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Read Medical Princess Chapter 524 – Big Sister, Did You Have Fun in the Hall?

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Chapter 524 Big Sister, Did You Have Fun in the Hall?

She pushed the door open, only to see Qu Le and Qing’er in the courtyard.

After looking around and finding no man, Shuqi stepped forward angrily and said, “Tell me, who’s the man in the courtyard just now?”

“Man?” Qu Le and Qing’er exchanged glances and seemed to have no idea what Shuqi was talking about. They looked at Shao Yanru’s gloomy face and blinked to indicate that they didn’t understand.

“How dare you deny it! The First Miss and I clearly heard Qu Le was talking with a man just now!” Shuqi said and reached out to point at Qu Le with her fingertip almost touching Qu Le’s nose, acting like an angry lady coming to catch Qu Le meeting a man.

Qu Le didn’t understand at first, and then suddenly laughed. Qing’er also laughed bending beneath.

Qu Le reached out to slap Shuqi’s hand away and said with a chuckle, “Do you want to ask… which man I was talking to… right?”

“Tell me!” Shuqi didn’t dare to look at her master’s angry face and said in rage.

“Shuqi, are you talking about me? I was talking with Sister Qu Le just now!” Qing’er laughed, while changing her voice to say.

The man’s voice!

Hearing this voice, Shao Yanru became so furious that her face turned red and livid. She, who almost failed to hold back her anger, looked up at the corridor where Shao Wanru was standing there with a smile. Sensing Shao Yanru’s gaze at her, she specially tilted her head and asked, “Big Sister, did you have fun in the hall?”

Did she have fun in the hall? Shao Yanru almost tore the handkerchief in her hand apart. She understood at the moment that she had fallen into Shao Wanru’s trap.

She figured everything out. No wonder Shao Wanru brought Qing’er with her instead of any other personal maid. On one hand, Qing’er did a great job of talking in a male voice. On the other hand, Qing’er was a maid doing heavy work. Although she was young, she might be stronger than two maids. So she could knock Shao Yanru out easily. Regarding Qi Tianyu, he probably wasn’t wary of this little maid, and he was knocked out by her!

She strode to the corridor, pointed at Shao Wanru, and said angrily, “Shao Wanru, I treated you sincerely. Why did you do that to me?”

“Treated me sincerely?” Shao Wanru said, shook her head and blinked her fluid eyes, as if she really didn’t understand it, “Would you encourage me to meet a man in secret if you treated me sincerely? Big Sister, you have read so many instructions for unmarried girls. I don’t know there is such an instruction which says that you should encourage your sister to meet a man in secret. How about telling Old Madam about it?”

Seeing her fearless look, Shao Yanru was so furious that her lungs were almost going to explode. However, she couldn’t do anything to her. If she told Old Madam about it, Old Madam would definitely know that she harbored malicious intentions.

Even though she knew that Old Madam would definitely defend her, Shao Yanru did not want it to influence her gentle impression on Old Madam!

She had thought that Shao Wanru was only eleven years old before coming up the mountain and couldn’t be much more mentally mature although she had stayed on the mountain for several years. Unexpectedly she had underestimated Shao Wanru and had been negligent!

“Fifth Sister, you consider my kindness as malicious intentions and did that to me. I… I was too blind to treat you sincerely!”

Shao Yanru said with a snort and turned around to leave angrily, seeming to be aggrieved and angry because of being set up by Shao Wanru. At this time, she could not come to an open break with Shao Wanru.

Seeing Shao Yanru leave, Shao Wanru slowly walked into the silence room. Yujie came forward to help her take off the cloak and then served tea.

Shao Wanru sat down in front of the mat and blinked her watery eyes as she pondered.

“Miss, will the First Miss’s bad reputation be spread tomorrow?” Yujie said as she folded the cloak.

“No!” Shao Wanru shook her head and said with certainty, “She has such a great reputation that people won’t believe that she did such a thing. Besides, someone of high status like her is not likely to take a fancy to Qi Tianyu!”

Shao Yanru’s target had always been those princes, so Qi Tianyu was not good enough to be her target. This was a fact. Not only did she think so, but others also thought so.

As the First Miss Shao, who was both talented and beautiful with Duke Xing’s Mansion as her backing, she could be considered the G.o.d’s favored one, and only the aristocrats of high status could be her match. Compared with them, Qi Tianyu’s foundation was too shallow.

“That’s not necessarily true. There are some n.o.ble ladies favored by the G.o.d falling in love with an ordinary man.” Yujie curled her lip and said, “When I was in Jiangzhou, I heard some scripts all of which were about a gifted scholar and a pretty lady. Although the First Young Master Qi is a playboy, he could be considered a gifted scholar. First Miss is the same. She could be considered a beautiful lady regardless of character. They are a good match for each other in this aspect!”

Seeing that Yujie took it for granted, Shao Wanru burst into laughter and said, “Yujie, you had cultivated on the mountain in the past, right? Does Mingqiu Nun know that you got some scripts?”

On hearing her question, Yujie was struck dumb. After a long while, she said with a bitter face, “Mi-Miss, you can’t tell Mingqiu Nun about it. I just talk about it with you, but dare not talk about it with Mingqiu Nun.”

“Then tell me where did you get the scripts?” Shao Wanru asked with interest, because there must be no scripts in the Jingxin Monastery.

