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Read Medical Princess Chapter 632 – Very Solid Gold Bracelets

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Chapter 632 Very Solid Gold Bracelets

Seeing Chu Liuchen leaving, Chu Qing felt ashamed and annoyed with his face turning blue and then white, thinking that he had been completely humiliated today!

In this current situation, he definitely couldn’t go to meet Chu Liuchen. Even if he did, Chu Liuchen, who had always been arrogant and capricious, definitely would refuse to meet him.

“Your Highness!” Seeing him stand there in a daze, a guard reminded him in a low voice.

“Let’s go!” Chu Qing gnashed his teeth, managed to suppress his anger, and said. After that, he turned around and strode away.

Shao Yanru, who had been watching over them from a distance, saw Chu Liuchen show up and Chu Qing return without accomplishing anything, feeling angry and annoyed. Why was Chu Liuchen also here? When did he come? Why did he live in the courtyard next to Shao Wanru’s? Although the courtyard was also prepared for the members of the royal family, there should be other courtyards, right?

She had intended to find a loophole in the guard of Shao Wanru’s courtyard and thought of a way to rush in. But now that Chu Liuchen showed up, she knew that no matter what plan she made, it probably would not work!

Seeing Chu Qing come over, she forced a smile, went up to him, and said in a sweet voice, “Your Highness!”

Meanwhile, she looked at Chu Qing with expectation in her eyes.

Chu Qing, who had collected himself at the moment, even showed a gentle smile. Seeing Shao Yanru bow to him, he helped her up courteously.

“First Miss, I’m really sorry. Just now, Prince Chen told me that the Fifth Miss Shao is so seriously injured that she could only rest quietly every day and spend the rest of time copying the scriptures with the little strength left in her. So it’s really inconvenient to disturb her!” Chu Qing said with a smile on his apologetic face, “I shouldn’t disturb her this time. How about if you come again after some time?”

“Can’t I meet her? I… I just want to meet my Fifth Sister even if we make no conversation!” Shao Yanru said tearfully. A beauty in tears was quite pitiful. What was more, Shao Yanru put on a gentler look.

Such a beauty really made Chu Qing feel tender and protective and want to hold her in his arms and comfort her, and he was very willing to do so. However, thinking of the devil living in the courtyard next to the Fifth Miss Shao’s courtyard poured a basin of cold water over his head and made him feel cold!

“First Miss Shao, I’m really sorry!” Chu Qing said. This time he did not dare to make any promise. It was really not worthwhile to displease Chu Liuchen for help Shao Yanru.

“I still have to thank you, Your Highness. I’m sorry to trouble you!” Shao Yanru said, out of her senses.

“Since the Fifth Miss Shao has been cultivating in seclusion, you’d better go down the mountain. Down the mountain… there are all kinds of rumors unfavorable to you!” Chu Qing said softly with gentle eyes.

He didn’t care much about Shao Yanru’s reputation and even thought that the damage done to Shao Yanru’s reputation could be helpful to him. He just needed the support from Duke Xing’s Mansion. However, Duke Xing’s Mansion could offer great support anyway, so numerous people wanted to connect with Duke Xing’s Mansion through marriage. If Shao Yanru remained her good reputation, he was definitely not good enough for her.

Commandery Prince Qing clearly knew that he was in an embarra.s.sing situation now and was in need of power.

Although reputation was important, it couldn’t compare with power. It was the best choice for him to have a princess with a bad reputation but a powerful family background. Shao Yanru now fit the criteria well. For fear that Duke Xing’s Mansion would consider him not good enough for Shao Yanru, he deliberately mentioned it in front of Shao Yanru.

With her face turning red, Shao Yanru struggled to suppress the anger in her heart by biting her lip hard and said in an aggrieved tone, “Thank you for telling me that, Your Highness. I’m going down the mountain. The rumors are just rumors. It’s reasonable for me to be suspected after such an accident happened to my Fifth Sister.”

“Never mind. If the Fifth Miss explains it after getting better, you will be fine. How could someone as kind as you be that kind of vicious person!” Chu Qing comforted her.

“Thank you for trusting me, Your Highness!” Shao Yanru said gratefully with tears in her eyes.

“Someone as kind as you is definitely worth trusting!” Chu Qing said in an increasingly gentle tone with burning eyes, which were apparent to Shao Yanru, and invited, “Let’s go, First Miss Shao?”

Shao Yanru glanced at Shao Wanru’s courtyard. Knowing that it was useless to stay longer, she could only turn around and leave. Not long after, Shao Wanru received the news that Shao Yanru had gone down the mountain!

Without Shao Yanru watching over her closely outside, she became much looser in her courtyard. The area was secluded, and basically, no one came here. Besides, the two residents were both delicate and n.o.ble patients. The area in the Huaguang Temple became increasingly peaceful.

Shao Wanru sat in front of the stone table in the yard, picked up a book, and read it casually, while several maids picked up the maple leaves falling from the trees leisurely and felt that they lived quite a leisurely life. The courtyard beside their courtyard was very quiet as if no one lived there. If they hadn’t known that Chu Liuchen did live there, they wouldn’t have been able to guess that there was someone inside.

Especially when this person showed up leisurely at the gate door of the courtyard, Shao Wanru speechlessly instructed Yujie to bring him in.

“Come in, I’ll show you something good!” Chu Liuchen, who was in a good mood, walked up to Shao Wanru and said.

Then he went to the main room. Shao Wanru helplessly looked at him, who looked more like the host than her.

