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Read WebNovel Master Of Erossu Book 131 Daddy Feng Will Open The Hell For You!

Every prestigous household had qi’s vein that was s.h.i.+ning and bustling with the qi. The raw and rather pure qi was very enticing and if not the tense atmosphere, then the bodies of young cultivators already would’ve been gathering this qi to cultivate.

Of course, there was section unhabited by three families that had this qi’s vein as well. The rules from ancestors were simple – fight for it every three months! Right now, the group of three households gathered in this unhabited cave.

“I can take care of that woman.”

And Xia Feng spoke while looking at the groups from afar. His sudden voice startled Yi Kasui, but not Yaoyao! She knows Xia Feng’s cultivation and that his body is indeed deadly weapon towards women. Gently nodding to him, she rea.s.sured her big bro who agreed immediately after seeing her nod.


Not too long after his confident words, the youngster found themselves not too far from each other. At such distance, they could talk easily, so there was no way to just simply go and fight!

“Yi Kasui, so you are the one chosen by Yi household? Hah! Then we got this s.h.i.+t.”

“Where does this confidence comes from? After all those loses… Don’t tell me you lowered yourselves to actually team-up against us?”

The silver haired prodigy spoke loudly as though he wanted his words to rang out non stop in the ears of the two neighbour households. They were sticking rather closely to each other and the thought of them teaming up already sprouted in his mind.

In fact, he was sure of it as he heard this lame provocation.

“Did you really think I would jump at you after such s.h.i.+tty words? Think better next time.”

“Tsk. No need to hide it. We indeed have teamed up, but you can blame your destiny only, Yi Kasui! The t.i.tle tournament is too important and I will do everything in order to get as much as possible resources.”

Ku Rhus shouted as if he was leader of the enemy group! It was his idea to team up, and using the fact that Yi household had won three times in a row along with the upcoming t.i.tle tournament, the young man didn’t really have problems convincing the youngsters from Huo Household.

“Oh, I see, I see. So it was like this – I would rather have only half of the qi’s vein than nothing as usual? Haha~~”

Yi Kasui smiled brightly. Then, he turned around and made a quick contact with his allies. Yaoyao and Xia Feng answered with confident nod as they knew that each of them are going to fight one versus two!


Kicking the ground violently, silver man shot forward like roket. His stomp was both strong and loud. The ground trembled and huge pile of dust appeared after he left his current position. Since they teamed up, there was no need to keep any other conversations.

“Let’s see whether you can keep up with my speed!”

Xia Feng himself could keep up. His eyes were locked on Yi Kasui’s legs as he saw something akin to cheetahs fur appearing around his calves. It wasn’t the body change, but something akin qi became visible in form of this fur.

‘If he had bloodline, then he would be better.’

But knowing how humans here take pride in being pure human, Xia Feng could only smile bitterly as he knew it’s pretty much impossible to convice them to accept this bloodline. Of course, he is going to make Yaoyao accept this as he wants her to grow up in strength just like any other lady of his.



The fast kick was something that Ku Rhus couldn’t dodge. Utilizing the wind’s qi closely related to the cultivation methods he cultivates, he began forming wind armors around his body! His plan was simple – catch off guard his peer and using the help of his ally, smash him down!

“He will be fine.”

“Yeah, your brother’s kick also carry wind, so let them have their own fun.”


Yaoyao wasn’t worrieed when she saw other peer of theirs joining hands with Ku Rhus. She spoke with confidence and faith in her brother which was cute sight! Quickly enough, she felt her body being pulled towards erossu cultivator as he went for small kiss.

“Good luck, Yaoyao.”

“Thanks. You too~~”

“I was about to step in and disturb this silly show of affection.”

“Oh, old lady is angry?”


Xia Feng finally approached his enemies. Strangely or not, the two ladies were standing here. One of them was obviously the lady that Xia Feng had chosen before the battle. She was actually using some camouflage to cover her body.

‘A lot of women hide themselves nowadays. Hah~~ Erossu Vision is indeed good s.h.i.+t.’

That’s why, he knew that he can easily take care of her. One word was enough to expose her and Xia Feng already mentioned this.

Old lady!

She was old indeed, but her looks were staying youthful like any other cultivator. Of course, if one probed in her qi, then one would find out her age easily. Xia Feng who was closer to the yin qi than any other male in Sous Sect could feel her age easily this way.

But don’t he have easier method?

