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The blonde beauty looked over the white beast with hatred! Her eyes were releasing a lot of tears, but more importantly, she was hating herself… After all, Sei Maimea had accepted and cultivated this very white qi for all her life.

While not even suspecting anything! She should know that something is off when the new techniques and methods to raise the qi appeared out of nowhere… 

Of course, everyone believed that they are progressing and that getting new techniques is thanks to their special qi method…

After all, where the h.e.l.l cultivators can gather the white light from? The Yiris Sect could only rely on themselves and their cultivation! The light particles were born out from the fallen cultivators or sacrificed!

So, Sei Maimea should suspect something…

But instead, she enjoyed the strong power and new cultivation methods that were a mere imagination.

‘Foolish human!’

The voice that was sounding so evil that it could touch the heart itself! Sei Maimea got frozen, her body trembling like scaredy cat in front of the beast. She just looked at the white beast approaching her with her wide eyes while listening to the evil voice.

‘I have wasted so much powers on this trash sect already! Just fall and become my food!’

In order to control this naive humans, the white deer had spent a lot of energy. It’s pretty much hard work to keep them fooled all this time. Furthermore, it’s not like the white deer can be everywhere.

The cultivators had its qi, but he couldn’t be alive within them once they left the sect…

There were cases wehre the white deer itself got suspicious about the humans from this lesser realm! But in the end, they are just as trash as it thought they are.

The appearance of the big white deer confirms it.


“Xia… Feng…”

Soon, Sei Maimea muttered the name of the person who should be alive. Though he was the enemy, the lady felt at the first sight with the concept of the love between the enemies that exicted her even now!

And as the person who touched her heart and body thoroughly, Xia Feng was the last person on Sei Maimea’s mind after her body got eaten alive…

The fact that Xia Feng was watching all of this from afar is also going to be the secret, so that Sei Maimea can reincarnate with clean mind.


After an good amount of horrifying murders, Hiri had cleaned the stage from most elders and prodigies… She has done it with utmost hatred and brutality! Then, when her targets disappeared, Hiri felt her mind being twisted by unknown force.


It was clearly the owner of the white qi doing its work… Afer it allowed Hiri perform her revenge, the white deer decided that it is the time to completely eat everything by itself! As Hiri’s consciousness became lost, the white deer roared instinctively to which it sounded more savagely.

The beast was finally free and ready to devour.

“Erossu Messiah…”

At this point, Miss Cami felt like pleading the erossu to do its job. She wasn’t aware of everything going through his mind right now… Because though Sei Maimea was someone related to him, the wish of Hiri was to kill her.

And Hiri was currently someone that could give him a lot of white qi that could bring him closer to the spirit creation realm.

The faster he advances, the faster he can meet… with his own child.

That’s why, the erossu had done nothing. As Hiri had fullfilled her wish, the white qi of the erossu angel went up in nice amount, so how he could stop her?

Naturally, the beast taking over is a different case.

“First, we must stop this beast from moving.”

Xia Feng softly said, then he hid his face with his hood. In the midst of the cultivators that couldn’t move at all, his board and tall posture going forward stood out… He caught the attention of the beast itself as well.

But there were cultivators who could tell who he is from the posture alone.

“Erossu… Messiah!”

“Erossu! Erossu!”

The ladies shouted loudly as if the posture of this man had given them a lot of strength! The screams full of Xia Feng’s t.i.tle began growing wilder and wilder as even the ladies that hadn’t felt his grace had teamed up with erossu believers!

After all, such strange phenomenon means one thing – there is a hope! The strength simply doesn’t come out of nowhere!

Soon enough, the survivors of the Yiris Sect began shouting his name! Including the men as well!



His body is so strong, full of vitality! The man sent by heavens to give them the utmost grace! He is surely strong, someone who is going to give them another chance!

And Xia Feng naturally hoped for it!

His mind was already full of music – the erossu soundtrack on! The sound of slow piano and violin going along with the screams of the ladies were something that no one could enjoy except him! The beautiful symphony is all his!

And with the erossu soundtrack comes the erossu song!

The erossu song of the erossu angel that is his strength!

“s.e.x is salvation!”

With his left hand raised high, Xia Feng had screamed the first sentence of the erossu song! His hand was full of power, but more importantly, the power of first sentence for an angel is more than that!


The erossu believers exploded with power as they heard the first sentence! Xia Feng gives the salvation and uses others to help him with his deeds! The power of first sentence was working with him and others.

Of course, he had used few treasures from the higher realm to give them this very power.

It’s not like his technique alone is enough to refill the bodies of the believers with qi!

But it was enough to increase their strength!

“Erossu Believers! You have satisfied me bountifully!”


“Now, rise and fight for yourselves! Bring the salvation for this white beast!”


The Yiris Sect’s erossu believers pounced themselves at the beast!

“All you have to do is stop this beast! Leave everything else to me.”

The Erossu Messiah strikes.


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