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Chapter 107 An Amateur Beat A Professional!

In fact.

At first, Fang Qiu did want to settle an old score with Gao Fei but he was still carrying the suitcase with 300,000 in cash.

But now, even the teacher stepped in to help, there was no need to refuse again.

At this point, this old score was to get settled with Gao Fei.

“Okay. You guys come with me.”

Mr. Ma nodded with satisfaction as he moved toward the starting line of the track.

Gao Fei threw a defiant glance at Fang Qiu before following up.

Fang Qiu remained cool.

Very soon.

The three of them came to the meter dash starting line.

“Take a break.”

Standing at the starting line, Mr. Ma blew the whistle hanging from his neck and waved to those sports special students who were training in school during the holiday. He said, “a.s.semble!”

Very soon.

All the students specially enrolled into the Sports School gathered over.

“Everyone, take a rest, and clear the track for students Gao Fei and Fang Qiu.”

Said Mr. Ma as he glanced at Fang Qiu and Gao Fei. He then added, “Today, students Gao Fei and Fang Qiu are going to have a friendly running match.”

Hearing that,

Those students looked at Fang Qiu in surprise.

Studying in the Sports School, most of them, though not part of the track team, had heard of Gao Fei before.

In the track team, Gao Fei had always been in the top position, known for his speed.

What about Fang Qiu?

Everyone was confused.

Most of them had no idea who Fang Qiu was.

“Student Fang Qiu is not in our Sports School, is he?”

“Never heard of such a man.”

“I think I’ve seen this name on our school BBS. He should be from the School of Chinese Medicine.”

“No way!”

“A Chinese Medicine student competes with Gao Fei on running?”

“Wouldn’t this be self-inflicted abuse?”

“Yeah. Gao Fei’s track and field performance has no match in the entire school. Doesn’t this Fang Qiu know that?”

“How boring! What’s the point of this match? That Fang Qiu guy will lose for sure. Why would Mr. Ma arrange such a match?”

“A freshman is looking for some torture. Of course we are going to satisfy him.”

“This year’s freshmen really suck. He looks dumb in every way.”

Those sports special students pointed finger at Fang Qiu.

No one had faith in Fang Qiu.

They all felt the result of this match was too obvious that Gao Fei would defeat Fang Qiu by far.

But on the other side,

In the crowd, members of the track team saw Fang Qiu and looked at one another in spite of themselves.

“Is that him?”

Asked one track team member, surprised and unsure.


Answered another track team member, just as unsure.

“It’s him! “That morning I watched him closely. I’m certain that was him. Absolutely him.”

Said another one, very positively.

Hearing the comments from those track team members,

Other sports special students began to feel curious.

“Who? “Who are you talking about?”

“Do you guys know him?”

Asked one, pointing at Fang Qiu.

“Not really. I saw him once.”

One of the track team members recalled the situation and replied, “one morning we met him while training at the Central Lake. He was running there, very fast. Even faster than Gao Fei.”

Hearing that,

The crowd was shocked.

“Holy c.r.a.p! Faster than Gao Fei?”

A remark of shock came from the crowd.

“Actually, I don’t know.”

The track team member put on a wry smile, his heart still fluttering with fear, and said, “I just remember I met him four times over two laps and every time he ran past us. Gao Fei was sprinting at that time but I didn’t look closely which one of them was fast. Anyway, I can tell you that Fang Qiu was pretty bada.s.s. I’m not sure if he can beat Gao Fei though.”

Hearing that,

Those sports special students breathed a sigh of relief.

Gao Fei was already very fast. If Fang Qiu was even faster, he would be a monster.


According to that track team member, this Fang Qiu should be alright so he wouldn’t suffer too miserable a defeat.

As this thought came to his mind,

Those sports special students, originally with zero interest, now suddenly had expectations.

“According to those track team members, it’s going to be an exciting showdown.”

“Getting interesting.”

“If this Fang Qiu is really that good, it would be hard for Gao Fei to keep his reputation as the best in the school.”

“Nonsense. Gao Fei is the best in the entire school. This Gao Fei isn’t even specialized in sports. How could he defeat Gao Fei?”

“That’s right. The victory is certainly Gao Fei’s.”

“I can understand Student Fang Qiu is looking for a challenge, but I just don’t get it why he has to pick Gao Fei among so many people in the track team. Why does he want to torture himself?”

“I heard all Chinese Medicine students are kind of weird. Maybe this student Fang Qiu just loves to be abused.”


All sorts of comments and secret laughter came from this group of sports special students.

Even with the endors.e.m.e.nt of the track team member, they still had no trust in Fang Qiu.

It was agreed that Fang Qiu was doomed to fail in the face of Gao Fei’s absolute strength.

Over here,

“Let’s warm up first.”

