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Read Medical Sovereign Chapter 345 – Spiritual Crystal of Water of the Highest Grade

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Chapter 345 Spiritual Crystal of Water of the Highest Grade

Unaware of Luoxue in frustration, Ding Ning was utterly upset while thinking the variation of his sperms.

He did not know if his sperms were mutated temporarily or forever. If it was forever, he would be really upset.

However, at the thought that Chiyou, who was mutated more seriously than him, had so many wives and children, he was relieved and believed his variation was not perpetual.

It had been six days after he came to this deserted island, and he had yet to start with his real business because a succession of unexpected accidents happened.

It was time for him to gather himself up for his main business. For cultivators with physiques of water, sea, which was full of water, was the best place for them to practice.

After so many accidents, Ding Ning dared not to leave Luoxue alone. He discussed with the Mermaid before taking Luoxue with him to go undersea.

The Mermaid spat out two bubbles, which wrapped Luoxue and Ding Ning respectively. Luoxue started to cultivate wholeheartedly, and the rich water under the sea would help her cultivate much more efficiently.

Like a fisherman, Ding Ning started to search for starfish undersea so as to collect them in his Mermaid s.p.a.ce. Along the way, when he encountered abalones, crabs, sea cuc.u.mbers, salmons, and yellow croakers, he would put them into his s.p.a.ce as well in order to make some great seafood.

In the past few days, Luoxue was on the island all the time, and Air Force Wings fetched her some wild fruits to eat. Different from her, Ding Ning had not eaten anything these days and was starved.

Deep under the sea was all dark. Fortunately, Ding Ning had really good sight that he could see things a hundred meters away despite that he was four thousand meters below sea surface.

Possibly because the island was a volcanic one, under which the biotic resources were very rich. Ding Ning even found a huge cuttlefish about three meters tall, from which he decided to keep away.

He was not afraid of it, yet, he did not want to provoke it either. Under the sea, it was a magic world free of pollution, and the spiritual energy there was so abundant that Ding Ning could absorb the energy even without doing anything. As if he had come back to his mother’s womb, he felt so comfortable that he wanted to do nothing but sleep.

He even suspected that all the spiritual energy on the earth was gathered under the sea, and the deeper it was, the denser the energy was. It seemed that there were endless energy in this sea, which made spiritual aura overjoyed.

While running his cultivation, Ding Ning absorbed the energy crazily, and the True Qi in his body was increasing at a rather fast speed. Cultivating for one hour in the sea, he could achieve what it took him two days to achieve in the past.

A nearly transparent tentacle suddenly grabbed toward Ding Ning, which made him horrified. He fled away driving the bubble, and when he took a clear look at what tried to attack him, his hair stood on end.

It was a huge umbrella-shaped jellyfish about two meters in width. The jellyfish glowed with blue light, and each of its dozens of tentacles was as long as ten meters. At the moment, it was chasing after Ding Ning.

The information on jellyfish flashed in Ding Ning’s mind. Mostly consisting of water, a jellyfish contained a ma.s.s of mesogloea, which was bordered by the epidermis on the outside and the gastrodermis on the inside. The mesogloea was nearly transparent and helped the fish float in the seawater. By creating a powerful jet, the fish moved forward, and looking from afar, the jellyfishes swam in the water like round umbrellas.

Ding Ning swallowed as he looked at this beautiful yet the most dangerous creature in the world.

Under the bell of the jellyfish were its gastric filaments, which were armed with stinging cells and played a role in subduing and digesting the prey. Once was stung by these filaments, the prey would be paralyzed and die immediately.

Ding Ning turned around trying to flee but found himself surrounded by a group of jellyfishes, among which, the smallest one was two meters in the width while the largest one was shockingly five-meter wide and floated in the water like a super huge creature. Even worse, the jellyfish moved fast.

What terrified Ding Ning the most was that this huge jellyfish was purple all over, looking terrifying and weird.

Ding Ning felt extremely helpless at the moment. Under the protection of the bubble, no creature had found him under the sea before. Why these horrifying jellyfishes would besiege him?

The Mermaid did not know the answer either for she had never seen such a situation before.

Logically, jellyfishes were not intelligent. However, from the looks of it, these jellyfishes surrounding Ding Ning possessed intelligence for they knew how to besiege their prey.

Ding Ning’s blood froze. It was always the braver one who would win in an unavoidable confrontation. In the territory of jellyfishes, Ding Ning had no choice but to fight his way out.

As he thought, the other jellyfishes all followed the purple jellyfish’s lead; as long as he killed their leader, the rest of jellyfishes would scatter at once.

With this thought, when the purple jellyfish making waves grabbed toward Ding Ning with a huge dozens meters long filament, he drew out his silver saber without hesitation and slash toward it.

Clang! Ding Ning was almost scared into wetting his pants. The filament of the purple jellyfish was as hard as steel, and Ding Ning’s sharp saber only made a scratch on it.

Though the wound was small, the jellyfish was still enraged for it was the overlord of this sea yet it was wounded by a small creature.

The jellyfish squirted out a jet of water, and with the counteracting force from the water, it charged at Ding Ning like a huge mountain.

“Its bell may not be as hard as its filament,” Ding Ning made a guess. Holding his breath, Ding Ning clutched the saber in his hand and stared fixedly at the purple jellyfish.

As a huge power wave came at Ding Ning, he moved and hardly avoided the jellyfish. He jumped onto its bell and stabbed at it with all his strength.

However, the next moment, Ding Ning’s face turned pale. The sharp tip of the saber failed to even scratch the bell, and even worse, a huge counteracting force threw Ding Ning away backward, which made his heart sink.

It never occurred to him that the purple jellyfish’s bell was even harder than its filaments and was armed with bounciness, which threw him away.