Erossu Vision!

“Yep, old lady. It’s suppossed to be battle between youngsters to prepare them for t.i.tle tournament, right? But I guess that loud idiot was the one to arrange old lady to come with him. Haha~~”

“What are you talking about?”

Only then, the other woman spoke. She had short red hair reaching her shoulders. As she turned around to the woman next to her, her eyes shone like fire! Clearly, the lady tried to verify Xia Feng’s words by herself.

“Alright, alright. No need to look at me like that, Little lady.”

Soon, the cover disappeared and more mature lady replaced the younger one. She had long, black hair with ends fluttering as if there was actually slight breeze in this cave. From looking at Ku Rhus cultivation, Xia Feng guessed that they focus on wind’s qi!

“After dealing with Yi household, were you planning on turning on us?! Speak!”

It seemed that the lady from Huo Household had fiery temper! Her stomping the ground was similar to Scarlet which caused Xia Feng to let out chuckle. It didn’t go unnoticed by her as she turned around to him.

“What are you laughing at? She is at late stage creation realm, so-“

“Little Lady, looks like you are planning ahead. But don’t worry. My Rhus doesn’t break promises, so no need to seek new allies.”

Old lady interrupted her and stated her status. It would be too stupid if Huo Lady would suddenly turn around to notify her family. The unnecessary conflit would’ve broken out and it was something that no one wanted.

At least from their two households.

“I will keep an eye on you.”

“Yes~~ Yes~~”

Huo Ruohe narrowed her eyes while saying so. She was like Ku Rhus, prodigy that is going to partic.i.p.ate in t.i.tle tournament with clear aim – get the t.i.tle!

Since in Sous Sect, no one has stepped above Soul Creation Realm, the young prodigies were also aware of their limits. Without any lucky encounter or chance, they knew that their limit is soul creation realm.

So it didn’t matter that the t.i.tle would be only working on realms under Spirit Creation Realm. It’s their peak after all!

“Wow, you look quite tense. No need to be angry, or it’s your usual face?”

“It’s my usual face. And let me tell you one thing – I will smash your face for being greedy!”

Xia Feng’s eyes were skimming throughout her whole body while speaking, so the lady already could feel his eyes roaming freely. Although she was wearing her red colored robe, the peaks of hers were pus.h.i.+ng out the cloth as if trying to pop out to let Xia Feng marvel at them.

“Hmm. I was just thinking whether you would keep this face with my c.o.c.k inside you.”



That’s right, f.u.c.king erossu! No need to be fluffy gentleman for opponents. Xia Feng had feeling that those words would enrage her, so he went along with it. Her face twisted even more as some wrinkles appeared on her forehead!

Little lady, calm down! It’s no good to tarnish the beauty!

“I will f.u.c.king castrate you!”

Oh s.h.i.+et!

“How could you?! Didn’t you see how my Yaoyao likes me and my body!? What a brutal woman!”



Huo Ruohe sent out fire vines that coiled around each other, forming a fire bomb inside! The burning flame roared and scorched as though it wanted to shut up Xia Feng before burning him! The erossu cultivator took out his sword and drenching it with his qi, he slashed forward!

“My sword can take any heat. You know, nothing is hotter than my c.o.c.k.”


“What? Are you M or S?”


The sword cut through the veins while slightly getting burned. Xia Feng inferred that his sword will survive more or less ten slashes before getting melted. The sword’s quality was even lower than his own cultivation, so it was still good.

Shu! Shu! Shu!

And while Xia Feng was facing the technique of enraged fire lady, the other one didn’t stay idly. She sent her wind out from her body which was quite huge amount. It’s not because she is tall though! The higher cultivation, the higher amount of qi gentlemen.

“Wind’s Waves~~”

No need to look at the curves.


“Tsk. Sword is already done for. Well, it was from m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tic b.i.t.c.h, so I guess I am facing s.a.d.i.s.t now.”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Close your d.a.m.n mouth!”

The fire was boosted by the wind as it two techniques melted with each other. The huge streads of flame and wind surrounded Xia Feng! It looked like he submerged himself in those techniques! The body of normal cultivator already would’ve been melted!

Shu! Shu! Shu!

“The formation from ancestors will save you, young man. It’s only spar after all~~ And no need to tell others about me as you know, without any evidence, they will take your words as mere complaining~~ Haha~~”


Hearing such disdainful words, Xia Feng let out laugh that was even more loud than the melted techniques. For a second, the ladies could swore that they thought his words were coming from their hearts!


