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Chapter 1058 – The Strong Asura King

After Dragon One and the Asura King left, the rush of mystic realm demons slowed down. Without the Asura King directing them, these mystic realm demons no longer attacked without regard for their lives. Although they desired flesh and blood, they also cared for their lives. Although the disciples of the four clans were exhausted and nearly depleted of energy, each of them would still be able to easily drag down a few hundred mystic realm demons with them. And, those Divine Sea realm powerhouses were even more fierce. If they burnt some blood essence, they could kill several hundred if not a thousand mystic realm demons each.

After a ma.s.sive number of mystic realm demons were killed, some of them gave birth to the idea of retreating before they unconsciously wandered away. Although the mystic realm demons still sieged the disciples of the four clans, the pressure on them was reduced by a great deal.

At this time, the disciples of the four clans took this chance to escape. As for chasing after Lin Ming, that was simply a joke. Not everyone was as crazy as Dragon One.

“To think someone profited from our efforts. How laughable, even though we suffered so many casualties, we still became a joke!”

“There’s nothing we can do. This unknown existence is too good at hiding and their speed is extremely fast. Also, they can escape through the ground. If they can do that then this being must be some top master!”

In the end, the reason Lin Ming was able to profit from the chaos was the concealing effect of the grandmist s.p.a.ce. Otherwise, if Lin Ming really decided to hurl himself into 100,000 mystic realm demon, the energy powering the grandmist s.p.a.ce would slowly exhaust itself. Moreover, among those 100,000 mystic realm demons there were still 30,000 year old demons like Demon One and Demon Two. Each of those fellows was equal to someone like Xiao Ping.

“It’s over. Don’t think about it anymore. The greater a lucky chance, the greater the dangers that follow it. The dragon bone is not something that we can obtain. If we remain stubborn then we’ll simply lose our lives in vain. We might as well take inventory of our casualties and reorganize. We need to make use of the time we have left and look for some more harvests…”

An Ancient Phoenix Clan disciple quietly said. But, as soon as he mentioned counting the casualties, the mood suddenly became heavy. Of the eight core disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, there were only four left. As for those branch palace disciples that had been abandoned, they were likely to have suffered an unfortunate fate. In other words, the Ancient Phoenix Clan could already consider themselves lucky if they had five people remaining.

As for the other three clans, they didn’t have many people left over either. There had been 68 disciples that entered the G.o.d Beast Mystic Realm smelting trial, but now only 30 some were left alive. Most of them had died!

“I’m finished… I’m so finished… I fear that Yan Littlemoon and Lin Ming have already died…”

Huo Clearheart absentmindedly said as if he had lost his soul. The battle had been too intense. He was barely able to defend himself, much less find the strength to save Lin Ming. And as he thought about it, Lin Ming only had a seventh stage Life Destruction cultivation. In such a brutal melee, his chances of surviving approached zero…

At this time, deep within the swamp, Lin Ming was directly impacting downwards. He had already penetrated a thousand feet underground, but he could actually feel a powerful divine sense shroud over his body. The thick killing intent was like a beam of light s.h.i.+ning down on his back!

The Asura King was hot in pursuit!

“This d.a.m.ned Asura King is really troublesome!”

Lin Ming frowned. He discovered that he had underestimated the Asura King. The Asura King was likely equal to an outstanding Divine Transformation martial artist. After swallowing up the essence energy of the supreme dragon bone, it was likely able to compare with a top cla.s.s character like White Daohong. Even though it was at its weakest state because it had just crossed demonic tribulation and had also been injured in the ma.s.sive array formed by the disciples of the Ancient Dragon Clan, its strength was still not at a level that Lin Ming could contend with.

In the final a.n.a.lysis, Lin Ming’s cultivation was simply too low. He had been able to rely on the grandmist s.p.a.ce to profit from the chaos, but now that he was exposed to the Asura King’s senses, the weakness that was his low cultivation had also been exposed.

2000 feet, 3000 feet… all the way to 10,000 feet!

Lin Ming had now penetrated 10,000 feet deep into the ground. At this time, he suddenly felt the resistance multiply. The pressure at such a depth was already immense, but now the soft swamp mud had finally come to an end.

The black swamp had gathered here for countless hundreds of millions of years, enough that the swamp was 10,000 deep. But past this, because of the tremendous pressure, the swamp was actually compressed to an extremely hard degree that was not softer than rock.

“This is bad!”

Lin Ming furrowed his eyebrows. He opened the Heretical G.o.d Force and used its strength to crazily stimulate the grandmist s.p.a.ce to an even greater degree. The hard black earth constantly dissolved ahead of him even as it acc.u.mulated behind him. Although grandmist s.p.a.ce was said to annihilate all Laws, one had to have enough true essence to support it.

Lin Ming’s cultivation was only at the seventh stage of Life Destruction. As he drilled his way through this hard rock-like soil, his speed fell even further!

“He’s nearing me more and more!”

Lin Ming could feel that thick killing intent slowly closing in!

This was underground. By relying on the grandmist s.p.a.ce, Lin Ming had a ma.s.sive superiority in terms of Laws. Even so, his speed was inferior to the Asura King’s.

If this was on the surface, there was even less to say. Even if Lin Ming opened the Gate of Wonder, and also had Golden Roc Shattering the Void and Mystic Lightning Shade supporting him, he still wouldn’t be able to escape if he had wings.

The difference in strength was just too great!

“You d.a.m.ned little beast, you won’t escape from me!” A snarled voice sounded out from behind Lin Ming. It was the Asura King. As the Asura King’s entire body was bathed in blood, it seemed like a monstrous ghost that crawled up from the pits of h.e.l.l.

