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Read Martial Arts Master Chapter 555 – Flying Moths Flying To The Flame

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Read WebNovel Martial Arts Master Chapter 555 – Flying Moths Flying To The Flame

Chapter 555: Flying Moths Flying To The Flame

Translator: Larbre Studio  Editor: Larbre Studio


The two fists collided together. Both of their muscles expanded and looked exaggerated. It was as though all the strength from their bodies left just as quickly as it entered. At the position where they made contact, air flow was formed and turned into shock waves as they were sent backwards at a crazy speed. Clang clang! The loud and dull sound that was generated shook the transparent several metres away incessantly.

Yu w.a.n.gyuan’s arm numbed instantly as he was sent flying. Soft cracking sounds could be heard from his right fist as a sign that the minor deformations of the bones were recovering. In the aspect of absolute strength, Secondary Acceleration was slightly weaker than the simplified version of the Fighting Formula! Cleary, this was referring to the circ.u.mstances when the realm and level of both sides were similar.

Yu w.a.n.gyuan’s body was shaking as he lost his balance. He quickly and violently retracted his blood flow and breathing to stabilize his centre of gravity. After which, he released his Dan force again towards his right fist. At this point, he saw that Lou Cheng’s body had suddenly grown a segment larger. The clothing he wore showed the shape of all his muscles. His muscles that were exposed, other than his facial area, all had huge veins popping up. His fist carried a violent force and smashed down as though he was trying to split a large boulder.

Yu w.a.n.gyuan gritted his teeth as he pulled his elbow back, lifted his forearm and shot out his fist quickly toward his enemy.

Just as they were getting closer to each other, the Fire Force exploded and generated a raging propulsion force. This allowed his fist to accelerate like a flying rocket. It broke through the air barrier and clashed directly with Lou Cheng’s smas.h.i.+ng hit.

Crack! Yu w.a.n.gyuan sunk into the ground and cracks on the floor began to spread outwards, crossing with those marks made by the previous two battles.

His body started to shake at high speed and his arms moved like waves. It was as though he had diverted the excess strength through this.

As a senior fourth-pin expert, he wasn’t discouraged because his edge was stopped. Without thinking, he immediately concentrated his Dan and getting ready to explode. This time, he wanted to use another technique of “Jet Spray” to turn the tables around.

He was waited for another opportunity. The Fire sect was also known for stimulations and explosions!

It was just that he had not reached the realm of “Encountering G.o.ds In the Void” and couldn’t use secret arts that would damage his body consecutively and repet.i.tively like Lou Cheng!

At this moment, Lou Cheng seemed to have understood in advance through his body language and muscles condition. He did not use simplified “Fighting” Formula. Instead, he contracted his Dan and exploded it. His right leg kicked out without causing a flame that was fast and ruthless!

This made Yu w.a.n.gyuan, who was still stuck onto the ground’s surface to be shocked for a moment and release the Fire Force a little quicker than he wanted. He pulled his arm back fiercely. Twisting his back, lifting his left arm and tensing his muscles, he guarded against the attack and his body clearly shook from the impact.

Having connected on his kick, Lou Cheng lowered his stance and stepped forward with his left leg. It looked both like a stomp or a kick.

Bam bam bam! One kick, two kick, three kick! Lou Cheng pressed ahead with leg attacks by interchanging them. Chilling wind was generated and forced Yu w.a.n.gyuan to only be able to retreat.

In this whole process, Yu w.a.n.gyuan could only feel his ankles getting stiff. The cold infiltrated his muscles gradually and the s.p.a.ce surrounding him seemed to be like freezing water as his actions started to be slow. This made it harder and harder for him to avoid.

On the ground, a layer of crystal ice appeared as though ice was scattered across the training ground.

The Ice Sect’s Hundred and seventeenth move, “Polar Region”!

Thud thud thud. Lou Cheng softened his steps but thickened the ice layers. The chill was getting stronger and stronger!

Yu w.a.n.gyuan did not wait any longer and made his decision decisively. A golden light flashed past his eyes and the avoiding right leg of his stomped heavily into the ground.

However the forceful stomp of his did not cause any tremors but caused a creepy stillness in the area.


