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Chapter 159 – Thunder Soul

Not only that, but Lin Ming also knew that within the body’s countless tiny units, there was an extremely complex and mystical electric current that ran through. These electric currents were very weak, but they were a vital intermediary for the countless small units to contact each other and the body.

If one did not have these tiny and weak electric currents, then the many activities of the human body would simply cease to function.

Therefore, there were some mighty elders who studied unusual methods of cultivation that would fly into thunder clouds and direct the thunder and lightning to temper their body. They would cross the calamity of thunder, and use it to enhance their own strength.

However, while thunder was a force that gave birth to life, it was also a destructive force that destroyed life. It was able to turn flesh and blood to ashes and burn down vast forests.

The way to control this power all rested in a martial artist’s own hands.

The Seven Profound Valleys’ Thunder Valley simultaneously had the tiger leopard thunderclap and also lightning to temper the body. An ordinary disciple simply could not practice in such a maniacal and deranged way, that was why only the disciples that were in the top 20 ranks of the Ranking Stone would dare to enter.

But not even the top 10 ranking disciples would dare to cultivate in Thunder Valley like Lin Ming did. He walked into that that ma.s.s of chaotically twisting electric snakes and let the power of lightning penetrate into his body.

Lin Ming began to feel the extremely uncomfortable feeling of having his entire body go numb. But soon, this numbness evolved into a thrilling and exciting feeling that caused Lin Ming to wish that a more violent thunder would descend upon him.

Like this, the Heretical G.o.d Seed in Lin Ming’s body devoured the lightning like a sponge absorbing water.

The mung bean-sized Heretical G.o.d Seed began to slowly grow, and a faint violet light began to reflect upon its surface.

Lin Ming stayed in the magnetic darksteel chamber for most of an hour. Slowly, he began to feel the surrounding power of thunder weaken, and also the roaring tiger leopard thunderclaps weaken; they were no longer as deafening as they were at the start.

“Mm? Was the power of thunder in this magnetic darksteel chamber absorbed cleanly by me?”

Lin Ming opened his eyes and discovered that there were only 2 or 3 of the spasmodically dancing electric purple snakes along the walls, and not only that, but they had a rather dim and fading appearance. If Lin Ming stayed here for another quarter hour, then those 2 to 3 electricity snakes would probably be finished.

Thunder Valley was different from the Lava Cave. The Lava Cave’s lava pool was directly connected to a deep semi-active volcano below the mountain, so the lava fire was able to flow with a nearly inexhaustible supply. No matter how much was consumed, it would immediately be replaced by more.

But Thunder Valley’s magnetic darksteel room was sealed by a ma.s.sive amount of magnetic darksteel, so that it was able to steer the thunder from a thunderstorm into the array and store the power of thunder and lightning.

The amount of lightning that was stored was limited, so how could it withstand such a sweeping absorption by Lin Ming?

“I guess I’m done here. I should move to the twelfth level of difficulty.” Thinking this, Lin Ming left the magnetic darksteel chamber.

Although Lin Ming had sucked dry most of the thunder power within the magnetic darksteel room, as long as there was another thunderstorm, then the power of thunder within the magnetic darksteel room would be replenished. Because of this, Lin Ming had no plans to be conservative with how much of the thunder power he absorbed, or to mention it.

“Junior Apprentice Brother came out so quickly; it’s only been less than an hour. Would you like to take a rest?” The Thunder Valley deacon saw Lin Ming exit from the magnetic chamber and greeted him with a smile. Lin Ming would become a core disciple sooner or later, so naturally he wanted to curry some favor with him.

“Junior Apprentice Brother, I have some Clarion Mind Pills here. If you take them it may clear up some of the numbness within your body.” The deacon pulled out a small jar from a pocket as he said this and attentively handed it to Lin Ming. He believed that Lin Ming was unable to withstand the intense stimulation from the tempering of thunder and lightning upon his body, and had left the chamber. In fact, even if it were the top ten ranked disciples, or even someone in the cla.s.s of Zhang Guanyu, they would not be able to persist for too long within the magnetic darksteel chamber. Even they would need to absorb true essence stones and also take a Clarion Mind Pill in order to barely hold on inside.