After entering the room, Chu Liuchen put the thing in his hand on the table. Shao Wanru came over to have a look and immediately looked at Chu Liuchen speechlessly.

Were they bracelets?

A pair of gold bracelets looked very heavy. No, they should be described as particularly heavy. People usually collected these kinds of gold bracelets rather than wear them.

The most important thing was the value. They were a pair of extremely solid bracelets made of pure gold with no pattern looking very rough. This style was completely different from what Chu Liuchen liked. Shao Wanru didn’t expect that he would take out such a pair of gold bracelets!

It was hard to figure out the meaning behind this pair of solid gold bracelets!

“How are they?” Chu Liuchen asked in a good mood, sat down on the big chair she usually sat on, and slightly narrowed his slanted eyes.

Under his gaze, Shao Wanru became alert and hurriedly said, “Great, great. Where did you get such a pair of gold bracelets, Your Highness? I have never seen such a pair of solid gold bracelets!”

“They are yours now!” Chu Liuchen waved his hand and said.

“What… are they used for?” Shao Wanru asked in confusion.

“Of course for wearing!” Chu Liuchen said and squinted at her while reaching out to grab one of her hands and fetching the bracelet with the other hand. He immediately felt the weight of the bracelet on his hand, while her tender hand on the other hand of his was extremely light. He involuntarily stopped his movement and looked at the bracelet in his hand with some hesitation. For the first time, he wondered if he brought the wrong bracelets!

“It… doesn’t seem to be used for wearing, right?” These words were said in an extremely low voice and supposed to be said to himself.

Shao Wanru couldn’t help laughing. It was rare to see Chu Liuchen hesitate because he had never been a hesitant person.

“Your Highness, it should be for collecting. No one would wear such a solid bracelet!”

These kinds of bracelets seemed to be for collecting like gold bars and gold bricks, which were easier to hide.

Chu Liuchen sat up straight, put down Shao Wanru’s hand, narrowed his eyes, turned over the bracelet, and examined it with weird coldness in his eyes.

Shao Wanru stood up, poured him a cup of tea, and put it in front of him. Chu Liuchen reached out to take it and took a sip, still concentrating his attention on the gold bracelet thoughtfully.

It was for collecting, and compared with gold bars and gold bricks, it was less easy to discover that it was for collecting. In this case, was the place he discovered actually for storing treasure?

“I’ll go and have a look!” After putting down the teacup, Chu Liuchen stood up and said thoughtfully. He had thought them just a pair of rare gold bracelets, but he did not expect that there was a secret behind them. It was quite a bonus.

“Your Highness, do as you please!” Shao Wanru nodded and said. Knowing that he must have realized something, she stood up and walked him out.

After walking him to the door of the courtyard and seeing him leave, she went back to the room, picked up a writing brush, and began to copy the scriptures. She did have a lot of scriptures to copy.

Later she had a very simple lunch. She always had a light diet and had been a vegetarian on the mountain during the past three years. After having her lunch, she put down the writing brush and went to take a nap under Yujie’s advice.

Unexpectedly, not long after she fell asleep, she suddenly heard someone calling her. She suddenly opened her eyes, only to see that Qing’er, who looked nervous, asked her.

“Miss, Xiao Xuanzi asks you to pretend to be His Highness, because Prince Cheng is here!” Qing’er gasped with sweat all over her forehead.

“Prince Cheng?” Shao Wanru, who had just woken up, sat up and asked blankly.

“Yes, His Highness has gone out, but we should keep it a secret. But Prince Cheng came at this time and said that he wanted to meet His Highness. Xiao Xuanzi was so anxious that he wanted you to lie in bed and pretend to be His Highness and thus to deceive Prince Cheng!” Qing’er said as she reached out to help Shao Wanru get up.

“Now?” At this moment, Shao Wanru heard Qing’er’s words clearly. She, who was frightened, woke up completely at once and asked in surprise, “Prince Cheng is already here?”

“Not yet. He’s on his way here. I’ll take you there now!” Qing’er said anxiously.

“Okay!” Shao Wanru said with a nod, took an outer garment at will, and put it on. When she saw several sachets on the table and a red peony sachet among them was particularly conspicuous, something seemed to flash through her mind. She took the sachet and followed Qing’er to the courtyard. Qing’er took her over the wall.

As soon as they jumped over the wall, Xiao Xuanzi, who was walking around in the courtyard, got excited at the sight of Shao Wanru. After bowing to her, he had no time to say anything else and led Shao Wanru to the main room, while saying in a low voice, “We can’t let others discover His Highness’s going out. His Highness is not here, and it’s not convenient to ask a guard to pretend to be him for fear that the guard’s pretending will be exposed. So I venture to ask you to come here!”

So he was not afraid that her pretending would be exposed! But this was not the time to talk about it.

She would talk about her doubts later, and she also thought that she was a suitable person. Qing’er helped her lie on the bed, and she instructed Rui’an to hang up the sachet in her hand. As the curtain was let down, the entire room was filled with the strong smell of medicine, which obviously indicated that it was a patient’s room.

Of course, this was the worst plan. It was best if they could keep Prince Cheng outside. There were not many guards left behind, but they had to make the room look heavily guarded with Chu Liuchen inside. All the guards left behind went to confront Prince Cheng. This was the reason why they had to ask for external a.s.sistance. Shao Wanru only hoped that she didn’t have to confront Prince Cheng…

She had an intuition that Prince Cheng didn’t come with good intentions, but why did she still feel strange about it?…


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