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Read Master of Untold Daos Chapter 381 – Invitation to a Duel

Master of Untold Daos is a web novel completed by 萌萌哒的铁匠.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Chapter 381: Invitation to a Duel

Devil Gate Star, Heavenly Court’s encampment.

Shan Qingfeng was reviewing the intel on Jade Lake when a man burst in, “Report! There are people on Quality Star going rogue!”

Shan Qingfeng watched him with perfect calm, “Why are you telling me of such minor matters? It’s not like I can do anything about it anyway.”

But in charged another, and another…

“Report, Entertainment Star lost its garrison!”

“Report, Lofty Star lost its garrison!”

“Report, Fortune Star lost its garrison!”

Reports never stopped coming, plaguing Shan Qingfeng with a twisted stomach. Who in the h.e.l.l is capable of such power? Who can seize so many stars in a blink?

Jade Lake? No, Jade Lake stands across from us and Devil Gate is close to opening. They don’t have the men to spare on capturing other stars.

Who then?

A disastrous idea burrowed its way into his head, It’s the original master of this part of the Galaxy, the one who disappeared three centuries ago.


Another came to report, “General, the entrance between Vile Dragon Star River and Scarlet Dragon Star River, Heavenly Prison Star, is under savage attack from Dark Star’s men. They won’t hold beyond two days if we don’t provide support!”

Shan Qingfeng asked in irritation, “Were they wearing masks at any point?”

The messenger was speechless, Why is general asking this?

Shan Qingfeng snapped, “I’m asking you, were they wearing masks?”

The messenger was slow in getting his bearings, “Yes, all of them!”

Shan Qingfeng sighed, “Revolution…”

The messenger was oblivious to the big picture, but if there was one thing all Celestial Immortals knew, was that Faceless had returned.

Shan Qingfeng said in earnest, “Scarlet Dragon Star River has fallen. Whenever a Faceless moves, he strikes like lightning.”

“If we send troops, they will suffer at the hands of Faceless. Our best choice is to defend the Devil Gate Star. If we bring back the Soul Beads, our mission is complete!”

A Celestial Immortal said, “General, if Heavenly Prison Star falls, our return path will be cut out!”

Shan Qingfeng’s head was starting to hurt. True, if Heavenly Prison Star fell, they would be marooned here. Forget about teleportation arrays and the like. When a war starts, everyone will deploy a s.p.a.ce sealing array. Isn’t this a small matter for one such as Faceless?

Chen Ming’s shadow drifted into being next to Yang Hun, “Is everything in place?”

Yang Hun nodded, “It’s just five stars away. Subordinate has long been ready.”

Chen Ming shut his eyes, Shan Qingfeng, he-he, let’s dance.

A Faceless’ mask didn’t have real battle applications, but it didn’t lack in the devious department. For instance, his shadow could descend in any part of the Three-headed Dragon Constellation, and Shan Qingfeng’s position was no exception.

Shan Qingfeng was giving out orders in preparation for things to come when a shadow crept in his hall. Chen Ming took a long look around, to the shocked looks of the Celestial Immortals there, recoiling again and again.


“What is it that you want, Faceless?”

Chen Ming laughed, took out a fan and left the laughing side in view, “What a coincidence, I wanted to ask you that very same question. What is it that you all want in my territory?”

“But since you asked so nicely, I feel generous to tell you.”

Chen Ming turned to Shan Qingfeng, “Outside the Heavenly Prison, I invite the lord to a fight!”

Shan Qingfeng’s heart shook to the core, There it is! No wonder Heavenly Court’s seniors all say that no shock, no fear, is greater than that of fighting a Faceless.

Shan Qingfeng once saw a one-armed and one-legged Gold Immortal bragging his entire life over his victory against a Faceless.

Only now did he feel the truth in it from the fear that gripped him. To be able to face and surmount a wretched and treacherous Faceless, was a matter worthy of bragging!

One Celestial Immortal shouted, “You mustn’t, General! He is sure to have a plan to kill us all!”

Chen Ming’s eyes shot to the man and informed Yang Hun of his position. Yang Hun nocked an arrow and released.

A long arrow embedded in the fool’s heart and dragged him for a further thirty feet, nailing him to the wall. The arrow soul had long left him for dead!

Chaos reigned.

Eyes wide as saucers, they reeled back even further.

Chen Ming let the crying side in the open, “Since when any of you have the right to speak in your general’s place?”

Shan Qingfeng, There it is! This creepy feeling only comes from a Faceless’ shadow killing someone!

When Faceless appeared, he only brought fear.

Chen Ming smiled, “Outside the Heavenly Prison, I invite the lord to a fight! You can rest easy, for now. I will help you in curbing any discontent, but don’t think of making me wait too long!”

Only after Chen Ming vanished did Shan Qingfeng slowly came back to himself, “Blast it! He wants to p.i.s.s me off and make me go alone on Heavenly Prison Star to fight him. I’m sure he has everything planned to a.s.sure my defeat!”

“Moreover, we still have hidden enemies around us. Pa.s.s my order. Be on alert! The entire army is to enter a state of emergency and stay up around the clock!”

Heavenly Court took a severe stance, plain to see to Jade Lake, “Is Heavenly Court preparing for war?”

Jade Lake didn’t dare slack either. It was a sign that the Heavenly Court was getting ready to march. To avoid their defenses from crumbling, they made a report to Ding Kuang.

Ding Kuang sat in his wide chariot and peaked through the flaps at Heavenly Court’s city, “The guard has tightened. But what could have provoked such radical action?”

“Either way, we need to prepare also in the event of war. Send my order. Keep a close eye on every movement from Heavenly Court!”

An incomprehensible idea struck Ding Kuang, “Hold on, it can’t be that… d.a.m.n, there’s just no way that a ma.s.s of Earth Immortals is on the move. It just can’t!”

Afar, with ten metal skull clanking at his belt, Duan Shou sat beneath a tree. He took a sip of wine, “That arrow is pa.s.sable.”

“A flash of an arrow is the perfect time for a drink!”

A Heavenly Court man laid dead behind him. Its armor and state were in perfect condition.


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