The eleventh level of difficulty in Thunder Valley far outstripped the difficulty of the other six major killing arrays!

Lin Ming smiled and waved. He said, “I thank Senior Apprentice Brother for his kindness, but I do not need the Clarion Mind Pills. I want to change the difficulty level.”

“Uh… this… well, does Junior Apprentice Brother Lin not know that Thunder Valley only has two difficulties? They are the eleventh and twelfth levels. Because the nature of the power of thunder and lightning is simply too rebellious, the original array master who set this array formation did not have any way to force this power into obeying, so there are only two levels of difficulty.” The deacon managed to awkwardly say; he thought that Lin Ming wanted to switch to a lower level of difficulty. “Junior Apprentice Brother Lin, with your cultivation, as long as you take a Clarion Mind Pill and true essence stones, it is absolutely no problem for you to be able to withstand the eleventh level of difficulty.”

Lin Ming laughed and said, “Mm, I know. I was going to ask to change to the twelfth level of difficulty.

“What?” The deacon was stunned. “You… you want to enter the twelfth level of difficulty?”

Lin Ming nodded.

The deacon remained silent; he simply couldn’t find the language to say anything. He knew that Lin Ming was very formidable, and had even defeated Zhang Guanyu, but the power of Thunder Valley’s twelfth level of difficulty was simply incomparably abnormal. Even a veteran Pulse Condensation Period martial artist wouldn’t be able to hold on inside!

In fact, ever since the deacon had begun managing Thunder Valley, he had only opened the twelfth level of difficulty a handful of times. Ling Sen had tried one time, but not even half an incense stick of time had pa.s.sed before he scurried back out, his entire body scorched black.

Besides him, there were also several core disciples who had tried. Although their natural talent was superior to Ling Sen’s, their combat prowess was much lower, so their result was even worse and the electric strength had burnt off all their hair.

The power of thunder within the twelfth level of difficulty combined with the tiger leopard thunderclap was not a joke!

Lin Ming was fierce, but could he be fiercer than Ling Sen?

“Junior Apprentice Brother Lin, the twelfth level of difficulty in the magnetic darksteel chamber is something that not even a senior Pulse Condensation Period martial artist can persist in. Not only that, but the array formation does not reduce the power of thunder inside. If Junior Apprentice Lin is injured then…” The Thunder Valley deacon laid it out mildly. He was quite scared that Lin Ming would be electrocuted within and experience a tragedy.

Of the seven major killings arrays of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and lightning, all of them besides the lightning killing array had a certain capacity to independently judge a situation. If a martial artist were on the verge of death, the killing array would promptly stop. This was why there were only a few disciples that had died so far.

But Thunder Valley was different. The snaking electricity flew in all directions; it simply wasn’t something that could be stopped or fettered by the array formation. If one blacked out from the overwhelming electrical energy, then they would die.

If the genius of the Seven Profound Martial House that was only seen once a century was to tragically die in Thunder Valley, then that would simply be too hilarious.

Lin Ming sheepishly grinned, “Well, I just want to give it a try. If I have any problems inside, then I will immediately come out. How about that?”

“Well… alright.” The Thunder Valley deacon could only agree to let Lin Ming try and give up afterwards. Ling Sen had been able to last half an incense stick of time. Since Lin Ming was inferior to Ling Sen, then he would probably be able to persist for a few dozen breaths without any problems.

After all, Junior Apprentice Brother Lin wasn’t some silly little child. If he had problems, then he would definitely come out.

Thinking this, the Thunder Valley deacon opened the last magnetic darksteel chamber gate.

Lin Ming entered the twelfth level difficulty magnetic darksteel chamber. This magnetic chamber was a full 300 by 300 feet square. This was also the first time that he had ever stepped into the twelfth level difficulty of a major killing array.

The twelfth level difficulty truly was extraordinary. After Lin Ming stepped into the magnetic chamber, even though he was using true essence to protect his ears, the rumbling sound of thunder was enough to shock his ears with a deeply stinging pain. Long, thick, electric snakes several dozens of feet long waves back and forth like living lightning. Chi chi chi chi. The detonating sounds of the electricity in the room made one’s scalp tingle.

