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The China River and Lake Network was the most authoritative website in the country. Not only were there all kinds of gossip and rumors, there were also the latest news about the martial arts power and so on.

Not only did it attract a large number of martial artists to gather here and brag every day, it also attracted the members of the various gangs, big families and even the disciples of the ancient sects. They would come here and chat, check the information, and even announce various rewards missions.

The rankings of the top experts in China were published by it.

Not long ago, the Black Horse Series of Jianghu released by China’s Jianghu Network was liked by many people. The Black Horse Series was published by some extraordinary figures who had recently made an eye-catching performance, and the number of views on each issue of the Black Horse List in Jianghu was more than 5 million.

The number of times a day the site was active reached millions.

Today was the day the new issue of the Black Horse List was released.

The moment he entered the official website of the Chinese martial arts world, he saw a very eye-catching big red t.i.tle appearing on the front page of the official website!

The t.i.tle was “Black Horse List of the Jianghu”, the ninth issue!

Seeing this t.i.tle, countless people couldn’t wait to click on it.

However, the scene that appeared in their eyes caused them to be extremely stunned.

The ninth issue of the Black Horse List!

TOP1: Demon Lord Ye Xuan!

TOP2: The Leng Clan’s Thirteenth Guard, Leng Tianlong!

TOP3: The Thirteenth Imperial Guard is completely unaffected!

TOP4: Song Family’s three prodigies, Song Tianyang!

TOP5: One of the nine great Demon Kings of the Western Asura World, Crazy Demon Lin Feng!

T0P6: One of the thirty-six G.o.ds of the Western Asura World, the G.o.ddess of the Night, Ainphent!

… ….

TOP10: The Sect Leader of the Astral Energy Sect, Li Chunyang!

Everyone was attracted by the leader of the dark horse ranking in the martial arts world, the Demon Lord, Ye Xuan. Looking at this unfamiliar name, everyone was stunned, confused, and deeply stunned.

After a moment of shock, everyone quickly recovered and left a message.

“Motherf * cker, what the h.e.l.l is the Demon Lord Ye Xuan?”

“Who’s the Demon Lord, Ye Xuan?” Never heard of it? “

“d.a.m.n, it can’t be, Leng Tianlong actually fell into TOP2? “I heard that not long ago, he went to challenge the demon’s lair alone. This is something that no one in the younger generation has ever done before. How could he not get first place?”

“Who can tell me who the Demon Lord is?” “I’ve never heard of this person in the martial arts world …”

“Oh my G.o.d, even the powerhouses of the Western Asura World are on the list?” Did they come to our Huaxia to cause trouble? “

“F * ck, that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d Li Chunyang also made it onto the leaderboard. Could it be that this old fogey also did something earth-shattering? Or did all of the staff on this year’s leaderboards go crazy?”

“What the h.e.l.l? I want to see the Heavenly Dragon Brother’s Rankings!”

It was obvious that many people were extremely dissatisfied with the Demon Master Ye Xuan’s name, which they had never heard of before, appearing at the top of the list. At the same time, it filled many people with curiosity towards the Demon Lord Ye Xuan, wanting to know what he had done to be able to reach the top of the Black Horse Ranking.

Although the Black Horse List in the martial world was not a ranking of strength, but rather a recent report on the outstanding people, the authority and value they possessed was not any less than the other rankings. There were also many people who paid attention to it, since everyone loved all sorts of gossip.

Now that an unfamiliar person had become the top scorer of this year’s Jiang Hu Black Horse List, how could people not feel astonished and shocked, as well as deeply curious.

It was a pity that the officials did not bring out their reasons for not being on the leaderboard. It was enough to keep people in suspense.

At the same time, it caused many people to investigate this Demon Master Ye Xuan’s ident.i.ty one after another. Unfortunately, there weren’t any results and they weren’t able to find him.

“f.u.c.k, could it be that the Demon Lord Ye Xuan is the one who caused trouble in Yu state city?”

“What’s the big deal in Yuzhou? It’s definitely not the same person! “

“That’s right, Yu Zhou city isn’t qualified for the Dark Horse List, not to mention the top of the Dark Horse List…”

“Aiya, official, hurry up and release the reason! I’d like to see what Demon Master Ye Xuan has done to get first place on this season’s Black Horse List!”

Everyone began discussing in the thread below the leaderboard.

In less than an hour, the number of comments on the thread had exceeded 100,000.

At this time, the officials of Huaxia River and Lake Network finally began to announce the reason to everyone, and it was to report back to the public!

This season’s Dark Horse List’s TOP10 Astral Qi Sect’s Li Chunyang!

Reason for being on the list: In less than five years since Li Chunyang took over the Aura Sect, the size of the sect had expanded tenfold, and the sect had developed into a school that had merged with society.

