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Zhou Zhengquan’s shoulders exploded and he swung out his left arm to block Lou Cheng’s fist. Upon impact with Lou Cheng’s fist, he felt like he was just bombed. After the large explosion, his ears had the ringing sound. The blast wave spread across the whole field in an instant and made him bounce up and down, while all his muscles, joints and tendons trembled uncontrollably.

Tremor Punch! Lou Cheng’s pupils slightly contracted as he took a short breath.

Lou Cheng straightened his waist and back to push his advantage. His left arm tightened and he got ready to throw a series of punches at Zhou Zhengquan, giving a terrifying shock wave following the attack of the Frost Force. He would never leave any chance for the opponent to retaliate.

At this moment, he noticed Zhou Zhengquan’s rolling qi and blood, outer strength and living spirit all contracted inward along with the short breath he took.

Is it an eruption of Dan-stage mighty one’s full power?

An idea suddenly came to Lou Cheng’s mind. Recalling the similar cases he had experienced or watched, he sprang his backbone to take a step to the side and thus avoided fighting head to head against Zhou Zhengquan with Thunder Roar Zen.

If he did not make the change, Zhou Zhengquan would suffer a more violent shock, but Lou Cheng’s stance must be broken. Also, his whole body might even be sent into the air. Any carelessness would bring him great loss and put him further from weakening his opponent.

He should bide his time instead of yielding to an impulse!

However, as Lou Cheng flashed aside, Zhou Zhengquan calmed his qi and blood down and moved his abdomen to adjust the distribution of energy. There was no sign that he had just contracted all his strength to form a human body big dan, as if it was purely Lou Cheng’s hallucination!

Since the shock was immediately eliminated, Zhou Zhengquan put on a casual smile as if he was saying “I’m just playing you!”

Straightening his knees, he again pounced at Lou Cheng at lightning speed with incomparable power. This placed enormous strains on Lou Cheng’s heart.

It was so depressing to see his opponent simply destroyed his well-designed movements, but Lou Cheng soon shook off the negative feelings with the help of the Freeze Water To Ice method in his Heart Lake.

Though it was a disappointment to Lou Cheng, it could also benefit him!

At least he convinced Zhou Zhengquan that he was not tired at all — As a result, he should be more careful to find a better opportunity and make the most of delaying tactics. Having cut off all means of retreat, one could be fierce as tigers and wolves that would worry whatever living beings they met!

He was going to take actions out of Zhou Zhengyun’s expectation!

In the face of Zhou Zhengquan’s flood-like attack, Lou Cheng remained calm and took a few steps back. While doing so, he maintained the center of gravity and footwork with super ability to control his body, as if he had eyes in the back of his head.

While Lou Cheng was stepping back continuously, Zhou Zhengquan kept attacking and narrowing the gap between them. When Lou Cheng had acc.u.mulated enough energy and was about to attack back fiercely with the strategy known as Cut of All Means of Retreat, which Lin Que had once used, he saw Zhou Zhengquan swing the center of gravity, straighten his back and flash to his side without any warning.

With good timing, Zhou Zhengquan had made his opponent frustrated, as though he had used full force to hit some puffy cotton.

Absolute Reaction, the special ability of a Dan-stage master!

Because of their entirely different fighting style, Lou Cheng failed to apply the same strategy, with which he successfully defeated Wei Shengtian, to defeat Zhou Zhengquan!

Failing to gather strength and launch a new round of attack, Lou Cheng was forced to approach Zhou Zhengquan and again trapped under the continuous blows of his Fly Fall Punch, which was a combination of Low flying kick, eruption of shoulder’s strength, abrupt explosive force, pointing claw and Burst Fist.

Having learned a lesson, this time Lou Cheng kept calm while using Listening Skill to borrow strength from his opponent. Instead of putting strength beneath his legs, he made movements with corresponding body parts to the 24 Blizzard Strikes, in which way he was able to compensate for his weaknesses in strength and movements connection.

