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Chapter 649 Beaten Twice for No Definite Reason

Shao Hua’an did not directly mention Qi Rongzhi, so it could be seen that the First Young Master Shao was cautious and not easy to deal with. He beat w.a.n.g Shengxue with the excuse that w.a.n.g Shengxue flirted with several maids in the mansion and the maids complained about it in front of Madam of Duke Xing, so he taught w.a.n.g Shengxue a lesson on behalf of Madam of Duke Xing.

It seemed to have nothing to do with Qi Rongzhi and have no influence on his reputation. From this point of view, it could be seen that it was not by chance that the First Young Master Shao had always enjoyed a good reputation.

“Keep sending notes to Qi Rongzhi!” Shao Wanru said coldly with deep eyes.

“Yes, got it!”

In the next few days, Qi Rongzhi found that not only did w.a.n.g Shengxue continue keeping on at her, but he went even further. She could even hear someone calling her from the top of the wall at night, which scared her and her two maids so much that they stuck together and shivered. Two days later, Qi Rongzhi secretly bribed the two old maids guarding the door again and asked them to deliver a letter to Shao Hua’an.

The last time when they delivered Qi Rongzhi’s letter to Shao Hua’an, Shao Hua’an rewarded them, so they once again delivered the letter without any hesitation this time.

Madam told them to keep Miss Qi in custody and forbid her and her maids to go out and communicate with outsiders, but she didn’t say that the Eldest Young Master was among the outsiders. The Eldest Young Master was the only son of Madam and the future master of the mansion, so as servants, they didn’t dare to displease the Eldest Young Master.

Although the Eldest Young Master did not say anything before, they could tell from the reward from him that he agreed to their deeds.

Therefore, the two old maids were rewarded by Shao Hua’an again this time.

After that, Shao Hua’an beat w.a.n.g Shengxue again with an excuse and warned him not to take liberties in the mansion, let alone to flirt with the girls in the mansion. Otherwise, he and his sister would be driven out of the mansion.

w.a.n.g Yishu had been recuperated in Duke Xing’s Mansion and maintained her life with medicine. If it weren’t for the medicine, she would have died. If they were really driven out, not to mention that w.a.n.g Shengxue would run behind his expenses, even w.a.n.g Yishu would die.

Although w.a.n.g Shengxue, who almost limped in pain after being beaten, gnashed his teeth in anger, he had to promise that he would never do something so shameless again and almost swore.

After w.a.n.g Shengxue limped away, Shao Hua’an left with a frown.

“Why did the Eldest Young Master beat Childe w.a.n.g again and again? Did Childe w.a.n.g offend the First Young Master?” Suddenly, a maid’s voice came across the wall. She obviously had seen what had happened just now.

w.a.n.g Shengxue stopped with his hands on his waist and listened attentively. How could he not get angry after being beaten for no definite reason? Of course, he hated the maids in Duke Xing’s Mansion the most, because someone among them must have complained about him in front of Shao Hua’an. In fact, he was very well-behaved in Duke Xing’s Mansion and didn’t dare to flirt with the maids in Duke Xing’s Mansion.

“How could Childe w.a.n.g offend the Eldest Young Master!” The other maid said in disapproval. On hearing her words, w.a.n.g Shengxue kept nodding, because he had not figured out what he had done until now. If he found out which maid secretly spoke evil of him, he would think of a way to kill her after returning.

“If he didn’t offend the Eldest Young Master, how could the Eldest Young Master beat him for a maid? The Eldest Young Master has never meddled in the domestic affairs. Besides, Childe w.a.n.g is the Eldest Young Master’s cousin. How could he beat his cousin for a maid?” The former maid asked in confusion. This was also what confused w.a.n.g Shengxue.

He thought to himself that he had always been respectful to his cousin and never treated him lightly, and he even had always been respectful to the servants around his cousin. w.a.n.g Shengxue was not stupid. Otherwise, he would not have been able to get official rank. It could be an accident the first time, but must be something else the second time!

“He offended the Eldest Young Master’s beloved girl rather than the Eldest Young Master!” The other maid said with a sneer.

“Which maid?”

w.a.n.g Shengxue stretched his ears. If he knew which mean girl went to complain about him and talk nonsense, he would definitely teach her a lesson.

This time, he was beaten even harder than the last time, which made him limp for a while!

“It’s not a maid. If the Eldest Young Master really takes fancy to a maid, he could just have her transferred to his courtyard. Madam wouldn’t turn down his request. That day I saw the old maids guarding the courtyard over there deliver a letter to the Eldest Young Master.” The maid said in a harsh and low voice. She was obviously a mean gossiper.

But the news from this kind of gossiper was usually more convincing.

“Which courtyard is it?”

“It’s just over there… Isn’t someone locked up there… Madam intends to marry her to Childe w.a.n.g… But the Eldest Young Master feels pity for her… She’s so good-looking… How could she agree to marry Childe w.a.n.g… What a shame…” The maid’s voice became further, and it was obvious that she was walking in another direction.

w.a.n.g Shengxue stood by the wall and became sullen with his face turning blue and white alternately.

He knew who the two maids were talking about. It was obviously Qi Rongzhi.

