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“Round Three, Lin Que wins!”

The referee’s voice echoed across the Shannan University martial arts stadium, reaching every student’s ear and disintegrating their morale. Their mouth opened wide but no sound could be made.

He’s too powerful!

Lin Que’s too powerful!

Two leading fighters of the club together couldn’t last one minute in front of him!

A dead silence hovered in the stadium, stunned by Lin Que’s brutality and sharpness. They turned their eyes to their last hope, the chief and coach of the martial arts club, Mu Yu the Bane.

A crispy female sound burst out enthusiastically,

“Lin Que! Lin Que!”

Among the silent crowd, Mu Jinnian with her hands waving in the air pa.s.sionately stood out sharply, drawing all the attention and making her a common enemy of all.

Yan Xiaoling next to her was terrified like an ostrich, pulling her arm, s.h.i.+vering.

“Jin, quiet down! Quiet down a bit!”

I’m very excited for Lin Que’s victory but we are in their stadium!

After some counting, Yan Xiaoling confirmed their team of fans had only six members, including herself, while the number of Shannan University supporters was over 6,000!

Their saliva could flood me!

I’m not being dramatic!

Mu Jinnian calmed down and quieted herself but her rosy cheeks, bright eyes, and tempting posture kept Yan Xiaoling worried. She updated in the live broadcasting post in the forum,

“Among thousands of Shannan University supporters, the young lady next to me is so excited, trying to challenge them. What should I do? Urgent! Waiting online!”

“Ha-hah. Pretend you don’t know her and shout out your love for the Old Fellow Mu! It’s not hard at all considering your personality!” Unparalleled Dragon King laughed hard while hammering the ground.

Brahman suggested, “Get more G.o.dfathers!”

“Shake hand with them and challenge them to beat you up so the young girl can stay safe…” Okamoto’s Fan sneered.

“What about pretending you are a quail!” With a front-line reporter in the forum, Nie Qiqi knew about the quail story.

“I can lend you a wig and they won’t be able to recognize you!” Said Naive to make reprisals.

He was given many nicknames by Yan Xiaoling for his balding head, such as Bald Naive and Big Tool.

Yan Xiaoling raised her head with grief, moving her eyes away from her mobile while muttering,

These G.o.dd.a.m.n kids!

In the guest team seating area, Sun Jian rose the first with a cheer.

Lin Que is awesome!

He has knocked two rivals out so easily!

He has broken through his own limit and performed a triple blow!

Everyone was in high spirits. Lou Cheng leaned towards Yan Zheke and her pleasant fragrance and asked in a low voice out of curiosity, “What has your cousin been practicing? His physical strength has been greatly improved!”

He used to think hard about how to help his brother-in-law improve his physical strength. He even sought aid from his master. But Geezer s.h.i.+ sent him away with little care. “That kid has seniors in his family to help him. It’s not proper for me to get involved.”

“Look at my face!” Yan Zheke pursed her lips and tilted her head, looking at her boyfriend like a spoiled little girl.

“You don’t know?” Lou Cheng tried to read her facial expression.

“If I knew, I wouldn’t have been so excited and surprised earlier,” answered Yan Zheke in a rising tone before mouthing quietly, “Stupid Cheng!”

She was in a great mood, with radiance in her eyes.

“Well, your cousin is really good at creating breaking news inconspicuously.” Lou Cheng poked fun at his brother-in-law.

Yan Zheke rolled her eyes, refusing to speak evil of her own cousin. Extremely relaxed, she stretched her body and said calmly, “I know my grandparents got a few martial arts sets for physical strength training for him but it didn’t work very well. Maybe my cousin has mastered all of them to achieve such a great improvement.”

They turned to the ring tacitly, watching Lin Que standing there taking his time to inhale and exhale, sweat dripping down from his forehead and forming a small pool on the ground.

He must have trained hard to make this step forth beyond his limit!

G.o.d helps those who help themselves.

“Cheng, how many Dan stage explosions do you think my cousin can perform?” asked Yan Zheke, expectant and concerned.

After a moment of pondering, Lou Cheng answered, “It’s too far for me to have a clear look at him. Don’t take me too seriously. I reckon your cousin can concentrate his forth once more. He’s better than a top Professional Ninth Pin fighter even without any Dan stage explosion. Although he has consumed much of his strength and his body is no longer at its peak, he can still have a decent fight.”

In short, Lin Que has a good chance of winning if he’s facing a regular Professional Ninth Pin fighter.

“However…” Yan Zheke got her boyfriend’s unspoken words and heaved a sigh.

However, his rival is a powerful martial artist with a supernatural ability!

The overly matured Mu Yu reached the stone stairs and handed his personal belongings to the supervisor.

The peculiar Taoist amulet he had taken off earlier was lying in Lin Xiaozhi’s hand.

This is nothing magical or divine but my own mental shackles.

