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Read Master of Untold Daos Chapter 231 – All Kings Are for Nurturing my Sword

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Chen Ming sent his swords on Ravenous Ghost Sovereign. When a spiritual sword with a teleportation array flew next to him, he grabbed another one and blinked over.

The now close Chen Ming, threw two fists, Conquering Immortals Art!

Conquering Immortals Art took the shape of Flood Dragon and Qiongqi. Power surged over his hands in a solemn rhythm then landed!

Liu Xuancha followed next with his ruthless attack, his scythe leaving afterimages in its wake.

The two joined in their attacks and made quick work of Ravenous Ghost Sovereign. But Chen Ming wasn’t pleased since he didn’t manage to kill-steal.

The two were looking at the Ghost Summoning Flag on Ravenous Ghost Sovereign. Liu Xuancha said, “This is immortal equipment, so how do we split it?”

Chen Ming didn’t want it, It doesn’t suit me, nor my disciples. If I give it to the normal ones, it’ll be too dangerous. It’s like begging to be robbed.

Chen Ming thought about it, “How about your Steel Ox Valley takes it and you let me look over your scriptures?”

Then after a pause, “Not including the immortal cultivation methods and immortal arts.”

Liu Xuancha was pleased with this. Immortal ranked scriptures were the livelihood of every ancient immortal sect. It was impossible to show them to other people.

Liu Xuancha said, “Your terms are reasonable, and even my Steel Ox Valley gaining in this trade. I accept. Follow me to the sect. I have to say it, fellow Daoist Chen Ming is very generous!”

Chen Ming said, “You have so much power in Steel Ox Valley?”

Liu Xuancha said, “Tie Yi Sage is my grandfather.”

Chen Ming took a long and hard look at Liu Xuancha, “You just can’t tell. Your bulky shape says your life must have been hard in reaching so far, but you’re actually the third generation of an immortal! ”

Chen Ming heard a sudden voice in his mind, “Ding! Ling Xian broke through to the Divine Palace stage. Reward: 5,000 merits.”

Eh? Wonderful news! This fellow truly breezes through the Dao Comprehending realm!

“Ding! Because Ling Xian joined the war prematurely, the wheel of fate is jammed. Demon Subjugation Gathering is delayed.”

Another piece of wonderful news. Chen Ming needed time more than anything now. His normal disciples were unable to match the style of these fellows, who’s rise in power didn’t follow common sense. The disciples needed to slowly increase their strength.

My strength is also not enough to handle this war. This will give me time to improve.

Taking the previous world’s events into account, Ling Xian shouldn’t have reached Dao Comprehending realm at this time, and neither should he had learned the Conquering Immortals Art. I sped up the process and this, in turn, changed the storyline.

That’s expected. You only need someone like Ling Xian, with his Main Character aura, to advance a realm and the storyline shifts!

I lost count of how many Sovereigns I’ve killed so far yet it didn’t affect the storyline one bit!

Gotta speed up my strength increase. I am someone who Ghost Immortal has his mark on after all.

Chen Ming did some thinking. Based on strength alone, I surpa.s.sed the limit of a great boss in this storyline. I should be a d.a.m.n great boss.

The entire continent was in a continuous change, the war between the righteous and demonic sides never faltering. Yet there was a change in the Dao Comprehending Board. Ling Xian, the last on the board, became the second.

The people already knew of Ling Xian’s ident.i.ty, of him being Chen Ming’s second disciple. They didn’t feel that much amazement from his growth, “Isn’t it just a normal increase of an Immortal Master Chen’s disciple?”

“Who could have imagined that of Immortal Master Chen’s disciples, one turned out as demonic sect’s Demons Ruler, while another a Kings Ruler!”

“This pair of Yan Mountain disciples will surely fight!”

“One is a proud talent of the demonic Dao, while the other a righteous genius. And from the same sect too. I wonder who’s stronger and who’s weaker!”

“They are next to each other on the rankings. If they don’t fight, their strength will be unknown!”

On the demonic sect’s side of the Sky Canyon, Li Suyi appeared leading the five calamities. On the immortal sect’s side, Human Kings began gathering. A battle between all the King ranks of the continent was about to erupt.

Many cultivators were reflecting on the result of this battle, “The victory can go to either side!”

“This is the largest battle between the factions over the last millennium!”

“This battle will decide the outcome of the King ranked war.”

Whether it was the demonic sect or the ancient immortal sects, they each sent their most outstanding King ranks to Sky Canyon.

Ling Xian was in a cave, looking over at the sun’s rays peeking through it, “I finally made it to the Divine Palace stage. Third junior brother, let us see who will win this time!”

Ling Xian’s body erupted, blowing up the cave, and flew out on his cloud, “Third junior brother, no matter what, I will take you back to Yan Mountain. This is my promise to Master, and my responsibility!”

In the Demonic Domain, Li Suyi stood enveloped by cold demonic energy, gaze lost in the distance, Second senior brother, I wonder if you can match my strength.

I really want to fight you at your strongest!

Thousands of Demonic Kings stood behind, waiting for him to shoulder the blood coffin and shout, “Set out! Also, tell the others that any late Demon King will be a devoured Demon King!”

The thousands of black-clothed Demon Kings followed behind him, yet not one risked stepping one foot closer.

Zhuo Qingyao stood before the Steel Ox Valley. She turned to look at the million li campaign she just crossed, The sword intent in my mind is not enough. Not strong enough, not fierce enough!

Zhuo Qingyao turned to the waiting Zhang Ming in front, “How is it on your second senior brother’s side?”

“Second senior brother lost to third senior brother last time!”

Zhuo Qingyao laughed coldly, “He became a disciple far earlier than third junior brother, who didn’t know the meaning of cultivation. I heard all the Kings in this land are fighting over at Sky Canyon. How convenient, since all Kings are to nurture my sword!”

Zhang Ming gazed at Zhuo Qingyao. If Ling Xian and Li Suyi were here, he would say: Second senior brother, third senior brother, don’t fight again and run. A monster in the shape of a girl is marching towards you. You can’t win against her!

Zhuo Qingyao put Obelisk on her back then jumped on her cloud, destination Sky Canyon.

Zhang Ming watched her growing smaller. I’m afraid head senior sister is the only one who would run towards tens of thousands of King ranks.


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