moment, Gu Xi Ran was really close to Guan Xin Mu, Guan Xin Mu started to observed her, she lowered her eyes. She saw Gu Xi Ran’s two slender legs, on her ankle there was a bruise. Then, she shifted her gaze up and looked at her face, her appearance was really exquisite.

The door of the shop was suddenly opened, it was the saleswoman who served her before, she held the handbag Guan Xin Mu wanted. The saleswoman opened the plastic of the bag to let Guan Xin Mu inspected the good first. Guan Xin Mu was pleased with the condition of the bag, and asked for the cheque. During settling account, the saleswoman confirmed: “The name of the cardholder is Fei Jun, right?”

“Em, right.” Guan Xin Mu nodded, she used Fei Jun’s card to purchase the bag.

Suddenly it was a noise, Guan Xin Mu was surprised, and turned her body. She noticed Gu Xi Ran, who was sitting on the sofa, was startled that she dropped her mug of coffee. The coffee fell on the ground and dirtying the marble. The saleswoman hurriedly sorted it out, Gu Xi Ran hurriedly apologized too, her voice sounded tired and cramped.

When their eyes met, Guan Xin Mu was very calm. As a woman, even Guan Xin Mu’s emotional quotient was low, she could recognize that Gu Xi Ran was losing her self-control, she was provoked by these two word, Fei Jun. Furthermore, she was stimulated by the one who was holding the card. Until now, it was clear Gu Xi Ran still kept thinking of Fei Jun.

Guan Xin Mu picked her plastic up, said thank you, and soon afterwards she hurriedly left.

The sunshine was shinning so bright outside, it looked as if this world had no shadow, it was completely different to the comfortable environment before. Guan Xin Mu raised her head up and narrowed her eyes, she took a deep breath. She thought in her heart, there was something twisted feeling about the fact there was a woman kept thinking of her man. For recovering from her bad mood, Guan Xin Mu went to the road side and bought a cantaloupe popsicle, she chewed until it’s done and felt her mouth was completely full of sweetness. Her heart immediately refreshed and felt comfortable. She always be like that, her mood was changing quickly, including the matter of Fei Jun.

That matter was Fei Jun’s past, doesn’t his future all belong to her now? Now isn’t the one who has privilege to swipe his card is her? Why should she be bother? After long thinking, toward Gu Xi Ran, she didn’t felt antipathy.

She fished out her phone, and called Fei Jun. In a flash, Fei Jun answered her call, then she yelled: “Tonight, let’s have dinner together.”

Today’s weather was very beautiful, the sun was shinning brightly, it reflected a lot of colors.

“Okay.” Fei Jun said with his usual cool voice.

In the end, Guan Xin Mu picked a place at the XX snack street, the place was located in remote and narrow area. Because it was summer, a lot of men were stripped to the waist came and went, without clamor, it was really different from Fei Jun who was wearing a suit. His brow already slightly frowned, there was a stripped to the waist man almost brushed along Guan Xin Mu’s shoulder, he swiftly pulled her, then sticked her close to his body.

Guan Xin Mu ordered a pile of fried foods, and Fei Jun was looking for a table. They found a table that was a bit greasy, sat down, and started to eat.

“In the past when I was studying close to here, after the school, I would go to this snack stand and eat a lot of various thing. Roasted squid and lamb kebab was very nice, every time I couldn’t control myself so I could eat three to four skewers. That time when I went home, I could not eat dinner, so Papa will be very angry to me.” Guan Xin Mu knew for sure about Fei Jun’s obsession of cleanliness, she took out a tissue to wipe the table. She said it while wiped the table.

Under the yellow light, Guan Xin Mu’s face was somewhat blushed, her very thin eyebrow could be looked clearly, Fei Jun felt his tip or heart was soften. She was speaking while laughing at the same time. Her laugh was very innocent and full of satisfaction. His heart was affected by it and it suddenly changed her mood.

“Boss, give us two bowls of razor calm noodle and a gla.s.s of pineapple beer.” Guan Xin Mu kneaded the tissue to be a ball and threw it to the trash bin, she laughed, and laughed toward Fei Jun, “You will drive, so you cannot drink beer.”

