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Chapter 944 – Yang Yun’s Death

Lin Ming’s sharp words stabbed Yang Yun again and again, every new word more excruciating than the last. It was pain that pierced into his marrow!

When Lin Ming said that Yang Yun had fused with the Ancient Devil’s soul and lost himself, that was the same as saying that Yang Yun had died. It was the same as saying that Yang Yun’s body was actually being occupied by someone else!

Hearing these words, how could Yang Yun not become crazy. His eyes were blood red as he roared, “Shut up! I am me! I am Yang Yun! Lin Ming, stop trying to use your words to shake my spirit! You’re wasting your time!”

“Haha, are you feeling guilty? Are you feeling afraid? If you really believe your words, then why would you feel this? No matter what I say, the real Yang Yun would’ve remained serene without any change in his composure. But as for you, you’ve already fallen into a violent rage and turned crazy. This is because you’re no longer Yang Yun!”

“In today’s battle I already discovered that your personality has completely changed. You’ve become demented, easy to anger, hysterical at all things. The Yang Yun in my mind reveals neither happiness nor anger and his mind is unfathomable, not allowing anyone to guess what’s on his mind. You’re not Yang Yun, but the result of the fusion of Yang Yun and the Ancient Devil. The real Yang Yun has already died, don’t you know that? He died the moment that he chose to fuse with the Ancient devil! As for you, who is standing in front of me, you are nothing more than a soul fused monster!”

“Shut up shut up shut up shut up! I’ll kill you!”

Yang Yun’s eyes burned with a psychotic light. He vomited another mouthful of blood essence. In the skies, blood rained down, forming an endless waterfall of blood.

A martial artist had a limited amount of blood essence. If an ordinary martial artist were to attempt what Yang Yun was doing, they would’ve already turned into a desiccated corpse. The only reason that Yang Yun hadn’t died was because of the Great Blood Refining Art.

Facing this even more terrifying slaughter demon blood rain, Lin Ming actually loudly laughed, “Yang Yun, fusing with the Ancient Devil was your life’s greatest mistake. The current you has lost all wisdom and reasoning; you’re nothing more than a mad devil now. Your ambitions were too great, and your desires were too great. You were finally controlled by those ambitions and desires and killed yourself!”

“In the future, your demonic heart will become infinite. You’ll lose your mind, lose your personality, lose yourself and become a rabid beast!”

The real Yang Yun was able to tolerate all humiliation, keeping his thoughts immeasurable deep. He had great courage, greater determination, and was an outstanding hero of his era. If there wasn’t a problem, his future achievements would’ve surpa.s.sed the Eightfall Thunder Emperor and the Sorcerer of the Southern Wilderness; he would’ve become someone equal to the Demon Emperor or even Emperor Shakya!

But what a pity. His ambitions and his desires were too great and he was devoured by them instead!

A single wrong move and the entire game ruined!

If a martial artist’s heart demon could kill them, then their desires and ambitions could also do the same!

Yang Yun roared. He was like a demon. Then, without warning, he slammed down his jaws and bit off his tongue. He slammed his chest until his ribs shattered, forcing more blood essence onto the blood sword. The blood sword in Yang Yun’s hand began to excitedly whistle, as if it were a demon that was unsealed after 100,000 years!

Yang Yun had really gone mad, without regards to the consequences; this mouthful of blood essence cost him 800-900 years of his life.

At this point, Yang Yun didn’t even have a thousand years remaining. Although his fires of life were extremely vibrant, that was traded at the price of combusting his blood essence. Once his blood essence was burnt through, he would enter into the twilight of his life, all of his potential completely consumed!

Yang Yun’s lips and teeth were stained with blood and his hair was split apart. He looked like a demon that had crawled out from the blood abyss. He miserably chuckled, his laughter like the shrill and ugly cries of a banshee.

