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If Shan Qing Luo really rebelled, all those in her palace and Fragrance City would be decimated, revenge in the style of those of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land.

Unlike the other Demon Kings, Shan Qing Luo was not a cold-blooded person. She had conflicted feelings and naturally could not answer Yang Kai’s request, even though she wishes she could.

“You either leave now, or you stay and hide here,” Shan Qing Luo sighed. “This way, you will be safe.”

After She said that, she looked at Yang Kai mournfully, then turned and left with Bi Lou.

Yang Kai had unknowingly planted the seeds of love in her mind. Over the course of their separation, this seedling had grew. Eventually, there will come a time when this seedling would become a plant with a bulb ready to bloom. At that point in time, the drawbacks of her Poison Widow Body physique would erupt.

She will desperately seek out Yang Kai, and once she does “that” with him, with overbearing and sinister Poison Widow Body physique will take effect and Yang Kai will die.

Shan Qing Luo didn’t dare to stay with Yang Kai for too long, because the more contact she had with him, the faster her attraction grew.

She must leave here to get as far away from Yang Kai as possible.

Meng Wu Ya did not bother with her as he opened the barrier and let her go.

After Shan Qing Luo’s departure, the heavy atmosphere finally lightened up.

As she said, there are only two ways out for everyone. One is to hide in the barrier of this Heavenly Palace. The other one is to escape while the Demon Lord and the other Demon Kings are gone.

They can only guarantee their own lives.

“Can’t you leave?” Meng Wu Ya looked at Yang Kai and asked.

“Where would I go?” Yang Kai smiled. Even if Central Capital was ruined, then the world is only so big that I am afraid that there would be no place for everyone to live and settle.

Yang Kai did not want to see himself or his friends fleeing and panicking like stray dogs.

“If you can’t leave, then stay, but the strength of your followers has to be raised quickly.” Meng Wu Ya turned his head and looked around. During the Inheritance War, the strength of Yang Kai’s follows indeed an overwhelming advantage.

But when the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land struck, this strength became meagre compared to what they were facing.

Many people had witnessed the overbearing strength of all of the Demon Kings. The mysterious techniques and skills that lit up the sky were still vivid in their minds, and it made everyone’s blood boil. Yang Kai couldn’t wait to upgrade his strength so he could fight on equal terms with the Demon Kings.

“No matter what the situation of Eight Great Families and Central Capital are in, we must have the strength to protect our own side.” Yang Kai thought out loud which made those who did not know what to do now have a clear idea of what to do now and with a firm grin, he said, “Since this is the case, time to cultivate.”

Everyone nodded in unison, the Heavenly Palace’s barrier was there for protection. They could raise their strength in safety without a worry.

“Senior Li, during this time I can only ask you to wait here before you return to the Endless Sea Islands.” Yang Kai said as he turned to look at Li Yuan Chun.

Li Yuan Chun’s face warped with displeasure. Although they were not willing, they could only nod and agree, “Alright.”

Although Li Yuan Chun lived in the Endless Sea Islands, at the moment he was more concerned about the state of inland. Now, he had seen artifacts that he had never heard of before, and he had also seen powerful Cultivators that Endless Sea Islands had never had. Naturally, his heart was filled with curiosity. This was not an opportunity that is easily come by, so he felt as though he should take advantage of this time to broaden his horizons.

Li Yuan Chun felt very concerned about Meng Wu Ya, as he knew that this person was always a little different from everyone else.

The palace quickly restored calm, and among the ruins, only Yang Kai House remained intact.

Everyone went about their own duties. It seemed like everything went on as normal, the cultivators cultivated, and there was no danger of a disaster suddenly befalling them.

On the same day, Yang Kai gave a large amount of Myriad Drug Liquid to Xia Ning Chang for her to practise Alchemy with.

Then, Yang Kai summoned all the Blood Warriors in the house, and gave them all a small piece of Myriad Drug Cream.

Meng Wu Ya said that Myriad Drug Cream contained hints of the Heavenly Way. With help from it, you could understand the Heavenly Way more easily.

The Myriad Drug Cream was extremely valuable, and Yang Kai didn’t have a large amount of it to begin with, but now was the time for him to use it to boost the levels of his trusted followers.

Yang Kai hopes that the Blood Warriors who had reached the peak of the Immortal Ascension Boundary will be able to see through the mystery of Above Immortal Ascension Boundary through the use of the Myriad Drug Cream.

Once successful, these Blood Warriors will be the strongest followers under his command.

Then, even if they did not have Meng Wu Ya’s Heavenly Palace, Yang Kai would still have the ability to protect himself and his followers from the hara.s.sment of the Ash Grey Cloud Evil Land.

One day later, Ying Jiu returned from the Central Capital and brought back news that left Yang Kai shocked.

The Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land besiege the Central Capital through the northwest gate with a large number of cultivators and Monstrous Beasts, raging and killing. The Gao Family suffered heavy losses due to this incursion and the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary Grand Elder of the Gao Family was killed by the Demon Lord. They whole family could not retreat to the Kang Family in the north of Central Capital

The Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s level of strength was astonis.h.i.+ng and beyond everyone’s expectations.

The other six families had also sent reinforcements to join the Kang Family to face the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land together.

