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Chapter 1768, Spatial Helix

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys

In the boundless void, a collection of s.p.a.ce Spirit Crystals had come together to form a spiral shape at the centre of which had a terrifying s.p.a.ce Force fluctuation.

Yang Kai and Xue Yue stood next to the ma.s.sive Spatial Helix made up of countless s.p.a.ce Spirit Crystals, their expressions extremely solemn.

They had discovered that many s.p.a.ce Spirit Crystals here before, and the two of them had rushed over enthusiastically, but Yang Kai realized that something was off after they arrived.

There was nothing odd about the s.p.a.ce Spirit Crystals themselves, but he could not tell what force had drawn them together like this and caused them to a.s.sume this strange spiral formation!

Even Xue Yue, who was not proficient in s.p.a.ce Force, could feel the dangerous aura emanating from the centre of this spiral, as if it was a bottomless abyss that could swallow everything in existence.

They currently stood inside The Void, but the very centre of this spiral was a unique existence which could even swallow that.

“Yang Kai…” Xue Yue whispered in Yang Kai’s ear. “I’m worried.”

“Naturally, I am too,” Yang Kai comforted her. This was a kind of instinctive fear, no one could underestimate the power emanating from this helix, “But… this thing seems to be of great use to me. “

“What do you plan to do?” Xue Yue looked at him in amazement.

Yang Kai frowned and thought for a while before he patted Xue Yue’s hand and said, “Help me collect these s.p.a.ce Spirit Crystals first.”

Xue Yue took a deep look at him, her beautiful eyes flas.h.i.+ng brilliantly, as if she could look directly into Yang Kai’s heart and understand his thoughts, a moment later nodding lightly, “En.”

As she spoke, she flew out and began collecting the scattered s.p.a.ce Spirit Crystals that did not belong to the helix.

Yang Kai stood in place, staring at the centre of the spiral, his expression extremely solemn.

After some time, he released his Divine Sense and probed towards the centre of the helix.

He wanted to probe what kind of mysteries were hidden in this helix, but when his Divine Sense contacted it, Yang Kai was shocked to discover that there was an astonis.h.i.+ng and terrifying attractive force emanating from it.

This attraction was stronger than anything Yang Kai had ever experienced before, and his Divine Sense was instantly captured and drawn in by it.

Not only that, but his body which was standing far away also seemed to be grasped by an invisible hand that directly pulled him in. By the time Yang Kai reappeared, he was already in the centre of the helix.

“Yang Kai!” Xue Yue was shocked and hurriedly called out.

However, she did not get any response from Yang Kai.

From where she stood, she could see Yang Kai standing at the centre of the helix motionless, as if he had lost all awareness of the outside world and had no way to respond.

Xue Yue called out several times, but Yang Kai never responded.

She immediately knew Yang Kai must have encountered some kind of incident and did not dare to do anything rash. She could only stand on the spot, anxiously watching while secretly praying he was safe.


Revolving, endless revolving, Yang Kai felt that his body and Soul were being torn apart, a kind of unbearable pain that made him want to open his mouth and shout, but try as he might, he was unable to move, much less make a sound.

As he was being pulled in by the helix, all Yang Kai could feel was the violent rotation. This feeling was like being caught in a violent vortex that he could only pa.s.sively endure, unable to put up any form of resistance.

His Knowledge Sea tumbling, Yang Kai felt extremely dizzy, as if his Soul were being drawn out of his body by this rotating power.

Since he began cultivating, Yang Kai had rarely encountered situations that put him completely at a loss. Facing any crisis, he had always been able to quickly formulate reasonable countermeasures to resolve the dangers he encountered.

But this time, he found that he was powerless.

As he was drawn in by the helix, his mind was also thrown into chaos and he quickly discovered that his Knowledge Sea was rapidly drying up. Scanning the inside of his body, Yang Kai saw that even his intrepid physique was slowly beginning to be torn apart.

He desperately pushed his Saint Qi and his Spiritual Energy to try to resist the strange power of the helix.

Nothing worked! Despite his best efforts, Yang Kai still felt like he was falling into a quagmire, and the more he struggled, the deeper he sank.

In less than a dozen breaths of time, his Knowledge Sea had dried up!

With his Soul taking damage, Yang Kai felt a splitting headache.

Inside his Knowledge Sea, the Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus played a vital role at this moment. When Yang Kai Knowledge Sea was exhausted, it immediately began to nourish his Soul and repair the damaged places.

The feedback and nourishment from the Soul Warming Lotus allowed Yang Kai’s head to clear for a moment.

It was at that moment that he suddenly noticed that there was another force inside the helix which was destroying his physical body and Soul.

s.p.a.ce Force!

This gave him a sudden epiphany into the mysteries of the Dao of s.p.a.ce.

Yang Kai was overjoyed and quickly endured the unbearable pain to immerse himself in this enlightenment.

He immediately gained some traces of understanding!

Feeling these gains, Yang Kai resolutely gave up his resistance and simply allowed the helix to throw his Soul and body into its spiralling torrent!

