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Chapter 1968, Generous Gifts

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

Had it not been for this girl named Mo Xiao Qi telling Yang Kai that she knew the exact location of the Firebird, Yang Kai wouldn’t have followed her here.

Intrigue was certainly just as common here in the Star Boundary as it was in his native Star Field, if not even more common, so how could Yang Kai have acted so carelessly without a good reason?

Mo Xiao Qi’s information was simply too tempting for him to refuse.

Listening to Yang Kai’s question, Mo Xiao Qi nodded her head and said, “Naturally, it is true.”

“Where is it?” Yang Kai asked directly while to the side, Xu Qing and Yu Ruo Mei also perked up their ears, seemingly equally interested.

“It’s…” Mo Xiao Qi just uttered a word before suddenly seeming to think of something and swallowing down the latter half of her sentence before smiling and saying, “I won’t tell you right now, just follow me.”

She looked incredibly naïve and innocent, as if she had really planned to tell them the exact location and details of the Firebird just now.

Yang Kai coldly snorted, “How am I supposed to trust you then? Since you know the specific location of the Firebird, why didn’t you just gather familiar people to search for it yourself instead of gathering us strangers?”

Xu Qing nodded to the side and said, “Brother Yang is correct. Sister Xiao Qi, it’s not that we don’t trust you, it’s just that none of us know each other, so this Xu hopes Sister Xiao Qi can explain herself slightly.”

Mo Xiao Qi frowned her delicate brows and said in a completely natural tone, “I went in and saw it before, so naturally I know where it is. Did you all see that group of injured people? I just followed them quietly before and met that little one inside. That group had some of its members die and they escaped, but after they left, I followed that little one back to its nest. As for why I didn’t find acquaintances… I don’t know anyone here, and I don’t think I can fight that little one alone, so I went looking for help.”

Yang Kai and Xu Qing looked at each other and both nodded slightly.

There was nothing wrong with Mo Xiao Qi’s explanation, but even if there was something amiss, they wouldn’t have any way to find that out from here.

Seeing the others fall silent, Mo Xiao Qi couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous and hurriedly said, “But don’t worry, while that little one is quite powerful, he is still just a baby, so he shouldn’t be too difficult to deal with as long as we prepare enough.”

To the side, the enchanting Yu Ruo Mei smiled and asked, “Sister Xiao Qi, it’s not that we are afraid, but… there is only one Firebird. If we succeed, how should we allocate it?”

Hearing this, Mo Xiao Qi suddenly squeezed out a look of apology and said, “I was just about to discuss this matter with Big Brothers and Sister. That little one is of great use to me, so if we really managed to capture him, I hope you can allow me to keep him…”

As soon as this remark came out, not only did Yang Kai show a strange look on his face, but even Xu Qing and Yu Ruo Mei wore gloomy expressions.

Each of them was a Third-Order Origin King, so how could they simply work in vain? Without even mentioning Yang Kai, who had his own plans, Xu Qing and Yu Ruo Mei would definitely not agree to such nonsense conditions.

[Isn’t this old grandma taking her innocent act a bit too far?] Yang Kai secretly despised her in his heart for not understanding that going too far was worse than not going far enough.

Mo Xiao Qi saw the looks on each of their faces and quickly said, “Of course I won’t let all of you suffer a loss. I can give you enough compensation.”

“Compensation?” Xu Qing snorted coldly, his att.i.tude is no longer as friendly as before as he sneered, “I wonder what kind of compensation Sister Xiao Qi can give us?”

Mo Xiao Qi didn’t answer him immediately and instead sent her Divine Sense into her s.p.a.ce Ring. A moment later, a brilliant flash appeared in her hand as she took out three artifacts.

Of the three artifacts, one of them is a pink dress that was dotted with beautiful gemstones. These gems obviously weren’t ordinary things though as they clearly gave off a powerful energy fluctuation.

The second artifact was a pitch-black broadsword that while not too big, looked quite heavy. Even if one used their Divine Sense on it, they would feel a sense of suppression.

The last item was a thick sabre that was carved with mysterious patterns and had a b.l.o.o.d.y air about it. At a glance, it was obvious that a large number of masters had died under this blade.

Each of these three artifacts gave off a potent energy fluctuation.

“Origin King Grade artifacts?” Xu Qing’s eyes bulged as Yu Ruo Mei’s breathing became quick.

Yang Kai was equally dumbfounded.

Because the three artifacts that Mo Xiao Qi took out were actually three Origin King Grade artifacts, and they were definitely not low-grade Origin King Grade artifacts.

“This Heavy Ying Sword and Lasting Regret Saber are both Origin King Grade High-Rank artifacts, each with its own unique characteristics and strengths. This Multi-Coloured Gauze Robe is an Origin King Grade Mid-Rank artifact that was woven from three-thousand-year-old Snow Silkworms from the Northern Territory. The silk thread spat out by these silkworms is resistant to all five elements and has good protective strength. The Sand Star Stones dotting it can also be used to attack and defend… En, I’ll give you these three things to start with, okay? Once this matter succeeds, I’ll be sure to thank you again,” Mo Xiao Qi looked at the three people in front of her timidly and asked eagerly, “Is this enough?”

Xu Qing couldn’t help gulping with difficulty as Yu Ruo Mei’s beautiful eyes fixed on the Gauze Robe, unable to tear her gaze away.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, suppressed the shock in his heart forcibly before he stared at Mo Xiao Qi calmly, an extreme sense of vigilance welling up inside of him.

