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On the stands above, Ye Youting clapped slightly. Regret on her face, she said,


Zhou Yuanning was about to succeed to make a little fortune. But Lou Cheng was more alert than he thought. Lou Cheng fell ahead by chance, and saved himself from a bad situation.

Jiang Lan also sighed, “Pity indeed. Missing this opportunity will be the most regrettable thing for Zhou Yuanning in this game. He was too cautious. Abandoned for many years, he had not only lost physical statement and skills, but also his spirit in the chest. If he had not considered to retreat a few steps and directly used the last Qi, the winner would be him.

Do not use the ventilation means that if he can’t beat Lou Cheng in one or two hits, Zhou Yuanning will lose the speed and movement advantages. In the extreme situation, once he is controlled under Brutal Blizzard by Lou Cheng, he can’t retake a breath. So deciding between seconds really needs the spirit and courage.”

Speaking of which, Jiang Lan shook her head. “The scale of victory begins to change.”

“Huh? Lan, do you mean that Lou Cheng is more likely to win? That’s impossible. Zhou Yuanning has physical strength to make four or five rounds of attacks.” Ye Youting frowned.

Jiang Lan smiled and said, “Just wait and see.”

Unlike them, the audience couldn’t calmly a.n.a.lyze. Their mood was just like a roller coaster. Firstly they were worried or happy for Lou Cheng beaten by a palm. And then they were shocked by his self-save from the edge of the cliffs. Even people who bought Zhou Yuanning for the winner could not help but applause and applause.

Just in a moment, the situation had changed around. This was the Martial Arts Compet.i.tion!

Lou Cheng’s Mercurial Balance couldn’t keep up with Zhou Yuanning’s move. Even though Lou Cheng used a guerrilla hit like this, he was often wrapped by Zhou Yuanning. In the face of the upcoming second round of Long Juan Zhi Feng (Whirlwind) and the expected thrilling situation, he was quite nervous.

But with the experience from the last round, his treatment of similar conditions was no longer rusty. Some things got into the instinct.

“As long as Zhou Yuanning is in my sight, whether it is an abrupt explosive force, or Invisible Wind, I have quite a chance to hold it. But I am most afraid of his sudden attack from the back and the dark view corner…”

The idea flashed. Lou Cheng lifted his right arm, framed by the face. He blocked Zhou Yuanning’s palm from the side.

The two had just collided. Zhou Yuanning stepped to Lou Cheng’s back side. He had no Mercurial Balance, as anomalous as a phantom. But he became more chic and uninhibited, like the wind.

Lou Cheng got a similar idea as soon as he was in a similar situation, He made a decision by instincts in his mind, He set up the right arm suddenly, and then made a rejection, driving the body a half turn, snapping to the opponent.

He imitated Tang Yue’s Sweeping Elephant Trunk!

Wind echoing, Zhou Yuanning changed his footwork and bent his back and bombed up to the left.

At this time, Lou Cheng adjusted his muscle. His spine bounced as the dragon, and the center of gravity changed with it. He scattered the right arm, turned the waist, tautened thighs, and used front Sweep of the left leg to face Zhou Yuanning’s coming towards!

If he hadn’t had Mercurial Balance or excellent muscle control ability, he would be lucky not to hurt his waist, and he would be simply not able to kick the legs.

Of course, the premise was always to leave spare capacity, which had long been prepared!

Pang! Zhou Yuanning couldn’t escape anymore. He put the left arm down, blocking Lou Cheng’s whip kick. Then he got down slightly and got a short loss of flexibility.

With this contact, Lou Cheng “heard” his movement and borrowed a little power. He put left leg down, twisted his back, and turned to a positive position. His right leg kept up to make a strike, as the north wind in the coldest winter, to get Zhou Yuanning under the suppression of Brutal Blizzard.

Zhou Yuanning looked the same, and it seemed there was a storm forming in his dark eyes. His right hand fisted, suddenly made a chop hit, fast as a gust of wind.

Bang! He took Lou Cheng’s attack in the face. And he hit back this whip kick, making Lou Cheng nearly lose his gravity center, so Lou Cheng couldn’t keep Brutal Blizzard.

