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Read Mechanical God Emperor Chapter 1105: Feng Xuanzhen

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Chapter 1105: Feng Xuanzhen

The Western World’s Great Radiant Divine Mountain is the place where the Eighth Warlock Emperor, the Dawn Lord, sprang up. It is also his temporary residence.

After the collapse of the Eighth Warlock Imperial Court, the Great Radiant Divine Mountain disappeared. But when Argimiro emerged, the Great Radiant Divine Mountain reappeared in the Western World.

At this time, the Great Radiant Divine Mountain is the holy land of the Sunrise Alliance. Only great figures of the Sunrise Alliance can live in this holy land.

“So this is the Great Radiant Divine Mountain! It’s really extraordinary!”

A handsome young man wearing a white Warlock robe, with his black hair tied into a ponytail, emerged from the void, looked at the Great Radiant Divine Mountain, and exclaimed.

“At one point, the Great Radiant Divine Mountain was just an ordinary spirit mountain. However, when the Dawn Lord became the Eighth Warlord Emperor, he gathered 100,000 alchemists and spent 10,000 years to refine the Great Radiant Divine Mountain. It’s a top Holy grade secret treasure. Naturally, it’s extraordinary.”

A tall and st.u.r.dy, handsome middle-aged man wearing a purple Warlock robe, with an abstruse brand engraved on the forehead, smiled and spoke.

The young man smiled, looked at the Great Radiant Divine Mountain, and said in a loud voice, “I, the lord of the Windstorm Plane, request an audience with his majesty Dawn Divine Son Argimiro!”

Fearsome immortal Holy might radiated from the young mam and spread in all direction.

“Lord of the Windstorm Plane! That’s the Wind Holy!”

“This is the Wind Holy, the person who unified the Windstorm Plane of the thirty six primary material planes!”

“Why did he come here?”

“Beside him is the Windstorm Plane’s Bear Firmament Great Holy!”


On the Great Radiant Divine Mountain, powerful will reverberated, and the gazes of Holy Spirit Warlocks fell on the Wind Holy.

A blazing angel surrounded by the light of dawn came out of the Great Radiant Divine Mountain, looked down at the Wind Holy’s group of two, and said in a deep voice, “The great Dawn Holy invites you for a chat.”

“He invites us in? There’s no need! Dawn Holy, I came here to fight you! Do you dare to have a fair fight with me on the holy battlefield?!”

Feng Xuanzhe smiled calmly, his eyes radiated burning fighting spirit, and his voice spread in the area.

“The Wind Holy challenged the Dawn Holy!”

“The Wind Holy dared to challenge the Dawn Holy! How bold! The Dawn Holy is the Dawn Lord’s reincarnation! To challenge the Dawn Holy, what a reckless thing.”


There are spies of many major forces around the Great Radiant Divine Mountain. As soon as they heard Feng Xuanzhen’s voice, they transmitted the information back to the major forces through the magic net.

After several breaths of time, powerful wills peered this way through various spells.

“Fine! I’ll fight you!”

The Great Radiant Divine Mountain radiated light of dawn. The handsome Argimiro emitting the air of invincibility, standing of a bridge made out of the light of dawn, flew out and looked down at the Wind Holy, and his eyes flashed with cold killing intent.

Argimiro is the reincarnation of the Dawn Lord, the reincarnation of a once invincible Warlock Emperor. Even though he is recognized as the weakest human Warlock Emperor, but he is still an invincible existence who suppressed an era.

Even though Argimiro was previously defeated by Yang Feng. But after his ident.i.ty as the reincarnation of the Dawn Lord was exposed, he attracted more powerhouse to join his camp. This is the terrifying appeal of the human Eighth Warlock Emperor.

Feng Xuanzhen came to challenge Argimiro. Naturally, Argimiro could not help but fight. Otherwise, his reputation will be damaged. The huge Sunrise Alliance may even fall apart.

Standing quietly behind Argimiro, the Sunforge Great Holy’s eyes fell on the Bear Firmament Great Holy.

The Bear Firmament Great Holy smiled at the Sunforge Great Holy.

Feng Xuanzhe asked with a faint smile, “This isn’t a good place to fight. Why don’t we go to the holy battlefield?”

The holy battlefield is the outer s.p.a.ce outside the Cangzhi Plane.

A fight between Holy Spirit Warlocks is extremely devastating. Generally, Holy Spirit Warlock agree to fight in the outer s.p.a.ce.

With a cold flash in his eyes, Argimiro turned into a stream of light and flew outside the Cangzhi Plane.

Feng Xuanzhen blurred slightly and disappeared.

The wills followed Feng Xuanzhen and Argimiro.

In an empty starfield.

Argimiro stared coldly at the Wind Holy, and his eyes s.h.i.+mmered with killing intent: “Wind Holy, to dare challenge me, this is the greatest mistake of your life!”