Because the side effect of his supernatural ability might cause a random relative of a friend of his misfortune for three days, he couldn’t perform it at ease. He would use martial arts moves only unless it was necessary.

For this reason, he failed to pa.s.s the Professional Eighth Pin ranking event though he had defeated more than one Professional Eighth Pin Dan stage rivals.

The loser of this round will probably rank the second in this group and encounter Shanbei at the quarterfinals. Xiaozhi and Jin both implied that they were willing to suffer the misfortune. How could I disappoint their self-sacrifice? How could I let down all our supporters in the stadium?

Remove the shackles and go all out!

From this moment, I’m Mu Yu the Bane!

Up the flight of stairs, he resumed the position where Lin Xiaozhi and Jin Dali both once set their feet on. Lin Que moved to his position, panting heavily.

After one quick glance at Mu Yu, the referee straightened his face and shouted with strength from his chest,

“Round Four. Fight!”

Mu Yu hooked his toes and flipped the two big muscles on his back, adopting the skirmish tactic. Lin Que didn’t do another fiercely offensive opening with his danqi.

Upon Jin Dali’s defeat, his body was burning with desires for fight and longing for victory. Until this moment, everything was resolved and he was calm like the water and stable like the earth.

Lin Que s.h.i.+fted his weight and moved with the Yu steps, faster and agiler than Mu Yu, shortening the distance between them.

The rival was almost in his range but abruptly his right foot sank into the ground as if stepping on a trap.


His body fell out of balance as his right foot stuck in the ground!

It was one of the bricks he stepped on earlier while acc.u.mulating strength for the Meteor Blast which required instant explosions like small bombs. The Yin force of his feet kept the bricks complete but softened the ground underneath, causing it unable to bear any weight.

Within such a big ring, it was a really rare chance to perfectly step on one of them. How misfortunate!

As Lin Que’s body tilted, Mu Yu approached his side with the Crane steps and visualized a scene of tiger crying in the jungle while raising his right hand for a brutal downward slas.h.!.+

Losing balance like this would be a terrible problem for any Professional Ninth Pin fighter but a mighty Dan stage martial artist could easily turn it. Lin Que swelled his muscles and stretched his tendons, resuming his weight immediately and stabilizing his body for a left backward hook, half blocking half whirling.

As soon as he exerted his strength, muscles of his arm cramped and strained!

Martial artists would suffer such injuries quite often but it usually occurred when exhausted. How could mighty Dan stage fighter with nearly perfect body control hurt himself during strength exerting?

Lin Que’s condition had dropped, close to his limit. However, as a Dan stage fighter, all forces within his body should be blended as one. It would be impossible for him to experience such an accidental injury under normal circ.u.mstances.

How unlucky he must be!

If he was in his best form, the chance of such an accident would drop to almost zero and it could be avoided!

It was why Lin Xiaozhi said the chief could win easily if the enemy was exhausted.

If Lin Que engaged this strike rashly, his stance might be broken by Mu Yu and the minor strain might be turned into a severe injury. His eyes deepened as his thought sank. He drew in a deep breath and let his qi and blood flow back, forming his forces into one from head to toe.


His danqi burst out. Lin Que’s left arm paused for a split second before continuing to swell. Then it swung backward to work off the minor strain.

Bam! Mu Yu’s Downward Cut in Tiger-hug Posture couldn’t confront this reverse punch with concentrated force. He took several steps back, leaving deep and shallow footprints in the ground.

His eyes cold as ice, Lin Que hurried forward to s.n.a.t.c.h this opportunity to perform the 24 Blizzard Strikes.

His feet slipped and his body leaned forward to the ground!

The very brick was wet by Jin Dali and his sweat!

He stepped exactly on this one by chance.

Mu Yu put strength to his foot and slid to Lin Que’s back like a crane. Taking advantage of his low physical strength and slow recovery of balance, Mu Yu transformed into a giant bear and b.u.mped against his back with a stream of Delicate Force.


Lin Que staggered off the ring and barely managed to save himself from falling down.

The referee withdrew his hand after nearly interfering to stop the match and announced,

“Round Four, Mu Yu wins!”

The overwhelming devil was defeated by Old Fellow Mu within several bouts! The audience burst into rounds of cheers, almost as pa.s.sionate as the opening. They cried out their praise for the leading member of the club,

“Mu Yu! Mu Yu!”

“Bane! Bane!”

“Such a troublesome supernatural ability…” Thought Lou Cheng. He took a deep breath and stood up to take off his jacket.

Yan Zheke’s eyes were filled with worries. She blurted out,

“Cheng… “

She wanted to ask him to be careful but didn’t want to sound like a Corvine Mouth. She was stuck there, speechless.

“What is it?” Lou Cheng looked at Ke.

A smile blossomed on Yan Zheke’s face. She waved her fist and said,

“Go for it!”


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