Wuthering Eight Movements burst into its extreme, Horrifying Hurricane!

After a block, Zhou Yuanning made the distance again, and re-did the breathing.

“See?” Jiang Lan pointed to the arena, and said to Ye Youting.

Ye Youting frowned with her face puzzled, “This guy gets enlightenments?”

“I have completely watched videos of his games before, the initial sentiment and rusty is obvious. That is, he is constantly absorbing nutrients of battles and the game experience. A battle, an improvement, that’s what makes him today. And he has not been suppressed in several warfares, only pa.s.sive defense experience. Be faced with Zhou Yuanning, the beginning is rusty, and there are flaws. When he adapted it, with experience, the victory balance will surely be changed.” Jiang Lan said.

Ye Youting turned to her with confusion. “Are you saying that he was a standard rookie before? This growth is too fast, right?”

“Some people are really good at growing in fighting. Of course, the weaker he is, the more gains he will get. Didn’t we have such a period of time that we could get obvious progress from each battle?” Jiang Lan sighed.

Ye Youting was silent for a moment, and asked, “Sister Lan, who do you think might win?”

“Of course it is Zhou Yuanning.” Jiang Lan laughed, “If he is the current level, he is not worthy of the reputation of Professional Ninth Pin.”

After she said that, Zhou Yuanning narrowed the distance again, the venue seemed to have a wind echoing.

Lou Cheng felt himself surrounded by a real small tornado and covered in the feeling of being attacked from all directions.

Woo! Strong and weird winds blew. Lou Cheng’s heart chilled a bit. Instincts made him fear. A silver lightning instantly split his mind and stimulated a prairie fire.

Lightning and Fire Stance!

Heat flow rus.h.i.+ng, Lou Cheng used the right arm to push by force, racking in front of him. And it ran into the “Single strap” of Zhou Yuanning.

Bang! Lou Cheng’s body shook. The arm was almost pressed to the front. He felt the other side of the majestic vigor. If he didn’t use Lightning and Fire Stance in time, he might be already broken up.

Zhou Yuanning stepped to the side. His body leaned ahead and his left fist hit from the bottom, like the spring bouncing from the extreme point.

Lou Cheng dare not neglect. Bent left arm suddenly opened, as if a spear ready to cast, blocking back. The lightning in his mind continued to strike down, more like towering snow peak collapsing.

Bang! m.u.f.fled sound broke out. Lou Cheng’s avalanche trend did not even match the average with Zhou Yuanning. The center of gravity once again shook. He did not borrow the force and failed to interfere with Zhou Yuanning’s move.

In the next short period of time, Zhou Yuanning launched continuous attacks from all directions. Each hit was more powerful than Lou Cheng’s Mega Avalanche plus Lightning and Fire Stance. He was pressed to crumble, and it seemed that the hurricanes never stopped.

Bang! The sound of block continued. Although Lou Cheng had Jindan (the Golden Elixir) to add strength and was not afraid of acting slowly, there were many problems enlarging gradually during the convergence between moves under this pressure.

“How long can he insist on this level of mad attack?”

The idea had just flashed. Lou Cheng saw Zhou Yuanning once again come to the front, as if he was the embodiment of the storm, hitting with the body and fists. The air was full of sounds of whistling!

Lou Cheng just dealt with the rear side of the mad attacks, and the current position was also very awkward. In the face of this. .h.i.t, the force was not fast enough, and the convergence was short half a shot. Lou Cheng could barely make a block of posture. A bad feeling arose.


Lou Cheng’s defense shelves were opened directly. His chest was completely exposed in the following attacks of Zhou Yuanning, just like the situation in which Ye Youting beat Guan Yan.

Judging by his previous experience, the game’s outcome basically was obvious. Once more hit again, Zhou Yuanning would win easily.

But Lou Cheng did not want to admit defeat. His heart was calm as a lake, cold as if he could turn water into ice. Countless ideas rose up and down. He kept looking for the only way to escape from the follow-up attack.

“Not bad!” Surrounding shoutings exclaimed ears. Ye Youting gently applauded for her coming pocket money.