This woman had casually taken out three extremely high-end Origin King Grade artifacts, so clearly the word ‘wealth’ was not enough to describe her. Such a person was definitely not some unknown figure, and it was even possible she was a Dao Source Realm master who was disguising herself. Otherwise, how could she act so carelessly?

No matter who she was, she should still know the truth of not revealing one’s wealth to the world. Her daring to bring out such treasures so casually should be a sign that she had nothing to fear here.

However, if she was really hiding her true cultivation, she would need to at least be a Third-Order Dao Source Realm in order to avoid Yang Kai’s senses. If that was the case though, why bother asking them for help?

Yang Kai simply couldn’t figure it out.

“Is this not good enough?” Mo Xiao Qi saw that the three of them hadn’t responded for a long time and couldn’t help showing a look of disappointment as she went to put away the three artifacts.

“Why would Little Sister Xiao Qi say that?” Yu Ruo Mei moved first as she put on a giant smile, “Elder Sister saw that Little Sister is a good girl at first sight. Since Little Sister wants that Firebird, Elder Sister will not compete with her. Elder Sister is willing to cooperate.”

She spoke righteously, but her hands moved even faster, s.n.a.t.c.hing the Gauze Robe and stuffing it directly into her s.p.a.ce Ring.

Forget about whether the Firebird in Clear Jade Mountain actually was as valuable as this Origin King Grade Mid-Rank defensive artifact, even if it was, after splitting the profits from it four ways, it would not be equivalent.

Moreover, they had yet to even begin and Mo Xiao Qi had already given her such a valuable artifact, so if they really did manage to succeed, there would undoubtedly be even more benefits.

As such, she didn’t hesitate anymore.

Seeing that Yu Ruo Mei had already spoken, Xu Qing couldn’t help but to lightly cough and say, “This Xu deeply understands Sister Xiao Qi’s sincerity. If that is the case, then you can count on this Xu’s a.s.sistance.”

Saying so, his gaze s.h.i.+fted back and forth between the broadsword and sabre hesitantly before eventually choosing the broadsword and putting it into his s.p.a.ce Ring.

Mo Xiao Qi turned her gaze to Yang Kai, looking at him expectantly.

Yang Kai frowned as he instinctively didn’t want to wade into this muddy water, but once he thought about Liu Yan being besieged by so many masters, he could only play along for now.

Xu Qing also persuaded, “Brother Yang, after Sister Xiao Qi has shown such sincerity, how can you hesitate?”

Yang Kai sighed and said, “It’s not that I am hesitating, it’s just… I don’t use sabres.”

Mo Xiao Qi heard this and her eyes lit up as she hurriedly said, “Then what kind of artifact does Big Brother Yang want?”

It seemed she didn’t fear Yang Kai asking for compensation, but rather him not asking for anything.

“Do you have a Sword? An Ice Attribute sword would be best,” Yang Kai suddenly remembered that the Monster Insect Queen lacked a decent weapon, so he decided to ask directly.

“En, let me take a look, I think I had one somewhere.” Saying so, Mo Xiao Qi put away the sabre and began digging through her s.p.a.ce Ring again.

Xu Qing and Yu Ruo Mei were now staring at this s.p.a.ce Ring with fiery eyes, as if they were staring at an endless treasure trove.

It wasn’t surprising for them to act like this though, as Mo Xiao Qi’s performance at this moment made them believe that this girl was carrying countless precious treasures. She was easily able to take out three or four Origin King Grade artifacts, so who knows how many more good things she had in her ring?

Who wouldn’t covet such a s.p.a.ce Ring?

Yang Kai naturally saw this and couldn’t help sneering in his heart.

He didn’t believe that Xu Qing and Yu Ruo Mei couldn’t see the various issues about Mo Xiao Qi, but people die for wealth just as birds die for food. This was an eternal truth, so Yang Kai didn’t even concern himself about it.

After a long while, Mo Xiao Qi raised her head and said to Yang Kai in an apologetic tone, “Big Brother Yang… I seem to have remembered wrong. I don’t have the Ice Attribute Origin King Grade High-Rank sword.”

Her expression was just like a child who had done something wrong and was seeking forgiveness.

Yang Kai said lightly, “Since you don’t have one, don’t worry about it.”

In any case, even if the Monster Insect Queen didn’t have a proper weapon, the strength it could display was still not weak.

“Would a pair of dual swords be alright?” After Mo Xiao Qi finished speaking, she suddenly took two long swords that exuded a rich chill. One of these swords was purple and about a meter in length while the other was blue and was slightly shorter. This pair of dual swords made for a perfect combination that gave off a brilliant aura and had an oppressive air about them.

The most noticeable thing about these two long swords was that each one gave off the aura fluctuations an Origin King Grade High-Rank artifact should have.

Xu Qing and Yu Ruo Mei’s eyes turned red all of a sudden as their breathing became ragged.

“Dual swords?” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up brightly as he never expected Mo Xiao Qi to give him such a huge pleasant surprise.

In essence, dual swords were still just a single sword artifact, but wielding them was significantly more complicated than a single sword. Correspondingly, the power that they could exert was also far greater.

For this reason, the value of these dual swords was far above that of an ordinary artifact, equivalent to the value of a defensive artifact of the same level.

In other words, this pair of Origin King Grade High-Rank longswords was equal in value to an ordinary Dao Source Grade artifact.


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