Not for long time, two bowls of razor clam noodle placed in front of them, Guan Xin Mu urged: “Hurry up and eat, it will have a fish mall if it’s cold.” After finishing her words, she lowered her head and eat, she eat and drink her pineapple beer.

This razor clam noodle, honestly, was full of MSG, the soup was oily, it really didn’t match Fei Jun’s appet.i.te of light flavored food. However, when he looked at how Guan Xin Mu enjoyed the food, he also ate a half of it. Guan Xin Mu was on one side eating, on the other side, told Fei Jun about her interesting story during high school. Most of her interesting stories were somewhat her awkward incident, some of her cheating experience, copying the homework, was punished to stand, and her fighting experience with junior and senior….. It was all the stories from she was a little brat, she laughed about her past.

Fei Jun was really serious for listening to her stories, his dark eyes was fixed on Guan Xin Mu’s face, repeatedly he perked up his corner of mouth, and said, ” Troublesome.”
“How about you then?” Guan Xin Mu asked, “How about your rebellious period?” Did you fight? Get drunk? Chase after girls? Street racing?”

Fei Jun shook his head: “Not every man experienced a rebellious period, some of them suppressed wild nature for a long time, at the end it was exploding. If someone didn’t suppressed, then it would not be explosion.”

“Your youth was unexpectedly ordinary?” Guan Xin Mu disdainfully said. She used her chopstick to beat his bowl, “How about having a secret crush, you have a secret crush right? Female senior, teacher, ?

“No.” Fei Jun answered.

“Impossible, how could there was a person who never secretly having a crush?” Guan Xin Mu opened her eyes big, “No need to hide it from me, just speak truthfully.”

“Inside my drawer, there were a lot of love letter. Everyday there would be a group of female junior ran into the basketball field, supported me, and looked at my basketball game.” Fei Jun’s unenthusiastic expression brought an arrogance, then he said, “The popular person like me need to have a secret crush? If I really like one of them, I can directly say it.”


Fei Jun’s last sentence had attacked Guan Xin Mu, he directly sneered at her: “Who is like you? Need to secretly love for that long, at last the person still didn’t want you.”

“Who was being rejected? Being rejected didn’t mean that I was lacked, it only meant that we were not matched.” Guan Xin Mu said, “Go go go, don’t attack me.”

Fei Jun turned serious for a moment, that asked back: “What did you like from him?”

“A lot. He was very good. For me, that time he was a perfection. He was my role model, idol, and my purpose to go forward.” Guan Xin Mu said seriously, “But now when I think about it, that was possibly not love, but was a kind of admiration and dream.”

“It is only your imagination,” Fei Jun said quietly, “In this world, there is no perfect man. It was because of the distance, so you could not recognized his lacking, and only could know his strong point. When you were close with him, he may not be perfect anymore.

“Maybe.” Guan Xin Mu shrugged her shoulder, she took out the new tissue to wipe her finger, and asked again, “What about you? Why did you break up with Gu Xi Ran?” She thought as this quite heart-to-heart conversation, she could interrogate him.

Who knows Fei Jun used an excuse like a little brat, and said: “What it has to do with our thing now?”

“Fei Jun, don’t you act dumb, before you also asked me, now it’s my turn to ask you. Don’t you avoid the topic!” Guan Xin Mu beat the table with her hand.

“O?” Fei Jun’s low voice sounded so sweet, “Before you could refuse to answer, it was your choice to answer, moreover regarding to your question, I choose to not answer it.”

“You are tricky! The most important thing between husband and wife is honesty!”

“The most most important thing between a husband and a wife is giving each other freedom and privacy, not digging through their secret?”

“This counted as secret? The whole world knows about you both problems!”

“You are that childish that you listened and believed the information of gossip magazine?”

“You also didn’t willing to speak about it! I can only believe what they wrote in gossip magazine, on it was said your relationship was broken because of you cannot…!” Guan Xin Mu was in purpose to make up the story, she wanted to provoke Fei Jun’s self-esteem.

“I can or not, aren’t you the most understanding one?” Fei Jun said, “You deliberately said that, are you expecting tonight to have a 300 rounds?”

“Couldn’t you be more shameless?” Guan Xin Mu realized she was being confused by him, as she couldn’t make his confess, that she decided to throughly ignored him.


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