He, who visited Duke Xing’s Mansion frequently, certainly had met Qi Rongzhi. Although Qi Rongzhi was beautiful, w.a.n.g Shengxue had never liked her and somehow didn’t thought her a good person. She was almost as humble as a maid in front of other members of the mansion, while acted as if she were superior to him in front of him. He really found it hard to like her.

Unexpectedly, Madam of Duke Xing had him over and suggested that he should marry Qi Rongzhi, whose eldest brother was quite promising. Although w.a.n.g Shengxue had no feelings for Qi Rongzhi and could even be considered disgusted with her, he agreed since Madam of Duke Xing made such a suggestion.

He certainly would not hesitate when he could please Madam of Duke Xing. Moreover, although he didn’t like Qi Rongzhi, he was clear about his current situation. Those fair young ladies from aristocratic families probably would not be willing to be his wife, so it was good for him to marry Qi Rongzhi, who at least had a promising eldest brother to support her.

Although Magistrate Qi was far away in Jiangzhou, it was said that he doted on his daughter.

So their engagement was settled temporarily. Madam of Duke Xing was very pleased and said that she would make their engagement official later. Unexpectedly, before their engagement became official, Shao Hua’an couldn’t bear it and found an excuse to beat him twice for the girl.

He couldn’t bear to swallow the grievance!

He turned around and limped to Madam of Duke Xing’s courtyard in rage. The engagement was arranged by Madam of Duke Xing, and he even didn’t like the b*tch. As he thought, there was a trace of gloom across his eyes. How dared the b*tch, who lived under the roof of Duke Xing’s Mansion and tarnished Shao Yanru’s reputation, set him up? Did she really think herself a fair lady?

He didn’t believe that Madam of Duke Xing would not get mad after knowing that this b*tch secretly hooked up with her son!

“Miss, Miss Qi’s courtyard was smashed!” Yujie came in and said breathlessly, while Shao Wanru was sorting out the set of needles of hers.

She picked up a thin needle and gently wiped it with a snow-white handkerchief. The disturbance in Qi Rongzhi’s courtyard was expected. Madam of Duke Xing thought so highly of Shao Hua’an that she wouldn’t even allow Qi Rongzhi to do the slightest damage to his reputation.

Hearing w.a.n.g Shengxue’s words, Madam of Duke Xing almost burst with anger.

If such a thing happened in the last life, Madam of Duke Xing might be more prudent and would not immediately take action by sending some servants to smash Qi Rongzhi’s courtyard.

However, the situation was different in this life. Duke Xing’s Mansion seemed to be flourishing but gradually declined in many respects. Madam of Duke Xing’s most outstanding son and daughter were supposed to be her biggest pride, but now they got into trouble repeatedly and their reputation had been tarnished, which made Madam of Duke Xing very anxious and uneasy.

“Did she go to the Eldest Young Master’s courtyard?” Shao Wanru said. The thin needle flashed under the light coming through the window with burning brightness.

“Yes, Madam went there in rage. I heard that she kicked everyone out and came out soon. After that, Madam looked much better and went to Miss w.a.n.g’s place. The Eldest Young Master went out after Madam left, so I can’t tell how he looks!”

Yujie reported in detail and became even more appreciative of her master.

Her master’s speculation was pretty close and even predicted Madam of Duke Xing’s reaction correctly.

“She went to w.a.n.g Yishu’s place?” Shao Wanru put down the needle in her hand, slightly turned her fluid eyes, and said thoughtfully. It seemed that w.a.n.g Yishu was going to take the blame again this time.

“Yes, she went to Miss w.a.n.g’s place. I heard that Madam of Duke Xing instructed two maids to go to the kitchen to fetch some Miss w.a.n.g’s favorite pastries which should be light because Miss w.a.n.g’s illness has recurred recently and she has a poor appet.i.te and excessive internal heat!” Yujie, who knew about medical skills, curled her lip after finishing her words.

w.a.n.g Yishu was so sick that she couldn’t get out of bed. Why did Madam of Duke Xing say that her illness had recurred recently and she had a poor appet.i.te and excessive intern heat? Now her diet was based on her condition, and other things had little influence on her condition.

“Yujie, you have learned from Mingqiu Nun for so many years. Judging from w.a.n.g Yishu’s current situation, do you think she is really sick or there is something behind it?” Shao Wanru raised the corners of her mouth slightly and asked with her long eyelashes fluttering.

“How could she be so terribly sick? She obviously pretends to be sick. At that time, she just pa.s.sed away. How could she remain sick for so many years and couldn’t even get up? It’s obviously an excuse she made up to avoid what happened in the imperial palace!”

Yujie said with certainty.

Others might not know what had happened at that time, but Yujie was very clear that w.a.n.g Yishu obviously fell down in panic. So far, it had become a mystery case without clues. Even if everyone suspected Madam of Duke Xing, it was suspended because w.a.n.g Yishu couldn’t offer the evidence.

“Well, why does w.a.n.g Yishu keep recuperating during these years without showing up in front of others? If she keeps pretending to be sick, it will last a lifetime. Isn’t w.a.n.g Yishu anxious?” Shao Wanru said thoughtfully.

It was possible for someone to pretend to be sick for one day or two days or even one month. But she had never seen someone who pretended to be sick for three years!

There must be something behind it!


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