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Chapter 525 – Murder in the Streets

The Fey had a very long and glorious history. Now they occupied the Western Region of the Holy Demon Continent. Because both the men and woman of the Fey race were exceptionally beautiful, they were often captured to be used for s.e.xual cultivation purposes. Within the Holy Demon Continent, there were countless martial artists that walked down the road of obscenity, including both men and women.

Due to this, the s.e.xual slave trade of the Fey race was flouris.h.i.+ng. Besides s.e.xual slaves, the beautiful mortal Fey were often indentured as servants, concubines, or catamites. There were even mortal Fey and untalented Fey who were willing to contract themselves to powerhouses to seek asylum. In this cruel and brutal Holy Demon Continent, this was an easier way to survive.

Besides the Fey, there were also the Dwarves, the Primates, the Ferals, and all sorts of other races. This was a major eye-opener for Lin Ming. Within the Sky Spill Continent, this was an unprecedented marvelous sight.

In terms of influence and power, the Giant Demon race ranked number one within the Holy Demon Continent. This was followed by the Dwarves, the Primates, and then humans as fourth. The Fey and the Feral race were even lower than humans.

Blood Slaughter Steppes, Sun Flood City…

Sun Flood City was not one of the 12 main cities of the Blood Slaughter Steppes. Rather, it was a smaller city at the edge of the Blood Slaughter Steppes. But there were many travelers, merchants, and commoners here, thus Sun Flood City was very prosperous. The city had millions of residents, and the city square, restaurants, and inns were lively and blooming.

Sun Flood City was not one of the original cities of the Blood Slaughter Steppes. It was impossible to steal someone’s infernal energy by killing them. Thus, far fewer murders occurred here. But it was common for events like that to explode at any moment.

Sun Flood Pavilion was the greatest marketplace for treasures within Sun Flood City. The buildings within were all 12 stories high, luxuriously decorated, and often frequented by wealthy and powerful patrons. In front of the gates of the Sun Flood Pavilion, there was a very large square. This was a small city square of Sun Flood City. Many martial artists set up stalls here to hawk their wares. At this moment, all sorts of people were gathered at this square. There were people from all races, and the stalls had all sorts of wonderful items.

“There are so many good things here.” As Lin Ming walked along, his heart filled with emotion. Within the Blood Slaughter Steppes, there were many exceptional and distinguished middle level cultivation martial artists. Naturally, there would be more good things.

“Divine Blood Pill! To think something like this would actually be sold.” Lin Ming exclaimed.

The Divine Blood Pill was similar to the Yang Reversion Pill. They were both miracle medicines that were used to save a life. Normally, in a top fourth-grade sect, there would only be one or two pills given to the top talents there. They were extremely valuable and precious.

Back when Lin Ming was at the Demon G.o.d Imperial Palace, he was lucky to have a Yang Reversion Pill. Otherwise, his life would have been in much greater danger. Due to these experiences, Lin Ming naturally had an interest in life-saving pills like this Divine Blood Pill. So he asked, “h.e.l.lo friend, what are you selling this Divine Blood Pill for?”

The stall vendor was a Giant Demon with a long face. Currently, he was looking down on Lin Ming with a barely tolerable disdain on his face. Within the Holy Demon Continent, Giant Demons loathed the weak and pathetic humans, not to mention that Lin Ming was also only an early Xiantian realm martial artist. Just from a glance, he could tell that he wasn’t able to afford his Divine Blood Pill.

“Where did this little brat come from? This father’s Divine Blood Pill will only be traded for 100 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals! 100 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals, and not a single one less!”

Within the death-filled Blood Slaughter Steppes, a life-saving medicine like the Divine Blood Pill only became more precious and rare. This Giant Demon must have been urgently in need of money if he were taking this sort of pill out to sell!

“Medium-grade Blood Demon Crystal…” Lin Ming was stunned. He had many medium-grade true essence stones, but not many medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals. When he killed the six Elders of the Silent Green Tribe, he had obtained a great number of Blood Demon Crystals. But they were the most inferior kind with too many impurities.

The long-faced Giant Demon had already long guessed that Lin Ming couldn’t afford anything. He impatiently said, “Don’t block this father from doing business. Now go away, this isn’t something that someone like you can afford.”

After being scolded several times by this Giant Demon, Lin Ming frowned. This Giant Demon was really a rude sn.o.b. As Lin Ming was pondering, he suddenly heard a laugh.

“Haha! What a great spear! With this spear, the strength of I, Ao Ri, will rise yet again!”

From within the great hall of the Sun Flood Pavilion, a tall Giant Demon came strutting out. He wore red armor, and had a newly-purchased spear in his hands. There were many people that seemed to know this red-armored Giant Demon. Many of them came up to greet him.

“A medium-grade earth-step spear! And a top medium-grade earth-step spear at that! What a great weapon! Brother Ao Ri, you really know how to show off!”

The red-armored Giant Demon laughed, his face covered with a proud smile as he said “With this spear, my War G.o.d Technique will be even more powerful!”

Beside Ao Ri, another Giant Demon said, “I heard that you came back from Polaris City. How was it? Did you kill to your heart’s content?”

Polaris City?

Lin Ming’s mind stirred. He had originally come to this city square for a casual stroll to see if there was anything that interested him. He didn’t care about what noise happened here, but now that he heard someone mention Polaris City, he couldn’t help but pay attention. The Blood Slaughter Steppes had 12 main Heavenly Demon Cities. One of these was Polaris City, which was the one he was intending to go to.