Sounds of rapidly expanding air exploded several centimeters in front of Yu w.a.n.gyuan’s right leg and right in front of Lou Cheng. Reddish gold fire pillars rose from it and burned at an extremely high temperature.

The Fire Sect’s twenty-eighth move, “Blazing G.o.d”!

Lou Cheng had stopped before the flames rose. Leaning back, he narrowly avoided the flames of the Blazing G.o.d and allowed it to shoot to the air like a fountain before falling down helplessly.

Bam! At this moment, Yu w.a.n.gyuan had completely retracted his force. He pulled his arm back and struck Lou Cheng from the side. His fist seemed to have been pumped with blood and his face was crimson red and hideous.

Just as Lou Cheng straightened his back and pulled his arm to form a guard, Yu w.a.n.gyuan’s right seemed to have exploded. His fist changed directions suddenly like an agile snake. Each turn and twist was creepy and landed on his opponent shoulders as he changed his targeted attacking spot.

Another form of application of the Fire Sect’s Jet Spray!

The change in movements was entirely propelled by the force generated from the explosion of Flame Force. There were no early signs and it was hard for others to predict, making it the perfect counter for Absolute Reaction and the state of Encountering G.o.ds In The Void.

At the very beginning of learning Ice Mirror, Geezer s.h.i.+ had reminded Lou Cheng not to be overly reliant on this technique. This was because over the years, the others weren’t dumb. They have long thought hard about how to deal with the Ice Mirror. There aren’t many such ways but there are definitely some present. If Lou Cheng was to always go with what the Ice Mirror reflected, he would definitely be at a disadvantage.

Over the last two years, Lou Cheng had established his Ice Mirror as the core technique of his way of martial arts. From time to time, he still chose to go with the judgement by the body and had never blindly believed the reflections of the Ice Mirror. However under most circ.u.mstances, he still relied heavily on the Ice Mirror. If it wasn’t because he had browsed through the Dan stage skills of the Fire Sect several days earlier and had lifted his level of awareness after finding such application of “Jet Spray” shocking, he would definitely be a mess now and and would have committed mistakes in a hurry.

Luckily, he was prepared. Pulling himself back, he s.h.i.+fted his shoulders back and was standing in a slanted manner. This caused Yu w.a.n.gyuan’s sudden reversing punch to hit the empty s.p.a.ce, giving off a dull explosion.

Yu w.a.n.gyuan’s will burned like a flame. He spread his legs, lowered his back, retracted his breathing and blood flow and was about to explode immediately.

Bam! He shot out his left fist towards the waist of Lou Cheng. Halfway through, he exploded his Dan force. The “snake’s head” was moving up and opened the five teeth as it moved towards his opponent’s arm.

Jet Spray and Secondary Acceleration were exploding forces within the body. No matter how gentle it was, it would still cause some damage. Therefore Fire Force which was gentler and steadier than Emperor Yan Force was more complementary and would allow Yu w.a.n.gyuan to use it for multiple times!

Bam! Bam! Bam! Yu w.a.n.gyuan fist was straight at times. This caused Lou Cheng to be like a tightly tensed like a string, and he didn’t dare to use his full strength. He was wary of his opponent getting used to his moves. He immediately landed below his opponent without avoiding.

Yu w.a.n.gyuan cut forward with a large stride. First, he changed the direction of his fist and directly smashed towards the chin of Lou Cheng. Following on, he turned his body and fought with his body while stamping furiously.

Bam bam bam! He went for a close combat fight and his moves connected smoothly. Each strike caused a goldish red spark and a gust of strong wind.

“Lou Cheng is really strong…” Jia Lu was rubbing her smart sword and cultivating a relations.h.i.+p with it. If it was she who was fighting, she would have been in a perilous situation under Yu w.a.n.gyuan’s attacks and closed to being defeated.

As a rookie that had just recently reached the higher Dans, why was the difference between them so big?

“The consecutive strikes of Yu w.a.n.gyuan aren’t that simple. Take note of the fire trails he left behind and the shape,” said Lu Shaofei enviously.

That the combination of experiences, technique, and purity. She couldn’t have achieved such mastery herself…

Jia Lu concentrated her eyes and watched on. Within the consecutive explosions, the reddish gold flame that was burning in mid-air seemed to form the head of a dragon and just waited for the eyes to be drawn before attacking others!