Seeing such a thick electric snake, even Lin Ming felt a little jumpy. It was no wonder a Pulse Condensation Period martial artist could not last in here. If such a thick electrical snake flowed through the human body, its powerful effects could be imagined.

Lin Ming let out a light breath and began to revolve the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’. Then, he walked into that ma.s.s of electricity.


As the electric current entered Lin Ming’s body, he began to violently shake, nearly fainting. However, at the same time, the Heretical G.o.d Seed his heart began to become active again.

As the Heretical G.o.d seed bathed in the power of thunder, it began to emit a faint whimper of excitement. Countless flows of electrical current began to converge at his heart and flow into the Heretical G.o.d Seed, as if it was a parched man gulping down water.

“What a strong power of thunder!”

Lin Ming thought with amazement.

Along with the influx of electricity into his heart, the Heretical G.o.d Seed began to riotously vibrate. Lin Ming locked onto it with his soul force to prevent any accidents, but it seemed that his concern was unnecessary.

In the Heretical G.o.d Seed, the three compressed forces of true essence, flame, and thunder were able to peacefully coexist with each other. Lin Ming was simply amazed by the mystery of the ‘Heretical G.o.d Force’.

At this moment, outside of the door leading to the magnetic darksteel chamber, the deacon’s voice sounded out. “Junior Apprentice Brother Lin, are you alright?”

Lin Ming found this funny. He replied with a laugh, “I’m fine!”

In any case, the Heretical G.o.d Seed was able to spontaneously absorb the power of thunder; he wasn’t worried about being distracted by responding.

After another while, the senior apprentice brother deacon came up again and asked, “Junior Apprentice Brother Lin, are you still alright?”

“I’m okay!” Lin Ming responded again.

After another quarter hour crossed, the deacon’s voice sounded behind the door again. “Junior Apprentice Brother Lin, if you cannot withstand it, you should come out first. Don’t force yourself!”

Lin Ming was speechless. This deacon senior apprentice brother was long-winded enough.

Time pa.s.sed minute by minute, second by second. Soon, two hours had quietly gone.

In the twelfth level difficulty magnetic darksteel chamber, that ma.s.s of windingly thick electric snakes had already been evaporated, and what was left over were only a few, weak electric  currents that were still sparking as they pa.s.sed along the walls.

In Lin Ming’s heart, the Heretical G.o.d Seed had grown to the size of a soybean, and the surface was covered with a layer of crystal clear violet light. It had combined together with that garnet from the compressed flame essence, and was incomparably beautiful as it glimmered with a translucent sheen.

Around the Heretical G.o.d Seed, a faint electric spark appeared. In the midst of the dim electric spark, there seemed to be a thin purple snake made from lightning flittering about as it traveled around the Heretical G.o.d Seed. From time to time, it would circle around the Flame Essence, playing with it, as if it had some deep spiritual intelligence.

Thunder Soul!

The power of thunder and lightning inside of the magnetic chamber had finally condensed into a Thunder Soul!

Lin Ming was extremely joyful. A Thunder Soul was much more precious than Flame Essence; there were only a few martial artists who had a thunder attribute.

Moreover, inside of the Heretical G.o.d Seed, the Thunder Soul had unlimited possibilities for growth.

The magnetic darksteel chamber contained the power of lightning and thunder, however, this power was only the most ordinary and natural of thunder forces, which came from a thundercloud. It was only able to create a Thunder Soul, it wasn’t possible to allow it to go.

Looking at the small snake-like spark in the electric light, Lin Ming had a deep sense of achievement that soaked through him.

Flame Essence!

Thunder Soul!

The Heretical G.o.d Seed was truly marvelous. If the Flame Essence and Thunder Soul continued evolving, what other changes would occur inside of the Heretical G.o.d Seed?

At this moment, outside of the magnetic darksteel chamber, the Thunder Valley Deacon was anxiously watching the hourgla.s.s with a very scared and bewildered expression.

“Did I make a mistake? Two hours?”

The Thunder Valley deacon was unable to believe such an unthinkable fact; even a peak Pulse Condensation Period martial artist would not be able to last inside for so long!



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