Of course, what Li Chunyang excelled in was his unique wisdom and insight. In the Yu State Battle, his Gale Sect had a deep blood feud with Ye Xuan, but he didn’t care about it and resolved the enmity between them. He even brought the Gale Sect into Ye Xuan’s camp, recognizing him as a monarch!

Furthermore, during the Star Sea War three days ago, he had relied on his tyrannical strength to beat up the Chen Ancestor and severely injure him. His performance during the war had been extremely eye-catching, so he had been placed on the list!

Upon seeing the reason given, everyone was filled with confusion and bewilderment.

“Three days ago, there was a big battle in the sea of stars? How come we didn’t know? “

“Hey, do any of you know what kind of war broke out three days ago?”

While people were feeling puzzled about this, the officials of the Chinese martial arts world were giving out the reasons for the rankings one after another.

When everyone saw the Demon Lord Ye Xuan’s reason for being on the leaderboard, it could be said that he was shocked and his face went into an uproar.

This season’s number one on the dark horse ranking, TOP1: Demon Lord Ye Xuan!

Reason for entry: Three days ago, the Chen Family’s Ancestor from the northeast led many experts from the Chen Family to unite with the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Leader, the Leng Clan’s Thirteenth Guard, Leng Wuqing, as well as his servants, the Star Xuan Sovereign, and the Thirteen Squads of the Shadow Kylin Army, to lay an inescapable net on the sea of stars to trap and annihilate the Demon Lord Ye Xuan and his Berserk Dragon Tribe!

Under such a disadvantageous situation, Demon Master Ye Xuan used his invincible strength to turn the tide and killed the Chen family’s patriarch, Chen Yuanfeng, the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Leader, Gu Jian Zun, and the Chen family’s patriarch, Chen Xuanzun …

Even Leng Wuqing, one of the Leng Clan’s Thirteen Grand Protectors, Xing Xuan Zun, and Black Scale, the vice-captain of the Thirteenth Squad of the Shadow Unicorn Army had all died under his sword …

Even if the Evil Emperor, one of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors of the Asura World made an appearance, he would still escape unscathed!

In the Star Sea War, the Devil Lord Ye Xuan had achieved fame in one battle, and was ranked first on the Ascendant list. He deserved to be called that!

The reason for being on the leaderboard had been released. There would be a special report on “Star Wars Three days ago”.

When the Devil Lord Ye Xuan’s name was released, the entire China River and Lake Network was shocked. They blankly stared at his name and couldn’t say anything for a long time.

They never thought that the unknown Ye Xuan would be so powerful and terrifying. Not only did he destroy the Chen family’s patriarch, Chen Yuanfeng, but he also killed the Ancient Sword Saint and Chen Xuanzun. Even Leng Wuqing, one of the Leng Clan’s 13 Grand Protectors, died miserably in his hands.

The heck, just how strong was this fellow?

When the reason for the first place on the Black Horse List was revealed, countless people were shocked. Many people clicked on the link to the special report of Star Wars and checked it in detail …

When they saw the entire process of the great battle, they were deeply shocked by the text and pictures inside!

Who would have thought that a tiny Ye Xuan in Galaxy would have such a powerful rallying power that even the Asura World’s Mad Demon Lin Feng, Night G.o.ddess Ainphent, and Elder Bai would be able to support him …

This year’s number one on the Black Horse List, Demon Lord Ye Xuan fully deserves it!

At this moment, countless people began to investigate and understand Ye Xuan, and a large amount of people wanted to extend their reach to him.

Ancient Sword Sect, in a magnificent and solemn hall.

A cyan robed vice sect master of the Ancient Sword Sect, Gu Tianyan, was sitting in the great hall, drinking tea and discussing with several elders of the Ancient Sword Sect. He appeared to be extremely relaxed and carefree.

However, at this moment, a disciple of the Ancient Sword Sect stumbled in.

“Open …” Reporting to the Vice Sect Leader and the various elders, how… Something terrible has happened! “

Looking at the vice sect master and several elders that were discussing the Dao in the hall, that Ancient Sword Sect disciple had a fl.u.s.tered expression on his face as he knelt in the middle of the hall.

“What in the world is going on to make you so fl.u.s.tered?”

Seeing the fl.u.s.tered expression on his disciple’s face, the vice sect master Gu Tianyan frowned. A trace of dissatisfaction flashed across his eyes as he coldly spoke.

“Reporting to the Vice Sect Leader and the Elders, the news that came from below the mountain just now states that … Speak… “Speak…”

The Ancient Sword Sect disciple broke out in a cold sweat, not daring to speak the bad news for a long time.

“What did he say?”

Vice Sect Leader Gu Tianyan slammed his palm on the tea table, anger written all over his face.

“They say the grand master died in the sea of stars!”

The Ancient Sword Sect disciple lowered his head and whispered.

“What?” You said the Sect Master has fallen? How is that possible? “

“The sea of stars is a small place, how could anyone kill the Sect Leader? He is a Spirit Travelling Profound Realm Martial Saint!”

