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Chapter 194: Kill the Chicken to Scare the Monkeys

At this moment, Xin Zhen glanced over at Xin Jiasheng. This matter was the latter’s fault. At the same time, Xin Jiasheng was forced to stand up.

“Grandfather, he’s here!”

“Oh? Then, I want to see him!” Xin Zhen said quietly, casting a sweeping gaze over the crowd. Those who were in his way quickly and involuntarily lowered their heads.

His power and status made these people not want to directly face him!

After looking around, he still did not see anyone. His brows furrowed and his lips curled into a snarl. He was definitely unhappy now!

Xin Jiasheng’s heart skipped a few beats. Feeling a little afraid, he quickly used his vantage point to scan the crowd and soon found Qin Feng in the far back.

“Qin Feng!” Xin Jiasheng could not believe that even at a time like this Qin Feng was just eating and had absolutely zero regard for the Xin family.

Following Xin Jiasheng’s gaze, everyone else noticed Qin Feng’s presence and turned their heads. Those that were blocking the way began to move away, making a path that allowed Xin Zhen’s direct line of sight to fall upon the two at the back.

“We can eat later, the head of the family is inviting us over!” Qin Feng said with a smile.

“Oh, okay!” Bai Li stuck out her little tongue and licked the grease stains from the corners of her mouth. Her lips were red and alluring.

The surrounding people’s gazes were momentarily focused on the two, with the exception of the Xin family’s table. They watched with narrowed eyes and sullen faces.

Qin Feng’s behavior told them that he did not hold them in high regard, but at this time he had already reached the table with Bai Li at his side.

“It’s a great honor to have been invited to the head of the Xin household’s birthday banquet. May your luck be as immense as the East Sea and I wish you a Happy Birthday and many more to come!” Qin Feng said.

It was merely words of blessing, he bore no gifts in his hands. The others momentarily felt a smoky aura permeating the area.

Xin Zhen’s face fell, the corner of his mouth twisted into a sneer. This person’s presentation, his demeanor, was provoking him.

“Mayor Qin is currently developing Fengli colony and he’s taking time out of his busy schedule. Affairs are always difficult, but we, the Xin family, can help. In the future, we’ll invest twenty percent of the shares in Fengli colony.”

The people around them were all holding their breaths.

Only the percentage was mentioned but not the exact amount of money. This was obviously an attempt to grind Qin Feng’s gears.

Qin Feng smiled, making himself seem completely unfazed.

“Based on what Master Xin has said, would it be considered my gift for your birthday?” Qin Feng asked.

Xin Zhen smirked, realizing that Qin Feng actually had quite an acute perception. “That’s generous of you!”

Qin Feng continued, “Of course, it just depends on whether or not Master Xin is able to stomach it. I’ll consider if it’s twenty billion worth of investment!”

Was one colony worth twenty billion?

Of course, even the s.p.a.ce stabilization device was worth this much, but Fengli colony was near to Chengyang City so it also had to provide some benefits in return to Bai Tianyang and had the obligation to obey the man as well.

Furthermore, investing in construction alone, twenty billion was too much. After the end times, building material and human labor were dirt cheap.

Having heard his response, the Xin family members were certainly aware that he was trying to embarra.s.s them.

Xin Zhen’s face fell upon hearing his words.

“Young people, always so impulsive. You still have time to think. It’s obviously boring to just start eating at the beginning of a birthday feast, so how about we go to the backyard and enjoy some combat?”

“Yes Master Xin, let us see some!”

“That’s right, they do this every year and everyone’s looking forward to it!”

“Are there any outstanding people in the Xin family this year?”

“I’ve heard that Xin Jiayu has reached E tier already!”

Everyone began chattering among themselves, starting to dismiss the topic about Qin Feng and at the same time worried that Xin Zhen would reduce Qin Feng to a b.l.o.o.d.y smudge on the ground.

Xin Zhen rose from his seat, but before leaving he gave Qin Feng a look that housed contempt in his eyes.

The people shuffled after him, moving on the red carpet as it led them to the house’s backyard.

The headquarters of the Xin family, even in an area in Chengyang where real estate was ludicrously expensive, had this feeling like it was a well-established villa complex. The backyard of the villa had a large open s.p.a.ce

Over the open s.p.a.ce were several large cages that were covered by red velvet cloth like they were gifts with a single energy dome wrapped over them.

“Hehe, I caught these just the day before. I wouldn’t mind showing them off to everyone, how about it?” Xin Zhen remarked, what naturally followed were a series of compliments.

Then, the cloth on the smallest cage was removed. To say that it was small was an understatement, it was smaller in comparison, standing at three meters tall and had a huge white gorilla inside.

“Silver-maned Gorilla Chief!” The crowd gasped, holding their breaths.

This creature was about E1 tier, and the silver color meant that it was a beast general to a very dangerous degree.

Those who were of lower strength felt their hair stand on ends and their knees grow weaker.

There were also some ordinary civilians who felt the aura of this ultra beast wash over them, their bodies stiffened, and they were unable to move as they stared wide-eyed.

“Hehe, Ah Yu, have a go!” Xin Zhen said.

“Yes, Grandfather!” Xin Jiayu approached the energy dome and a small gap ripped through the dome where he could walk through.

The cage of the Silver-maned Gorilla Chief was opened at the other end of the dome. Even with the protection of the energy dome, the ground shook like it was struck by a small earthquake as the ultra beast bounded toward its target.


The ma.s.sive arm of the Silver-maned Gorilla Chief was as thick as a person’s waist, bringing down a fist the size of a wash basin as Xin Jiayu dodged its attack, pummeling a crater into the ground at the point of impact.

Everyone jumped at the sight. This was the power of an E-tier beast general. Such a creature could single-handedly destroy an entire small colony. If Han Town had to deal with something like this it surely would have perished.

Xin Zhen’s gaze briefly fell upon Qin Feng. From his point of view, the boy only had a little glory in Han Town and had grown complacent, with no regard for anyone. He planned on teaching him a lesson today.

At this time, Qin Feng was watching Xin Jiayu on the field, pretending to be calm, holding a hand up in facing the ultra beast and circling it in a confident, leisurely manner as a trace of arrogance flashed in his eyes.

The Silver-maned Gorilla Chief had to be injured, otherwise how could it have been captured? Xin Jiayu’s strength was no joke and could challenge this injured ultra beast.

But his hand was injured by Qin Feng. So that meant that fighting was dangerous, Xin Jiayu still had on this carefree front. It was kind of ridiculous.

Some of the Xin family elders also noticed the situation and felt that something was wrong. Xin Jiayu was the type to go straight in with an all-out rampage, why was he playing it slow today?

Eventually, the battle ended after half an hour, the suspense of it was gripping but the people watching felt terrified.

“Haha, my grandson’s display was shameful! Still, it wouldn’t mean anything if we just keep going. How about everyone try and give it a go?” Xin Zhen exclaimed, pointing a finger at someone.

“Zhao Hong! Have a go at it!”

This person was one of the people that got hit by Xin Zhen before, the head of the Zhao Family.

The ‘chicken’ that had to be killed to scare the monkeys was right there![1]

[1] We’ve seen this quote before. The t.i.tle is a take on the Chinese saying ‘to make an example out of someone’.


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