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“My dear Old Mark. What is going on down there?” Seth put down a gadget with a strange long cylindrical shape as he stood on top of the cliff. He looked at Old Mark beside him and asked, “Aren’t you curious as well?”

Old Mark gave him a supercilious look and replied, “I know what you are thinking of! Don’t even think I would go down there to save him!”

Seth laughed happily and asked, “What’s wrong? An old monster like you is scared? That boy down there is our old friend.”

Old Mark pursed his lips and replied, “Even if I am an idiot, I am not stupid enough to jump down from here. A single person jumping towards three Dragon Paladins! Who do you think I am? The G.o.d of War, Achilles?”

Seth shrugged his shoulders and no longer looked at Old Mark. He put the cylindrically shaped gadget at his eye and looked through it at a spot below the cliff as he muttered, “The situation below does not seem good. How interesting…”

In a clash of two powerful groups, the swords and blades face off.

Mouse was surrounded by powerful enemies and her face was pale, but she did not hesitate to say those words.

“Black Veil Apostate!”

She smiled brilliantly like the blooming flowers of spring and her beautiful eyes looked calmly at the Paladins.

“This voice…It’s her!” Rody suddenly heard the determined voice in his ears. He suddenly raised his head and looked around the nebulous s.p.a.ce as he loudly said, “It’s her! It’s the Black Veil Saint! It’s Mouse!”

He immediately felt anxious. “Moses! Trouble is brewing outside! I need to get out right now!”

He was still surrounded by a white light and felt that his body was stiff and he could not move at all.

Moses replied in a hoa.r.s.e and gloomy voice, “Boy, do you think these shackles are easy to cast? Patience! Don’t think of so many things!”

Rody closed his eyes; his face distorted. He suddenly became excited and also angry when the voices outside gradually became more distinct and he heard every word…

Augustine and the three tyrannical Dragons were dumbfounded by the Black Veil Apostate’s declaration. Amu then loudly shouted, “The Black Veil Saint rebelled against the religion and must die!” He was reckless and wanted to charge forward but Ice, who was beside him, pulled him back. Ice suddenly laughed and said, “Mouse has become an apostate but what about you, Augustine? What are you planning to do? I believe you still remember the Elder Council’s secret order?”

Augustine’s hand trembled as he looked at the Black Veil Saint inconceivably. His expression naturally turned even more unsightly. Before he could speak, Mouse smiled at Augustine and said, “You do not need to intervene in this matter, Augustine. I am an apostate. You do not need to show me mercy. Go ahead, attack me!”

Ni Lin shouted, “Augustine, why are you still hesitating?” He suddenly stepped forward and punched towards the Black Veil Saint.

Augustine was still struggling with his decision when he saw Ni Lin start to attack. His eyes flashed and his stalwart body moved forward. He raised his hand and blocked Ni Lin’s fist as he said, “Wait for a moment!”

Amu and Ice, who was behind, exchanged a glance and shouted in unison, “What else are you waiting for?”

They attacked at the same time from both sides.

Augustine gritted his teeth. He raised his sword in his right hand to block Amu’s sword. However, he stretched out his left hand to grab Ice’s sword blade!

Although he had the golden fighting energy to protect him, a Paladin’s sword was no ordinary sword. His hand was immediately cut open. Blood flowed down the blade of the sword. Augustine’s face was etched with pain. He was about to speak when Ni Lin sneered and punched him in the chest!

After the clash, Augustine was thrown back and crashed onto the ground. The golden armor was broken at the chest. Augustine knelt on one knee as he violently coughed out blood. He looked up and fiercely glared at Ni Lin as he said, “Despicable Dragon, you actually dared to attack me!”

Mouse had an ice-cold expression. She saw the attack on Augustine with agony in her face and coldly said, “Augustine, you no longer need to protect me. I have made up my mind! I will not change my decision!”

However, Augustine replied, “I will not watch you die!”

Ni Lin then shouted, “Amu! Stop him! Ice and I will deal with the Black Veil Saint!”

The three Dragons moved quickly. Amu blocked Augustine with his huge body and slashed downwards. Augustine was still kneeling and raised his sword over his head to block. Clang! When the swords connected, the overwhelming pressure caused a small crack to appear on the ground!

Resisting his opponent’s sword, Augustine slowly stood up!

Amu suddenly shouted loudly. He raised his hand towards his chest and his palm quickly created a blade of wind. He then flicked his wrist and shot it towards Augustine. Augustine raised his arms to block but his body was still knocked back. His feet unexpectedly dug a deep pit in the ground!

“As expected of a Wind Dragon!” Augustine gritted his teeth and stood back up. He turned his body and attacked! His entire body was covered in a golden flame as he collided against Amu. The two Paladins’ swords clashed again, creating earth-shatteringly loud explosions.