“Lin Ming, you have the life of an Emperor, so how would you know my pain? My heart is higher than the heavens and yet my life is more worthless than a sheet of paper! I was born a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, my mother nothing more than a mortal. She died a tragic death in the harem and her corpse was buried under some random hill! During my childhood my life was worth less than a dog. I had no talent, no resources, and even through the harem that was filled with factional strife and deceit, I still managed to survive!”

“When I was 12 years old, I encountered the only lucky chance of my life, and that was the Ancient Devil. However, he was only using me. He trained me, built me up just so that I could be a chess piece to him. He even planted a spell within my body! If I wasn’t able to find a suitable vessel for him to possess, then my body would be seized instead! I endured the humiliation and pain, bearing it all in my heart. In order to train in the devil arts I suffered unimaginable pain. I consumed my blood essence and my life to advance. In order to cross the trial of pa.s.sion I killed the woman I loved most in the world. In order to rid myself of heart demons I cut off all my emotions!”

“I’ve paid such a great price and endured so much, all in order to take back from the heavens what I have lost! I have to become the best! I must become the greatest! I must become the king of kings! Otherwise, I’m unwilling!”

“You said I made life’s greatest mistake by swallowing that Ancient Devil, but if I didn’t do that I would’ve been the one to die. I would’ve been the one to die, don’t you know that!? If I didn’t swallow the Ancient Devil, I wouldn’t have been able to obtain its memories. If I didn’t obtain its memories, then what capital would I have to ascend to the Divine Realm and become king of everything?”

“Ahhhhh! I hate everything! I hate that the heavens are unfair! I hate that destiny mocks me! Why, why? I have sacrificed so much and yet I am still inferior to you! Why!?”

“I must kill you! I must take your secrets! That is the only chance I have left, because there’s no other road left for me to go! Great Blood Refining Art – 3000 Sword Genocide!”

Yang Yun had gone crazy. In the blink of an eye he stabbed out his sword 3000 times!

Blood essence combusted. Yang Yun’s body could no longer withstand the ma.s.sive amount of energy. His wounds couldn’t be suppressed anymore. It erupted, causing his meridians to break as his body began to burst open!

“My fire of life, don’t give up, bloom with your most dazzling brilliance!”

Yang Yun’s entire body was bathed in blood. He became a blood dao diagram, taking those 3000 sword lights and shooting towards Lin Ming!

Lin Ming grasped the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, burning the blood of the Ancient Phoenix to the limit, revolving the heretical G.o.d Force to the extreme, and completely unleas.h.i.+ng the power of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.

“In this world, fairness does not exist to begin with. In the Divine Realm there are geniuses that are birthed with countless resources surrounding them. They have divine bodies and bloodlines inherited from their parents, and they even have World King level powerhouses as their masters. They have the best cultivation methods to practice and the most outstanding proud daughters of heaven to dual cultivate with. How do you think anyone in this world can possibly compare!?”

“My lucky chance, the Divine Crystal Magic Cube, has only given me some memories and martial arts cultivation methods. Besides a single transcendent divine might, all other cultivation methods that I gained from it aren’t necessarily any worse than those that could be provided by the Ancient Devil! While I haven’t experienced the plotting and deceit of the royal family’s harem, I also experienced a heartbreaking and dismal youth.”

“Betrayal of the one I loved, indifference of my clansmen. I had no resources and had to endure internal injuries, betting everything I had on my choice. After you were born you had the support of the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom. I did not. After you showed your talent, you had unlimited resources at your disposal. I had to struggle for everything I had myself. You’re a central decision maker of the Sky Spill Continent’s greatest power, but I was only able to take my first step at a mortal martial house that is subordinate to a tiny third-grade sect.”

“The road of martial arts is to defy the will of the heavens to begin with! You blame the heavens for being unfair, then you might as well blame the world for not being flat. You place all the blame on your own destiny, and all you can think of is stealing the secrets of others for yourself. Your mind is dominated by your ambitions and your greed! You didn’t hesitate to sacrifice your very ident.i.ty, even resorting to any sinister and cruel method that could help you achieve your goals. Because of this, you have doomed yourself to defeat and to death!”