Suddenly, a different vision appeared before his eyes!

At this moment, it was as if his Soul had been drawn out of his body and spread out across a vast region, invisible but omnipresent.

He could clearly see his body still standing quietly in the centre of the helix, the countless s.p.a.ce Spirit Crystals emitting a faint light around him, and Xue Yue standing nearby, constantly calling out to him.

Her beautiful face, which could charm all living beings in existence, was now filled with anxiety, her beautiful eyes filled with panic as her face turned pale.

Yang Kai tried to send his Divine Sense to her, but Xue Yue did not notice at all and just continued to call out.

Yang Kai suddenly stopped because he knew that his Soul hadn’t truly left his body and it was only because of some strange resonance he had with the s.p.a.ce Force here that he was seeing from this perspective. Fundamentally, it was impossible in his state to communicate with Xue Yue.

With no other choice, Yang Kai returned his attention to the helix.

From this perspective, he was able to see more and comprehend more.

After a short while, he began condensing his s.p.a.ce Force and releasing it along the lines of the helix’s spiralling force.

Instantly, the pressure was greatly reduced! Whether it was his Soul or body, Yang Kai suddenly felt his situation was much more endurable.

He suddenly understood.

This spiralling force was a profound s.p.a.ce Force, countless times more complex than what he had currently comprehended, and because of this ma.s.sive gap in quality, any resistance he put up was futile and would only increase the pain he felt.

Only by following the helix’s trajectory and comprehending its mysteries could Yang Kai enhance his understanding. This was like trying to drink an ocean in order to escape from it, a seemingly impossible task, but although he had only just begun, Yang Kai could feel some results, so if he were to persevere, he would eventually be able to reach enlightenment and escape.

After understanding this, Yang Kai did not hesitate anymore and began to push his s.p.a.ce Force wildly, trying to match the movements of the helix’s rotation.

This was an extremely difficult process, as well as one that was extremely time-consuming.

Numerous cracks began to appear in Yang Kai’s flesh, and his golden blood overflowed from his wounds, but it did not fly off. Instead, it squirmed like a living thing, repairing his wounds.

Yang Kai’s extremely tough physical body played a vital role at this time, allowing him to persist for much longer than an average cultivator would have been able to.

As time pa.s.sed little by little, Yang Kai became completely immersed in this wonderful perception, completely forgetting everything around him.

The s.p.a.ce Force emanating from his body did not weaken over time and instead became stronger and more refined as it resonated with the helix’s movements more and more perfectly.

Yang Kai did not feel much pressure anymore.

His s.p.a.ce Force and the helix’s force began to overlap, and that rotation now had minimal impact on him.

Finally, the two forces overlapped perfectly!

The moment this happened, the entire Void seemed to resonate for a moment.

Yang Kai suddenly felt an extremely strange sensation, as if he had become a part of the ma.s.sive helix, the two merging into one.

The surrounding lights blossomed in a dazzling display, and all the surrounding s.p.a.ce Spirit Crystals suddenly burst apart under the strange confluence of Yang Kai and the helix’s s.p.a.ce Force occurred.

The bursting s.p.a.ce Spirit Crystals did not collapse The Void but instead transformed into a pure type of energy that rushed towards the helix’s centre.

This energy condensed into countless dense, pitch-black lines.

And at the centre of the spiral was precisely where Yang Kai’s body was.

These black streaks of energy formed from the energy of the exploded s.p.a.ce Spirit Crystals all rushed into Yang Kai’s body and then disappeared.

The dazzling light gradually dissipated and the entire void returned to darkness, with no light to be seen and even the helix’s spiral force vanis.h.i.+ng.

Only now did Yang Kai, who had been frozen in place for so long, have an opportunity to carefully examine his body.

After probing himself with his Divine Sense, he could not help frowning.

He found that his physical state was somewhat strange now, with black lines flitting across his figure. When these black lines appeared, they made it seem as if part of his body was missing, but after they moved on, the parts of his body that seemed to have disappeared would appear again, unharmed.

One’s physique naturally did not disappear for no reason, so this phenomenon was obviously the result of a visual disturbance caused by the extremely powerful s.p.a.ce Force flowing through Yang Kai’s body, causing his vision and Divine Sense to be unable to sense it.

Even Yang Kai himself could not stop this strange interference. Perhaps he would have to fully familiarize himself with this new power before he could stabilize his condition.

However, despite the strangeness of his state, Yang Kai was feeling better than ever. This time, through a series of accidents, he had managed to absorb almost all the spatial helix’s power and several thousand true s.p.a.ce Spirit Crystals worth of s.p.a.ce Force, causing his comprehension of the Dao of s.p.a.ce to soar to an incredible height.

Yang Kai joyously immersed himself in the changes he had just undergone.

The more he comprehended, the more he realized how superficial his previous understanding of the Dao of s.p.a.ce was, and the more he discovered just how terrifying the methods he could display would be if he continued to enhance his comprehension of the Dao of s.p.a.ce.

He was thoroughly shocked.


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