Sometimes he strained the tendons on both sides and blew quick punches, sometimes he bulged the muscles in his back and bounced to bounce back at his opponent, sometimes he tightened the muscles in his abdomen and borrowed strength to fight back… Gradually he got to know better of the 24 Blizzard Strikes and thus repaired many omissions in the connection between movements. Therefore, he became crazier, fiercer and faster through fighting!

Pam Pam Pam! Bam Bam Bam! There were a series of collisions between the two fighters in such a small area, and even the audience outside could hear the dull thud in such a hand-to-hand battle and sensing the boiling blood.

Indulging in the fight, Lou Cheng deeply understood the united strength of a Dan-stage master, as whatever effort he had made, he could not retrieve himself from the coming inferior position.

During this process, Zhou Zhengquan, who was in black martial arts suit, kept changing his position in mercurial balance and thus changed his fighting tempo in a disgusting way. Lou Cheng was unable to be forced to compress his strength and use Tremor Punch. On the other hand, the strength Lou Cheng had gathered with Listening Skill would be broken up and thus the connection of his 24 Blizzard Strikes would be broken. What a solid foundation of martial arts had Zhou Zhengquan shown through his strategy!

Lou Cheng was not discouraged. Though he had made great progress with the help of Jindan and his hard work, which seemed as if he had shed his mortal body and exchanged his bones, he was still a green hand who had just learned martial arts for half a year. So there was still a large gap between him and Zhou Zhengquan, who had been learning kung fu from childhood and used to practice in actual combat.

As long as he addressed the problems and the gap between them, Lou Cheng would certainly take actions to make for it!

No one could be a full-cla.s.s player as soon as he logged in a new game.

Zhou Zhengquan’s strategy was known as “dripping water wears through a stone” or “boiling a frog in warm water”, which aimed at destroying Lou Cheng bit by bit without using too much stamina and energy. Sensing his opponent’s attempt, Lou Cheng suddenly regained his center of gravity and lowered his body in a half-sitting position.

He pressed both legs inwardly and turned his waist and back abruptly the moment his arm touched Zhou Zhengquan’s fist. With all his muscles and joints widely opened, he threw a powerful Swing Force at Zhou Zhengquan as a volcanic eruption.

Zhou Zhengquan immediately swung his upper body to avoid Lou Cheng’s attack while fixing both feet in their original position.

Crack! A number of cracks appeared on the black bricks under his feet, which fiercely sprang back along with his body!

This did not come as a surprise to Lou Cheng. So he seized the opportunity to visualize rolling thundercloud in his mind and tightened his corresponding muscles.

Crack! He stepped heavily onto the ground, breaking both the black bricks and his own shoes into pieces, which turned into some flying b.u.t.terflies.

The strong rebound conducted along Lou Cheng’s ankles and knees, forcing him to straighten his waist and back and flung his right arm to punch at Zhou Zhengquan with great power.


The thundercloud exploded in his mind, bursting out a great shock.

In the face of Lou Cheng’s sudden movements, Zhou Zhengquan, who was attacking actively and thus unable to dodge, also visualized acc.u.mulated streams to absorb Lou Cheng’s borrowing-force movement into his own body.


Running water cascaded down and crashed against the ground!

The Fly Fall Punch, “Waterfall”!


Loops of invisible ripples sprang out from where the two fists collided with each other. Lou Cheng felt his blood burning and muscles and joints trembling, making him feel nauseous.

Fortunately, he had already prepared for it. Moving his abdomen muscles to cooperate with the thundercloud in his mind, Lou Cheng’s body made a loud sound and counteracted most of the influence with another shock to the opposite side. On the other side, Zhou Zhengquan also made the same sound to defuse Lou Cheng’s attack.

Pausing for a second, Lou Cheng tightened his bare instep, twisted his waist and threw out a whip kick.

However, it seemed that Lou Cheng’s opponent had regained energy sooner than him. Bulging his leg muscles unhurriedly, Zhou Zhengquan blocked Lou Cheng’s led precisely with a flying kick.


When their legs collided with each other in the air, some frost appeared and then vanished all of a sudden!