These wounds were created by Dragon One and the other disciples of the Ancient Dragon Clan. With such heavy wounds, the Asura King had consumed 90% of its true essence and now its strength was only several percent of its peak state. Even so, it was this fierce. If it weren’t so unwilling to discard its physical body that it had painstakingly developed over tens of thousands of years then it would have been able to instantly catch up to Lin Ming. The main body of a mystic realm demon was a stream of energy, so physical matter like the earth simply wasn’t able to stop them.

“Energy Cage, circle and kill him!”

The Asura King bellowed out. It thrust his palms forwards and dozens of black energy streams plunged towards Lin Ming like snakes. The Asura King wasn’t willing to abandon its physical body, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t release energy attacks.

As Lin Ming saw these energy streams about to surround him and pen him in, he was alarmed!

In that life or death moment, Lin Ming’s eyes were as cool and calm as a glacier. He extracted the Phoenix Blood Spear from the Extreme Violet Ring and thrust it outwards. 999 small blood spears swept up into a storm around the spear edge. The black earth in front of Lin Ming was instantly torn apart. At the same time, the phoenix mark between his eyebrows began to dazzle with a brilliant light like a sun! A dark gold phoenix rushed out from Lin Ming’s body and a maddening power of fire swirled about, cras.h.i.+ng into the black earth and melting it into magma.


Lin Ming broke through this magma and avoided being caught by that dangerous black energy.


A violent explosion sounded out from behind Lin Ming. But as for Lin Ming himself, he bolted forwards, unstoppable!

“Mm!? Fire Laws!”

Behind Lin Ming, the Asura King’s eyes turned cold. Although it was chasing Lin Ming from behind, it wasn’t able to tell if Lin Ming was a human or something else because of the dark grandmist armor that concealed him. But now that Lin Ming used the Fire Laws to break his way forwards, it was easier to tell that he was a human.

Of the four G.o.d Beast Clans, the only ones that excelled in the Fire Laws were the Fire Kirin Branch of the Kirin Clan, the Fire Dragon Branch of the Ancient Dragon Clan, and the Ancient Phoenix Clan. Although the gold phoenix was covered up by the swamp mud, the Asura King was still able to vaguely feel the aura of a G.o.d Beast. After all, it had absorbed part of the dragon bone, and this aura had a similar feel to it.

“A disciple of the four G.o.d Beast Clans! So it’s those d.a.m.ned mousies again!!”

The Asura King was infuriated. It was much stronger than an ordinary Asura King, and thus it believed in its own strength and viewed the disciples of the four G.o.d Beast Clans as prey it could pinch to death at any moment. It had formed a net in order to attract all of them and use their flesh and blood to complete its perfect physical body. But, it never imagined that the Ancient Dragon Clan would be so powerful. They were even able to frontally engage it in a brutal conflict. And, Xiao Ping, Jiang Bai, and Argent Gale weren’t weaklings either. Even under the attack of mystic realm demons with tens of thousands of years of cultivation, they were still able to escape. And then after that, this mouse in front of him had actually taken advantage of the time when it was distracted and stole away his dragon bone. This left the Asura King fuming with rage.

“You better not let me catch you, because if I do I will have you die in the most agonizing way possible! I will suck out your flesh and blood, lock your soul into my stomach and have you suffer there for a thousand years!”

The Asura King madly raved. It constantly thrust out black streams of energy to grasp at Lin Ming, but time after time Lin Ming was able to use his true essence to shatter the earth in front of him with the dual Fire Laws and Grandmist Laws. But, drilling down in such a method was extremely taxing on Lin Ming’s energy.


Lin Ming deeply frowned. He originally had a plan. That was for the Asura King to not be able to persist anymore with its injuries, and then it would discard his physical body to continue the chase. Then, if the Asura King tried to penetrate into his spiritual sea, this might possibly cause a counterattack from the Magic Cube. But now it looked like the Asura King simply wouldn’t need to abandon its physical form. Lin Ming felt as if he would be the first one to give out.

Within Lin Ming’s body, the blood of the Ancient Phoenix burned and the Heretical G.o.d Sprout whistled. The energy within his body was being rapidly depleted. After penetrating past 10,000 feet, every couple hundred feet after that was no different from a furious battle.

And now Lin Ming was only trying to attempt a war of attrition. If he could persist then there would be a turning point! He didn’t believe that there was an endless amount of energy within the Asura King.

30,000 feet…

50,000 feet…

70,000 feet…

200,000 feet…

300,000 feet!

300,000 feet was only a few hundred miles deep underground. In ordinary conditions, Lin Ming would only need a few breaths of time to fly such a distance. But, he had to use a quarter hour to reach this far down. Moreover, he had consumed 60-70% of the energy in his body. Even with the Gate of Healing, he still couldn’t continue like this!

Lin Ming’s forehead and palms were wet with sweat. All the blood in his body was tumbling and he was panting like a dog!

And behind him, the Asura King was still hot in pursuit!

Lin Ming discovered that the temperature had gradually increased the entire time. Then, with a loud banging noise, Lin Ming broke through a sheet of hard rock and a billowing wave of wild heat rushed towards him.

This was underground magma!


Lin Ming’s eyes brightened. If he entered the magma then he would have a much greater superiority with his Fire Laws!

However, just as this idea popped into Lin Ming’s mind, he heard a loud explosion right above him. The rock shattered apart and a man covered in blood rushed at him. His eyes were blood red, his hair was ruined, and the killing intent around him had condensed into essence. He was no different from a demon of the abyss.

Lin Ming’s mind chilled. He turned to throw himself into the magma, but the Asura King also grasped down with his fierce claws.


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