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Chapter 929: Bouncing Back From Desperation

“Trash, I will end your life!” Bai Hanmo sneered again and again. The white jade long sword in his hand emitted rays of brilliance. He was like the deity of the sword dao. As he waved his sword down, the entire sky appeared as though being split apart.

There was an earth-shattering collision between the two. The ma.s.sive crocodile phantom slammed into Bai Hanmo’s long sword’s sword light.

The terrifying and fierce light exploded. The white jade sword in Bai Hanmo’s hand seemed magical, blooming with endless brilliance as if to destroy the world.

This white jade long sword was not simple, but E Hong was not a simpleton in the same way. That ma.s.sive crocodile was also unprecedentedly mighty.

Two terrifying forces collided fiercely in the air. Countless air collapsed in an instant. The endless brilliant Divine Light, mixed with sword light, slammed together and danced around wildly.

The air collapsed layer by layer in everyone’s eyes.

“He!” Bai Hanmo yelled violently. The sword light instantly penetrated the ma.s.sive and fierce crocodile. It immediately turned into a water tide in the sky.

These waters were also not ordinary. Every drop was heavy, and it struck Bai Hanmo in an instant.

Although Bai Hanmo was able to block some of it, he couldn’t block all the water droplets.




Bai Hanmo let out a m.u.f.fled groan. These extremely heavy water droplets knocked him away. A mouthful of blood spurted out.

There was still a gap between his strength and E Hong. Although his potential exceeded E Hong, it was clear that his potential had not been fully transformed into strength.

In other words, he had wasted his potential because of his character and playful nature.

Bai Hanmo was blasted away for a distance before he could barely stop himself. He fixed his eyes on E Hong. Only then did he regret it. If he had been working hard since the start, the situation would not turn out like this.

Even if he could enter the Transcendent Realm Seventh Level, he could easily kill E Hong. He would not end up in such a sorry state.

Only then did he finally understand what Yao Qian said. He was indeed a genius. It was hard to encounter a worthy opponent in the same realm. Among his peers, there were very few having the speed faster than him. He could outmatch most people.

In his life and the world he came into contact with, he was destined to encounter not only warriors whose strength was much lower than him, but also opponents whose strength was much higher than him.

By then, it would be the time for the real test.

Although E Hong’s strength was far from being much more robust than his, even a slight gap could cause fatal consequences in this high-level battle, not to mention such a noticeable gap.

Under this blow, Bai Hanmo was blown away again and spurted with blood, but E Hong did not stop. Although his strength was more potent than Bai Hanmo, it was only slightly rather than an overwhelming advantage.

Bai Hanmo made an all-out effort to fight him. E Hong also suffered minor shock.

However, he didn’t stop at this time but chased out again. A territory quickly spread out, enveloping Bai Hanmo in it.

“I offer you a chance, yet you still hang on your deathwish. Why don’t you cherish it? Go to h.e.l.l!” E Hong laughed aloud. In his opinion, Bai Hanmo, who had fallen into his territory, was already at a dead end. There shouldn’t be many people like Ye Xiwen who could forcibly break apart the territory.

“Stop your nonsense. You’re not worthy of subduing me?” Bai Hanmo sneered. He appeared like a madman in his sorry state, but his pride still shot to the sky. He couldn’t care less about anything at this time. His only plan was to delay time, no matter if it was for Yao Qian or Ye Xiwen. Every minute delayed was previous. He got to delay E Hong and the rest. Otherwise, it would be a disaster for Ye Xiwen and Yao Qian in close cultivation.

The aftermath of the battle was tremendous. He believed that Ye Xiwen and Yao Qian could feel that even in close cultivation. What he had to do now was to wait for them to exit from their close cultivation. He swore to hold these enemies and not to let them rush into the oceanic trench.

Bai Hanmo flew out suddenly and once again approached E Hong. In the Heavy Water Territory, his speed was undoubtedly slower. The droplets of heavy water were all over the sky. The strong wind accompanied each hulking droplet. Once it slapped on a person’s body, it was equivalent to being bombarded with a punch.

The corner of Bai Hanmo’s mouth spilled blood, but he had no way to stop it. At this time, he had to retreat to hold on.

“Since you want to die, then I will fulfill your deathwis.h.!.+” E Hong sneered. All of the power in his body began to boil and scattered all at once.