Sensing the upcoming danger, Zhou Zhengquan felt the rolling cold wave piercing into his shows and skin, blending with his blood, freezing his whole body.

Ice Sect Force? His lips suddenly turned blue, and there were astonishment and confusion in his eyes.

Lou Cheng withdrew his right foot, bent his body, and was about to swing out his arm. At this moment, he felt the river in his mind was totally frozen and unable to be activated.

The so-called Force could not be merely thrown out with bare hand!

Ever since Lou Cheng defeated Azure Dragon Squad, though he had not mastered Severe Warning yet, he had managed to apply Frost Force to feet movements after the one-month practice!

Though his supernatural ability was not powerful enough, the cold wave could be weakened by two pairs of martial arts shoes and thus an ordinary fighter could bear it. Therefore, Lou Cheng broke his shoes to make the unexpected kick!

Zhou Zhengquan’s body froze for a short while. Noticing that Lou Cheng was taking this opportunity to launch a surprise attack, he gave up the plan as hiding his strength until the next round.

In an instant, all of his qi, blood, spirit, willpower and the force of his whole body flowed towards his abdomen and started to compress. Just like they were uniting to form human body big dan, even the cold and stiff feelings were also absorbed in it!

Knowing he would be in the face of a Dan-stage master’s explosive force, Lou Cheng took no actions to protect himself. Instead, he adjusted body state unhurriedly, and again visualized a murky river flooding on the ice field.

Having no extra energy and stamina to wait for a better chance, he decided to cut off all means of retreat and launch a last-ditch attack!

While the cold current was flus.h.i.+ng, the river froze rapidly along with the splas.h.i.+ng waves, which immediately turned into ice crystal. At this moment when everything seemed to be still, Lou Cheng slammed his foot down and exerted force with waist and back, throwing a fierce punch at his opponent.

This was the power of frost and the flood of cold current!

Bang! As Zhou Zhengquan’s human body big dan exploded, a powerful current of energy spurted out to dispel the cold and stiffness.

Crack! He punched his right fist out as gigantic as the flood waters bursting the dike.


While Lou Cheng was directly sent into the air by this blow, Zhou Zhengquan’s right arm was covered in frost for a brief moment.

Thump, thump, Zhou Zhengquan’ heart rate suddenly accelerated as if the audience outside could hear it. Then his blood made a sound of loud-pouring floods and soon broke through the ice layer and the stiffness it brought to him!

On the other side, Lou Cheng hardly made the last blow with Frost Force since his energy had already come to its limit. Now hard he tried to adjust his muscles to restore the center of gravity, there was not enough strength left for him to take further action.

Thud, he fell onto the arena ground directly, which was a heartrending scene in Yan Zheke’s eyes.

Walking towards his opponent, Zhou Zhengquan was a bit slow but managed to approach Lou Cheng before he was able to stand up.

Crack! All of a sudden, Zhou Zhengquan tightened his leg muscles and whipped towards Lou Cheng.

Lou Cheng was struggling to block the attack with both arms, and he had lost his stance.

Crack! Leaving Lou Cheng no chance to take a breath, Zhou Zhengquan threw interlocking kicks at him and finally stopped when his instep was about to touch Lou Cheng’s neck.

“Round Two, Zhou Zhengquan wins!” The referee raised his right hand.

Taking a deep breath, Lou Cheng stood slowly and firmly, showing no signs of tiredness. He slightly nodded to Zhou Zhengquan, and then turned rapidly to leave the arena.

Though his first blow with Frost Force was weakened by Zhou Zhengquan’s martial arts shoes, and the second one was just like an arrow at the end of its flight, the superposition of them was of greater destructive force than an accurate single blow of Frost Force, from which Zhou Zhengquan must have suffered a lot. So they must seize the opportunity and leave this Eighth-Pin master at Dan stage more time to renew his strength!

In view of this, Lou Cheng had narrowly accomplished the goal he had set in the beginning!

In the visiting team area, Lin Que remained calm as he took off his coat and stepped out in strides.


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