Ni Lin was pleased when he saw Amu block Augustine effectively. He laughed as he looked at the Black Veil Saint and softly said, “Your Excellency Mouse, let me see your strength! Show me what the strongest Saint of the Temple is like!”

Mouse showed a mocking gaze and said, “No wonder the others said that Dragons are a despicable race. You clearly knew that I am a sorcerer who is generally not good at melee combat. Yet you said these kinds of words to me! But if you wish to see it, I will show it to you!”

She put her palms together. Her two index fingers stretched out and quickly created a white ball of light. The ball of light was about the size of a fist and it instantly burst open.

Ni Lin’s eyes flashed sternly and said, “Fight!”

Ice acted faster than Ni Lin. He raised his hand and shot out a cold fighting energy. Mouse smiled coldly. She maintained the ball of light with one hand and created a qi barrier with the other. Ni Lin then punched with his fist.

“Black Veil Saint!” Although Augustine was fighting fiercely with Amu, he suddenly roared loudly when he saw the urgency.

However, the Black Veil Saint was not hit by Ni Lin as Augustine had expected.

When Ni Lin’s fist flew forward, the ball of light rapidly spread out and a crack opened up!

It was a crack!

The Black Veil Saint’s sorcery had unexpectedly opened a crack in the air!

Ni Lin felt his fist tightened as a ghastly mucus like claw appeared and grabbed his wrist!

“What is this!” Ni Lin cried out in alarm and tried to pull back his hand. However, the claw held his hand very tightly. When Ni Lin retreated, the claw was pulled out instead!

The black crack became bigger. Suddenly, there was a roar and a huge monster stepped out from the crack!

The monster was twice as large as the Dragon warriors. It stood on the ground with its huge feet. Its body was totally covered in green mucus. It was extremely disgusting. It wore a set of tattered armor that exposed its broken body and muscles. Its head was like a wolf’s head. It only wore half a helmet which exposed his long black hair.

The monster’s hand grabbed Ni Lin’s wrist. Its other hand was holding a double-edged battle-axe. It then raised the axe and swung it down on Ni Lin.

“Hmph!” Ni Lin coldly grunted and blocked the axe. Ni Lin took this opportunity to shake off the claw that was holding him and stepped back. They were shocked to see the monster in front of them.

“It is a War Spirit!” Ni Lin said in a deep voice, “Mouse! I didn’t expect you to use summoning spells and even call out such a monster!”

Mouse ignored him. She slowly sat down and closed her eyes. She placed both hands on her chest while holding up her two index fingers.

A summoning spell could summon powerful creatures, but it also consumed a lot of magic power. The War Spirit was a powerful warrior but its every move in this world would consume Mouse’s power!

The monstrous War Spirit roared to the skies and swung its axe, creating a swift and fierce wind. Ni Lin sneered. He jumped high up in the air and punched the monster’s face. The War Spirit roared even more violently. It did not bother to dodge but instead swung its claw to catch Ni Lin’s neck.

Ice took advantage of this moment to chop the monster’s legs with his sword!

“Aouu!” The monster suddenly howled; the monster’s legs and face were attacked at the same time. The monster’s face had almost sunken in from the punch and its leg armor had been cut through by Ice. The sword had also cut off a piece of flesh but the War Spirit did not know pain. Ni Lin was. .h.i.t in the chest by the monster and stumbled back a few steps as he coughed violently.

Ice was cunning. He realized that the War Spirit was not agile. He attacked the monster by dodging left and right most of the time and only thrusting his sword now and then to injure it!

The scene had started to turn chaotic. Two Paladins were locked in battle at one end. Another two more Paladins were also endlessly fighting against the War Spirit!

Originally, a single War Spirit would not be enough to ward off a Dragon Paladin. However, the Black Veil Saint was out of options as summoning the War Spirit was her limit based on her sorcery powers. The Black Veil Saint also understood that she was a sorcerer. If she were to engage in melee combat, she would be easily killed by the Paladins!

The spirit was able to stall the two Paladins but the Black Veil Saint knew that it would only be a short while before the two Paladins got rid of the War Spirit. The War Spirit was powerful as it knew no pain and exhaustion. However, against the powerful Dragon Paladins, it could only stall them for a while at most.

Sure enough, Ni Lin suddenly cried out. The dragon aura in his body reached a peak state and he punched with his fist. He had condensed all his strength into this punch. Before the punch connected, a whirlwind of qi even appeared! That qi struck the War Spirit and tore apart its armor. The War Spirit cried out as its chest was punched through by the fist. The fighting energy in Ni Lin’s arm suddenly swelled up. The War Spirit then roared before its upper body blew up!

“Let us see what else you’ve got!” Ni Lin grinned hideously as he stretched out his hand to grab the Black Veil Saint.

Augustine became anxious and roared loudly. He ignored Amu and tried to rush past him. Amu then slashed his left shoulder and drew out blood.