Mr. Ma looked at Fang Qiu and said, “Gao Fei has been doing physical training here. You are fine.”

“No need.”

Fang Qiu shook his head directly.


Mr. Ma was surprised. He reprimanded, “Student Fang Qiu, some warm-up exercise before a run can help you avoid ligament injury and other accidents. Are you sure you want to skip it?”

“Thank you, teacher, for your concern. It’s really not necessary.”

Fang Qiu repeated with a nod.

Next to him,

Gao Fei glared at Fang Qiu with a sneer.

He said to himself, “Soon you’ll see.

“It’s my opportunity to prove myself!”

Around them, the other sports special students also raised their eyebrows.

“No warm-up? So arrogant?”

“No wonder he’s not specialized in sports. He doesn’t even know the importance of warm-up.”

“I hope he won’t twist his ankle in the middle of the run!”

“He’s a Chinese medicine student. He needs no warm-up. He can treat his own injury.”

Comments spread through the crowd quietly.

Again, everyone laughed.

Over here.

“So no warm-up. You guys get ready. First, 100-meter dash.”

Said Mr. Ma after some thought.


He signaled at one track team member to time the race at the finis.h.i.+ng line 100 meters away.

Gao Fei jumped in place gently, with the same sneer hanging around the corner of his mouth.

Fangled Qiu loosened up his clothes and moved to the starting line, getting set to run.

Very soon.

Everything was ready.

Mr. Ma stood aside, put the whistle into his mouth, and then raised his right hand.

A moment later,


The whistle blew.

Mr. Ma swung his right hand down quickly.

At this moment, Gao Fei pushed his right foot and his entire body sprang out as if he had wings.

But just over ten meters into the race,

Gao Fei heard the wind whistling in his ears.

He turned around to look.

Fang Qiu was running neck and neck with him, and his speed was increasing.

Before he could react, Fang Qiu had taken the lead.

Seeing this,

Gao Fei began to feel anxious. He ran desperately, his teeth clenched and eyes shut.

Behind them,

Seeing this,

All those sports special students were dumbfounded.

Gao Fei was overtaken?

That Fang Qiu actually overtook Gao Fei?

In their opinion, Gao Fei should be way ahead of Fang Qiu in no time on this 100-meter dash. The reality in front of them was a completely contrary picture.

“How is this possible? How can Student Fang Qiu be this fast?”

“Overtaken. This guy has overtaken Gao Fei?”

“Check out Student Fang Qiu’s posture while running. How could his body be so well coordinated?”

The crowd was shocked.

Who could have guessed?

A student from the School of Chinese Medicine overtook a track team member in a 100-meter dash. Actually, the member was Gao Fei, the fastest runner of the track team.

One hundred meters was very short.

The race ended when the audience was still in shock.

The track team member for timekeeping and the two of them returned to the starting line.

Fang Qiu appeared calm, breathing evenly.

Looking at Gao Fei,

Just like Fang Qiu, he wasn’t panting at all but his face was very dark.

“How did the School of Chinese Medicine get such a great runner?”

“d.a.m.n! The speed was incredible.”

“Even Gao Fei couldn’t beat him. This young fellow is really good!”

The crowd gazed at Fang Qiu in shock.

The shock and feelings they were experiencing at that moment were impossible to put into words.

That scene replayed in their minds again and again.

And continued challenging their cognition.

An ordinary student just beat a specially enrolled student for his sport talents in 100-meter dash?

This… Where could this make sense?

It crushed their cognition!

“Announce the time.”

Once the trio returned, Mr. Ma immediately called out.

“Gao Fei, time, 11.01 seconds!”

“Fang Qiu, time, 10.3 seconds!”

Hearing the result,

Everyone was dumbfounded.

10.3 seconds?

That should be enough to qualify him for the National University Games 100-meter dash finals?

Last year the National University Games 100-meter dash champion finished in 10.28 seconds.

And Fang Qiu finished in 10.3 seconds!

It was in defiance of the natural order!

Even the well experienced Mr. Ma was stunned.

“He dashed out without any warm-up and finished in 10.3 seconds?”

“He would have been even faster with some proper warm-up…”

As this thought came to his mind,

The well surprised Mr. Ma couldn’t help feeling excited.

Gao Fei’s 11.01 second result was already pretty good.

But this Fang Qiu was absolutely marvelous!

Under the dazzling light of this result, no one paid any attention to Gao Fei’s performance.

Great potential!

Mr. Ma’s eyes on Fang Qiu sparkled.

“I don’t accept!”

When everyone was shocked by Fang Qiu’s performance, the dark-faced Gao Fei suddenly declared. “It was only a 1-second difference. It was all because of the over one hour exercise I’ve done before the race. Otherwise, I would have been faster than him!

“And he was so close to me that he interfered with my running rhythm. Otherwise, I would have done better!”


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