“Uh… I brought, brought some when going down the mountain occasionally… to buy some medicine for Mingqiu Nun…” Yujie said, blinking her eyes. Seeing her master’s eyes looking bright because of curiosity, she knew that she had to tell her master, so she could only stammer the story.

“So you embezzled Mingqiu Nun’s money for buying medicine and spent it on buying scripts for reading in secret!” Shao Wanru said with a laugh. It was so amusing that a cultivating nun read this kind of script.

“Miss, I’m talking about serious business with you. Why is there going to be no gossip about the First Miss tomorrow? Why is it impossible to hear the gossip about the First Miss and the First Young Master Qi?” Yujie, who became angry from embarra.s.sment, stamped her feet and said loudly.

Shao Wanru stretched out a white and tender finger and gently pressed it on her lips, motioning for her to speak softly.

“Miss, tell me why?” Yujie immediately lowered her voice to ask.

“Qi Tianyu didn’t intend to ruin my reputation, but only intended to take control of me. He must have been prepared for it. Moreover, it is related to Shao Yanru, which makes others doubt it even more.”

Shao Wanru said with a light smile and a clear sparkle flashing in her eyes.

In fact, besides Qi Tianyu, Shao Yanru must be the one behind it. Otherwise, Qi Tianyu couldn’t be so obedient to Shao Yanru and so cooperative.

Unexpectedly, Qi Tianyu and Shao Yanru had colluded with each other in less than three years. In this case, Qi Rongzhi had played a significant role.

In the last life, Qi Tianyu and Shao Yanru had probably colluded with each other as well. Shao Wanru had seen them talking. Nevertheless, they knew each other through Qin Yuru in the last life. In this life, Qin Yuru had been out of the game, so Qi Rongzhi played her role.

It could be seen that the two of them were destined to know each other.

No matter in the last life or this life, they had colluded with each other long before.

“Since it’s useless, it’s better to do nothing!” Yujie said dejectedly. It was quite a pity that they couldn’t do any actual harm to the First Miss. It could be considered that the First Miss had been caught meeting Qi Tianyu in secret, but it couldn’t do harm to her reputation!

“A solid d.y.k.e can collapse because of an ant hole in it. Take it slow!” Shao Wanru said meaningfully, blinking her gorgeous eyes.

Shao Yanru enjoyed a great reputation now. Even if there came some gossip about her, no one would buy it. However, if there came more such gossip, how long could Shao Yanru maintain her reputation?

She was still young and had plenty of time, but Shao Yanru was not young. In any case, she thought it impossible that Shao Yanru’s target was the Emperor in the imperial palace. She was really curious about why Shao Yanru failed to marry any prince and ended up with being the Emperor’s concubine in the last life!

Hearing Shao Wanru’s words, Yujie became delighted again. She nodded repeatedly and said at once, “Miss, it’s getting late. Let me serve you to go to bed.”

It was indeed getting late. Shao Wanru stood up and looked out of the window. It was dark outside. She could tell that it was late indeed based on the sky by calculating the time.

“It’s cold at night. Let me close the window for you.” Yujie came over and reached out to close the window. Suddenly, she saw a dark figure flash by the window. She hurriedly stepped back and looked at Prince Chen in front of her in astonishment.

Yujie was familiar with Prince Chen, who looked pale and weak. But now Prince Chen, who had always given Yujie an impression of a man too weak to get up, “flew” from under the window. How could she not be shocked? If she remembered correctly, there should be a cliff outside the window!

“Leave!” Chu Liuchen waved his hand and said. A suit of strong dark clothes made his features look extremely elegant and delicate in the light. Shao Wanru suddenly found that he not only looked like a handsome young man walking out of a wash painting, but also exuded a kind of strange wickedness and beauty in the dark.

Under his pale handsome face, the dark mink made his features look as white and plain as jade. But even so, he was still peerlessly handsome and elegant.

After motioning for Yujie to leave. Shao Wanru sat down in front of the mat again, poured a cup of tea for him and said, “Your Highness, please come over for tea!”

She looked so natural as if she didn’t think it improper for Chu Liuchen to come here at this time.

Glancing at Shao Wanru’s calm face and Prince Chen’s gentle face, Yujie felt that nothing would go wrong. So she cautiously left and closed the door for them.

Several trusted maids of Shao Wanru knew that she was going to marry into Prince Chen’s Mansion. Therefore, Yujie did not think it inappropriate for Prince Chen to appear here mysteriously, but considered it quite good. At least it could prove that Prince Chen was not seriously ill. That was good. That was good.

As long as Prince Chen was healthy, nothing else was a big problem!

There seemed to be some noise in her ear, but it seemed to disappear when Yujie listened to it carefully. Yujie shook her head and wondered if she had some hallucinations recently. She always heard some faint noise, but every time she listened carefully, she felt that the noise was caused by the mountain wind blowing through rocks or branches. It was weird. Could it be that she didn’t get enough sleep recently?

She planned to ask Mingqiu Nun to make a diagnosis and give her a prescription. Otherwise, she couldn’t even sleep tight.

Inside the room, Chu Liuchen came over, picked up the teacup and took a sip. After that, he held the teacup in his hand and looked up at Shao Wanru with gentle eyes, which made Shao Wanru feel cold all over. He asked, “Did you have a good time tonight?”


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