“Haha, of course I killed a bunch! In this past half year, I’ve already killed over 100 masters! My infernal energy is acc.u.mulating to the point where it can almost manifest!” Ao Ri smiled and put away his spear, trading it for a jug of wine. He drank a great mouthful of it.

“Ao Ri, you spent half a year at the outer city? You haven’t gone inside?” As Ao Ri was showing off, a less happy voice suddenly sounded out. The one speaking was a short Giant Demon.

“Humph, you think that the martial artists of Polaris City are mud I can pinch apart? The inner city is fine by itself. I’ve been in the outer city for half a year, and I’ve already met over 10 masters. None of these people are ones you can casually mess with.”

“Oh? Which masters are you talking about?” As soon as people heard about the masters of Polaris City, they were immediately interested.

“There are the Giant Demons Da Gu, Mo He, the Dwarf Chi Yan… well, in short, there are just too many masters to count. Polaris City is really a crouching tiger, hidden dragon. There are too many masters disguised there; you can’t even look down on those at the same level. It’s not wrong that you would be a genius, but so would everyone else there. Unless… the other side was a human. That is, humans are the best to kill. Among all the races, humans are the weakest. Let alone if they were at my level, even if they were higher than me by a small boundary, there are few that would be my match!” Ao Ri arrogantly said as he drank his wine.

“Haha, humans are just too weak. Although their current status can be placed fourth within the Holy Demon Continent, this ranking is only because of their numbers and the fact that they can breed like rabbits. In terms of fertility, the humans are truly the winners, hehe. But what a pity, in terms of martial arts talent, the humans are a complete mess. Compared to us Giant Demons and the little Fey, the difference is like cloud to mud.

Several Giant Demons spoke loud and brashly, not holding anything back. All of the human martial artists around them glared as they heard the Giant Demons’ conversation. However, as they noticed the Giant Demons’ aura and cultivation, they could only remain silent.

These Giant Demons were not some n.o.bodies.

Ao Ri said, “The Fey race are truly the favored of the heavens. If it wasn’t for them being so few in number, I fear they would be the number one race within the Holy Demon Continent. To you and me, we might be considered invincible among human martial artists at the same level, but if we are compared to the Fey, then we aren’t too exceptional. The truth is, besides humans, the Ferals aren’t much either. The humans have a weak body that can break with a touch, and the Ferals are all brainless idiots. What a pity. The Ferals have a tyrannical physique, but their perception is pathetic. They need to spend several years just studying the simplest of cultivation methods. They can forget about ever understanding the more advanced kind.”

“You f*ck, who are you saying is stupid!?” As the Giant Demons were loudly speaking, there was suddenly a roar. A Feral man over 10 feet tall and draped in animal skin leapt forwards. His hair was long and messy, and his mouth was full of sharp fangs. He had a thick, prominent lower jaw, and his face was similar to a gorilla’s.

“Heh, speaking of Ferals, one just came up to die.” Ao Ri looked at this Feral with disdain. His hands were relaxed at his side; he simply hadn’t put this Feral in his eyes.

“Cut the trash, take out your weapon!” The Feral roared. Then, he took out a thick spiked iron rod from his back.

“Humph, you think someone like you is worthy for me to take out my weapon? You are looking down on the brutal battles of the Blood Slaughter Steppes’ Polaris City. Now go die!”

Ao Ri suddenly took a step forwards and kicked out!

“Eat my rod!” After being provoked by Ao Ri, the Feral flew into a rage. He shouted as he smashed his rod down at Ao Ri’s leg. All of the surrounding martial artists sucked in a sharp breath. The Feral race were famous throughout the Holy Demon Continent for their great strength. If this rod hit that Giant Demon’s leg, then it would definitely shatter every single one of his bones!

However, this leg kick of Ao Ri’s seemed to carry the momentum of rivers and mountains. After kicking out his leg, demon essence flooded out like a sea in a raging storm, unstoppable and irresistible. The Feral’s rod was affected by this aura and faltered. But in this moment, Ao Ri’s leg actually struck the Feral’s throat.


With a m.u.f.fled thumping sound, the Feral’s neck cracked apart. His body flew backwards, smas.h.i.+ng into the ground and sliding back dozens of feet!

Looking at the Feral, one could see his eyes were bulging and his neck was twisted in a weird angle. His neck had actually been broken by Ao Ri’s kick!

A pool of blood soon flowed out from the Feral’s head, dyeing the ground red.

“He’s dead?”

Lin Ming was surprised. This wasn’t even one of the 12 main cities of the Blood Slaughter Steppes, and there was already murder in the streets. This land was truly a killing paradise.

Although the surrounding martial artists looked alarmed, this was only towards Ao Ri. As for these killings in the street, they seemed extremely common.

“Humph, that is what you get for biting off more than you can chew. He was so weak yet he dared to provoke others!”

“Haha, whether they are Ferals or humans, they are the most welcome match within the Heavenly Demon cities! They are simply delivering infernal energy to us Giant Demons.” Ao Ri licked his lips, very satisfied with his frightening performance. But, it didn’t seem as if he had enough fun yet. He turned around and suddenly found a black-clothed young girl in the crowd who was wearing gauzy mask. He lewdly smiled at her and said, “Hehe, pretty little girl, do you want to come up and play? Rest a.s.sured that this father will treat you with care.”

As Ao Ri spoke, Lin Ming also glanced over. His eyes widened. He had met this black-clothed woman just a few days ago. At the time, she had been riding a big blue bird. She was the junior-apprentice sister of Muk Gu.



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