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418 – Zhong Sunan’s Challenge

The compet.i.tion of the inner sect disciples continued. Without a hitch, Zhong Sunan steamrolled through all the opponents to the top and claimed the first place without any controversy.

After declaring Zhong Sunan as the top inner sect disciple, Elder Lu Yang presiding over this part of the great compet.i.tion said: “Zhong Sunan, as the one who claimed first place in this part of the great compet.i.tion, you have the right to challenge any personal disciples of the four Great Elders as well as any true disciple present.”

In the great arena, all eyes were focused on Zhong Sunan.

The weakest true disciples on the dais looked at Zhong Sunan with a trace of fear in their eyes.

As someone who has comprehended the darkness domain and possessed intermediate Starry Sky Warlock rank cultivation base, Zhong Sunan fighting strength was comparable to a pinnacle Starry Sky Warlock rank expert. With his strength, he would be placed in the lower mid level among the true disciples.

If a true disciple weaker than him were defeated here, they would lose their status of true disciple and become inner sect disciple again.

Zhong Sunan showed an unruly smile and said loudly: “I want to challenge Great Elder Huang Yihe’s personal disciple Yang Feng!! Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, please enlighten me!”

“He’s going to challenge Yang Feng!”

“Sure enough, Zhong Sunan challenged Yang Feng!”

“Isn’t Yang Feng only a Great Warlock? And he still dared attend the compet.i.tion as a representative of Great Elder Huang. Did he came to make a fool of himself?”

“To be able to kill a demiG.o.d rank freak in the Feisuo Plane, Yang Feng must possess some skill. But Zhong Sunan is a powerhouse who comprehended the darkness domain, ans he’s a Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouse to boot. Yang Feng stands no chance!”


The sound of discussions reverberated around the great arena, and eyes full of pity focused on Yang Feng.

If he was challenged by an expert of the same rank, then the Fighting Demonic Sect’s disciples would have some expectations for Yang Feng. After all, he has defeated the genius Wu Ziming. But Zhong Sunan was not only a Star Sky Warlock, but he also comprehended the darkness domain. Even many true disciples may not necessarily be his match. In the face of such an opponent, no one was optimistic about Yang Feng’s prospects.

“Since this is what you want, Junior Disciple Brother Zhong Sunan, then Senior Disciple Brother will give you some pointers.” Adopting the mannerism of a senior disciple brother, Yang Feng got up, walked on empty air, and stopped in the center of the great arena opposite of Zhong Sunan.

Zhong Sunan’s eyes s.h.i.+mmered angrily, and he uttered with a cold smile: “Okay! A personal disciple of Great Elder Huang must be extremely capable. Let me have a good look at your ‘ability’, Senior Disciple Brother!”

Elder Lu Yang spoke indifferently: “Begin!”

“Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, please enlighten me!” Zhong Sunan’s figure blurred, and he strangely disappeared, and then strangely appeared behind Yang Feng. Smiling coldly, slashed at Yang Feng’s neck with his hand.

Yang Feng didn’t seem to respond, allowing the hand to slash at his neck.

“Is he going to lose just like that?”

“What a disappointment!”

“The gap between Great Warlocks and Starry Sky Warlocks is just too great!”

“… “

There was a flash of disappointment in the eyes of the disciples. Although they didn’t think that Yang Feng was Zhong Sunan’s opponent, but they were still disappointed that he would lose so fast.

Propping her chin up with her lily-white hand, Zhang Hanshan watched the great arena. An enigmatic light flashed past her beautiful eyes, and she revealed a smile: “That’s a little interesting! It seems that this personal disciple of Great Elder Huang Yihe isn’t an ordinary Great Warlock.”

The eyes of Zhuo Yifan, who had long hair the color of blood, sparkled, and he said indifferently: “Yes, his speed isn’t half bad!”

Zhou Feng’s bright gaze fell on an empty s.p.a.ce.

The empty s.p.a.ce twisted, and Yang Feng was exposed. At the same time, the Yang Feng standing in his original place collapsed and disappeared.

Zhong Sunan’s face suddenly fell, and he retreated briskly, then turned around and stared at Yang Feng. There was a dignified look in his eyes.

Yang Feng said indifferently: “You won’t use your darkness domain?”

“I don’t think that I’ll need to use the darkness domain to deal with you, Senior Disciple Brother!” Zhong Sunan sneered, then silently recited an incantation and pointed with his finger, and black light suddenly burst out, converged on him, and formed a set of armor covering his whole body with a pair of black wings on the back.

Zhang Hanshan’s beautiful eyes glimmered with a strange light, and she said with a light smile: “Black Fighting Demonic stage! To be able to cultivate the Fighting Demonic secret method until this stage, what an amazing fellow!”

The Demonic Fighting secret method was one of the most powerful combat secret methods of the Fighting Demonic Sect. It was divided into five stages – the Blue Fighting Demonic stage, Silver Fighting Demonic stage, Golden Fighting Demonic stage, Black Fighting Demonic stage, and White Fighting Demonic stage. Generally, Great Warlocks could only cultivate until the Blue Fighting Demonic stage, while Starry Sky Warlocks could cultivate until the Golden Fighting Demonic stage. For Zhong Sunan to be able to cultivate until the Black Fighting Demonic stage, his strength was terrifying.