Augustine knocked away Ni Lin’s hand with his fist and at the same time blocked Ice’s sneak attack with his sword. After that, Augustine suddenly stumbled backward.

Ice grinned cynically. His ice-and-snow fighting energy flowed through the sword and shot out at Augustine! Augustine then felt half of his body go numb and suddenly roared loudly. The fighting energy in his body tripled. He slashed in an arc, forcing the other three to move back. After that, he could not hold on anymore and fell sitting down on the floor.

At that moment, half of his body was covered in blood. He looked at the three Dragons with a pale face and gritted his teeth. “The three of you intend to be ruthless today?”

The Black Veil Saint sighed and asked, “Augustine, is this worth the trouble?”

“Aiya, aiya…The battle down there is really intense.” Seth smiled and said, “Are those few people the so-called legendary Dragons? Old Mark, I am still curious. If you were to jump down right now, how long can you fight against them?”

Old Mark vigilantly stepped back and replied, “Don’t even think about it!” Old Mark closed his eyes and thought about it for a moment before replying, “If it is one against one, I am confident that I can defeat a Dragon as our strength is about equal. But right now, there are three of them down there! My old bones won’t be able to resist their attacks!”

Seth sneered and said, “Alright. Then let us continue and watch. But if it reaches a critical moment, I cannot stand here and watch…It would be a pity if I do not partic.i.p.ate in something so interesting.”

Old Mark glanced at him and said, “You better speak softly. Although I have created a boundary here, the people down there are monsters. There is a chance that they would notice it.”

“Old man, are you still not done? The situation outside is turning bad!” Rody shouted from his heart. “Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!”

His body was wrapped in a strange qi ma.s.s. Meanwhile, the sounds from outside were streaming in nonstop; every word and every sentence was crystal clear!

The Black Veil Saint, Mouse, was outside! She was just by his side!

Although he did not know why she appeared, the words ‘Black Veil Apostate’ made Rody dumbfounded.

Black Veil Apostate!

Rody could only see darkness in front of him as he listened to the sounds of shouting and fighting outside. But he could not move a single finger!

Suddenly, he heard Moses speak in his ear, “The shackle is created. Be sure not to remove that ring!”

Rody finally felt relieved and asked, “Moses, is everything done?”

Moses’ voice was filled with pride as he said, “Of course it is! It was actually done earlier, but I simply did not tell you!”

Rody cursed, “You have already completed it earlier?”

“Of course! It is more interesting if the hero appears at the most opportune moment!”

“Old…All of you who once believed in G.o.d’s teachings are all crazy!” Rody could not help but angrily shout.

Moses’ voice gradually became softer, “My desire is complete. You watch yourself.” His voice then vanished completely and the surrounding s.p.a.ce became quiet.

Rody opened his eyes as if he had just gone through many long, dark years.

Rody felt himself move as light fell into his eyes.

His body once again had a sense of perception, keenness, and alertness. His strength gradually returned and he had regained control of his body! His whole body was filled with energy and felt as if the energy was about to burst out of his body. Rody subconsciously stroked the ring on his finger.

Then, he moved!

The three Dragon Paladins were about to act when they looked astonis.h.i.+ngly behind the Black Veil Saint!

Rody slowly sat up and he started to slowly stretched his body. The Black Veil Saint quickly turned around and looked surprised as she saw Rody got back up. Augustine’s expression turned even more puzzled.

Rody stood up and patted the Black Veil Saint’s shoulder gently. He softly said, “I heard everything.” He gazed at her eyes and said firmly, “If you do not forget me, I will not forget you!”

Tears flowed from the Black Veil Saint’s eyes. Rody then gently reached out with his hand to wipe her tears. He then turned around and looked haughtily at the three Dragon warriors.

“Hmm. One Fire Dragon, one Snow Dragon and one Wind Dragon…” Rody looked at the three Dragon Paladins. He then shook his head, sighed, and touched his forehead. He gave a wry smile and said, “Why does my mind give me so much information as if I naturally knew what you are?”

Amu had an indignant expression and shouted, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d. How dare you talk to us like that?” Ni Lin, however, felt that something was wrong and asked, “You…Are you the Radiant Empire’s envoy?”

“Sigh. Look! That boy has woken up!” Seth seemed upset and said, “He has already s.n.a.t.c.hed the interesting thing away. Old Mark, this is all your fault!”

Old Mark folded his arms, feeling too lazy to care about the unreasonable Young Master.

Seth continued to look at the figures below the cliff with that cylindrical gadget. He then gave a strange expression and said, “Strange. Something is not quite right about that boy…”

Rody suddenly revealed a mocking smile. He stretched out his hands as if he was stretching his waist lazily while looking at the three Dragon Paladins. He then loudly said, “I have slept for a very long time! You three reptiles, come and help me warm up!”


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