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Chapter 221: Slaying She-Wolf


It actually was her!

She was an expert with that speed that was displayed. If Qin Feng had been careless it probably would have been the end of him.

He did not hesitate and raised his left hand, the King tier fire crystal core exploded into a bright light.


A blast of flame as thick as his arm shot out toward She-Wolf.

Although darkness clouded her vision and suppressed her perception, the experience from years of fighting in the dark allowed her to quickly avoid the attack! Her speed was indeed fast to have immediately avoided Qin Feng’s attack!


The firebeam immediately lit up the ground where it impacted. The shockwave still hit She-Wolf and flung her away, forcing her to roll into the bushes, but it also released her from the effects of the dark runes.

In just a few seconds, being so close to a life or death situation terrified She-Wolf! She was good, the best there was and n.o.body had ever evaded her daggers before. She had not expected to be embarra.s.sed by other people like this today.

At this time, the shrieks of bomb came in from a distance.

She-Wolf’s expression suddenly fell.

The Firebeam attack was actually aimed at her but the impact exposed her surroundings, revealing the location of the gunner who was with her.

She had to duck and hide which drastically reduced her effectiveness while the other started to fire wildly.

Boom boom boom!

Where she used to stand was bombarded by artillery, even if one had rune equipment and internal resistance, it would still result in heavy losses.

“Motherf-” She-Wolf’s face contorted with rage and she quickly fled.

Originally, Qin Feng wanted to wait for She-Wolf to reappear before killing her, but he was stunned. He had not expected her to just run away like that.

After all, he knew that there was one more teammate that had not run away yet!

Then again, were there actually any reliable team members in the Dark Coalition? They were not all from a place of power!

Thinking of this, Qin Feng decided to not pay attention to She-Wolf for now. So long as they were on the island, they would meet again!

After walking a few steps away, he found an area that had the aftermath of Chi Long’s bombardment. With such a confrontation, Lin Wuyi and Han Jian had arrived on the battlefield.

“She-Wolf you b*tch! You’re worthless!” The gunner called out before starting to retreat.

Unfortunately, he was not going anywhere.

Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber emerged from the darkness, bringing with it a whoos.h.i.+ng sound.

“You’re dead!” The gunner gathered his consciousness and rushed toward Qin Feng. At such a close distance, he could not have avoided the attack, swapping to a pistol for a more archaic but also the most powerful attack!

It was just that this attack had strong side-effects and should only be used in times of great danger! His consciousness sharpened into that of a small arrow before plunging into Qin Feng’s brow.

The gunner was certain that Qin Feng would suffer from vertigo and get a migraine, and if his consciousness were not strong enough he might even be knocked unconscious.

Qin Feng’s expression did not change, and the sword had not even slowed down.

The Verdant Emperor Saber’s blade came in horizontally, scaring the gunner.


He wanted to dodge the attack but his speed could not be compared with Qin Feng’s. Before he could even use more life-saving methods, he was already dead!

At this time, Han Jian and Lin Wuyi, who had arrived, saw that the battle was over and they felt relaxed.

“Just now, I heard that gunner call out to She-Wolf, does that mean She-Wolf was here?” Han Jian felt a little surprised.

She-Wolf had an infamous reputation among the Three Cities along the Sun because she had countless of wealthy merchants and apt.i.tude users. She even had the nerve to go after leaders of small colonies.

There was a one billion yuan bounty on her head listed on the bounty hunter network.

“She was, but she ran off!”

At this time, they heard a distant scream. It sounded like it belonged to a woman!

This made the three’s hearts skip a beat, looking to the direction from where the noise came from, they realized that it was from the place where the Drakocroc general had fallen.

Almost instantly, their minds understood the situation.

“d.a.m.n, is that woman trying to steal our loot?” Lin Wuyi did not know how scary She-Wolf was but thinking of what She-Wolf could have done made him seethe with rage.

“Is Ms. Bai in danger?” Han Jian’s heart was beating rapidly.

A woman’s scream could only be Bai Li’s but Bai Li’s voice did not sound like that!

However, their reaction speed was not as quick as Qin Feng’s, who had already bolted off toward the scene. He naturally did not believe anything would have happened to Bai Li!

Qin Feng and Chi Long reached the spot in the blink of an eye, and what they saw shocked them.

She-Wolf had her limbs broken and was splayed out on the ground. Next to her was Bai Li, looking as harmless as usual.

Obviously, She-Wolf only wanted to steal the loot of the beast general. After all, it would not have taken a long time to take out the energy core. Using the gunner to lure Qin Feng and the rest away was a common way to do things!

If Bai Li had not gotten bored and come over to dig out the crystal core, she would not have met She-Wolf. When these two met, it naturally would not be Bai Li who suffered!

After arriving at the scene, he understood what had happened and quickly moved over to She-Wolf, not letting her speak, and immediately took action.

“Asteroid a.s.similation!”

In an instant, She-Wolf’s internal force was absorbed. Then, with a punch, he crushed She-Wolf’s throat. He could not risk her revealing Bai Li’s spatial ability.

With someone dying in such a brutal manner, the others stared at Bai Li in awe. Anyone who escaped Qin Feng would be killed by Bai Li in close quarters combat, they could not fathom just how powerful she was!

“Clean this up and we’ll distribute the loot later.” Qin Feng said.

The others nodded. They made a lot of noise during their battle and that surely would attract more ultra beasts. The most difficult thing to deal with right now was the Drakocroc horde and they definitely did not want to get surrounded.

After packing up the loot, everyone retreated and avoided the incoming pack of Drakocrocs.

Han Jian and Chi Long were filled with glee after they had found a safe place. They reaped in quite a lot today.

Drakocroc general materials, four Drakocroc eggs and four Drakocroc soldier materials.

Qin Feng took out some other things, among them were a pair of E-tier apt.i.tude user rings. One of them belonged to She-Wolf, the infamous female

He had even cut off her head and placed it on the ground nearby. This pretty head was worth a bounty of one billion yuan now!

For a time, everyone was breathing heavily. Now, they had a moment to regain composure.

“Since I did not partic.i.p.ate in the battle. I won’t be taking She-Wolf’s gear and bounty!” Han Jian said.


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