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Chapter 340 – Shattered Crystal Blood Diffusion

Lin Ming naturally didn’t notice Zhou Xinyu’s young, girlish thoughts. He was only quickly thinking of a way to escape from this predicament.

Once Huang Zixuan caught up, Zhou Xinyu would die. As for him, facing an a.s.sault from a late Houtian master and a peak Houtian master, his odds weren’t looking too great either.

As for attacking Huang Zixuan’s mount, if Lin Ming could attack the golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle, then the enemy could also attack his Winged Flood Dragon. If Lin Ming wanted to compare his single attacks to the attacks of three Houtian masters against each other’s mounts, he would be the one on the losing end.

No matter how Lin Ming looked at things, he had been forced into an absolute dead end.

Calm down, calm down, there’s always a way out… Lin Ming completely relaxed his mind, and his breathing slowed down. He slowly thought about the possible escape methods and rejected them one at a time.

It seemed… as if there was only one road to walk…

But walking down this road was also extremely dangerous. A single careless mistake and he would be beyond redemption!

Lin Ming took a deep breath and soon decided. In the path of martial arts, there were already countless risks. In the 3000 endless universes, there were countless lands like the Sky Spill Continent, and innumerable geniuses. Yet, the number that managed to reach the peak of martial arts was actually very few. Even if they were like Lin Ming and others who had received a great fortuitous opportunity, if they didn’t experience many risks and dangers, wanting to set foot on the peak of martial arts was just an idiot speaking nonsense.

Lin Ming firmed his resolve, clenched his teeth, and said, “Miss Zhou, I remember that you said before that the Moon Seizing Sect had obtained 72 Shattered Demon Heart Crystal shards, and there are still 12 left over. You have one in your spatial ring right?

“Yes… that’s right.” Zhou Xinyu was stunned for a moment, then nodded.

“Tell me, what exactly is the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal?” Lin Ming’s voice was low and rapid. Now that Huang Zixuan and his group had caught up to less than 10 miles away, it was time to drop all modesty.

Zhou Xinyu didn’t know why Lin Ming would have the heart to care about this at this moment, but she quickly explained, “1000 years ago in the holy war to punish the demonic sect… the Southern Horizon Region’s allied armies invaded Silent Demon Emperor City, and the Netherworld Great Emperor was put to death by several great emperors. The Netherworld Great Emperor was a man who cultivated peerless devil arts, and when he died in battle, the Demon Heart in his body was shattered by one of those emperors. At that time, one of those Demon Heart Crystal fragments was obtained by my Moon Seizing Sect’s Sovereign. Afterwards, the Sovereign returned to the sect and refined this Demon Heart fragment into 72 Shattered Demon Heart Crystals. Every piece of these shattered crystals contains a vast inherent energy, making them a top quality miracle medicine. Take one, melt it with medicine and direct it into the body, and fuse it into the meridians and body points. Like this, it can help a Xiantian master break through to the Revolving Core realm.”

“Help a Xiantian master break through to the Revolving Core realm… if it’s really like you say, then why has the Moon Seizing Sect been in decline for the last 1000 years?” Lin Ming asked reasonably.

Zhou Xinyu said, “When my Moon Seizing Sect partic.i.p.ated in the demonic holy war a thousand years ago, although we managed to obtain a Shattered Demon Heart Crystal, we also lost a ma.s.sive number of masters, and even the Sovereign of that time was extremely wounded. After returning to the sect, the Sovereign went into life or death close door seclusion. However, he died before he was successful… my Moon Seizing Sect’s legacy cultivation methods were never considered too good to begin with. In these past years, the fact that we could produce Revolving Core masters to guard the sect is all thanks to the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal.”

“So that’s how it is, I see now. I also have another question. You said that the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal needs a medicine to direct it into the body, what sort of medicine is that?”

“Melt it with blood. As long as the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal is melted with one’s own blood essence, they can directly swallow it into their bodies.” Zhou Xinyu’s spoke quickly. As the two were speaking, Huang Zixuan had already pulled in several miles closer. If he pulled closer again, he would enter into a sword’s long-distance attack range.

“I understand. Can you show me your spatial ring’s Shattered Demon Heart Crystal?” Lin Ming suddenly stretched out his hand, his intent clear.

Zhou Xinyu bit her lips. Although this was her sect’s most precious and valuable treasure, there was no reason in hesitating at this moment.

She quickly took out a transparent crystal bottle from her spatial ring. Suspended in the center of this crystal bottle was a red sphere the size of a water drop; this was the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal.

As soon as Lin Ming received the crystal bottle, his eyes narrows. This small red crystal actually emitted a faint but ancient endless energy that made one’s heart race.

Just by this energy, Lin Ming could tell that Zhou Xinyu’s words weren’t an exaggeration.

At this time, Zhou Xinyu seemed to suddenly realize something, and rapidly said, “Sir Lin, don’t tell me you are planning to swallow the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal and then fight a final battle with Huang Zixuan! This… you absolutely cannot do this!”

“Why?” Lin Ming lifted his head to look at Zhou Xinyu.

Zhou Xinyu urgently said, “Sir Lin, this medicine was meant to be taken by a Xiantian master. But you Sir Lin are only at the Pulse Condensation period. If you eat it, your body will blow up, killing you! Not only that, but even if it were a Xiantian master that swallowed this medicine, they would experience a truly painful and debilitating body quenching process. During this time, not only would their strength not increase at all, but because of the disorder and chaos in their true essence, their combat strength would drop!”

