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Chapter 940: The Terrifying Damage

Not only that, the man who was standing next to him was quite young—about twenty years old. It was near impossible for anyone to reach S-tier in Qin Feng’s world at this age.

However, in this place, although there were not many men this young around, there were still quite a number of them in the vicinity.

“Liu Han, just relax and simply land a hit.” Another older man spoke to the young man, Liu Han.

Liu Han was already a confirmed S-tier; so, he did not need to put in too much effort in pa.s.sing the test.

“Yes, Uncle!” Liu Han replied. Yet, he still conjured up energy with full attention. After all, the gravity of this realm was quite strong; so, he was worried that this would affect his result.

The older man then turned and saw Qin Feng and Hu San. He opened his mouth in surprise. “Oh, you’re Hu San, right? The Hu San from that pariah realm?”

Hu San had already noticed him from miles away earlier but he did not want to speak to him. He did not expect this man to come and speak to them. This man was about thirty five years old but he was already an S9-tier—two tiers much higher than Hu San.

The major difference between the two was their age.

Hu San reached S-tier in his 60s. Then, in the span of the next two hundred years, he had already become a frail, old man. And to the others, this meant that Hu San was a talentless man—a man who would not reach greatness no matter how hard he trained.

And this led to the S9-tier man calling him as someone coming from a “pariah realm”.

An insult to Hu San and his world.

“Liu Long, stop with this pariah realm nonsense, will you? You do realize that this will be an offensive taunt to us when we eventually get our own Immortal?” Hu San retorted.

Liu Long burst into laughter before keeping on with his belittling, “But everyone from your realm is here, are you not? So, where’s your Immortal, hmm? I don’t see any talented people from your world around. Oh, and that Li Xiao? Just anyone from our family tree could beat him!”

Li Xiao was indeed the hope of humankind. However, in the eyes of thousands of human realms, Li Xiao was not some impressive ent.i.ty. His potential and talent were not the best in the eyes of the countless realms out there. Not only that, it was said that he only had a sliver of hope in becoming an Immortal. It was not a guarantee for him to ascend to be an Immortal.

And speaking of the Immortals, there were actually a few of them in the Human Alliance.

They only had eight Immortals.

Hu San was now in his old age; so, he had very little fight in him compared to his younger days. However, he could not help but feel offended by Liu Long’s demeaning words.

It was then, Liu Han had landed a punch on the testing machine.


As his fist sank into the ma.s.sive rock, a number jumped into view on the screen above!

Hu San was stunned when he saw this; Qin Feng too, raised an eyebrow when he saw it.

The way the machines here calculated their power levels was quite different from how Qin Feng’s did it. 1 point was equal to 10,000 points of actual attack power. This meant that Liu Han had just dished out a punch that could deal 40,000,000 points of raw damage.

Back at the Blood River Realm, Gu Thai’s fist was able to deal a damage this powerful too. However, Gu Thai was a seasoned S-tier. This young man, however, had just recently ascended to S-tier and yet he already had this kind of power.

“Uncle, I’m done with the test.” Liu Han said to his uncle before giving Qin Feng a haughty look.

It was quite apparent that he had heard what his uncle said earlier. As such, he had used his full force to dish out that punch onto the machine earlier; if not, it was quite difficult for a recently ascended S-tier to “simply” dish out that kind of damage.

After seeing Liu Han’s result, Liu Long nodded as a glitter of hubris curved up a smile on his face before looking at Qin Feng.

Hu San was from a “pariah realm”. As such, the man he brought was not going to be any good.

“My nephew here is from a subsidiary family of the Lius. He has been training since he was a boy. He’s not the best in the family but this will do. Oh, and how about this boy you’ve brought, Hu San? Come on, let us see how well he does in his test.”

Liu Han raised an eyebrow when he noticed that Qin Feng was actually younger than him. Not only that, this “boy” seemed to show some level-headed maturity in his demeanor.

Still, so what if he seemed like a seasoned veteran. This boy was still from a “pariah realm”. Even though he could ascend to S-tier, there was no way he was going to be any stronger than him. Thus, Liu Han curved up an orgulous smile at Hu San and Qin Feng.

“Master Hu, let me try.”

Qin Feng smirked after seeing just how conceited the Lius were.

Who said there was no way their world could not have birthed an Immortal.

In the near future, he would definitely be that Immortal!

As he thought to himself, Qin Feng conjured up energy in his body.

A1-tier beast deity had about 1500 points of power in it. So…

“Asteroid a.s.similation! Nine Stars!”


Qin Feng fist landed on the machine, almost curving the metallic plate inward as the entire machine shook immensely.

Then, the number appeared.


Hu San was shocked when he saw the number. He did not know that Qin Feng had already acquired nine stars of internal energy. He did not know just what kind of neigong Qin Feng had learned. And right now, the result shown onscreen was the true carnage of his raw power—one that was quite terrifyingly powerful!

Qin Feng had only just ascended to A-tier at the Blood River Realm. And then, just by growing a little, Qin Feng’s attack had already grown by 100 million!

Liu Han and Liu Long’s eyes were wide open as their jaws rolled on the ground.

Qin Feng’s attack was seven times stronger than Liu Han’s. This felt as though his fist had not just punched on the machine but also on their faces too.

Despite thinking that he was a genius, Liu Long could only dish out, at most, 90,000,000 points of attack when he ascended to S-tier back then.

And more importantly, when Qin Feng dished out that punch, Liu Long noticed that Qin Feng did not seem to have exerted much energy at all—no panting, no sweating. Like it was a piece of cake. How could this be possible?!

“Hahaha! It seems that our realm will indeed get our own Immortal soon!” Hu San beamed up a smile.

“Hehe, yeah! Congratulations to you, then!” Liu Long clenched his teeth before walking away.

“I’ll remember this!” Liu Han glared at Qin Feng before following his uncle out.


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