Ding Ning’s action seemed to irritate the jellyfish badly. Like dancing snakes, the dozens of its terrifying, thick filaments formed an airtight net and trapped Ding Ning inside it and sent him to under its bell. Drawing by a strong force, Ding Ning was tightly attached to the jellyfish’s centripetal ca.n.a.l.

Fortunately, Ding Ning’s strengthened body was hard as well that the jellyfish’s filament failed to pierce his skin.

Ding Ning still had strength to launch an attack. A sharp light flashed within his eyes, and he thought, “Even if I can’t wound its filament or bell, it’s possible that I can wound its ca.n.a.l.”

Thus, despite that he was attached to the ca.n.a.l, Ding Ning slashed toward the ca.n.a.l with all his power.


Ding Ning was dumbfounded. “What kind of a monster is this? Even a saber could not pierce it. It’s ca.n.a.l, seemingly the weakest part of its body, turned out to be as hard as its filaments. My saber almost made a spark when stabbing its skin, yet, it didn’t make a scratch on it and at most pained it a little.”

While Ding Ning was taken aback and full of disbelief, he was wrapped by the glue-like mucus the jellyfish secreted.

The next moment, Ding Ning felt his skin burning. His expression changed dramatically for he realized the mucus was actually a kind of ferment which the secreted to decompose the protein of its prey, and that he might be decomposed and digested by the jellyfish soon.

“No, I’m not going to die here.” Ding Ning forced himself to calm down and thought fast how to escape.

“Should I use Eyes of Blue? Shattering Flower Pupil? No, the jellyfish is too huge to kill with these skills, and I may not be able to stand the consumption of my soul and spirit.

“Or I should use Infinite Compa.s.sion and Mercy Palm?” After thinking for a while, Ding Ning gave up the idea as well.

The jellyfish’s defense was so strong. Besides, they were under the sea, where the power of the skill would be greatly weakened. Whether he could kill the jellyfish with one strike remained unknown, and even if he could, he would lose all his fighting power after using Infinite Compa.s.sion and Mercy Palm, and by then, he would not be able to handle the dozens of smaller jellyfishes around.

“Or maybe I could use Flowing Light or Fire of the Underworld?”

These two skills that Ding Ning had just mastered became his best choices at the moment, but he was not sure about which one to use.

While Flowing Light would just consume his spiritual strength, it was a perfect choice for him at the moment. However, he dared not to use it before he reached the realm of Sky Martial Arts because of Xuan Ji’s warning.

Besides, though he was deep under the sea, once he used Flowing Light, the so-called G.o.ds might be alarmed. The more he knew about those ethereal G.o.ds, the more he held in awe toward them, and he was afraid that the G.o.ds might have some ways to detect his Flowing Light.

As a result, it seemed that the Fire of the Underworld he recently refined was his only choice now. Consisting of the black fire from Black-faced Buddha and golden light from Golden-faced Buddha, the fire was named Tri-colored Fire by him and was his trump card.

Though using Tri-colored Fire would consume his soul strength, compared to using Infinite Compa.s.sion and Mercy Palm, it’s consumption was very little.

For Ding Ning had never used this skill before, he knew nothing about its effect. Nevertheless, he had to try it to know about it. If it did not work out, he would have to use Flowing Light then.

As the Double-sided Buddha shivered slightly, the Tri-colored Fire that attached to them flew away and fell on the purple jellyfish. Under the golden, black, white, and purple radiance, the bottom of this sea looked gloomy and terrifying.

Ding Ning was overjoyed when he found his method worked out. The Tri-colored Fire, which was just a tongue of flame, spread around quickly like burning oil when it touched the jellyfish, and covered every inch of the jellyfish’s skin. Under great pain, the jellyfish twitched all over and struggled desperately trying to get rid of the Tri-colored Fire.

Terrifying water currents caused by sea waves slapped Ding Ning and pained him though his body was very strong.

The Tri-colored Fire adhered firmly to the purple jellyfish like a maggot to a tarsal bone. The jellyfish’s hard sh.e.l.l melted under the fire like snow melting under the scorching sun, and its huge body started to shrank quickly with the water inside its boy running out. In the blink of an eye, the fish was burned into ashes.

Under Ding Ning’s control, the Tri-colored Fire continued to attack the blue jellyfishes around, and at the moment, Ding Ning spotted with the corner of his eyes that an object shining with bright purple light fell toward the bottom of the sea.

“What’s that?” The moment he caught the object, he sensed a sheer of pure spiritual energy, which made him feel comfortable and refreshed. After taking a careful look at the object, he found that it was a piece of purple crystal about the size of a football.

“It’s a piece of Spiritual Crystal of Water of the highest grade, containing rich spiritual aura of water. During the time earlier than Chiyou’s era, the cultivators who practiced techniques related to water would use this kind of crystal as their storage of spiritual aura so that they could get supplies whenever their spiritual power was used up. The crystal had a variety of usage. It could be used to cure illness, light, cure injuries, hasten the growth of plants, help cultivators practicing, and could even be used as formation stones.”

The Mermaid appeared and spat out a bubble, which wrapped Ding Ning. Then, it continued to explain to Ding Ning through its consciousness fluctuation. “This is absolutely a good stuff. That purple jellyfish could find you possibly because it swallowed the Spiritual Crystal of Water and could sense the fluctuation of Spiritual Energy of Water. You made a fortune. The spiritual energy contained in this huge Spiritual Crystal of Water is enough for you to use until you reach the G.o.d Martial Arts Realm.”

Ding Ning was overjoyed at the words. He stared at the blue jellyfishes which were burning with Tri-colored Fire with greedy eyes. “Are there Spiritual Crystal of Water of the highest grade in these jellyfishes too?” asked him.


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