Zhuo Yifan uttered indifferently: “Not bad!”

When Zhong Sunan unleashed the Black Demonic Fighting stage, his body was covered by a dense black gas, and a tyrannical and unique aura rolled out from him.

After Zhong Sunan unleashed the Fighting Demonic secret method, his figure flickered, and a slightly blurred afterimage was left behind. He strangely appeared in front of Yang Feng. Tearing through s.p.a.ce, he sent his fist covered in black qi slamming towards Yang Feng’s face

Strengthened by the Black Fighting Demonic stage, the might of Zhong Sunan’s fist strike was four times stronger than when he usually erupted with all his strength. Even a dragon would have their bones broken, and receive heavy injuries when hit by this fist strike.

Eyes flas.h.i.+ng coldly, Yang Feng operated the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body secret method. He exuded world aura from all over as if he had turned into a world, and he punched out, his fist carrying the will of an entire world.

When Yang Feng punched out, Zhong Sunan’s face suddenly fell, and he felt like a world carrying boundless might was crus.h.i.+ng towards him. The terrifying aura left him nearly breathless, forcing him to parry with his own fist.

Bang!! There was a fearsome sound of explosion, and a terrific shock wave spread in all directions. While spewing out a mouthful of blood, Zhong Sunan was sent flying backwards like a broken doll. The black armor on his right hand was ripped open, exposing his hand. Yang Feng, on the other hand, didn’t even shake. He stood still as if nothing had happened.

“He was sent flying!! Senior Disciple Brother Zhong Sunan was sent flying!”

“Great Warlock, he’s just a Great Warlock. How can he surpa.s.s Elder Disciple Brother Zhong Sunan in terms of strength?”

“Elder Disciple Brother Zhong Sunan’s physique is very strong, one of the best among inner sect disciples. And while boosted by the Fighting Demonic secret method, he’s even more so at the top of inner sect disciples. Yang Feng, on the other hand, is just a Great Warlock. How could he defeat Senior Disciple Brother Zhong Sunan in a contest of strength?”


In the great arena, a commotion broke out when the spectators saw this scene. Everyone’s eyes flashed with incredulity.

Zhong Sunan was publicly recognized as the top inner sect disciple. He was extremely powerful, and the Fighting Demonic secret method was a fist-rate secret method meant for strengthening the fleshly body. Boosted by the Black Fighting Demonic stage, Zhong Sunan even surpa.s.sed Starry Sky Warlock rank dragons in terms of strength. Such a fearsome existence was actually blown away by a strike from the Great Warlock Yang Feng. It was simply inconceivable.

A peculiar glint flashed past Zhang Hanshan’s beautiful eyes, and she uttered, a bit curious: “Shocking!! Really shocking! Junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng is really remarkable, exceeding my expectations by far. What secret method is he cultivating?”

For the first time, Zhuo Yifan’s eyes showed a dignified look, and he uttered solemnly: “Impressive! His physical strength is impressive!”

Zhou Feng nodded.

After spitting out a mouthful of blood, Zhong Sunan retreated briskly. When he was 100 meters away, he stopped, then looked up at Yang Feng with graveness in his eyes.

Zhong Sunan’s eyes s.h.i.+mmered with a peculiar glint, and then ignited with a tempestuous fighting spirit, and he uttered, stressing each syllable: “Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, I felt resentment towards you when you became a personal disciple of Great Elder Huang! But now it looks like I was wrong. You really have the qualification to be a personal disciple of Great Elder Huang. At least when I was a Great Warlock, I didn’t have such a powerful fleshly body. Next, in order to express my respect towards you, I will defeat you using all my strength!”

Yang Feng responded with a faint smile: “Bring it on! I very much want to experience that amazing darkness domain!”

Zhong Sunan smiled indifferently and recited an incantation. With him as the core, endless darkness that seemed to be capable of swallowing all light rolled out towards Yang Feng. In the wink of an eye, Yang Feng was engulfed by the endless darkness.

When he was engulfed by the darkness domain, Yang Feng felt like he was immersed in complete darkness. He couldn’t see anything, hear anything, or smell anything. His spirit could not leave his body, and he couldn’t feel anything apart from his own body.

Yang Feng silently recited an incantation. A night vision spell enveloped his eyes, and he looked around. But the spell was completely ineffective. What entered his eyes was still an endless darkness.

“Only a domain, or absolute power can compete with a domain! This sentence is indeed true!” There was a faint smile on Yang Feng’s face. Fearsome spatial fluctuation rolled out from his body, and a spatial domain spread with him as its core.

The forces of the spatial domain and darkness domain interwove and extinguished and neutralized each other in the area.

The s.p.a.ce within the scope of Yang Feng’s spatial domain distorted and twisted. An arrow of darkness shot out of the endless darkness and entered the s.p.a.ce. Very strangely, it pa.s.sed through many layers of twisted s.p.a.ce and shot at the the ground next to Yang Feng’s feet, making the ground shake slightly.


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