Clenching his left hand tightly, Xia Feng focused the qi as it went through his boosted meridians! The epic soundtrack began playing with the unique music – Erossu Song #1! His erossu qi was so condensed that it began leaving out his body through pores!

It was as if dazzling, violet sun appeared in the fire storm!



“What the h.e.l.l!”

“You b.i.t.c.h definitely hadn’t experienced h.e.l.l yet! Hah! Show me your a.s.s so I can be sure! Haha!”

Erossu! Xia Feng’s first sentence – s.e.x is my gasoline boosts his meridians on his left arm all the way to the hand! It makes his smash so d.a.m.n explosive just like his climaxes! The erossu qi is no laughing matter when he uses his fist in this form!

His hand was already normal, without any qi coming out from his body! But the ladies still felt shock as he had literally smashed their both techniques to the nothingness with simple, one smash.

“He might be pervert… but he is strong… Release more of your fire, Little lady!”

“I know!”

One of them is young prodigy while other is on the verge of breaking ot the Soul Creation Realm! And even those two couldn’t fight against ‘s.e.x is my gasoline’ sentence.

Erossu! Erossu Song is truly superb! Kneel mortals!

“Yeah, release your fire just like I release my morning seed everyday! Hah!”

“”Shut up already!””

Shu! Shu!

The fire and wind mixed instantly as the two ladies shouted! Even the black haired no longer had her ‘disdainful’ eyes as her eyes kept shoting scornful lights! Both of them are ‘elegant’, ‘proud’ and ‘poised’ ladies, so perversion was too much for them!

Even more, if this perversion was being related every time to their words!


“”STOP IT!””


Of course, it wasn’t easy to unleash this smas.h.!.+ After all, the song is not completed and it’s mere one sentence. Xia Feng could use the first sentence every four minutes or so. That’s why, he kept dodging as his eyes were focused on several things simultaneously.

First! He had to dodge the wild elements! Furthermore, as they exploded while hitting nothing, the wind swords and fire wisps came out after every explosions, so he also had to dodge those. He had 90% of dodging ratio here!

Second! He was comprehending! Each smash of erossu song was being under comprehension! The angry screames of two women, who became as if made from the same cloth due to Xia Feng’s technique name, were also helping him comprehend something.

‘It all begin with jealousy of my left hand.’

Indeed, erossu jealousy!

“s.e.x is my gasoline!”


This time, Xia Feng was relatively close to the black haired woman. His smash also had wisps of wind and as it scattered around the explosion, the lady could feel his ‘touch of erossu’. This very ‘kyaa’ caused Xia Feng to enter the state of comprehension!

“I SEE!”

He caught his head as it went all the way back! Standing like madman, the erossu eyes shone with enlightement in between his fingers! Those trembling eyes were so scary that the two ladies stopped momentarily.

“f.u.c.k! We can’t just stand here stupefied. Attack him!”

Even though they used a lot of qi, they still had reserves. The long haired one stepped on the air as she raised her body to fly all the way to the Xia Feng! She planned to unleash everything in one go through her body.

After all, being at life creation realm, it was very hard to unleash qi externally. It only shown that those two are indeed skilled as they could bent the rules.

“You are young indeed! Blanking out in the battle can be very decisive! Let this older sister teach you this!”

Unlike Huo Ruohe, the black haired lady from Ku household was wearing her beautiful clothes. The dress was fluttering like her hair as her descend was getting faster with each second. If Xia Feng could raise his head, then he definitely would see nice sight from below.

But why should he care about random b.i.t.c.h when the comprehension is going on?! His eyes went slowly below to look at his left hand.

“I am sorry… Who would’ve thought that I would be so foolish… The road of erossu is long indeed!”

Xia Feng’s voice was very mild and soothing. In fact, it was as if he was speaking to a child as his whole face became calm and relaxed. The voice along with his facial features that were getting better and better with each… hoh… lady were indeed effective as even red haired woman felt her heart calming down.


“Begone, pervert!”


Xia Feng’s eyes finally went up. He could see a beautiful sight of lady’s pantsu, but f.u.c.k this s.h.i.+t. She tried to stop his comprehension, which was something that he should know from the very beginning! It angered him which was easily noticeable.

“Daddy Feng will open the h.e.l.l for you! Erossu!”



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