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Marvel Super Extraction ch 39

Chapter 39: Wild Spider!

After Jiangyuan walked out of the door, he a driving car and headed straight to the position of the Osborn Group.

In the process of moving forward, a box was placed under the seat in his co-pilot position.

It is the portable exoskeleton armor.

Although with Jiang Yuan’s strength, ordinary attacks are nothing to him, but this exoskeleton armor is prepared for the worst.

Galloping all the way, moving from the suburbs to the city.

In the suburbs, Jiang Yuan did not encounter any attacks until he came to the city.

Almost just arrived in the urban area, one of the buildings above used a telescope to discover Jiang Yuan.

“The goal appears!”

“Every unit pays attention!”

“Closely monitor Jiang Yuan, and pay attention to whether there are people around Jiang Yuan who is secretly protecting him, and if there is no other person, find a chance to kidnap him immediately.”


When Jiang Yuan was discovered, a series of orders were suddenly released. The people who Obadiah arranged to catch Jiang Yuan were all on standby and ready to act.

Because these people did not immediately attack Jiang Yuan, Jiang Yuan did not feel any danger, so he did not know, and still kept moving towards the Osborn Group.

Although the Osborn Group has a special spider silk, but want to buy from the Osborn Group, ordinary people can not buy it at all.

However, Jiang Yuan is one of the shareholders of the Stark Group. It owns 10% of the shares and his status is not bad. As long as he is willing to give money, the Osborn Group will also sell his spider silk.

After all, the special spider silk is not a core item of the Osborn group.

It is only a special product in many biological studies.

Although the Osborn Group has a certain value for such a spider silk, it has not reached the point where it can not be completely leaked.

In fact, there are many people who are interested in these spiders.

Along the way, Jiang Yuan did not recieve any attack and was safely reached the Osborn Group.

When he arrived here, Jiangyuan casually found a parking s.p.a.ce to stop the car, and then went to the Osborn Group’s lobby.

The gates of the Osborn Group are open, and it is effortless to enter the hall.

As Jiang Yuan enters the hall, several step-type elevators are reflected in his sight. There are some security personnel on the left and right sides of the elevator. If you want to get on the elevator, you have to get a work card to get up.

In addition, there is a front desk on the right side of the hall.

A front desk lady wearing a professional attire is in that position, giving ident.i.ty cards to some people.

When Jiang Yuan saw it, Twilight was ready to go to the front desk.

When he was ready to go to the front desk, A young student dressed like a student suddenly came in from the door.

When he walked in, he looked around and looked down. He followed his eyes and fell to the front desk. He also walked quickly toward the front desk, and suddenly surpa.s.sed Jiang Yuan.

When this person surpa.s.sed Jiang Yuan, Jiang Yuan subconsciously shocked.

The reason why he was born was not because he was surpa.s.sed, but that he found this person very familiar.

“Peter Parker!”

The sudden appearance of this youth is clearly Peter Parker among the extraordinary Spider-Man.

Jiang Yuan, who has seen many Spider-Man movies, is sure that this person must be Peter Parker.

“How did Peter Parker come to the Osborn Group? And looking at him, he doesn’t seem to have any powerful power. It looks like an ordinary person. It doesn’t give me a sense of threat. It’s hard… he hasn’t been beaten by Spider? Didn’t turn into Spider-Man?” Jiang Yuan eyes flashed, and his thoughts turned quickly. After a slight turn of thought, Jiang Yuan would not think much about it.

Because whether or not Peter Parker becomes a Spider-Man has little to do with him.

As for the plundering of Peter Parker’s chances, it is not necessary to mention that Jiang Yuan itself has a lot of spider genes, and that is not necessary. In addition, even if it is plundered, it is not necessarily successful.

The spider that bites Spider-Man is not a b.i.t.c.h that will make people mutate.

Among the extraordinary Spider-Man, Spider-Man’s parents used to work for the Osborn Group.

Spiders that can make special spider silks are cultivated by Spider-Man’s parents, and not only can they spit out special spider silk, but also make people mutate, but those spiders are being studied by Peter Parker’s parents. Among them, Peter Parker’s genetic program was written.

Only Peter Parker can activate it, and other people are bitten. Not only will they not gain super power, they will probably die.

Then Jiang Yuan was once again headed for the front position. During the process of his trip, he saw Peter Parker pretending to be someone else, got an ident.i.ty card, and then missed Jiang Yuan and was ready to leave, but he missed it. At the time of Jiang Yuan, Jiang Yuan’s body moved slightly forward and slammed into Spider-Man.


Then he saw Peter Parker’s defense, and fell to the ground.

“Man, you’re okay…”

With Peter Parker being so easily knocked down to the ground, Jiang Yuan is sure that Peter Parker is still just an ordinary person, and he step forward to Peter Parker.

“I am fine.”

Although he was suddenly knocked down to the ground, Peter Parker was speechless, but he did not refuse Jiang Yuan’s action and extended his hand to Jiang Yuan. Jiang Yuan pulled it up and then shook his head and said to Jiang Yuan.

“Are you fine?” Jiang Yuan said with a smile.

“I’m fine, but man, your strength is really big, hitting you, I feel like I hit a piece of steel.” Peter Parker looked at Jiang Yuan with some curiosity.

“I often exercise, so the strength is inevitably a little bigger. My name is Jiang Yuan, Jiang Yuan Stark.” Jiang Yuan smiled.

“Peter, Peter Parker!” Peter Parker stretched out and took a hand with Jiang Yuan.

“So, wait for time, I invite you to eat, it is a sin against suddenly knocking you down.” Jiang Yuan said.

“No, I haven’t been hurt.” Peter Parker looked at Jiang Yuan with a little vigilance. A stranger suddenly said that he would ask you to eat. This had to make Peter Parker wary.

“Ok.” Seeing Peter Parker’s vigilance, Jiang Yuan smiled and didn’t say anything. He nodded to Peter Parker and went on to the front desk.

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