“Yang Yun, the true you has already died. When I kill you, what I’m killing is the monster formed from the unification of the real Yang Yun and the Ancient Devil!”

Lin Ming’s words were all sent within one tenth of an eye blink, directly transmitting into Yang Yun’s mind with a true essence sound transmission. He didn’t even conceal knowledge of the Divine Crystal Magic Cube in his body.

This was a life or death battle to begin with; there naturally wasn’t any way for his secret to be revealed.

“Blood of the Ancient Phoenix, condense!”

With a keen phoenix cry, the blood of the Ancient Phoenix combusted and formed a golden phoenix phantom that rushed out from Lin Ming’s back. The phoenix phantom soared into the air, forming a ma.s.sive flaming fire dao diagram. This dao diagram was 200 feet wide and contained countless twisting fire patterns; these were actually the mystical traces from the chaos stones in Timeworn Phoenix City!

“Purple Lion Thunder source, condense!”


The Purple Lion Thunder source blitzed out from the Heretical G.o.d Sprout, howling again and again. It’s voice was like an endless thunderclap that echoed between the heavens and earth. The Purple Lion Thunder Source also turned into a thunder dao diagram. This thunder dao diagram was 300 feet wide, larger than the fire dao diagram. Innumerable thunder tracings winded on the surface of the thunder dao diagram like little electric snakes. The tracings were similar to those that were on the 12 thunder dao fruits. They represented the operating rules of the Thunder Laws.

The Ancient Phoenix phantom condensed into fire!

The Purple Lion Thunder Source condensed into thunder!

This was Lin Ming’s strongest technique, an attack which magnificence and power eclipsed Penetrating Rainbow.

Thunderfire Dao Diagram!

The halberd thrust out like the harbinger of the apocalypse. The entire world was covered by the two red and purple dao diagrams. The two dao diagrams sandwiched the world like two grinding plates, seeming as if it would grind away the world!

This was a strength that approached the Source Laws of the Great Dao. It was simply not a strength that the martial artists of the Sky Spill Continent could comprehend.

3000 sword lights all pierced the Thunderfire Dao Diagram!

Peng peng peng peng peng!

A series of ringing explosions filled the air as legions of sword lights shattered. The two great dao diagrams violently trembled. Countless thunder and fire tracings were broken by the sword lights, turning into a potent and savage energy that broke into the void!

In order to display the thunder and fire dao diagrams, Lin Ming’s consumption was also monstrous!

His cultivation was only at the fifth stage of Life Destruction. Even with the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, complete spirit body, and extremely deep reserves of energy to support him, he was still close to reaching his limit!


Lin Ming’s waved the blood halberd. The great dao diagrams began gathering together, squeezing Yang Yun within!

Over half of Yang Yun’s sword lights had shattered. With a low howl, blood spurted out from all over his body yet again. Behind him, the blood dao diagram reappeared and began to slowly spin around. Within the blink of an eye, Yang Yun thrust out his sword another 3000 times!

3000 sword strikes followed by another 3000 sword strikes, Yang Yun’s mortal body had already begun to collapse. His blood vessels were torn apart and he vomited mouthfuls of blood!

“You stubborn fool!”

Lin Ming’s muscles bulged out and veins stuck out from all over him like blue worms. He bit down on the tip of his tongue, spitting out a layer of blood essence. The Great Desolate Blood Halberd chopped downwards. Within the air, the thunder and fire dao diagrams finally combined together and violently exploded!

In that instant, all color vanished from the world. A raging energy swallowed up this part of the sky, cutting itself off from the world. It was like the moon collapsed and stars were sinking.

This terrifying energy completely fell onto Yang Yun. The blood sword shattered. Yang Yun’s broken body was sucked into the brutal and vicious storm. His protective true essence was torn apart like paper, his meridians crushed, and his body completely burst apart.


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