He stepped forward. The Heavy Water Territory seemed to be under intense stimulation. It began to magnify crazily. In the Heavy Water Territory, the only law he had was the law of gravity. Under the law of gravity, Bai Hanmo could hardly move an inch.

“Come here, tras.h.!.+” Bai Hanmo roared, looking at E Hong with bloodshot eyes.

On the other hand, the two battlefields’ situations were in crisis, especially Xiong Zhicheng’s battlefield. He was beaten into retreat. Although they were both in Transcendent Realm Seventh Level and Yi Rui’s strength was far inferior to Bai Yin, Xiong Zhicheng had no way to resist.

Yi Rui turned out to be quite tyrannical. He had already entered the Transcendent Realm Seventh Level Peak, which was much stronger than Xiong Zhicheng. Captain Xiong directly vomited blood amidst his retreat.

Fortunately, since there was no overwhelming advantage similar to Bai Yin, there was no fatal threat for a while despite Xiong Zhicheng continually retreating. However, the whole situation was terrible.

On the other side, the battle between Yu Sisi and He Yulong was the fiercest. Yu Sisi was angry that He Yulong had betrayed their Bear Team, which caused the dangerous situation to happen and almost wiped out the entire team. She even thought that He Yulong had lost his mind to utilize dirty tricks to get the Bear Team.

He Yulong had long been blinded by hatred. He was too ambitious, just thinking that after killing Xiong Zhicheng and Yu Sisi, he could gain control of the Bear Team.

The past friends.h.i.+p worthed nothing in his opinion at this time. It was nothing but a joke.

It was an intense battle – the horrifying exchange of blows sent out flesh and blood everywhere. Between the two sides, there were no reservations. Each punch had the intention to kill. Both were in a sorry state with mutilated wounds everywhere, even with some of their bones broken.

Similar to the situation on Xiong Zhicheng’s side, He Yulong also had the absolute upper hand. Since he was Xiong Zhicheng’s preferred successor previously, Xiong Zhicheng diverted all efforts and resources in the emphasis of growing He Yulong’s strength.

In this life-and-death battle, He Yulong defeated Yu Sisi gradually. He had bloodshot eyes due to the pain in his body and the ambition in his heart. At this time, he could no longer care less about friends.h.i.+p. He had utterly dwelled in the idea of beheading her.

Yu Sisi was in a berserk state. She fought without thinking of her life and death. She was determined to do it for Xiong Zhicheng, kill He Yulong, and eliminate the team’s betrayer.

“Hahaha, it’s useless. You are dead today. Anyone who dares to stand in front of me will die!” At this time, He Yulong’s eyes were bloodshot. He yelled frantically.

“You must die, He Yulong. Today, I must eliminate the betrayer in the team for the captain before I die!” Yu Sisi went berserk. Her obsession was to eradicate the team’s betrayer. This obsession supported her to fight until now.

Both had cooperated and fought side by side for many years. They knew each other’s fighting styles and even what tricks each other had. Naturally, in front of this person, there was no opening to be opportunistic. The only way was a direct attack without considering any opportunistic tricks.

Since they knew each other too well, a head-to-head battle was the most efficient.




The fistfight was surreal. Once again, both were blown away from each other. This time, Yu Sisi could not get up again. After He Yulong severely injured her just now, her breath was so weak. Her vitality began to lose quickly, unable to get up anymore.

“Hahaha, you have a death wish. You dare to go against me. The Bear Team is mine. No one can get involved!” He Yulong laughed out loud with blood overflowing from the corner of his mouth. As he laughed wildly while continually coughing up blood, the scene was horrifying.

He eradicated a long-standing enemy in one move.

He Yulong stood up in difficulty. Although standing up was tough, he was much stronger than Yu Sisi. The qi on his body boiled again. He darted toward Yu Sisi to kill her.

Suddenly, a dazzling sword light pierced the vast sky, slash through the sky and the earth in an instant, and came in He Yulong’s direction.

He Yulong, who was already severely injured, was shocked. He quickly moved away, hiding in his surroundings.

But, this sword light was swift. Even if he was in the peak state, he could not avoid it, let alone he was now in a state of serious injury.


In an instant, the sword light pierced He Yulong’s neck and tore an opening. He Yulong’s head slipped directly from his body.


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