“I know.” Lin Ming quietly replied. Everything that Zhou Xinyu had said lined up with his expectations. In fact, most pills that increased one’s cultivation were extremely violent and fiercely potent medicines that had the same effects as the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal. For instance, the Heaven Opening Pill was the same too.

In a top quality pill, the energy contained within was vast and pure. In order to rein in and subdue this energy, one naturally had to struggle for it. When a martial artist was using their own true essence to struggle against the pill energy, their own combat strength would decrease in the meantime. Therefore, when a martial artist decided to take a pill like this, they had to find a safe place first.

A sect’s martial artist could choose to go into seclusion in an undisturbed chamber. As for other martial artists, they could ask a person they trusted to guard them.

Lin Ming didn’t currently didn’t have these choices, but he could create them.

“Second Uncle, that is the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal! That s.l.u.t, she actually gave it to an outsider!” Four to five miles away, with Huang Sanping’s sharp eyesight, he could clearly see just what was in the crystal bottle.

Huang Zixuan frowned, “Don’t worry, he won’t swallow it unless he wants to commit suicide.”

Huang Zixuan wasn’t worried that the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal would be eaten, he was only worried that it would be ruined, or even destroyed. “Hurry, hurry up!” Huang Zixuan’s voice was ice cold.

“This boy!”

A cold light flashed in Huang Zixuan’s eyes. He could only watch helplessly from several miles away as Lin Ming cut open his wrist, and dripped some blood into the crystal bottle.

“Second Uncle, this boy knows he cannot keep the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal, so he wants to ruin it!” Huang Sanping’s eyes were red with fury. The Shattered Demon Heart Crystal had to diffuse into one’s blood so it could be guided into the body. If it mixed with the blood essence of others, half of the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal would be ruined.

“He actually dares to ruin my Moon Seizing Sect’s Shattered Demon Heart Crystal! I will waste this boy’s martial arts! I’ll cut him to pieces, and have him suffer an agonizingly slow death!”

Huang Sanping clenched his jaws as he spoke.

Lin Ming watched as his blood flowed into the crystal bottle. As his bright red blood touched the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal, it immediately began to boil with excitement.

Gu gu gu!

As the blood roiled, the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal began to melt. Lin Ming watched in fascination as the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal and his blood began to fuse together, eventually becoming a viscous, syrupy liquid in the crystal bottle.

“Get ready, we’re going down.”

As Lin Ming’s voice fell, the Winged Flood Dragon let out a roar and then plunged straight towards the vast barren mountain range.

The golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle followed right behind!

In terms of body, the golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle was several times larger than the Winged Flood Dragon. From this distance, it looked just like a ma.s.sive eagle that was hunting a small, red snake.

At this time, Lin Ming was tranquil like the surface of a calm lake. He slowly took out the Dreamland Pearl from his spatial ring; this was his final hope.

In that instant that the Winged Flood Dragon touched the ground, Lin Ming held Zhou Xinyu’s hand and jumped down from its back. At that same time, he threw out the Dreamland Pearl…

The dreamland enchantment activated!


Lin Ming and Zhou Xinyu were completely isolated from the outside world. Zhou Xinyu suddenly felt as if a subtle change had occurred in her surroundings, “This is…”

“It’s an illusionary world. it can guarantee us safety for some time.” Lin Ming calmly said.

The Dreamland Pearl created a sealed off dreamland enchantment world. It was impossible for anyone below the Xiantian realm to break through. Naturally, it could block any attack from Huang Zixuan.

However, it was impossible for the dreamland enchantment to continue forever. As long as it was active, the enchantment would consume energy. At full energy, the Dreamland Pearl would be able to keep the enchantment up for an entire half day. However, if it was under a sustained barrage of attacks, then it might last only three or four hours.

These three to four hours were all the time Lin Ming had left.

Huang Sanping was stunned silly as he saw Lin Ming and Zhou Xinyu disappear. “What… what happened? Where did they go?”

“Humph, it’s only an illusion, what an insignificant skill.” Huang Zixuan closed his eyes and let his perception flow out. He easily discovered some unusual true essence fluctuations nearby. With his strength, it was easy for him to discover just where the dreamland enchantment was.

“It’s here.”

Huang Zixuan pointed towards a clearing. With his perception scanning the area, he was able to clearly sense a spherical enchantment of some sort, forming its own independent s.p.a.ce.

“Haha, so it’s like this.” Huang Sanping grinned. He also felt the existence of the enchantment.

“It’s just an illusion enchantment, isn’t this like an ostrich burying its head in the sand?”

“Third Brother, break his array!” Huang Zixuan didn’t attack, instead letting his Third Brother do the work while he stood by, just in case Lin Ming decided to suddenly launch an attack or escape.

Escaping into this enchantment was equal to a death wish. But then again, even if they didn’t enter this enchantment, they would still die.

The man who was called Third Brother looked 30 to 40 years old. His eyebrows were high, and the angles of his face were just like slanted scars. He took a thick saber in his hand, “Saber technique – Wind Chopper!”

This saber strike contained 70 to 80% of Third Brother’s strength. An azure half-moon of saber energy roared out, slamming into the enchantment.


The saber energy shattered. The enchantment only shook a little, without even the slightest bit of



The man named Third Brother was taken aback; even Huang Zixuan knitted his eyebrows. The strength of this enchantment had exceeded his imagination.

At this time, within the enchantment, Lin Ming was sitting cross legged on a rock, unaware of all the fierce and violent attacks that were striking the enchantment from the outside. He took the crystal bottle of the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal that had been melted with his blood, and glanced at Zhou Xinyu, whose entire face had blanched, saying, “Guard me, I will now begin to swallow the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal!”



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