“Dawn Holy, let me have a taste of how strong the once unparalleled Eighth Warlock Emperor was!”

The Wind Holy’s eyes flickered with a scorching shade, and he smiled boldly, silently recited an incantation, and extended his hand.

In an instant, a terrifying universe storm that contains the essence of wind and can easily destroy a plane appeared and swept towards Argimiro.

Manipulated by the Wind Holy, the universe storm extracted universe energies from the surroundings and formed a destructive natural phenomenon.

The universe storm will only become more and more powerful over time. When it reaches the peak, it can seriously injure or even kill a Great Holy.


With a fierce flash in his eyes, Argimiro radiated endless light of dawn and pointed with a finger, and dawn chains stabbed into the void and smashed the nodes of the universe storm.

When the nodes of the universe storm containing tremendous destructive power were destroyed, the storm slowly disappeared.

“Not bad. As expected of the Eighth Warlock Emperor, you’re really strong. To so easily break my attack! Interesting, really interesting! It’s my honor to fight a great powerhouse like you.”

Feng Xuanzhen smiled carefreelly. At the same time, the essences of wind and speed clashed, and he turned into a breeze. In a flash, he appeared in front of Argimiro, and his hands turned into two windblades with a length of 100,000 meters and slashed towards Argimiro.

“Feng Xuanzhen, I’ve seen a lot of geniuses like you! All of them have become skeletons and stepping stones for my progress. You will be no exception!”

Argimiro’s eyes flashed coldly, endless light of dawn shone, and he engaged Feng Xuanzhen.

As the two human Holies fought, terrifying fluctuations of power spread in all directions.

In the surroundings, stars were broken and s.p.a.ce was sundered, forming danger zones.

The Sunforge Great Holy smiled and suggested, “How about we seal this void together? Bear Firmament Great Holy!”

The Bear Firmament Great Holy responded decisively, “Alright!”

Whether it is Feng Xuanzhen or Argimiro, they have countless secrets and all kinds of powerful trump cards. They naturally do not want anyone to pry into their secrets.

The Sunforge Great Holy silently recited an incantation and waved his hand, and a mirror suddenly flew out, suspended in the void, and emitted ripples.

Shrouded by the ripples, it was as if the void was shrouded in a veil, completely obscuring everyone’s sight.

“What a pity!”

“This fight is such a spectacle, but I can’t see it!”

“That’s natural! Neither Feng Xuanzhen nor Argimiro want their cards to be exposed!”


In the void, the wills transmitted the feeling of regret, yet they didn’t leave. Instead, they quietly waited for the outcome of the fight.

Two days later.

A bloodied figure emitting the light of dawn flew out from the void and flew to the Great Radiant Divine Mountain.

The Sunforge Great Holy sighed slightly and followed the bloodied figure to the Great Radiant Divine Mountain.

“As expected of the lord of the Windstorm Plane! Congratulations for defeating the Dawn Lord, my lord!”

With a flash of elation in his eyes, the Bear Firmament Great Holy laughed loudly, waved his hand, and broke the spell restriction in this area.

A figure standing in the starry sky was revealed and this figure is the lord of Windstorm Plane, Wind Holy Feng Xuanzhen. At this time, he is riddle with wounds and covered in blood, yet he is exuding an overbearing breath.

“The Dawn Lord is really a good opponent. Bear Firmament, let’s go! But before we go, let’s deal with those pesky pests!”

Feng Xuanzhen glanced at the void with excitement, and then suddenly turned into a stream of light and plunged into the void.

“Yes, my Lord!”

The Bear Firmament Great Holy also flew into the void.

In the void, Holy might spread, bursts of angry streams echoed, and a large amount of blood scattered.

Before long, the breath of a Holy Spirit Warlock disappeared, while the breaths of other Holy Spirit Warlocks escaped in different directions.

“The lord of the Windstorm Plane, the Wind Holy, challenged the Dawn Lord and won. After defeating the Dawn Lord, the Wing Holy attacked six Holy Spirit Warlocks together with Bear Firmament Great Holy, killing one and severely injuring two.”

As soon as this information appeared on the human Transcendent Forum, it immediately caused an uproar.

“Wind Holy? Is it the master of the Windstorm Plane of the thirty-six primary material planes? How could he be so strong?”

“This person is so awesome! He was originally just an ordinary orthodox Warlock. In the era of Great Cloud Dynasty, his performance was ordinary. But once he entered the Windstorm Plane, he had many fortuitous encounters and advanced all the way until he finally became the leader of the Windstorm Plane. It’s really unbelievable!”


When the powerhouses on the Transcendent Forum saw this information, they quickly found the Wind Holy’s track record, and their flashed with shock.


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