When they heard the words of the Ancient Sword Sect disciple, the vice sect master Gu Tianyan and many other elders all stood up in unison as astonished and astonished voices came from their mouths.

“Vice Sect Leader, Elders, this news has already been verified by us. The Sect Leader has indeed fallen!”

The Ancient Sword Sect disciple said with a pained and dejected expression.

“Who in the world could kill Sect Master?”

Vice Sect Leader Gu Tianyan said with a face full of anger.

“Ye Xuan!”

The Ancient Sword Sect disciple carefully replied.

“How could it be him? How could he possibly kill Sect Master? “

Disbelief appeared on the faces of vice sect master Gu Tianyan and the elders. They clearly didn’t believe that a mere Ye Xuan could kill Ye Xuan.

“Vice sect leader, there are already detailed reports on the official website of the Chinese martial arts world…” You can log in and check it out! “

That disciple’s expression was filled with fear, afraid that he would be implicated by Gu Tianyan and the others’ fury …

“Dammit, it’s actually real. The grand master was actually killed by that brat with the surname Ye …”

When they heard the words of that disciple, the vice sect master Gu Tianyan and the elders present immediately ran out of their phones to carefully inspect the situation. When they saw the message on the phone, they widened their eyes and mouths.

Their Sect Master had personally gone down the mountain to take care of Ye Xuan, but they didn’t think that the result would be like this. Their Sect Master had actually been dealt with by Ye Xuan.

This result was undoubtedly hard for them to accept.

“Vice Sect Leader, Elders, what should we do now?”

Looking at the vice sect master and elders who had faces full of shock and losing their composure, that disciple said frantically.

“You can leave first. We’ll have to discuss this further with the elders!”

The vice sect master Gu Tianyan gradually recovered from his shock after hearing the words of that disciple. He inhaled a deep breath of air and calmed his shocked heart. Majestic and indifferent words were emitted from his mouth.

After that disciple left, the vice sect master Gu Tianyan looked at the elders while the elders looked at him with wide eyes. They really didn’t know what to do!

Northeast region, Chen family compound!

After the Chen Ancestor, Chen Xuanzun, and the Chen Yuanfeng had left for the sea of stars with many experts, although the Chen Clan had become a bit more desolate compared to the past, it was still lively and extraordinary.

A large number of the Chen Family clansmen were chatting leisurely in the courtyard. Many children were chasing and playing in the courtyard, but they did not know that their Chen Family was about to face a calamity!

Chen Xingran had a head full of dry short hair. She wore a set of white training clothes that revealed her slender and graceful figure. She held a soft sword in her hand as she leisurely practiced in the training grounds.

“Eldest Miss, something big happened. Our Chen family is doomed …”

“Ah Fu, what nonsense are you spouting for our Chen Family? How can our Chen Family be finished?” What the h.e.l.l is going on? “

Hearing the clan member Ah Fu’s words, Chen Xingran’s brows furrowed without leaving a trace. She stopped her actions and gazed at the clan member Ah Fu as she asked with doubt in her voice.

“Eldest Miss, something big really happened! “I just got the news that the head of the family and the ancestors perished in the sea of stars …”

Ah Fu replied quickly, as if he was an ant on a hot pan.

“What?” “My father and grandpa died in the sea of stars?”

Hearing Ah Fu’s words, Chen Xin Ran’s face changed drastically as he lost his composure from his mouth.

“Yes, Miss!” This news was absolutely true. Even the officials of the martial arts world had posted it on the internet! What do you think we should do now? “

Ah Fu paced back and forth with a helpless look on his face.

Chen Xingran quickly took out her cell phone and logged into the official website of China’s martial arts world. When she saw the report, her exquisite face couldn’t help but show a sense of disappointment and pain.

“Eldest Miss, now is not the time for us to be sad. Our Chen family is the hegemon of the Northeast, and we usually offend many other families. Now that the patriarch and the patriarch have left, once the news spreads, our Chen family will be in danger …”

Seeing Chen Xingran’s sad expression, Ah Fu could not help but speak.

Hearing Ah Fu’s words, Chen Xin Ran also came back to her senses from the pain and grief. She stretched out her slender white hands to wipe the tears off her face before walking out of the courtyard. Cold and clear words came from her mouth.

“Ah Fu, gather the backbone of the family and have them quickly sell off all the a.s.sets of the Chen family to each Chen family member. From today onwards, the Chen family will be officially dissolved …”

“Dismissed Chen Family? Where are you going, young miss? “

Ah Fu was startled. He never thought that Chen Xin Ran would make such a decision.

“With our current strength, there’s no way we can protect the Chen family. If we can’t protect those a.s.sets, we can only show them to our family members as soon as possible and give them to protect our Chen family’s incense …”

Chen Xingran replied without turning her head.

“As for me, I’m going to Galaxy to kill Ye Xuan and avenge my father!”


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