When it was completed, the Flame Force that was left behind on purpose would be triggered all at one and had exaggerated effects. At this moment, Lou Cheng, whose Ice Mirror had already reflected the situation, suddenly took a breath. His muscles on his chest all sunk inwards. Following this strength and the fist of his opponent, he suddenly moved back and stepped to the side.

The flames on the surface of Yu w.a.n.gyuan’s fists burned brightly and rushed ahead to complete the eyes. However bloodl.u.s.t suddenly flashed past the eyes of Lou Cheng. The sharp edge of his aura seemed to suddenly be placed on the neck of his opponent.

The simplified versions of the Nine Words Formula might be more useful than its original version. In an intense battle, the difference between winning and losing might just be a few millimeters!

Yu w.a.n.gyuan’s body stiffened up and his thoughts were disrupted. He didn’t complete the eye on time and the surrounding Flame Forces were getting weaker and weaker.

Lou Cheng retracted his breathing and blood flow, rushed ahead in huge strides, covered his right fist with a crimson red scorching “glove” and struck heavily from the side.

When Yu w.a.n.gyuan blocked it, he exploded his Dan again and raised his left arm.

Bam bam bam!

He attacked from both the left and right and sparks scattered from his fists. His attacks were heavy and hot making Yu w.a.n.gyuan retreat and defend constantly. The pace was entirely in Lou Cheng’s control.

In this case, even if Yu w.a.n.gyuan wanted to explode and get away, he would also be disrupted in the process. If he wished to compete on speed, he would be blocked by Lou Cheng’s scorching heavy punches.

His footsteps were in unison with his fists as he pressed on smoothly and perfectly. Lou Cheng was like a machine that never knew fatigue. He exploded constantly and did not give his opponent an opening that could turn the tables around.

Bam bam bam! After blocking countless attacks, even Yu w.a.n.gyuan’s teeth were loosening from the vibrations. Seeing that he had no other options, he could only use his final ace ability.

He paused his breathing and the reddish gold light in his eyes started gathering and compressing. There was even a tinge of purple in it. At this very moment, ripples formed in Lou Cheng’s Ice Mirror and reflected the abnormality of his opponent.

Without waiting, he struck with another heavy blow of Scorch. However he didn’t strike the body of Yu w.a.n.gyuan but the s.p.a.ce between the two of them. The crimson red scorching flames gathered on the surface of the fist and almost turned white. It was both heavy and oppressive!


The air in the area became burning and raging flames. They all compressed towards “Emperor Yan” and gathered in the direction of Yu w.a.n.gyuan!

The Fire Sect’s hundred and sixteenth move, “Flying Moth”!

This was created from the scorching fist. Air currents were heated to high temperatures and kept at the state of almost igniting. When the opportunity was right, they would be sucked using the Emperor Yan Force to complete the compression to increase density.

When the density was higher, the heat would become greater. The air would also be ignited just like countless flying moths flying towards the candlelight! This move was hard to master. Without great control of the surrounding and one’s body, one wouldn’t be able to execute it smoothly. However for Lou Cheng, this was just appropriate!

The flames gathered in an imposing manner. Yu w.a.n.gyuan could feel his heart wrench and gave up on his preparations. He lifted his hand to form a guard and could only feel that even breathing had become so hard that it was unbearable. As the flying moths pounced over, Lou Cheng had closed the distance. His punch struck upwards from the bottom towards the sky.

Through Absolute Reaction, Yu w.a.n.gyuan raised his arm to block. However, his opponent’s fist went past him from the side and stopped just right in front of his throat!

He made a mistake in his guard!

The high temperature caused a difference in density, his visual judgement was a little off. And because of this small difference, the match was decided!

It wasn’t that there was a problem with his Absolute Reaction. It was that his arm guard didn’t extend long enough.

Just like flying moths throwing themselves towards the fire, he was blinded by the illusion before the death!

The fire lights subsided and Tu Zheng was shocked for a moment before raising his hands and announced, “Lou Cheng wins.”

Puff. Although Lou Cheng’s moves were unexpected and he barely won, he has truly demonstrated that he has the strength of a fourth-pin. He had already caught up with us… Lu Shaofei looked at the figure on the field and was silent.


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