When Ying Jiu left the Central Capital, the two sides were confrontational but neither had made a move yet, so the result as of now was unknown.

“What is the situation of Yang Family?” Yang Kai hurriedly asked.

“The Ash Grey Cloud Evil Land has not attacked the South gate yet so Yang family has yet to make a move. There has been no problems for the time being. The Fourth Master and the Fourth Lady are safe and the family has not sent them into action.”

Hearing that his parents were not a part of the fighting, Yang Kai couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and said, “Why did you not bring them over to meet me in war city?”

Ying Jiu shook his head, “The Central Capital is unaware of the situation in War City at the moment, but the Fourth Master and Lady are very worried about your safety.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly. This place had been scorched to the ground. Apart from his followers, there was no one living in War City, so it was hard for the Central Capital to get news from here.

“I see. Go back and rest now.” Yang Kai said, taking out a small piece of Myriad Drug Cream. Ying Jiu accepted and quickly retired.

After giving it some thought, Yang Kai called for the Golden Feather Eagle, wrote a letter and gave it to the eagle, then sent it to the Yang Family to give his mother some peace of mind and to travel to War City if possible.

However, Yang Kai knew that with his father’s personality, he would not leave the Yang Family during this time.

But since the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land entered Central Capital from the northwest corner, for a short time there will be no problems for the Yang Family. The Eight Great Families were not sheep to be slaughtered, they will adapt to the situation and it would be impossible for the Ash Grey Cloud Evil Land’s invasion to go smoothly.

After having arranged everything, Yang Kai entered secluded cultivation.

In the room, Yang Kai held his breath and sat cross-legged.

Yang Kai’s Divine Sense broke into his Knowledge Sea and his Soul spirit manifested itself. Yang Kai stood in his Knowledge Sea looking flabbergasted at the large amount of pure Spiritual Energy floating above his Knowledge Sea.

This large amount of pure Spiritual Energy was left after the Solitary Golden Eye had killed the spirit manifestation of the Ye Family’s Above Immortal Ascension Elder.

After two or three days had elapsed, Yang Kai couldn’t believe until now but the Solitary Golden Eye had destroyed the soul of an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary elder with just a golden light.

It was only at this moment that Yang Kai had time and effort to examine the pure energy that he had left after his death.

Yang Kai was surprised to find that this large group of energy wa not only pure and powerful, but also contained many wisps of law.

These wisps of law should belong to the Ya Family master, the deductions of the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao that he had acc.u.mulated over the years.

After his spirit imprint was wiped out by the Solitary Golden Eye, all his thoughts and memories were purified, leaving only the pure energy of his cultivation.

When Yang Kai noticed this, he couldn’t help but smile. He didn’t expect the Solitary Golden Eye to bring such great benefits to myself.

All the Spiritual Energy acc.u.mulated by an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary Master was obviously very strong, this was the result of hundreds of years of intense cultivation, but now it was all left in Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea.

Yang Kai’s Soul Manifestation walked up to the ma.s.s of energy and sat down facing it, with just a thought, the enormous and pure cloud of energy was continuously drawn out into Yang Kai.

In an instant, Yang Kai felt a sense of fulfillment, as though he hasn’t eaten for days to finally have had a scrumptious feast.

Yang Kai’s Soul Manifestation was growing stronger at a speed almost visible to the naked eye.

The Knowledge Sea below roiled with towering waves up and down reflecting Yang Kai’s mood.

The huge cloud of energy was no longer the Ye Family master. It was pure energy. Anyone could easily absorb this and strengthen themselves while suffering no drawbacks from absorbing this ownerless energy.

Yang Kai was ecstatic.

With his absorption, the Soul Warming Lotus’ island gleamed brightly with colours.

It was hard to tell how much time had pa.s.sed. After Yang Kai completely absorbed the cloud of pure energy, he then returned back to the world.

When he returned to his senses, Yang Kai was shocked.

With just this short retreat, Yang Kai had actually broken through another small realm, having arrived at the Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage and steadily moving towards the fourth stage.

The pure energy left by the death of the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary Master had actually helped him improve this much, and Yang Kai couldn’t help but ponder this point.

If he killed a few more above Immortal Ascension Boundary, and he absorbed all of the Spiritual Energy left after their death, then wouldn’t his strength sky rocket?

This thought excited Yang Kai so much he couldn’t help but be tempted.

It’s hard lose thoughts like that, but eventually Yang Kai calmed down.

Last time Yang Kai could use the Solitary Golden Eye to kill the master of Ye Family. He still doesn’t know how to manipulate the Solitary Golden Eye. If he could master this power, then his idea might not be entirely impossible.

Consider all this , Yang Kai no longer hesitated and quickly released his Divine Sense to probe the closed one-eyed, want to see if he could refine it.

This thing should be a Soul type artifact, But Yang Kai had no idea who could make such a thing, but he could kill an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary Master with this Artifact, so it was definitely not Mysterious Grade.

An artifact of the Mysterious Grade cla.s.s could not hold this power.

Above Mysterious Grade was Spirit Grade, a grade only heard of in legends.

If Yang Kai had a Spirit Grade artifact, what sort of concept was that?

The Solitary Golden Eye was not any weaker than Meng Wu Ya’s Heavenly Palace.


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