At this time, Lou Cheng suddenly turned down. It seemed that he left the center of gravity. His right leg kicked, driving the body to a half turn, and snapped to Zhou Yuanning’s fist coming to his chest.

Iron Bridge Moves! Dragon Turning Over Moves!

These were not secret skills, but the extreme self-confidence of the ability to control one’s gravity center. He was restructuring the broken 24 Blizzard Strikes!

Of course, there was no way left for Lou Cheng!

Bang! His right leg kicked Zhou Yuanning’s follow-up attack. Because he kicked from the bottom, the rebound was naturally from the top, as if someone hit the “lever”!

Pang! Lou Cheng bounced his spine, upped his back, and then leveraged to stand up again, like another kind of Carp Jumping Moves. His right arm jittered, pumping to the front enemy.

Zhou Yuanning stepped immediately to his right side, and made a blast punch.

Suddenly, Lou Cheng’s right arm stopped. He pierced the left palm under the armpit, and dangerously sheltered Zhou Yuanning’s attack.

When he took the advantage of the opportunity to bounce, he had known how to deal with the follow-up attack!

He deliberately beat with his right arm, revealing the corresponding flaws to emulate w.a.n.g Ye. He used Hai Di Lao Yue (a martial tactic) to attack Zhou Yuanning!

Pang! Fists crashed, and the strength broke out. The two men equally split.

Huh? Lou Cheng felt the power of Zhou Yuanning were weaker than before.

“Does he hold the breath to the end?”

An idea stroke to him. Lou Cheng subconsciously thought of the trend of the strong wind. Broke out ahead, he sharply strode to Zhou Yuanning. He believed in his own judgments without considering other possibilities and with his heart having no slightest shaking.

When he had just formed a gesture, Zhou Yuanning began to make a distance by Drifting Wind. The “strong wind” in his mind echoing louder, he strode to chase Zhou Yuanning.

“My judgment was right!”

Although he didn’t know his speed, the distance between them was enlarging. But he had taken the first hit, it wouldn’t be that hard to catch him like before. He had begun to chase, the distance was far not safe for Zhou Yuanning than the former pranayama.

Zhou Yuanning could not hold. He opened the mouth and spat out a big mouth of dirty air. His stature slowed a bit.

Lou Cheng immediately kept up, lowered the shoulder and racked the elbow. He rammed ahead, like the avalanche torrent tearing the wall.

Zhou Yuanning shortly breathed and put down the waist and hips to block Lou Cheng’s. .h.i.t. Too late to use abrupt explosive force, with the short power, the body appeared shaking.

Lou Cheng “heard” the change. He borrowed strength and put the body in the right position. The right-hand fisted out like blast punch. A storm seemed to come in between the two sides.

Bang! Zhou Yuanning blocked a few times. Because the Qi was not going through, he could never escape from Lou Cheng’s crazy ferocious attacks. He briefly lost advantages of gestures.

As the battle remained intense, Lou Cheng made a sudden burst, like a rage in silence.


He fisted his left hand and seemed to inflate. Condescending and pilgrimage cras.h.i.+ng, his Qi was difficult to stop.

Bang! Zhou Yuanning’s defensive stance was directly broken up. His arms opened, exposing the empty place between the chest and abdomen, as what Lou Cheng did just then!

He forgot his ident.i.ty and used the same fall. He tried to use Iron Bridge Moves and Donkey Roll to escape, and then to come to revive. But his body suddenly felt empty. Lacking the support of Qi in the chest, he straightly fell down.

He had come to the limit of the last Qi!

Lou Cheng used a stride, and shortened the distance. He crouched a bit. His arms hammered, tearing the air, making a crisp sound, and stopped above the throat of Zhou Yuanning.

“Lou Cheng wins!”

The referee’s voice echoed between them, far as if it came from the horizon. The entire martial arts stadium was in silence, you could hear the dropping of a needle.

Lou Cheng got into a trance, like dreaming. Today’s battle was so far the most thrilling one to him. Twice fell to the edge of failure, he was so close to go back home.

Relying on luck, strength, judgment, spirit and bravery, he caught that fleeting dawn!

The winner or the loser was decided in a moment!

“Bonus, I’m coming!”


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